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“Lucas, are you feeling better now?”


The stable keeper, who had spoken several times, called Lucas.


Lucas nodded silently.


“You don’t know how surprised I was when you came back seriously injured.”


Not long ago, Lucas went out to help the festival and returned with a serious injury.


The servants were surprised to see Lucas returning injured and asked what was going on, but he simply replied that he had fallen. 


No one believed him, but he wouldn’t tell them, so they didn’t know what to do, and there wasn’t much they could say.


The stable keeper glanced at Lucas’ body and passed by.


Lucas, who was left alone in Evantes, was lost in thought.


His master ran away.


But Lucas was still here.


He will remain here until an order is given from his master.


Lucas has been using magic to send notes secretly.


The way to send a note was very simple.


It was to put a note on the bottom of someone else’s shoes or luggage so that the note could get in through a small gap under the door and not be noticed.


Lucas has mainly used gatekeepers. He stuck a note on their bodies.


This level of magic could be done simply because it was easy magic, but beyond that, it was difficult for Lucas to do.


Lucas recalled a note that he secretly sent before Richard ran away. 


[Don’t trust the maid.] 


Lucas obviously wrote it like that and sent it. In addition, 


[Maybe she is a demon worshiper. But, even if she’s not a demon worshiper, she’s not a trustworthy person.]


He urged him never to trust the maid.


…But it’s hard because his master knows it well. 


Lucas looked up into the air.


The sky was blue after the rainy season.




The ground was dry so that no grass could grow, and not a drop of water could be found around it.


The heavy, rough air swept past his cheeks like a sword wind.




Richard vomited blood again.


He staggered and walked unsteadily, but eventually, he couldn’t stand it and collapse.


Richard escaped through a maze in the Marquis.


The mobile portal in the Marquis’ maze was connected to the Cursed Land.


He doesn’t know why the Marquis’ maze was connected to a place known to have been cursed.




Richard vomited blood again.


The Cursed Land was nothing more than a huge cage for the Transcendent like Richard. 


It is a situation in which he has been severely injured by using too much force.


He felt a splitting pain in his heart.




Richards fell to the ground and saw the dark sky without a ray of light.


Suddenly, he remembered the letter he had received from Lucas.


[Don’t trust the maid.]


[Maybe she is a demon worshiper. But, even if she’s not a demon worshiper, she’s not a trustworthy person.] 


Richard didn’t know either.


Rosie sometimes made a meaningful face, and her eyelashes trembled like someone who had just caught something when he told her not to betray him.


He remembers all her small, trivial acts.


But Richards, turning a blind eye to all that anxiety and suspicion, fell in love with the scent of that woman.


‘This’ was the result of chasing only the pleasure offered by the woman.


Not only was his life in danger when he was forced to escape, but he also crawled into the cage on his own.




All he could do was laugh.


Why on earth would he put all his doubts behind him and trust her?


What is that woman? 


He couldn’t understand.


Richard clenched his fist.


He couldn’t die here.


They’ll meet again. So he had to stand up.


However, his body was like broken pottery.


However, just as the broken pottery was forced to stay in its original shape, Richard stood up, ignoring the broken body.


And he walked.


Remembering only the day he met that woman again.


However, sometimes there is something that can’t be done only by mental strength.


The pottery eventually broke.


No matter how long the attached pottery maintains its shape, it eventually collapses again and returns to pieces.


Richard’s body eventually collapsed.


It was the result of ignoring the body’s pain and the cost of transcending life, breaking the restraints, and trying to break the magic in the punishment room.




Richard splattered his blood on the dry ground.


The dry brown ground got wet from the red lumps.


The man’s life was coming to an end.


His life, which had been a green sprout not long ago, was about to fall apart.




Then Rosie’s voice, who was calling him, came to mind.


Only her voice was clear in his mind, which was clouded with pain.


Ah, he remembers. 


About why he left all doubts behind. 


<Call my name, Rosie.>


Yeah, that’s it.


He doesn’t know why. But for some reason, he wanted the maid to call him by his name one more time.


Why? He couldn’t answer the question.


What was so important about it?


He was abandoned.


He told her many times not to betray him, but Rosie calmly threw him out.


And say casually to lock him up in the punishment room.


It was ridiculous. 


He was trapped in the Cursed Land and couldn’t move.


It was then. 


“Oh my.”


A voice filled with sorrow came from above his head.


Richard was startled and tried to get up.


But the man stepped on Richard’s shoulder without hesitation and prevented him from getting up.




Blood is pouring out again.


“You don’t have to stand up.”


Richard frowned.


Obviously, there was no one on this land but himself.


But there are people. He had no idea while it was coming toward him.


“You must be wondering who I am. You’ll find out someday. We were destined to meet.”


Destined to meet.


What does that mean?


He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t speak properly because his throat was bleeding.


But the first man he saw looked like he knew what was going on.


Richard looked at the man.


The man with dark hair and dark eyes had a cold impression.


“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”


The man uttered words that Richards couldn’t understand.


“For a very long time.”




“We finally met.”


The man looked at Richard with eyes filled with happiness.


“Now we can finally meet.”


We finally met.


We can finally meet.


It was completely out of place.


But the man didn’t seem to care whether Richards understood it or not.


“I’ll save you.”




“Honor, power, wealth, I’ll give it all to you.”




“Instead, you only need to give me one thing. Got it?”


One thing?


“I don’t have ‘it’. Instead, I can give you everything I can.”


Whether it’s honor, power or wealth.


It wasn’t important for Richard.


“Don’t you want to live?”


Living. Only that matters.


The man asked as if he knew what Richards wanted most.


Richard had to live.


He wants to live his life. 


He wanted to live and stand in front of Rosie again.


So, with a cracked and bleeding throat, he opened his mouth.


“What should I give you?”


The man smiled. Soon the man’s mouth opened and whispered.


Richard looked at him in disbelief.


“The loss is just for a moment. You’ll have everything soon. I’ll make it happen.”


“…I don’t know what confidence is.”


“So are you going to accept the deal?”


Richards thought for a while about the ‘it’ the man asked for.


It was not long before the blue light shone.


“I accept the deal.”


The man smiled satisfactorily.


Then he reaches out to Richard.


Richards looked at such a man and asked.


“Who are you?”


The man answered Richard’s question with a thoughtful look on his face for a moment.


“The Savior.”




“Get out! Get out now!”


When I entered the room, the girl screamed before she could see me.




The woman threw things at me, and I got hit in the head by a vase.


The woman flinched as it was an unexpected result, but she looked at me with venomous eyes.


“Get out now.”


—With such a temperament. 


Why on earth do nobles have such a personality?


I grabbed the head hit by the vase and looked at the girl, Michelle. 


<All the new kids here are fooled by Lady Michelle’s angelic face.>


Suddenly, I knew what the servants said to me before entering the room.


Because she looks like a girl who can’t kill a single bug in this beautiful mansion.


—My life on the run seems to be not too peaceful.


“Look, I told you so. I told you to be careful with the Lady.”


I was about to die from being hit in the head by the vase, but someone was laughing at me.


—Is this a problem that I could avoid by being careful? I wanted to refute it, but unfortunately, I was powerless now.


What can I do?


I have no choice but to work hard.


No matter what this place is, it won’t be as dangerous as the Marquis Evantes. 


The days when I was afraid that Richard would run away passed by.


No, to be precise, those days when I was worried that Richard would run away and kill me. 


“…What? Why are you laughing?”


“Because I’m happy.”




I was beaten up, but the maid suddenly looked dumbfounded when she saw me saying I was happy.


Either way, I was really satisfied.


The Lady I met has a bit of a temper, and it looks like she is being very rude, but there’s no way she would kill me, right?


Everywhere is better than Evantes.


“…You, don’t tell me, you don’t like that kind of thing, right?”


The maid looked at me with distasteful eyes, but either way I laughed.


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