Chapter 7

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Author: EunEun Editor: eris421

I opened and closed the locket a good hundred times until the morning sun rose. Every time I opened the locket, I repeatedly went in and out of that odd space.


However, the chapter number of [Now We’re, Like Magic] was still stopped at chapter 168.


Eventually, I gave up on finding the next chapter and only went back to the first chapter. And then I binge-read from chapter 1 to chapter 168 at the place where I sat.


This time there was finally a gain. It’s that I found the episode that is assumed to be the unidentified ‘test’ which the Duke mentioned as if it passed by.


In Blasco, there’s a longstanding test system. When deciding on all sorts of family affairs, the important figures from the direct and indirect descendants must convene and hold a family meeting, and when they have to select a representative or a well-qualified person, all candidates are required to take the qualification test. It’s so that the management of the family and the family business was fair. 


In the original work [NW, LM], Niela works as a trainee who takes over all of the succession ceremony affairs when the current Duke, Rutiard Blasco, inherited the Demon Sword from the late Duke, Herzen Blasco, and rather accidentally resonates with the Demon Sword.


Naturally, the succession ceremony became ruined, and Niela emerged as an urgent matter of concern within Blasco.


Just exactly like I am now, she, whose origin was ambiguous, was immediately summoned to Blasco’s family meeting.


At the end of the long discussion on whether to execute Niela or to think highly of the point that she had resonated with Giost and to adopt her to Blasco, in the end, the final sentence was issued from the family meeting.


Take the proper test according to Blasco’s tradition, and legally adopt her to Blasco if she passes them all.


That’s the beginning of [Now We’re, Like Magic], the Blasco family register entry test episode.


It was clear that the test that the Duke had mentioned to me as if it flashed across was also referring to something like this. Call a family meeting, and decide at that place whether to make me take the test or not.


In other words, will they give me a chance or not? That will be discussed at the family meeting.


‘In the latter case, he’ll surely kill me mercilessly.’


Since in the present situation, that’s the simplest and the most efficient way that can destroy the notarization of the will.


An ominous hunch ran down my spine.


‘Just why do I feel like my situation is gradually becoming similar to Niela…?’


Niela had also gone through a terribly hard time because she was obtaining the test ticket at a family meeting. Niela would have been executed inevitably in the middle of the meeting hall if the head of the indirect descendants had not pitied her.


‘For some reason, why does it feel like it’s also my future….’


Don’t tell me, have I become Niela’s replacement?


However, when I matched the year, Niela entered for the first time as Blasco’s trainee in autumn five years later.


‘The year doesn’t match, I’m not Niela, and what’s more, in the original work, Grandfather doesn’t even come out well. And there’s also not a huge inheritance involved….’


In the odd space inside the locket, it seemed to have a time limit for being able to stay.


At one point the locket burningly heated up again, and I was once again thrown out onto the bed. It was exactly six hours.


After being forcibly kicked out, I couldn’t immediately enter. It was clear that there was a cooling down time.


I rolled over and over the bed helplessly.


‘Aack, I don’t like it. I feel uncomfortable. It’s intolerably uncomfortable.…!’


Although I binge-read the original work, questions that could not be settled still remained. It is the setting about me myself.


“Am I an extra who’s in charge of some kind of role in this world from now on?”


No idea.


“And why is the male lead out of the blue looking for me?”


No idea about that either.


“Does the next chapter not come out…?”


That too, of course,  was unknown. Unless the author who’s truly beyond the dimension resumed the series….


Looking at the clock, during the time I was entering the inside of the locket, it seemed that not even a minute had passed.


‘Then, it’s a space that was free from this timeline.’


Just what the hell is its identity? Is it like an archive of the universe? Inside the author’s brain structure? Subconsciousness? Brain in a vat…?


(t/n: In philosophy, the brain in a vat is a scenario used in a variety of thought experiments intended to draw out certain features of human conceptions of knowledge, reality, truth, mind, consciousness, and meaning. It is a modern incarnation of René Descartes’s evil demon thought experiment originated by Gilbert Harman. source: google, wikipedia)


‘If it’s the latter…?’


It was as if my fate was at the fingertips of the author beyond this dimension.


Is the author trying to make ‘Catyshia Ainsley’ Niela’s enemy, or trying to give her a helper role?


“Do I have to offer fried dumplings…?”


If I get into that place again next time, at that time, will chapter 169 be updated?






With everything still unknown, the next day was bright.


I ran down to the kitchen with sunken eyes.


“You’re telling me that after rolling the dough thin and pressing it round, to fill it full with minced meat and vegetables, right, Young Miss?”


“Yes. And then after rolling it long and mending the gap, you can fry it in the oil until it’s a golden brown fry.”


“I see. I’ll get it ready.”


“Thank you! Mister Head Cook is the best.”


I gave two thumbs up towards the head cook whose name was Homie Thompson.


“Please take care of it well. Since it’s a food that will be offered to a precious person.”


“Haha, are you going to bring it to the Duke, Little Young Miss?”


Ah, although it’s not that.


Somehow, it looked like I’d look arrogant if I made up saying that it’s because I want to eat it.


“Uhmm, uh, it’s because it’s something that Grandfather Herzen liked! I suddenly remembered Grandfather, and since it’s the food of memories which he had given me every day….”


It’s a lie. My Grandfather is a person who doesn’t let even a drop of water on his hand, you know.


“My goodness, such a reason….”


As I purposely dropped my lips as if I was down, Head Cook Mister Homie welled up with tears.


I felt a prick at my conscience. Well, since it’s true that I missed Grandfather!


“Although I can’t match up to His Excellency the late Duke’s skill, I will give my best!”


“Whoaa, Mister Homie is the best….”


“What do you mean by giving your best?”


Even before the second thumbs-up was thrown, a cold roar flew from behind my back.


Unaware of when he came into the breakfast room, the Duke of Blasco was looking down at me who sat at the cooking table with displeased eyes.


“I was wondering who was babbling and talking so much like this in the breakfast room which should be clean and quiet. So it’s very much your house now?”


“I-I apologize.”


But it could really be my house….


As long as the will takes effect, isn’t this mansion mine…? I don’t even have a loan….


I was only grumbling inside, but both my cheeks were squashed tightly against a big palm.


“Right now you’re thinking that this house is yours, aren’t you? Kill that thought.”


“I apowogize… my my, turnsh out you are a ghosth….” [I apologize… my my, turns out you are a ghost….]


When I deliberately lost my pronunciation and grumbled, the Duke looked down at me with mixed eyes.


“Maybe it’s because Father raised you, but even if you don’t have fear, you don’t have it by too much, though.”


“Do I have to be afraid of the Duke?”


“You don’t need to do it exactly like that.”


“That’s right!”


Jemian said that there’s no need to shrink.


‘And you just didn’t say that I have to be scared of you, you know.’


Be confident, Catyshia. It is only for a period of time, but for now, I’m a rich person. At that, a rich person who knows the future.


After I puffed out my chest triumphantly, I ended up facing the Duke who was grinning savagely.


The Duke blinked his eyes wickedly.


“Then, even if I kick you out as penniless today immediately, you can take care of yourself and will live well in the tough world, yup?”




Of course, although it sure would be nice if he let me out unscathed…. It must not mean he’s letting me out as a corpse, right?


I couldn’t see Grandfather yet, and I couldn’t solve the secret of the locket either…. Since I was flustered, nonsense talk just came out.


“I-I can’t because my digestive organ isn’t good. I have to live while only eating good things and only looking at good things…”


“Don’t talk nonsense, eat.”




Although the Duke didn’t accept my nonsense, fortunately, he didn’t starve me.


He intently watched me enthusiastically eating my portion of breakfast. And then, he started talking to me.






“Father, so, did the late Duke cook for you?”


“Uh… yess.”


Although to be precise, he bought me food.


Since Grandfather Herzen is really poor at cooking, there was nothing else that he used his hand directly for other than cracking walnut shells.


However, I nodded my head vaguely because there was something I said earlier.


“By any chance, did Father….”


The Duke blurred his words, which was unlike himself. It seemed that he was being careful, and it also seemed like he didn’t exactly want my answer.


In the end, he clicked his tongue as he changed the subject.


“No, it’s nothing, forget it. Finish eating.”


It was too obvious what the Duke wanted to ask me.


After I chewed down the last piece of bacon, I carefully opened my mouth.


“Grandfather said that he had two children.”




“And for grandchildren, he has until three. Though, of course, I’m only a designed granddaughter.”


Grandfather Herzen had two sons. He said that for the firstborn, it has been a long time since he passed away at a young age.


I skipped that part as I studied the Duke’s face.


“He sometimes told me about his children and grandchildren. He said that he had a big fight with his son and ran away from home….”


“Did he also tell you why we fought?”


The Duke cut me off. Nevertheless, it felt that the Duke’s expression, which was blowing away cold air, had calmed down even more.


I shook my head quickly.


“I don’t know that much. He didn’t tell me, you know.”


“It must be like that. Because of that old man’s personality.”


“But he seemed to miss it very much.”


Miss what?


The Duke asked with his eyes.


I hesitated for a moment and then I replied with emphasis.


“The family members he left behind.”

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This novel will be updated again in February 2023! Thank you~!

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