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Cersinia swallowed dry saliva as she stared at the pillar of fire that soared so high that her neck was stiff. It took a long time for the tornado to turn into heat because it was different in size from the flames she had absorbed so far.


‘Is it really going to be okay?’


The pillar of fire was spinning and burning without exhaustion. Cersinia gave strength to her outstretched hand. She hoped it would stop rebelling and be absorbed, but the flames broke out as if they couldn’t be easily turned into heat.




A cold sweat ran down her spine. She was embarrassed by the situation that was flowing differently than she thought.


At this point, it should have turned into heat. However, the pillar of fire, which growled ferociously like an untamed beast, was soaring rougher. Her mouth twitched as if she had chewed a grain of sand in nervousness, but Cersinia opened her eyes and kept being alert. If she makes a mistake, the precious people rooting for her will get hurt.




Once again, she took out all her strength into her hand. At that moment, the flames that rushed through the smoky smoke rushed towards Cersinia as if they had found the target.




At the dizzying spectacle, loud shouts resounded throughout the place to the point it could tear the eardrum.


The flames rushed fiercely as if to swallow her in one bite. The speed and the movement were unusual. Ben sensed the danger as well.




He ran toward her.


The red flames turned like the face of the devil and rushed at Cersinia with great speed. By the time Cersinia realized that something was wrong, it was already too late.




Cersinia’s whole body was engulfed in flames. A terrifying tsunami-like fire engulfed her in an instant. Her body, engulfed in flames, was bent like a ship hit by a storm.


Originally, it should have turned into heat. But what went wrong was the flames swallowed her whole. Merciless flames spread throughout her body. Her arms and legs lost strength, and her consciousness was weakened. She tried to reach out to get rid of the flames, but she couldn’t.


The heat penetrated her whole body like ten thousand needles poked at her. It made her even couldn’t lift a single finger. Her skin was torn to shreds, and the crushing pain took over her body instantly.




Cersinia gasped for breath and saw something as her consciousness was slipping away. She saw Ben running towards her.


“N-No… Don’t come closer…”


She squeezed it all as if it was her last strength and said that. Like a drought-stricken land, her voice came out with difficulty, but her sentence couldn’t be completed.




Cersinia held on to her consciousness, which was getting distant as if she was holding on to the rope until the end, but someone kept taking it by force. That power was beyond her control. She had no strength to endure the pain of the rushing death. Eventually, she closed her eyes. Until the last moment she closed her eyes, the voices of people shouting her name rang in her ears.


* * *




Ben rushed to save Cersinia from the burning flames. However, the burning flames spewed a strong fire as if it wouldn’t allow him. His clothes were ragged by the scorching fire.


“No, no!”


He didn’t lose to it and ran back to the fire. Like a moth that jumps into the fire even though they know it will die from it. Ben didn’t seem to know what kind of harm the flames would do to his body. No, it’s not that he didn’t know about it, but he couldn’t even think of anything.


All he had in his mind was the strong desire to save Cersinia. He knew she had the power to handle the fire, but anxiety still struck him. Cersinia was still missing, engulfed in the burning flames. Something must have been wrong with her. There’s no way she could still be fine being swallowed up by those devilish flames. That’s why he had to rescue her on his own.




However, his steps were forcibly stopped by a strong hand grabbing him from behind.


“Let go!”


“If you jump into that now, you’re going to die!”


Limapheus shouted, holding on tightly to Ben.


“I don’t care, so let go of this!”


“Get yourself together!”


Ben’s head turned halfway with a strong punch.


“Don’t be foolish.”


Limapheus clenched his fists and looked at him with cold eyes. He couldn’t lose his precious close friend. There’s no way he would send his friend to the hell fire that would bring obvious death. And he didn’t do that because Cersinia asked for it.


“I want Your Highness to protect Ben, I mean the Grand Duke, until the end. So that he can live well without me.”


Limapheus already promised Cersinia. Even without Cersinia asking, he will protect him from giving up his life.


“Think carefully. Is this what Cersinia wants you to do?”


While saying that, Limapheus closed his eyes at the complexity. The scene in which Cersinia was engulfed in flames kept replaying in his mind, and it was painful. It was truly horrifying and cruel to witness her being burned.


“I have to go.”


However, Ben held on to the fact that he couldn’t hear anything, pushing him away.


“Alex, please come to your senses!”


“I have to go to her! It must be painful… and also hot…”


He was screaming, but it sounded like a cry.


Ben’s eyes were unfocused, like a man who had overturned the despair of the whole world. His lips that had been beaten by Limapheus were torn, and blood dripped. However, the pain of his heart being ripped was greater than that. It was worse than the pain of his crushed bones and burning skin. His nerves had been cut off one by one.


It was difficult for Ben to breathe in as the pain of the organs inside his body were twisted, but he had to go to Cersinia as soon as possible. He couldn’t make her suffer more.


‘Cersinia will be waiting for my help…’


And he had already promised to be by her side.


“I promised to be by her side.”


He swore to protect her no matter what happened.


Ben pushed Limapheus hard to get to her.


“Stop the Grand Duke from moving!”


Limapheus was forced to order the knights around him. He had no choice but to stop him, who never gave up. The knights surrounded Ben at the orders of Limapheus.


“Get out of the way.”


With a ferocious look in his eyes, Ben grabbed his sword.


“I’m sorry, this is the order from Your Highness the Crown Prince.”


The knights didn’t let go of their lines.


“Get out of my way before I kill you all!”


“I-I’m sorry.”


The knights got chills down their spines, but they couldn’t back down because it was Limapheus’s command that they couldn’t disobey.


Ben looked at the burning fire over the knights standing in his way. The fire, which seemed never to be extinguished, was burning viciously. Inside of it stood a black figure motionless.




Ben’s mind was constantly playing the last conversation he had with her. Her face smiled at him, who had always vowed to be with her, and thanked him.


“Your Excellency, please forgive us for our rudeness.”


As the knights saw him standing still while holding his sword, they felt relieved with the thought that he had given up.




At that time, May was stamping her feet with a tear-stained face.


“There’s someone in the fire! Help!”


Verne sprayed water to somehow extinguish the fire.


“Help! Please!”


May shouted around, wiping away her thick teardrops. She couldn’t just cry foolishly. Having to do something, May carried a bucket of sand. She and Verne continued pouring water and sand towards the fire that rose more and more without knowing it wouldn’t extinguish. Even though they were screaming for help, the terrified people were in a hurry to escape.


The fire that had been soaring endlessly was now coloring the earth. It spread brutally to them as if it could strike them at once. A faint silhouette was swaying in the burning fire.


“Everyone has to help!”


Then someone stepped up and shouted. The woman pulled a hose connected to the water and started to shoot it at the flames. She was the mother of a child whom Cersinia had saved earlier.


“Bring all the hoses you can get!”


Limapheus also stepped up and helped. He ordered the knights to bring all the hoses they could bring.


Several hoses were brought and shot the water into the flames.  With the sound of fire being extinguished, black smoke spread like fog, which made you couldn’t see ahead because of its darkness.


The smoke spread everywhere. People constantly coughed at the strong smoke while pouring the water into the flames. But it was not easy to extinguish them. No, the flames grew stronger as if they had been fed.


“B-Bring more hose!”


The bewildered Limapheus shouted at the knights. This situation caused agitation among the knights.


At that moment, the dark purple eyes flashed sharply. Ben swung his sword at the knights standing in his way. The sharp blade precisely cut through the arms and legs of the knights. He was ready to cut down everything that blocked his way.


“Yo-Your Excellency!”




The helpless knights collapsed, holding onto the bleeding wound. Their solid line was disturbed. Not missing the opportunity, Ben slipped out the knights’ gaps with his leopard-like movement.




Limapheus called him hurriedly, but it was already late. Ben ran toward the fire without hesitation. If this would be his last… He wanted to be with her until the very end.


“Cersinia!” His voice echoed with a howl.


Not afraid of the fire that engulfed everything, he jumped in, reaching his hand toward where she was. Everyone who was watching the suicide-like action closed their eyes tightly. At that moment, a loud, exploding roar resounded throughout the world. 

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