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Dylan’s eyes were on men in robes.


They look like ordinary people just passing by the port—.


“They’re Yurtha’s knights.”


He gave them a look of caution.


“How do you know that?”


“It’s a hunch.”




So, at first glance, these people who look like ordinary people are like knights of Yurtha— are you saying that it’s purely a hunch? 


It was very trustworthy.


When I looked at Dylan in a sulky way, he seemed to have noticed the meaning of my gaze.


“I’ve never been wrong.”


“…Hmm. Yeah.”


“You don’t believe me right now, do you?”


“…No, I trust you.”


“Oh really! It’s for real! How many years have I been chased by those bastard’s knights—”


“Yeah. I told you I trust you?”




Yeah. Who said that? 


Dylan frowned as if he still didn’t like it.


I tapped him in the middle of the forehead.


“Relax your expression.”




Dylan still looked dissatisfied, but he seemed to think that getting away from them was the first priority.


Dylan grabbed my arm and led me.


“Escape to the port is probably impossible.”




“If it were Yurtha, he would have blocked the port first… Damn it.”


As Dylan was about to leave the port, he frowned at the people around him.


—Dylan seemed to know Yurta quite well, perhaps because he was his brother. 


“They haven’t noticed yet, so we have to hide so we don’t get caught.”


Dylan looks around hurriedly to see if there is any place to hide.


Then Dylan’s eyes reached the alley located next to the street vendor in front of him.


At the same time, I was paying attention to that direction.


Dylan and I acted like people who understood each other without speaking to each other.


Following Dylan pulling my arm, I walk around.


Come to think of it, why Rose—.


“Dylan, why did I run away from Herthas?”


That’s the thing I’ve been curious about.


Why did Rose run away from there?


What was there?




“…If you don’t know, I don’t know.”


Dylan was reluctant to say, contrary to what he had answered so far. In addition, the face was also stiff.


“…What the hell happened?”


“Remember that on your own. I’m not going to tell you.”


No, what’s wrong with him?


“Just let me know—”


“Ssh. I think they’ll notice.”


I turned right back at Dylan’s words.


The men in robes were sneaking up on us.




The man in the robe rushed at us with a shout. 


Dylan and I went into the alley. But it was not long before we reached a dead end.


In the present situation, there was no way.


Then Dylan looked back at me.


“…I told you so, didn’t I? I’m sure it’ll be useful if you bring me.”


“What are you talking about all of sudden?”


“I’ll show you what I can do, so stand there and watch.”


Dylan hid me behind him, stepped forward and pulled out a sword around his waist. 




“Yurtha-nim! We found it!”


It was right for Yurtha to give orders and watch from afar.


But as always, if something had to do with Rose, it was an exception.


Yurtha came directly to the port where Rose was likely to have gone.


And finally.


“Do you find Nunim?”


“Yes, she’s with Dylan-nim—”


Damn it, Dylan.


When Yurtha was in a bad mood, the knight looked at him.


It looked like the anger he was letting out was choking him.


“So where is Nunim now? Show me right now.”


“All right.”


Yurtha was guided by the knight and headed to where Rose and Dylan were.


They said Dylan hid inside the store.


Standing in front of the store with the door firmly locked, he was fighting with the knights. 


He thinks he can protect Rose by hiding her in there?


How stupid.


Yurta was struck by his brother’s stupidity.


But, on the other hand, he was glad that he could meet Rose sooner thanks to his stupidity.




Where the roar was heard, Dylan was fighting the knights.


Dylan’s movements were quick and sharp. He was ignorant of his strength, and the knights didn’t have the talent to defeat him. 


Dylan as a child wasn’t like that.


‘Nunim changed him.’


He doesn’t know what she did. 


Just that Dylan and Rose were together at some point and Dylan has changed since then.


He only knows those two things.


Yurtha pulled out his sword while losing his mind in the rising anger and jealousy.


As expected, it’s annoying.


He was going to kill his brother here pretending it was a mistake.


“Get out of the way, everyone.”




Only the knight who was dealing with Dylan was kicked in the stomach by Dylan and rolled on the ground.


Yurtha gritted his teeth looking at Dylan coldly.


“Ah. Yurtha, are you here?”




Looking at the cold stare, Dylan laughed at Yurtha. 


“Get out of the way.”


“If I get out of the way, will you go to see Rose?”


“Yes. I will see Nunim.”


“Do you think Rose will meet you?”


The knights were afraid of Yurtha’s red eyes, which had cold eyes.


But Dylan, who has red eyes like Yurtha, easily laughed at him.


“No way.”




“You should expect it. Don’t you think so?”


Dylan, who had been struggling, fixed the sword. Yurtha also glared at Dylan and grabbed the sword with both hands.


From years of experience, Dylan was a formidable opponent.


Rose led him to a state close to a transcendent even though he was not a transcendent.




At the moment Yurtha’s red eyes gave off an eerie glow, Yurtha rushed in.




The two sharp swords clashed.


Without being pushed by either side, they raised their swords to break each other.


The two pairs, who faced each other with their hands holding the sword, looked at each other with red eyes as if they were killing each other.


Two pairs of red eyes were stained with blood.


It was an old hatred for each other.


There is a grudge match between these two that will never end.


And today, they’re going to solve this problem.


In a way that breaks each other, not reconciliation.


One of the two won the fight and tried to gain the upper hand.


The knights look at the scene of Dylan and Yurtha fighting fiercely.


Every time the sword bumped into each other, there was a sharp rupture that seemed to tear the eardrum, and a strong wind blew as the sword sharply cut through the air.


The wind was as powerful as to swallow everything around the port.


It was then.


“There’s a back door in the store!”


Yurtha’s knight shouted. 


At that moment, Yurtha’s red eyes stood out and Dylan expressed a sense of failure.


“The door is locked!”


“Break the door!”




As the knights rushed to destroy the door, the wooden door was easily broken. 


The knights went into the household to find Rose.




“…No one is here.”


“Lady Rose isn’t here!”


The thought of meeting Rose sank into the abyss.


Dylan, who saw Yurtha’s darkened expression, laughed in a mocking voice.


“What to do?”


“Where is Nunim?”


He took a step back from Yurtha, who was approaching him, and avoided the sword that flew past his eyes.


A long scratch appeared on Dylan’s cheek.


But Dylan laughed painlessly.


“How do I know that?”




Oh, poor little brother.


Dylan thought as he slashed Yurtha’s ferocious sword. 


Rose won’t be in your hands as long as I’m alive.


Dylan remembered the pink-haired girl who had saved him long ago.


<Stop dragging your feet.>


He still remembers it. 


Rose looked at him with a rather annoying face.


Dylan kicked Yurtha’s stomach, recalling the memory of that day that he will never forget. 




Dylan rushed in without missing a chance when Yurtha, who had let out a groan of death, stepped back. 


“For the rest of your life, Rose won’t come to you.”




“Let me check your ticket!”


The man who checked the ticket to board the ship sent it to me.


I looked back as I boarded the ship. Dylan is out there somewhere. 


Smoke was rising from the port. 


There was no evidence, but I was convinced that Dylan and Yurtha might be out there. 


When I was driven into a dead-end alley, Dylan went into a store to get rid of the knights of Yurtha.


The shopkeeper was surprised to see Dylan come in with a bloody sword, but he quickly calmed down when Dylan offered him a large sum of money.


<If you leave this place for a while now, I’ll give you the money.>


After checking the amount, the owner opened his eyes wide and hurriedly left the store. 


Dylan hurriedly put on me a robe in the store and pushed me on the back through the back door.


<Go while I try to hold Yurtha.>




<So? Are you not going?>


I didn’t leave the store until Dylan got angry.


Somehow something caught me and I couldn’t move right away and looked at Dylan, but he only glared.


Eventually I ran for the port. 


The ship departed.


I leaned on the ship’s railing and glanced at the smoke rising from the port as if something had happened.


It probably won’t happen.


If we meet again—.


I hope he will be safe. 


The ship went a long way from the sea, and I looked at the port until the smoke was no longer visible.


I remembered what I left there.


Bag, Emily, Anri, Hayden, Argen, Yurtha, Dylan—.


…Even Richard. 


I said goodbye to everything that had kept me tight.




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