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“…Just what does that mean?”


At last, Tezent, who was dumbfounded, jumped up from his seat.


It didn’t look like he was acting.


‘In fact, that kind of behaviour is understandable.’


I nodded my head.


“To think that I’m trying to entrust you, a famous smuggler, with the distribution of a mana stone mine. It sounds weird, right?”


“No, Miss. What I want to say is…”


“But you weren’t originally a smuggler.”


Grinning, I continued to talk.


“You were an ordinary merchant, but because the current Emperor, no, the Emperor’s uncle, suddenly turned the items you were carrying, out of all things, into banned imported items, you became like that.”




Tezent Poe gave a surprised expression.


I continued my words.


“You were originally a merchant who mainly distributed specialized books and special herbs. Right?”


Tezent frowned.


Do I have to insist on my denial even more?


Should I even be angry?


I could feel it from his expression that he was thinking that way.


After a moment.




Tezent Poe nodded.


“Yes. It was indeed like that until the previous Emperor died.”


“Yup, only up until three years ago.”


Three years ago, after the death of the previous Emperor who was eager to conquer.


The one who became the new emperor, was the only son of the deceased Emperor who was only 10 years old at the time.


‘That child is also the real main character of the original work.’


Anyway, the Emperor who was 10 years old at that time (he was now 13 years old) was young.


For the young and inexperienced Emperor, the Emperor’s uncle, Grand Duke Judah, was declared regent.


‘At first, everyone trusted and supported Judas.’


In fact, at first, Grand Duke Judah did quite a good job.


There weren’t even any obvious suspicious occurrences.


However, he banned the import of several items for no reason.


One of them was—


“Do you still bring treatment medicine for [Night of the White Desert] these days?”


“…So you really know everything.”


Tezent Poe muttered as if he were surprised and nodded.


“Yes. Since there are still people who are infected with [Night of the White Desert].”


[Night of the White Desert] was a rare disease.


Cause of infection, unknown.


Symptoms, white spots all over the body.


Progression, a painful death within a mere few days.


‘Anyway, the medicine for such a rare disease would almost never be used on a daily basis.’


That’s why people thought that the Grand Duke’s import ban decision was strange and there were no particular objections.


Until a few years later.


All those who opposed the Grand Duke’s opinion suddenly caught ‘Night of the White Desert’ and eventually died of it.


“Of course, it isn’t easy because surveillance is even more strict than before.”


At Tezent Poe’s words, I smiled.


“Yup. You are surely a merchant who is capable enough to get such a difficult item.”


“…Now I’m just a smuggler disguised as a bookstore owner.”


“That’s a stigma, you know.”




Tezent Poe, who looked at me with a strange expression.


Hm, was it not good to side with one who was a ‘Stigma’?


“And a smuggler who brings in things that save people is way better than the Grand Duke who killed people in order to rule the country.”




This time, too, as expected Tezent Poe’s expression was strange.


Uhmmm, are even compliments not working?


If that’s indeed the case, there is no other choice but blackmail!


“Anyway, I don’t have any thoughts of telling anyone that you’re Tezent Poe. That’s why please cop– no! Please cooperate!”


Huaang! Why does my pronunciation always fail me when it’s important! Out of all the times!?


‘Starting today, I’ll practice my pronunciation when I get home!’


While sniffing inside, I looked at him with sharp eyes.


Anyway, I have tried the blackmail!


The effect?




Tezent looked at me with a strange expression.


What was worse, he was muttering something.


But it seems that perhaps he’s saying ‘Did she say cooperate?’ or something like that…?


Maybe it was because of my mood, but it also seemed like his mouth was twitching…






Is he trying to give me an answer?


Since I even blackmailed him, it’ll be great if he gives me a good answer!


“First of all, I’d like to ask. Just who in the world told all these facts to the Miss?”


It was all written in the novel that I read in my previous life though?


If I said so, he’ll definitely think I’m a crazy kid, right?


“Uh. That is a secret.”


I laughed, hehe, and put a finger on my mouth.


Since it’ll be difficult to answer if he keeps on asking, let’s quickly change the topic.


“Anyway, the important thing is that I want you to distribute the mana stones, which will be produced in our territory’s mana stone mine. In return, I’ll protect you from now on!”


“The Miss will protect me…”


Tezent Poe, who was looking at me like a kitten who was pang, puffing its chest fur out to the front, rubbed the space between his forehead.


“To think that it’s a mana stone mine? Weren’t you supposed to manage the mine through a merchant from the Capital?”


“Ah, that person was a fraud.”




“Older Brother Gabriel must be scolding him well by now.”




Perhaps that fraud is already in a pretty rough state, right?


Although it’s all because of his own deeds.


“There is a talented person right here in our own territory. So why would I take a person who’s from somewhere else?”


“But isn’t this not up to the Miss’ decision? Young Lord Gabriel is….”


“But that mine is my own? That’s why I’m also the one who gets to decide on the deputy.”


“Yes?! Is that the truth?! Does Miss Diana inherit the mine?”


At Tezent’s overly surprised figure, I wanted to just– “Gosh.”


‘…Older Brother Gabriel had told me to do so… right?’


I recalled the scene earlier.


BANG! I opened the door, and entered, revealing that the deputy candidate was a fraud, and…


I said that since Older Brother Gabriel and Older Brother Noah were both idiots who only knew how to fight, I’d be the one to manage the mine, then…


I threw a cookie jar at the back of the head of the fraud who was trying to run away, then…


‘What…! Did I not receive an… answer?’


Older Brother Gabriel was worried that the fraud would harm me, told me to go quickly, but we did not talk about the mine.


Anyway, he stopped me and didn’t say anything else, right?


‘Then, what. Surely I can say that he had given permission.’


Even if it wasn’t true, I had to insist. I had to.


Otherwise, the future would lean towards that of the original ending, resulting in the end of the world…


“…No matter how lacking the eldest son is in knowledge about territory management, there’s no way that he’d pass the mana stone mine to his younger sister…”


Tezent muttered something to himself, but I didn’t care that much.


Rather, it was important to persuade him somehow and hire him.




When I called his name deliberately, his eyes turned to me.


“What does Tezent want to do as a merchant?”




Tezent looked flustered at my sudden question.


I didn’t wait for his answer.


“For me, Tezent. As a member of the Cartier Family, I want to make everyone in our territory smile.”


“Are you talking about the territory’s people…?”


“Yup. It’d be great if the people don’t have to go to the Capital to buy good quality things, and if there was also a big hospital where sick people could get treatment right away…”


There were a lot of things that were lacking in this land.


There were no large hospitals, no busy commercial streets with all kinds of stores, and also no good performance halls to watch performances.


“And I also understand it requires a lot of money to do that.”


The stronger the land of our Family, the stronger the power of our Family, and the more bad guys would not dare to cross our house.


When others say power, they may think of force first, but…


‘There is already an Older Brother who became a sword master at the age of 7 and another Older Brother who became a sword master at the age of 10, so…’


What I needed now was another power, and not the same kind.


“I’m sure the distribution of the mana stones will bring a lot of money.”


A large sum of money.


Tezent’s eyes shone at the words.


No matter how much he pretended to be the owner of an old bookstore, he was originally a merchant.


‘There is no way that a merchant won’t listen to that and keep indifferent.’


“…Do you think that that money can achieve what the Miss wants?”


“I think Tezent, a merchant, would know better about that than I do.”


Shrugging, I looked straight up at him.


“The most important thing is that I know no one can do this better than you.”




“When you have made up your mind, come to find me at the Marquess Household.”


Tezent looked at me with an expression that was hard to read. 


But I wasn’t very worried.


“I’ll be waiting. Zen.”


Calling his name which he used for pretending to be the owner of an old bookstore, I headed to the door.


Now, as long as I go out in a cool way, today’s work is over!


Jump! Jump—


Jump… Jump…






After a brief silence.


Tezent, who approached without saying anything, opened the door for me.


‘Ughh, Bear Hybrids are so mean! Why are your builds so big…!’


I scurried out, as if running away.


While pretending not to hear the laughter coming from behind me.






Ughh. Really. Just what kind of embarrassment is this?


Because of the embarrassment that I had suffered twice today alone, I grumbled as I returned to the Marquess Household.


Even so, I had finished two important things, so I thought I’d slowly eat dinner and rest. However,


“Just what in the world are they doing, going on endlessly?”

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