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A few days later.


Before Verne’s entrance into the palace, the day they decided to go out to grant her wish.


Cersinia wiggled her eyebrows as she looked at Verne in her casual clothes. The light brown dress, with the hem slightly trimmed, was so plain that it hindered the charm of Verne’s face.


“You can’t wear those clothes. Change into pretty clothes.”


“This dress is the best I have…”


Verne answered in a crawling voice, looking at her own clothes.


“The dress I gave you back then. Let’s change into that.”


“Pardon? Wouldn’t that dress be too flashy to wear for an outing?”


When purchasing the dress, Cersinia considered Verne’s personality and chose a dress that was not as flashy as possible and had a simple design. There will be no problem wearing it. It was similar to the outing clothes of noble ladies Cersinia saw at the café on Fabian street.


“No, you can wear that much. Get changed quickly and come out.”




“Hurry up.”


With Cersinia’s urge, Verne reluctantly moved her steps.


Cersinia paid as much attention as possible today’s outing would be the last outing before Verne’s entrance to the palace. Like the saying that good shoes take you to a good place, it will change your mood when you see yourself dressed up to the fullest, unlike what you’ve always seen, and it will make you feel different.


“Ah, wait!”


May, who had been listening to the tow, quickly returned to her room. Then, after a long time.


“Me too!”


May opened the door with a bright face and turned around in front of Cersinia. The hem of the dress spread profusely like a blooming bud.


“I’m going to wear this too!”


May looked at Cersinia to see if Cersinia liked the dress she had changed. The dress May was wearing was light yellow with a large ribbon near the chest. It was the dress Cersinia bought and presented to her when she bought Verne’s banquet dress. One day May will wear it too.


“Yes, it’s pretty.”


Cersinia nodded her head proudly at May’s appearance, which fit her much better than expected. It was the moment when Cersinia’s eyes, which looked like jewels, shone.


“I’m wearing it…”


Verne, who had returned, approached the two, wearing that dress, and hesitated.


“Pretty, so pretty! Wear that, and let’s go!”


May clapped her hands and circled around Verne.


“Is it okay?”


Verne asked, scratching her cheek out of shyness.


“Of course. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you want to wear it, just wear it.”


In response to Cersinia’s answer, Verne nodded her head slightly. She didn’t forget to twinkle her eyes at Cersinia, who always chose the words she wanted to hear.


The three went down the stairs and headed out to the main door.




Cersinia turned around at the sound of the call behind her back. May and Verne also turned around and looked at the master of that voice.




Cersinia moved her steps toward him, who was walking toward her. Because it’s faster when the two approach each other than for only one person to approach.


“We’ll go out first.”


May tactfully took Verne out of the main door.


“Are you leaving now?”


Upon reaching her, Ben asked affectionately.




“Will you be okay? What if something happened like last time…”


“I’m gonna be okay as long as there’s no big danger.”


Ben had a worried expression on his face, worried that ‘she’ would pop out just like in the warehouse. However, ‘she’ would never appear except if Cersinia lost consciousness while using her power. So Ben shouldn’t have to worry about her just going out for a while.


“I’ll have to accompany you.”


Looking at him, who was really about to follow her, as if he was still not reassured, Cersinia firmly said, “Today is the day only for girls going out together.”


When rejected at once, Ben looked down at her with a face like a pitiful puppy in the rain.


“No. Don’t worry too much. I’ll be back soon.”


Cersinia replied to the expression that weakened her heart. Taking more time than this would do no good for her.


“I’m worried.”


Ben held Cersinia in his arms. Then her scent lingered at the tip of his nose. The scent that makes his heart flutter and brings peace to his mind. He buried his forehead at her shoulder to smell her a little longer.


Ben didn’t want to waste her time, but he didn’t feel comfortable with her going out without his escort. No matter how close Cersinia was with Verne and May, they didn’t know about the existence of ‘she’ in Cersinia’s body, so Ben had to keep her by his side. But he has already been rejected twice. He couldn’t push through the series of rejections and her unyielding attitude. Because he didn’t want to do anything Cersinia didn’t want and didn’t like.


“Everything will be okay. I will be back before it’s already late.”


Cersinia hugged his wide back and leaned her face against his chest. Her warm body temperature penetrated into his skin.


“Then I will attach knights to you.”


“It’s a bit…”


“That way, I think I will be at least a little reassured. I will tell the knights to follow you like a shadow.”


It didn’t seem like it would matter at all as long as there was nothing wrong going to happen. And it was hard for her to reject him when he said it stubbornly. Most of all, because he’s worried about her.


“Yes, I got it.”


When the permission was granted, a smile spread around his mouth.


“Have a good trip.”


Ben stamped his lips on Cersinia’s eyes, nose, and lips in turn. Still not satisfied, he kissed her lips in the end.


“Ben, they must be waiting for me.”


Cersinia smiled sweetly at the touch that tickled her and lowered Ben’s shoulder. Then she tiptoed her foot and kissed his lips briefly.


“I will do the rest when I return.”


Looking at him, who was dissatisfied, Cersinia slyly said that and turned around.


Ben blankly looked at the back of Cersinia as she walked away, leaving the alluring line.


“Ah, really…”


As soon as he came to his senses, Ben ruffled his hair and didn’t hide the smirk that leaked enough to raise the corners of his mouth. She was so lovable that he thought he was going to die. She really made his heart pound from one to ten.


Ben thought as he saw her walking away, ‘I want you to come back soon after going out.’


They hadn’t even departed yet, but he was already waiting for her arrival. After standing and watching her for a long time as she opened the door and left, Ben headed to his office to give an order to the knight. Since Cersinia had already set fire to his heart, waiting for her to come back will be felt longer than usual.


* * *


As Cersinia opened the door and went out, the escort knights silently bounced and climbed up the tree. Cersinia watched as the swaying leaves calmed, and she turned to May and Verne, who was waiting in front of the carriage.


“I’m sorry for being late. Let’s go.”


“It’s okay if you’re a little late,” May said while grinning.


“Stop it.”


The three opened the carriage door and went in.


“Excuse me…”


AS they were about to enter the carriage, Roena approached in front of them and hesitated.


“What’s going on?”


“Can I follow along? I’ll just watch quietly from the side! I haven’t been able to go outside properly because I’ve been working all the time…”


Roena said to Cersinia with a desperate face, clasping her hands together. Since the main character of today’s outing was Verne, not her, Cersinia looked at Verne.


“Sure. Let’s go together, Roena.”


Verne smiled sweetly and held Roena’s hand tightly. It seems Verne in the past, who hadn’t been able to see Fabian street properly due to her busy life of making money, was projected onto Roena.


“Okay, let’s do that.”


Cersinia agreed with Verne’s opinion. There was no problem going out just because one person joined them, and Verne wanted it, so Cersinia didn’t have to refuse.


“Really? Thank you. Thank you!”


Roena bowed her head down and smiled strangely.




Cersinia felt something strange from her eerie smile. She thought she should reconsider going out together because something felt strange that even her spine stood up. Still, she tried to ignore that feeling as she saw Verne holding Roena’s hand tightly and not letting it go.


The four of them rode the carriage and headed to Fabian street.


* * *


“Is that so? I see.”


The woman laughed loudly when the signal came from her planted henchman.


The time has finally come. Today will be the day she will be able to fulfill her long-cherished dream. She can finally finish that devilish witch with her own hands.


‘You will never die beautifully.’


Screams to kill the witch will resound throughout the Empire, and he will see stones thrown by people at the witch until the witch’s limbs are torn apart. The witch’s body will be placed in the middle of the square and trampled in the footsteps of the people for the rest of her life.


“Tell Duke Kailos I will do everything I have prepared for today.”


The woman ordered with a bizarre smile. The servant beside her shuddered at the woman’s face, which was like being possessed by the devil, and quickly left her room.


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