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Although the end of her voice trembled slightly, Cersinia conveyed her feelings properly. Upon hearing her words, Ben was staring blankly at her as if he had been beaten by a hammer.


She swallowed her dry saliva and waited for his answer. But after a few seconds, Ben didn’t think of opening his lips. As embarrassment flooded in, her cheeks turned red like an apple. Embarrassed, she lowered her hand that wrapped around his cheek. No, she tried to put her hand down.




He grabbed her hand away from him and put it back on his cheek. His blank look disappeared suddenly, and a dangerous light lurked in his eyes more than ever before.


“If what I thought was right, your last chance not to get bitten right is only now.”


Obviously, he said that now was the only chance, but even if she took her words back, Ben didn’t intend to let her go. Cersinia shook her head slightly and looked into his eyes, which contradicted his words.


“I won’t change my mind.”


‘Because you were the one who I wanted.’


When the permission was granted, he slowly raised himself and leaned his upper body toward her, who sitting on a bed. The desire that is always being suppressed couldn’t be held on anymore. His desire that had been raging since the moment she wrapped his cheek was already out of control.


Ben passed her lips, kissing her deeply on her forehead, eyes, and cheeks. His cold fingers ran gently across her lips before he ate it.


Cersinia trembled at the cold temperature she felt.


“I have no intention of letting you go today.”


A voice sounded like a warning rang in her ear. At the end of his words, he hugged her tightly and overlapped their lips at once.


Unlike before, Cersinia closed her eyes tightly as the unbearable warmth quickly penetrated her mouth. Having invaded her without hesitation, Ben constantly craved for her breath.




Cersinia loosened up as if all the energy in her body was being sucked by him. Her upright posture kept falling apart. Ben felt that she was struggling to keep her position, so he loosened his arms’ strength, held her slender waist, and laid her completely on the bed.


He was persistent enough to never lift his lips that had overlapped with her for the entire moment. The mixed breath of the two made a moaning sound in the room. Their voices were intertwined with the fast-beating heartbeat.


“Haa… Ben.”


As they parted their lips, a wet and sexy voice called his name stimulated him. Ben wiped away the red lipstick stain on his lips and lowered his eyes which were filled with lust.


Cersinia naturally lay on the bed, and Ben climbed onto the bed and unbuttoned her coat. Every time his long fingers unbuttoned it, he began to see her thin slip, gently swaying in the wind.


Cersinia covered her face with both hands in embarrassment. Ben only took off her coat, but the reason she’s getting embarrassed is because of his deep gaze that pierces.




There was a slight excitement in his low voice.


“Don’t hide it.”


He gently lowered her hands that were covering her face. Cersinia was forced to show her blushing face at the irresistible touch.


“Show me your everything.”


The distance between the two was close enough to feel each other’s breath.


Cersinia looked into his eyes, unable nor willing to turn her gaze. Her eyes were filled with the same desire as he did. The desire to have everything the other person has.


A slip was revealed through the open coat. As her smooth curves shone in the moonlight, he became dizzy. He opened his lips and gathered his reasoning, which wasn’t controlled because of the dizziness.


“I will see, touch, and engrave everything about you.”


Ben took off his shirt at once. The moonlight cast over his upper body.


Cersinia looked at his body as if possessed and reached out to the visible wound on his shoulder. A lumpy wound was touched in her hand. She raised her upper body and looked slowly over his shoulders and back.


“It must have hurt.”


Cersinia said as she gently and carefully touch swept through his bare skin as if touching a precious treasure.


“It’s fine now.”


Ben swallowed the burning lust with saliva every time her soft skin touched his bare skin. Every single touch of her hand and every sound of her breathing were stimulating, so he wanted to rush to her right away, but he couldn’t do that because of her serious, worried eyes.


Cersinia touched the numerous wounds engraved on his back. Ben’s eyebrows twitched slightly every time she did it, but she didn’t know.


“I want to erase it.”


This wound was the evidence of his feelings, who endured pain to come to her. So, if she could, she wanted to erase the pain caused when they’re not together. She wanted to return it to its original form.


She kissed his wounds with all her heart. The scar on the shoulder from three years ago is now a complete symbol. It will be known as the symbol of the Grand Duke.




The moment her lips touched his skin, he felt a thrill. He has reached his limit now. Cersinia went beyond what he could tolerate. Ben quickly laid her back on the bed. He lowered his head as he looked at the fluttering crimson eyes.




A short moan escaped out of Cersinia’s mouth.


His warm lips brushed her white neck, past her collarbone, and stayed around her shoulders. Then he kissed her sweet lips again.


Cersinia raised her arms without hesitation and hugged him.  Having all of him was always something she wanted and hoped for, so she felt like her heart was filled with happiness.


Feeling the warmth penetrating his skin, Ben grabbed her soft legs and wrapped them around his waist. Soon a thin slip strap fell under his hand. Cersinia’s eyelids trembled at the strong sensation that her toes curled up. The night has deepened between the two. They wanted each other endlessly.


* * *




Cersinia’s eyelids twitched at the sound of birds chirping coming through the window.  The sun was shining through the thin curtains. She grunted in a tingling pain as she twisted her body to escape the sunlight. Her back was pounding as if someone had stepped on her during the night, and her whole body ached. Her head also felt heavy.


“Uh, uh…”


“Are you up?”


Cersinia, who was groaning, opened her eyes wide to the voice heard right next to her. She saw him smiling sweetly when she turned her head to the side.


“Good morning, Cersinia.”


Lying around with her arms folded toward him, Ben greeted her and kissed her forehead briefly.




Surprised, Cersinia blinked several times silently with her wide-open eyes.


“Greeting the morning to each other. It’s like a dream.”


His joyful voice tickled her heart. His eyes smile, bending helplessly under his hair, headed only toward Cersinia.


Cersinia was silent for a moment. As she looked at him, she felt her face heat up at the thought of what happened last night. She buried her burning face on the pillow as if steam would leak out of her head. After digging into each other’s arms all night, she was tired and closed her eyes for a moment when the dawn rose, but it seemed that she had fallen asleep.


After digging into each other’s arms all night, I was tired and closed my eyes for a while when I saw the dawn rise, but it seemed to have fallen asleep.




As she wondered how to face him at the burning sensation, Cersinia screamed in surprise. Ben hugged and pulled her back, making them stick together.


“Did I do it too hard?”


As she avoided his gaze, Ben blamed himself for doing it too hard last night.


“It’s… not like that?”


Cersinia smoothed out her trembling voice as her skin could feel his skin.


The long night was good enough to hope that the morning wouldn’t come. Mixing each other’s body temperature and engraving everything in each other filled her up even more. The dizzying stimulus was the first time she felt it, and she endlessly heated up to the new sensation she had never known. In the end, she even hung on by calling his name almost as if begging.




For a moment, she remembered that Ben was licking the water from the corners of her eyes, and Cersinia blushed and coughed in vain. Her heart was pounding when she remembered him looking down at her with an expression of helplessness at the pleasure.


‘It’s really bad for my heart.’


She had to realize once again what she had already known.


“That’s a relief.”


He was greatly relieved and buried his face in the back of her neck. The ivory-colored skin soaked in the sunlight always had a body odor that made her flutter.


“From now on, we will be together every day.”




When Cersinia turned her head at the unexpected remark, she could see him smiling. She stared blankly at the sly smile and looked inside the blanket with a strange feeling. A large hand was creeping up over her skin and slowly rising upwards. As she raised her eyes in bewilderment, she met his burning gaze.




She couldn’t have known the meaning, and she was astonished.


‘Even after spending the night…’


Ben didn’t show any signs of exhaustion until Cersinia closed her eyes first from exhaustion, who always thought she was superior in physical strength. But, it goes until morning. She doesn’t know if she should say it’s amazing.


“Why don’t you take a break?”


He asked, drawing a seductive smile. Cersinia let out a small laugh at him, knowing what he meant about break was very different from what she knew.


“Okay. Let’s do that.”


As soon as she answered, he overlapped his lips as if he had waited. Cersinia was not able to get out of bed until late afternoon.

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