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The moment I heard it from Dylan, the thought seemed to stop.




How does he know Korea?


Rose said she wanted to go back to Korea?


What the hell does that mean? 


The strange feeling and the unknown emotions that fade away slowly come back to mind.


“…What’s wrong with you? What’s the problem?”


Dylan asked as if he didn’t understand me at all, who kept asking.


I moved my lips slightly as I looked at Dylan, but my legs lost strength.




Dylan caught me the moment I was about to collapse in vain.


“What the hell, you’re hot. Your fever—”


It was then.


“What, why is everyone lying down?”


I heard people outside.


Things were not going well. Dylan wrinkled his eyebrows and put his hand under my knee and held me. 


I hugged Dylan in surprise. 


I was startled and hugged Dylan. I could feel the muscle mass and my body stiffening. 


“…What are you doing?”


Dylan asked casually.


“I’m helping you.”


Dylan hid himself in a dark hallway before the man out there entered the annex.


His very serious face seemed to really want to help me.


—Is this a no-cost help?


“I don’t think it’s right to go out the door—”


Dylan muttered and headed towards the window.


Dylan carefully looked back and opened the window. An ominous energy swept over me.


“Wait, you—”


“Yeah. That’s right.”


Dylan, who closed my mouth, jumped out of the window.


This crazy bastard—!


I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t because my mouth was blocked.


I think I expected this situation.


As we walked out of the annex undetected, Dylan looked at me as if he was wondering what to do now. 


“…Did you offer to help me without any countermeasures?”


“We can put it up now.”


Does he know about the countermeasures? 


I’m glad I prepared it in advance—.


“—You’re not going to follow me, are you?


“I told you I will help.”


Did he really mean to help?


“Take it. If we go together, there will be something useful.”


I was at a loss for words.


He doesn’t have a plan, will it really help?


‘Come to think of it, he know about Korea—’


The situation was urgent for a moment, so I paid all my attention to the escape, but I remembered the words that Dylan had promised Rose.


What do you mean, Korea? 


‘Is Rose a possessor like me?’


I think I should take Dylan even if I don’t want to.


So I can ask about the situation.


“The monster has escaped!”


Then I heard a loud noise from the annex.


I can’t stay here forever.


I sighed and said.


“Follow me.”




Dylan followed Rose.


With Rose, he escaped the knights of the Marquis, and went into the depths of the Marquis, who he had no idea it was there.


There was a hole that looked like it had been dug in advance.


As if she had prepared it in advance, she removed the grass that had been hidden.


Dylan went through the hole with Rose.


After that, without a word, Rose pulled out her map from her pocket. 


It was a very natural thing to do. 


Dylan watched the whole scene and was stunned. 


She seemed to have planned to run away from Marquis.


Dylan walked along Rose.




<She’s always smiling and kind!>


<She is a bright child with no shade.>


<How clear her heart is—>


<She’s bright—>


Dylan had just learned that Rosie was a bright person.


She smiles brightly and is kind to everyone.


A completely different person than a moody person like Rose that Dylan knows—.


Dylan used to chill in the back of his neck when he was with Rose.


There are times when she suddenly changes as if she had become a different person one day. 


Laugh, cry—.


So when he heard Rose and Rosie had something in common, he thought they were different people.


Rosie is a completely different person from the person he knows.


‘It was all acting.’


Dylan looked at Rose.


“Damn it, nothing works. no, not bad, hahaha—” 


Rose suddenly spit out abusive language and burst into laughter.


‘…What the hell changes.’


The way she behaved in her annex was strange, but the Rose he sees now is the Rose he knew.




Yurtha came to his senses.


“Are you awake?”


The doctor and Asher, who were guarding him, shouted in surprise.


Yurtha frowned and grabbed his throbbing head.


Rose attacked him.


Yurtha smelled something suffocating as soon as he was pushed down the stairs.


The scent choked him as if to kill him.


“…How about Nunim?” 


“…Are you talking about your sister again?”


“So where is Nunim?”


Asher didn’t say anything.


However, as Yurtha’s momentum gradually grew wild, so he was forced to open his mouth.


“…She ran away.” 


“…Damn it.” 


Yurtha immediately got up and took off the blanket.


“You should rest now—” 


“Shut up.” 


Yurtha grabbed his cloak, which was close to him.


He had to hurry before Nunim went far.


Since two years ago, he hasn’t seen Nunim.


In the meantime


“Bring me a map, Asher.”






Yeah. This damn master never listens to him.


Asher sighed and brought the map as Yurtha had commanded.


Yurtha, who received the map, looked at the map with a wrinkled brow.


Where did she run away?


A place to escape—.


“Asher, send the knights right away.”




“Don’t make me say it twice.”


Yurtha hastily put on his cloak.


Asher wanted to stop him but gave up knowing that Yurtha would never listen to him.


He just follows Yurtha’s words.


Asher looked at where Yurta was pointing and nodded.


“I will send the knights to the port.”




After leaving the Marquis, Dylan and I arrived at the port.


The time to get to the port was supposed to take a long time as planned, but thanks to Dylan, it was shortened quickly.


Dylan, who came out of the hole like me, rented a carriage, saying that walking was too inefficient.


Dylan skillfully drove the wagon and I could comfortably get to my destination by sitting next to him.


After we reached the port safely, the tension was relieved.


But I can’t let down my guard yet.


The Marquis will quickly understand the situation and will dispatch knights to capture Richard.


Did Richard escape through the maze as he said?


When I think of Richard, I feel bad.


Stress accumulated rapidly as if the nerve cord had been pulled.


‘I’ve been preparing for that—’


Everything was messed up.


I remembered the last moment with Richard.


He smiled coldly, with a messed-up look, his eyes filled with anger. 


<I will not forget what happened.>


<Your name, I will remember it all.>


My heart ached as if it had hit a stone and my eyes are burning.


‘…Yes, don’t forget it.’


You shouldn’t ever forget about it.


Blame and hate me all my life.




I called him to try to get Richard out of my head.




“…You were talking about Korea earlier. Tell me more about it.”


I didn’t relax the whole time I left the Marquis.


I’ve always wanted to ask that question, but I put it off for a while.


“What do you want to hear?”


“…Just, all you know.”


“You know what I know, so why are you asking such a thing now?”


What was surprising after meeting Dylan was that Dylan knew Rose better than Yurtha.


It was a completely different situation from the novel I knew, so it was even more difficult to deal with.


And strangely enough, it was more comfortable with him than Richard or Yurtha.


“…Actually, I don’t remember anything.”




“I had an accident a few years ago, so I don’t have any past memories.”


“Why are you saying that now?”


Because it’s a lie for you.


I laughed awkwardly.


Dylan mumbled something strange with a serious face.


‘Well, I’m not Rose.’


I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that to Yurtha.


Is the medicine’s effect disappear? I must have gone mad because of the fever.


Even thinking about it again, I can’t understand my actions at that time.


“You just…You said you wanted to go back to Korea. Your everything is there.”


“That’s all I said?”


“…You didn’t say much. I think just the fact that you were a reporter there?”



After I found out that Rose was also from Korea, I wondered what she and I had in common.


Rose and I are the same Koreans.


So is Rose the first possessor?


So Rose is the first person to be possessed?


I don’t know what it is, so my mind is all mixed up.


‘If you were a reporter, would you be older than me?’ 


Because I was a college student—.


‘Wait, what did I do to get possessed?’


I don’t remember again. This damn memory.


In this part, I thought I wasn’t lying to Dylan very much.


There was a lot I wanted to ask Dylan.


Dylan jumped up as I opened my mouth to ask a few more questions.


“Damn it.” 






Dylan’s eyes were fixed on one place.


I followed Dylan and turned my head, and there—.


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