Chapter 6

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Author: EunEun Editor: eris421



I blinked and rubbed my eyelids with the back of my hand. A faint red light was leaking from the inside of the locket.


I carefully loosened the strength in my hand which was clasping the locket. Surprisingly, it slowly rose above my palm. After that, it opened wide on its own.


When the locket opened, an unimaginable tremendous amount of light burst out explosively.




There was no time to even cover my eyes. Stuck in a lying position, I was swallowed by that intense light.


‘What’s this!’


When my eyesight barely recovered, I was in a completely different place.


There was no trace of the Duke mansion’s bedroom. Everywhere was dark, and cramped. It felt like I was forcibly crumpled inside a very small box.


Fortunately, when I, bang bang, banged on all four sides, the thing that was blocking my head together with the piercing sound was torn off. Only then did oxygen work.


I was inside a small warehouse. There was nothing but a desk, a chair, and a box in which I sat, so I was even desolated. 


“Where is this…?”


It wasn’t a typical small room that would be in the Blasco mansion.


I falteringly got up and looked around the space and I became aware at once. This place wasn’t the world of [Now We’re, Like Magic] which I had existed in a while ago.


There were many modern items, which could in no way exist at that place. There was also a height-adjustable desk, a wheeled chair, and a ballpoint pen.


On the table, a very old typewriter was on top of it. The letters on the keyboard were almost all erased, so it was difficult to find out which country the letters belonged to.


Instead of paper, a translucent hologram screen was floating above the typewriter.


What’s this?


After I poked the screen with my index finger, I saw the screen brightening in a snap as if the switch was on, and I retreated in fright.


A squared notification window popped up on the screen. I was familiar with how it looked.



Continue seeing what?


However, before my brain could even question it, my hand moved first. When I carefully poked the notification window with my hand, on the screen, a sign saying that it was loading appeared.




At the end of the loading, clear letters appeared on the screen.





I blanked out and looked down at the page where the chapter number was written. Although the original work’s title which suddenly appeared was also a title, the chapter number that was written below it caught my attention.


“There’s no way that’s true, though.”


Chapter 168? There was no way there’s such a thing. Because the last chapter number that I read was chapter 167.


And that novel, [Now We’re, Like Magic] was a novel that was discontinued indefinitely at chapter 167.


The thing called chapter 168 doesn’t exist. If that content existed in the world, then it would be inside the laptop drive of the author who wrote that novel.


“…But what’s this deja vu?”


I glared with all my might at the translucent screen. Somehow it looks exactly like the novel app I’d seen. The font, the page form, the previous chapter and the next chapter buttons that were displayed at the bottom, too….


‘Somehow it’s similar to that viewer which I was using…’


For a moment, my heart pounded. Come to think of it, this place was a fantasy world where superpowers are uncontrollable.


Usually, if I see fantasy novels, don’t dimensions and passages that connect dimensions or something like cracks appear like clichés?


‘What if this place is that kind of space?’


Through any kind of way, if it’s a space that connects my previous life’s world and this place’s world, then the fact that the later chapter’s content of the novel, which had been discontinued in Korea, openly exists….


One possibility immediately came to my mind.


By any chance, did the series resume after I moved to this world?


‘What’s this, it’s plausible.’


That kind of possibility couldn’t be excluded.


After my death, ten years have already passed. If we base it on the time when I regained my previous life’s memory, it is five years. Even if the series resumed in the meantime, there was nothing strange with it!


My heart of a devoted reader began to beat and react as it liked.


‘If so, does that mean I can finally see our Niela save Aikal and become the true owner of the Demon Sword?’


Not just that. Being able to continue seeing the later story of the original work, is an event that also greatly affects the fate of the second round of my life as Catyshia Ainsley.


What’s worse, now that I suddenly ended up holding the Demon Sword!


‘If there’s a continue seeing the next chapter button, shouldn’t there also be a going back to the previous chapter button?’


If that’s the case, then it’ll be nothing for me to review every part of my forgotten memories.


‘First of all… first, starting from the next chapter….’


My mouth was watering. My hand reached out on its own. The fact that I shouldn’t touch other people’s things as I like couldn’t stop me.


The page turned back one page.



[Finally, it was the last moment. Niela can’t press the overwhelming exaltation feeling and began to step foot toward the top of the Spirit Tower. Right above this were the Demon Sword Giost and Aikal.


‘Save Aikal, and if I can lay my hands on the Demon Sword….’


Then, it’s all over. Transparent tears began well up around Niela’s eyes.


‘Finally, I can get out of this damned Blasco…!’]



“Yeah right, this is it!”


Like a miracle, my memory of the original work was revived.


Yeah, Older Sister. Hurry up, save the male lead, officially succeed the Demon Sword, and let’s go to punish the Villain Blasco.


That was the delightful and refreshed feeling that I’d been hoping for for the past 167 chapters.


However, somehow I felt it was a little weird. Is it because I repeatedly recalled the gangster Duke’s appearance, who kicked me out to the breakfast room, telling me to become a plump grapefruit with Grandfather Herzen?


What kind of revenge play will unfold in the future?


How will Blasco be ruined?


I turned the page with half anticipation and half anxiousness.


Niela excellently broke down several traps that were installed on the tower as she gradually got closer to the top. And like that, it was when she was finally going to leave the last door.



[Niela looked at the figure that blocked her front and her eyes opened wide. At the end of the stairs, there stood a person whom she had never expected.


It was her escort knight who was eaten and consumed by the Demon Sword, and her only lover, Aikal.]






[Niela stuttered in surprise.


“Aikal, how are you, already here…?”




“You’ve gotten free from Giost? When, how…!?”]



It was an unexpected reunion. It was a very unexpected development for me as well, who had thought that there would be a scene where Niela pulled out Aikal from the Demon Sword.


To think that the princess Aikal who should be waiting for the warrior Niela inside the tower is already out? But somehow, his spirit was unusual.



[“Let me ask you just one thing, Niela.”


Aikal’s voice was awfully painful. His eyes were dreary. With a growling voice like a badly hurt beast, Aikal asked.


“You, do you know this girl?”


Niela read the name that was written at the bottom of the document he held out.]





From my mouth, a puzzled moan flowed out exactly like Niela had blurted out.


I read Niela’s lines three times over and over again.



[“Catyshia… Ainsley?”]





I was so surprised that I ended up stepping back. What, what’s this?


‘Why is my name coming out here?’


I hurriedly turned the page. Then, a squared notification window popped up again.





I repeatedly hit the next chapter button like crazy, but only the same message appeared repeatedly.


I returned to the last page where my name was written and tremblingly shook.


“What- this….”


Just what the hell is this cliffhanger, making people leery!


There’s no such thing as ending it with just calling out a name significantly, Author!






In order to find the next chapter, I’ve searched through every inch of the slightly over 16.53 square meter space, but there was nothing I could find.


(t/n: it’s actually written as 5평, but I already converted it into square meter so that it’ll be more understandable(?). Anyways, 평 [pyeong] is a Korean unit which is used to measure the area of a space or land, with 1평 = 1.8181m x 1.8181m = 3.31m2. So, 5평 = 16.53m2.)


What was worse, in this space, there was no exit door and also no window that led to the outside. It was an enclosed space without a single gap.


I was completely trapped!


“No, surely not. I can just go out through the hole in which I came in. Right…?”


I crumpled myself again into the wooden box where I came out from. After closing the top above my head meekly, I shut my eyes tight and counted inside.


What should I do if it’s not this way? I can’t starve to death in such a small room like this, leaving behind the central bank’s millions of money waiting for its owner.


‘Grandfather, Mom and Dad whose faces I don’t even know, Gods of Heaven and Earth, please!’


Fortunately, my prayer that was close to a wail worked.


After I felt like my body was sinking down, before I knew it, I was blinking on top of the bed of the Duke of Blasco’s mansion. And of course, I stayed up all night that day.



[“Catyshia… Ainsley?”]



“What should I do if you finish it by just calling out my name sentimentally like that…!?”


Why is my name coming out there, though? Wasn’t I an extra who had no name nor role?

Author's Thoughts

There are 4 images inserted inside this chapter that affects the story which might lead you to not understand the story if you didn't see them. So, if you didn't see those images, you may scroll up again (since it might haven't loaded when you reached reading that part) or refresh (if it doesn't show even after you wait for a while). Thank you for reading~ <3

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