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When I got off the boat, the first thing I did was to change my identity, as the head maid told me.


Fortunately, the head maid didn’t lie to me.


I was able to get a new identity there safely.


They changed my identity and helped me run away. 


But the only problem is—.


It is said that the amount of payment had increased compared to when the head maid told me.


The damn world. Whether in Korea or here, rising prices make me want to cry.


In the end, I used up most of the money I brought.


‘How long can I last with this—’


I was pretty exhausted at the time.


I wanted to rest because I was exhausted from being anxious at the Marquis of Evantes, but I couldn’t afford it.


Then something fell in front of me.


A job posting said a Baron around here was looking for a new maid.


And it was a piece of paper that would change my three years.


“Baron Savlin…” 


It’s never mentioned in the original. And it was the best family for me, who didn’t want to be entangled with the original story’s characters.


I immediately applied for a job in Baron and was hired in recognition of my previous experience as a maid.


“Your name is Shabrina?”




Shabrina was the name given to the new status.


I made the fake identity to resemble my life. 


Shabrina, as expected, also worked as a maid in a remote land.


“Okay. Shabrina, you will be serving the Lady from today.”




They want me to meet the Lady of this mansion all of a sudden like this?


The newly chosen maid?


What’s going on so fast?


I think it’s strange because it’s not normal, but the butler looked at me with cold eyes as if the meaning was clear.


“Why? Do you hate it?” 


“…It’s not like that.” 


He knew everything I was thinking, but I was told not to complain and to do what I was told. 


So, on the very first day that I started working for Baron, I was assigned to take care of the Lady of this mansion.


‘What’s the deal with the takeover?’


He roughly led me to meet the Lady of this mansion.


Well, I didn’t really know anything enough to be confused.


At that moment, someone whispered to me.


“Be careful.”




“All the newcomers here are deceived by Lady Michelle’s angelic face.”


Why are you suddenly saying this?


“So, don’t judge Lady Michelle for what kind of person she is. Don’t be deceived.”


“Ah, yes…” 


“You’d better listen carefully to the advice.”


In the absence of information, I had no choice but to tilt my head and put the words in the corner of my head.


But then I should have listened to the advice.


Then I wouldn’t have been hit in the head with a vase as soon as I entered the room.


* * *


The big fire that spread across the festival was quickly put out.


When the urgent situation at the festival was settled, Argen ordered to find the culprit who started the fire and investigate the background.


Argen directly organized this festival under the order of the Emperor.


There were rumors that war was about to break out, and the Empire as a whole was in an uneasy atmosphere.


So Argen, the emperor’s main force, took the lead and held the festival in a grander way than ever before.


‘I can’t believe there’s a fire on a day like this.’


It wasn’t a good sign. 


He didn’t believe in superstition, but he couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling.


After sorting out what happened at the festival, Argen returned to the Marquis.


Aside from the incident, he had to show up at least once as the organizer of a party at the Marquis.


“Did you solve the problem, Marquis?”


“Your Highness the Princess.” 


In the banquet hall, a woman with light blonde hair called Argen over.


Argen stared at her with cold eyes.


The 2nd Princess, Evangeline.


Even though she was a concubine’s child, her power could not be ignored.


A few years ago, she was just an insignificant princess, but everything has changed for her since she became the most important person in the development of ‘new weapons.’


She was now a princess who had established a fairly solid position in the Imperial Palace.


“I wanted to see the monster, but I don’t think I will ever have a chance today.”


“I want to show you too, but it’s too bad. I will show you next time I have a chance.”


She wasn’t disappointed at all, but she made a well-spoken sound.


The Princess was the culprit who caused a commotion to move the monster in a hurry today. 


<I’ve heard rumors that there is a beautiful monster in the Marquis, and I’d like to see it, Marquis.>


The Princess pretended to be curious, then gave Argen an order disguised as a favor.


However, Argen was well aware of the Princess’ intentions.


She’s thinking of checking to see if that monster is transcendent.


The Imperial Family has been interested in the transcendent from ancient times.


There were many times when their power shook the world.


For that reason, the transcendents were a target of vigilance, but at times they were also a target of embrace. 


In particular, the princess, who became one of the main pillars of the empire through the development of new weapons, showed a deep interest in the ‘transcendent’.


“Yeah. If you have a chance, please show it to me next time, Marquis.”


Argen nodded in agreement. Of course, the intention is to make it impossible to meet.


When he left the banquet hall, the pain he had endured came rushing in, and Argen almost groaned.


The pain was rising from the pattern near the neck.


Argen stumbled as he entered the main building.


He barely grabbed the door of the mansion and stood there.




Argen held back his groan and tried to stand properly.


He must never collapse here. 




The butler who had found Argen ran to him at that time.


Argen took his hand off his door and tightened his neck as he tried to talk calmly.


“Butler, bring Rosie.”


He was planning to ask Rosie to apply some herbs.


Otherwise, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to overcome the pain and bend his knees right away.


It was a particularly strong pain today.


“That, Marquis—” 


“What are you doing? Come get Rosie.”




The butler didn’t answer right away and hesitated.


He opened his mouth only when Argen’s eyebrows rose.


“…Rosie is not here.”


“What do you mean?”


Is Rosie not here? 


Up until this morning, Argen had met Rosie.


Come to think of it—.


“Did she go on vacation?”




“How dare she not tell me?”


There were quite a few staff who went on vacation during the festival period. 


However, Rosie was the exclusive maid of the monster appointed by Argen.


Even if she goes on vacation, she’ll tell him right away. 


But she didn’t say a word and left. 


“How arrogant. Who gave Rosie a vacation?”


Does that mean she didn’t do her job well?


As Argen continued to speak, the butler started sweating.


“…Rosie is not on vacation.”


“Then where did she go? Without my permission, Rosie—” 


“No one sent Rosie out. Rosie—she’s gone.” 


“…What? What do you mean Rosie is gone?”


There’s no sign, but she suddenly just disappeared. 


“…There was an accident today. That is…the monster has run away.”


As if he had no face, the butler managed to open his mouth and continue the report.




“The monster ran away, and Rosie….”


Around that time, the butler stopped his words and looked at Argen’s expression.


A face with no emotion.


But the butler didn’t know what kind of feelings were really in that face.


Cold and anger. 


It felt like his whole body was going to freeze.


“Find the monster and Rosie right away, butler.”


“I thought so, so I’ve already ordered a search. We’re on a search, but—” 


Along with the butler, all of the servants around Argen held their breath and looked into his eyes.


Argen looked at the people in this place with cool eyes.


“If Rosie and the monster are not found, everyone who has anything to do with this today can’t be safe.”


“…M, Marquis.” 


The butler quickly opened his mouth to say something to Argen, but when he looked into the mad green eyes, he couldn’t say anything.


The voice did not come out easily.




“…Y, yes.”


Argen tried to say something, but couldn’t speak any more because of the burning pain.


He felt like he was going to faint.


He ignored the restless butler and walked past.


When Argen got to his room safely, he violently released the cravat and grabbed the wall.


Even getting to bed was hard for him, and he felt like he was going to fall. 


First of all, he had to deal with this hot pain that seemed to burn his body to ashes.


Argen pulled the string attached to the wall with blurred vision.


“D, did you call me, Marquis?”


The servant, who ran to Argen’s call, felt the fierce air and trembled.


“…Bring me some herbs.”


There was no detailed explanation, but the servant quickly understood what Argen was talking about.


Because he remembered that a maid named Rosie came and went into Argen’s room every night with herbs.


The servant hurriedly found the herb Rosie was using and brought it with him.


“Leave it there and get out.”


“…Then I will leave.” 


The servant closed the door quietly and went out. 


Argen frowned and untied his clothes.


And as Rosie did, he spread herbs around the pattern.


Argen’s hands and sleeves were covered in crushed herbs, but he moved quickly and didn’t care.


He hopes that this pain will go away.


The pain eased little by little as soon as the herbs were applied.




‘This is not it.’


When Rosie applied it, the pain disappeared as if it were flying away. But—.


Now, the pain of the curse remained like a residual heat and tormented Argen.


“…Damn it.”


He wanted to call Rosie right away and beg her to relieve this pain.


But there was no Rosie here.


Argen eventually collapsed as if fainted.


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