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Sleepwalking, which Cersinia asked Lorena. They were trying to take advantage of the sleepwalking she suffered from. When it’s about sleepwalking, the person who suffered it won’t know what their sleeping body did.




After seeing through all the plans, Roena’s face turned pale.


“Who is it? Who instructed you to do this?”


“I don’t understand what you mean…”


“You’re still trying to act dumb when you already get caught?”


Cersinia smiled and extended her palm towards the small torch Roena was holding. The flam turned into heat, absorbed into her hand, and disappeared.


“Ho-How can…”


Roena froze hard at the unbelievable sight.


“Say it. Who ordered you?”


“You’re a real witch…”


Witnessing Cersinia’s power with her own eyes, Roena murmured as if she had lost her mind.


“Say it!”


Cersinia’s reasoning, which had cooled down, raged into hot rage. Their plan was so terrible that Cersinia could be charged with arson. A wretched and horrific plan that will take away everything she owns. Even Cersinia herself was planning and made efforts not to live like that all her life.


“Who’s behind you?”


“Do-Don’t come!”


Roena faltered and stepped back as she watched the Cersinia approaching. She was afraid that all the things were already unrevealed, and the evil witch could take her life at any moment.


“Say it.”




Roena ran away at full speed. She would have been burned alive or cut into pieces if caught by the witch. Dominated by the fear all over her head, she failed to think properly. She was the one who tried to commit evil things while being instructed by someone else. Still, she was blaming Cersinia, who had extraordinary power.




Cersinia chased to catch the fleeing Roena. The two escaped the alley, cutting through the wind, and ran down a street full of oil smell.


“You witch! Get out of my way!”


Roena, who was running, threw the torch in her hand at Cersinia at the sound of footsteps coming closer behind her back.


Cersinia’s eyes widened. Because she saw a tiny spark that had not been extinguished in the flying torch. She quickly stretched out her arms to catch the torch.


She stretched out her arms to catch the torch.




However, the torch that fell was faster. It fell over the puddle of oil.


At that moment.




The puddle caught fire and became a fire pit. The fire began to spread rapidly in all directions, burning oil on the ground.


Cersinia quickly spread out her palms to absorb the fire. However, as the fire started by Reona flashed as the beacon, another fire began to soar from all sides.


When the men waiting from afar saw the flashing fires, they lit fires in a chain. Like dominoes falling, there were fires everywhere. It was not long before the flames spread through the oil-filled residential areas.


“No, no…”


Red flames erupted on both sides of the streets around the central street where Cersinia stood. Fire pillars were rising here and there, like a crater bursting out of a volcano. In an instant, a huge fire engulfed the entire city. It happened in less than five minutes.


A red shadow cast over Cersinia’s devastated face. Black smoke covered the sky. The burning smell that poked the tip of the nose spread everywhere.




People’s screams pierced the sky on the quiet and secluded streets.


Years 443 of the Empire.


The day when flames engulfed half of the Empire. People will remember it as the day when the Empire turned into a sea of fire like a mountain hell.


* * *


“Hurry up and come up with countermeasures!”


The voice of the angry Emperor rang loudly in the meeting room of the Imperial Palace.


The ministers looked at each other.


It had been a long time since the Emperor had already sent troops to extinguish the fire that engulfed the Empire. However, the number was far short. Due to dry weather and the gusts of wind, the flames were constantly expanding.


From the Imperial Palace, you could see the city at a glance. The city viewed from the Imperial Palace was always dazzling, giving a sight as if the stars in the night sky were moved to the ground, but this was no longer the case.


The city engulfed in flames was filled with only black ashes and smoke as if all the light source was extinguished. It was no exaggeration to say that the city was full of crumbling, breaking, and screams as if it was like hell.


The red flames were swallowing the city like a tsunami, and the burning smell was everywhere. It was clear that many people would be annihilated, and the Empire would collapse if they left the situation alone.


The Emperor was constantly suspicious of this situation. No matter how dry the weather was, it didn’t make sense for flames to spread enough to burn half of the city in such a short time.


“What’s the cause of the fire?”


“That’s… we’re looking into it right now…”


The minister’s answer was blurred as no clear cause was found.




“How could you answer like that!”


The Emperor’s fist rang the table in the meeting room.


“I-I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


“Find out the cause immediately. Hurry up!”


The minister hurriedly left the meeting room after saying goodbye to an angry voice enough to make the hall ring.


The Emperor’s forehead wrinkled. It’s important to know the cause of the fire, but the most important thing now is that the fire had to be extinguished first.


“All of you, do your best to put out the fire. I will also allow you to move the private soldiers from each territory.”


In the midst of this, the Emperor’s eyes shone sharply at the ministers who were selfishly seeking their own interests. It looks like a beast is aiming at the neck of the prey, so everyone has to hold their breath.


“We will obey your order.”


The ministers were forced to bow their heads. Their throat will surely be cut off if they raise their voice here.


The emergency meeting was over and Limapheus, who had been hearing about the extinguishing fire in real-time, hardened his expression instantly.




“Yes, she went out to Fabian Street today and stayed in the city without returning to the Grand Duchy.”


His aide, Eric, reported everything he had heard to him. And the fact that Verne is still alive or already dead has not yet been confirmed.


“I’m going to Fabian Street right now.”


Limapheus had no hesitation. He knew that Verne was going out because he had already heard about it through her mouth. However, Verne said she would definitely return to the Grand Duchy after going out.


Limapheus can’t believe she stayed in the city that had become a sea of fire. Even if she is still alive or dead has not been confirmed. He couldn’t think rationally. All in his mind was to check her well-being with his own two eyes.


“Your Highness, you can’t! It’s too dangerous to go outside now! Flames all over the city…”


“Go away!”


Limapheus shouted, cutting off Eric’s words. Knowing that no one could stop him when he was furious, Eric sighed deeply and turned toward the stable.


* * *




A scream that was full of fear echoed in the street. People inside the house ran out at once. Then, seeing the city had become a sea of flames, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked.


“Wh-What should I do…”


Burnt ashes fluttered like sleet, and black and cloudy smoke covered the capital like fog. In the dry winter wind, the flames quickly moved and grew bigger. The whole city heated up as if in hellfire, and the temperature made it hard to breathe. The burning fire rose higher and wider, engulfing the city.


“O-Our house is on fire!”


“Help me!”


Screams mixed with crying engulfed there. A person sits down on the roadside and stares in vain at a house that burns so vigorously that no action can be taken. Another one tries to put out the fire but screams for their life because their clothes catch on fire. A burning tree fell on the street, and the pillars supporting the house became pillars of fire and collapsed to the ground.




A man who had been crushed by the falling pillar shouted out. Despair and fear dominated the area. It was truly abysmal.


“Everyone get out! It’s dangerous inside!”


People poured out at once.


At that time, Cersinia was frozen like a person struck by lightning.  Everything that was happening seemed slow, as if unreal. Just as a huge active volcano erupted in front of you and lava flowed, a bright red flame quickly swallowed everything. It was cruel as if it would not leave even a single live creature behind. 

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