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A few minutes ago.




Cersinia’s eyes lit up. However, darkness greeted her. It was impossible to tell whether her eyes were open or closed.


It was a familiar experience. The same thing that happened in the warehouse the other day. She knew at once that this wasn’t a dream. It was the same situation when she lost her consciousness and her body to ‘she.’ The pain that had been tormenting her whole body had already disappeared.


‘I have to go. Leave from here.’


Cersinia slammed her body against the wall without hesitation, but she bounced away with a thud. Still, it didn’t make her give up.




The voices calling for her were still ringing in her ears. She knew very well that the main characters of that voice were Ben, May, and Verne.


Cersinia kept throwing her body against the wall to get out of this place for them. She wished everyone, including herself, engulfed in flames, would be safe.


‘Haa, haa…’


She constantly slammed a dozen times. Nevertheless, the walls that existed in the darkness didn’t budge.


‘Damn it.’


‘What can I do to get out of here?’


Then she started hearing strange noises. It was an unidentified sound, like the sound of burning or waves.


Cersinia looked around her. She still couldn’t see anything but felt her back slowly getting warmer. At that moment, the ground vibrated.


‘W-What is it?’


Cersinia put her hand against the wall, keeping her balance so she wouldn’t fall. The cool space was heating up with steam. The unexpected situation made her body tense. She couldn’t even understand what was going on as the ground she was standing on instantly vibrated stronger than before. It was so strong that it made her stagger.


‘What’s that?’


Red waves reflected in her panicked pupils. The red light that cleared the darkness at once was rushing towards Cersinia from beyond the distant horizon. It was the huge flames. As if the flames that had engulfed her body seemed unstoppable, the flames grew bigger and approached her faster.


The darkness that covered the surrounding disappeared, and her body was enveloped in red light. It was as if she had been trapped in a fire. The walls, which had been blocking her, had disappeared before she knew it.


Sensing danger, Cersinia ran forward. She was so surprised that she fell several times because of her weak legs, but she got up and ran again without delay. The flames that rushed to her were like a tsunami. She had a hunch that she would be eaten by that if she didn’t run away. As if to support her hunch, the flames were racing to her without hesitation as if the purpose of it were to swallow Cersinia entirely.


‘Gasp, gasp…!’


Her contemplated face was pale. Her heart was beating so fast that it was difficult for her to breathe. It was painful as if someone punched her hard in the middle of her chest. But she couldn’t stop.


The more she ran, the hotter her back was. She could feel it without even looking back. The wave of flames that will destroy her is getting closer than ever. But her limit came sooner than she expected. The heat was so hot that it burned her, and her body gradually lost strength. Her arms and legs were moving with all their might, only slowed down.




Behind her, the tireless flames rushed at her howl like a ferocious beast.


‘What the hell with those flames…’


At that moment, her legs twitched as her strength loosened, and she fell down with a thud. She wanted to stand up again, but her legs wouldn’t listen.


‘Move. Move. Come on, move!’


Despite her desperate command, her loose legs were as weak as the legs of a newborn foal. A few times she stood up but slumped back down. And now her back was very hot. The growl of it was now heard too close. Cersinia’s body stiffened at the terrifying sound. She slowly turned her head, clasping her hands, trembling with fear.




Cersinia’s eyes grew big for a moment. She was so surprised that she forgot to breathe for a moment.




The flames, which rushed in the shape of high waves, had changed into the form of a very familiar person. It was herself. The image of her figure, wrapped in red and yellow light, was definitely the incarnation of eternal fire. That figure was so overbearing that she didn’t dare to look into her eyes. But she faced that high-pressure gaze.


‘How can this…’


Her crimson eyes shook violently like a typhoon. But it only lasts for a while. It didn’t take long to realize that figure was ‘she.’ The only person in the world who looked exactly like her.


Cersinia got goosebumps, and her hair stood up. Facing a figure that resembled her right in front of her made her feel sick enough to the extent that all her nerves were on the brink, and she felt nauseous.


Cersinia swallowed the rising nauseousness and looked at ‘she’ without blinking. ‘She,’ who approached with flames wrapped around her, smiled with her eyes wide open and her lips twitched in bizarre ways. Her outstretched hands were longing for something. It was like a gesture of snatching something to take her down.




Cersinia was stunned as if she had been hit on the head with a hammer. ‘She,’ who approached her nonstop, was gesturing to bring her back the thing that Cersinia had taken. It was Cersinia’s body herself. ‘She’ was trying to take back her own body.


A sense of debt, which had always existed somewhere, has been pressing on Cersinia. As the terrible realization crept up and spread like poison, her mind thinking she should run away was shattered like a sandcastle swept by waves.


Maybe it would be right for her to be eaten by ‘she’ just like this.


The moment Cersinia’s eyes fluttered like reeds.




A familiar voice resounded through the space. It was the voice that there was no way she couldn’t recognize. Because the main character of that voice was Ben.




The call pierced Cersinia’s heart like a bullet in her head. As his voice became a wave and touched her heart, the three years before began to pass by like a lantern. Her memories unfolded like a very clear film.


The moment she met Ben for the first time while possessing this body, when she reached out her hand to the dying May, and when she met Verne. From the cabin in Aren village to the moment of passing through the Rafleche village to the moment of coming to the capital and staying at Ben’s mansion.


The vivid memories had one thing in common. Everyone always called her like this.




Ben’s voice, as sweet as melody, spoke to her.




May, Verne, and even Limapheus.


They all gathered together and called out her name.




She murmured as if she had found the right answer. Something began to fill in her empty eyes.


Cersinia’s existence was herself. Cersinia that exists in other people’s memories was her, not anyone else. If no one called for her, there would be no Cersinia in this world. As soon as anyone called her Cersinia, Cersinia’s existence became clearer.


Before she knew it, her crimson eyes were filled with confidence. Confidence that the Cersinia they were looking for was herself. She slowly raised her body from sitting down. If she got eaten by ‘she,’ innocent lives and her precious people would also be hurt. Because the existence of ‘she’ was a destroyer of everything, just like in the original story.


Cersinia opened her mouth without hesitation to the rushing ‘she.’


‘I’m sorry.’


When the sincere apology came out, the expression of ‘she,’ who was running with a grin, changed subtly. Her expression was both frustrating annoyance and a little agitation.


‘I can’t see my people get hurt.’


Cersinia looked into her eyes without hesitation and said those confidently.


There must be a reason why she possessed this body for three years before the original story began. She had lived her life while pondering the reason and the purpose of her life countless times in her mind.


She will never live like in the original story. Live a peaceful life without depriving innocent lives or committing any evil deeds.


3 years. It had been the time she spent as Cersinia. That bitterly sweet time was the time to set everything right, but it never happened.


‘I will protect my people with this power. This power is not about destroying and killing.’


IT was the willingness to live as Cersinia without giving up. For those who wait for her, she will have to protect them.


At that time, a pure white light contrasted with the red light occupying the space floated in front of Cersinia. It was tiny, but the white light that was so blinding was emitting strange energy.


Cersinia instinctively reached out her hand towards the pure light. Even though its presence was faint and fragile, it somehow felt like the only hope that would bring her to her own people.


‘She,’ who was rushing at her, hurriedly blew fire towards Cersinia at the unexpected appearance of the light. It was a sign that ‘she’ would never let her go. As soon as the large flame vortex tried to swallow Cersinia, her fingertips touched the light first.


At that moment, the tiny light embraced Cersinia’s entire body. Her body floated with the light. With a warm sense of floating, the space that was a sea of fire quickly turned into a white snow field. Warm warmth melted into her body like she was in the spring sun. Her anxiety and fear disappeared like a wave.


The hell-like space, the demon-like existence of ‘she,’ screamed at the spreading light. It sounded like a scream or like the last will. The flames, which seemed to never be extinguished, disappeared without being able to overcome the pure white light.


Suddenly, Cersinia’s vision flickered. 

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