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His hot tears soaked Cersinia’s shoulders. She said that he was her salvation, but from the moment Cersinia saved his life three years ago at the gambling house, he has never been salvation to her. Because everything about him belonged to her.


The two felt each other’s feelings at the same time.


“Uhuhuhu! Cersinia!”


“Lady Cersinia!”


May and Verne wept and ran towards Cersinia.


“Huhu… How could you do that! You scared me!”


May hit Cersinia’s arms as she burst into tears mixed with resentment.


“Sorry. I’m sorry.”


Cersinia, who had escaped from Ben’s arms, patted May.


“Hu, heuk… I thought… I thought you were going to die.”


“I’m sorry. I really mean it.”


“You don’t understand! You’re so mean…”


Her eyes, which were grinning at May in relief, turned sideways. In the place where her eyes touched, Verne was standing there, holding her breath, only biting her lips.


“I’m fine.”


“Hu… Really?”




Only then did Verne pour out the tears she had been holding back. Just like a child.


“Stop crying.”


Cersinia let out a bright smile.


This situation was bizarre. For them to worry about her and cry without any doubts or fears about what happened.


Thanks to them, Cersinia could smile happily, but the tip of her nose wrinkled, and the corner of her eyes twitched. At the same time, she turned her head to the gaze she felt from afar.


The gaze came from the man hidden in the cord, but at first glance, his face was staring at Cersinia with a nervous look. The man who stood impatiently by himself, even though everyone was dazed, stood out so much.


‘What is it?’


Cersinia frowned upon taking a closer look at the man. Somehow she feels familiar with him. The man was like a man she had seen before. As she gave a persistent look to find out who he was, the man was startled by whether he felt her gaze and hurriedly left through the crowd.






People who watched the whole process of the fire disappearing were silent. Even Limapheus couldn’t open his lips. A strange, bizarre, indescribable wonder ignited a small spark in their hearts.


Someone who had seen all the miracles murmured, “God did not abandon us…”


The word God made a great sensation and spread among people. All the phenomena that Cersinia accomplished alone could only be described in two words. Miracle and God.


The fire that lit up in their hearts was hope. As flowers bloom in the desert, they see possibilities. Salvation that will put an end to this dark and despairing reality. This land is protected by God. Their Empire was not a land abandoned by God.


“Thank you.”


The woman holding the hose and extinguishing the fire bowed deeply toward Cersinia. It was the mother of the child she saved.


“Th-Thank you.”


Then the others began to express their gratitude to her one by one. One became two, two became ten, and ten became all. They thanked the hero in their own way for saving the Empire from despair. Even people were kneeling on the ground and bowing. Everyone was expressing their gratitude to Cersinia.




Cersinia was speechless.  She was choked up and couldn’t speak.


Thank you.


It was never a big word. That word could be received even for a simple job like removing hair from someone’s clothes or picking up someone’s belongings that had fallen. But Cersinia has come too far to receive that word, even to gain the basic sincerity that everyone receives. She didn’t want to cry, so she looked up at the sky to hold back her tears.


Deep darkness had lifted, and blue dawn was coming. It was time for the dawn to soon rise upon the Empire, where all the fires had been extinguished. And it will be the beginning of another tomorrow.


* * *


“Are you kidding me now!”


Kailos threw the glass he was holding. The woman couldn’t avoid the flying glass and got slapped on the cheek. The glass fell to the floor and shattered with a shattering sound.  


“I already believe you bitch who doesn’t even know your subject, so shouldn’t you bring the results commensurate with that!”


He didn’t hide his anger. Far from being rumored that the great fire that engulfed the Empire in the middle of the night was caused by a witch named Cersinia, she was revered as the salvation from God who extinguished the fire. The whole plant went awry. 


“Witch? Are you kidding me! She is a hero and God’s salvation. Do you know how much power supports her now!”


Trying to remove the hump and grab his weakness ended up putting on a stronger hump. Since the woman who is now revered as God’s salvation is the partner of the Grand Duke, it was natural for the public to lean toward the Grand Duke. It was obvious that she would receive the Emperor’s favor.




The woman was shaking her two fists in anger. Her lips were ripped from her bite, and blood dripped from them.


“Starting today, you bitch and I don’t know each other.”


Kailos’s eyes, which had hardened coldly, escaped from the woman.


“If you go and reveal this recklessly, I will take your life.”


Despite the enormous threats, the woman didn’t care. She was holding back her anger, which seemed to explode at any moment, wheezing alone as her plan went wrong.


“Get out of my way.”


Kailos waved his hand as if he had no more to see and drove her away. He intended to kill those who knew his deal with this woman at once. Started from the hand and foot who was delivering the correspondence. In order not to be discovered that he was her accomplice if the woman’s plan is discovered.




The woman left the room without saying her greetings to the Duke.




Roena, who was waiting at the door, was restless and followed the woman. The woman spits in the hallways as if it were dirty when the door closes, with Roena making a heavy squeal behind her back. Then she spits out her anger by rubbing her cheek that was hit by the glass cup.


“God? That crazy witch is God’s salvation? Ha, the world is going crazy.”


The woman huffed and puffed as if the situation was amazing. She couldn’t accept the fact that the witch is revered as God’s salvation even if her bones and flesh were thrown as the beast’s food.


“I won’t let you go. The crazy witch will be revealed.”


Blood stood in the eyes of a mad woman.


“I will kill her. I will definitely send that bitch to the abyss.”


Gritted her teeth, she turned her gaze to Roena, who was next to her.


“You think so, don’t you?”


“Yes, yes? Yes! O-Of course!”


Terrified, Roena replied while crouching her body to avoid offending that woman.


“That’s right. So I will kill anything that interferes with my plan.”


The mad woman’s smile turned to Roena.




Roena looked at the woman with a pale face. The woman’s face, which had already been swallowed up by the devil, was no longer that of a human. There was only anger, hatred,  and revenge in that woman’s heart. Only madness is left in her expression that will destroy anyone who interferes with her revenge.


No one has seen Roena since that day.


* * *


“So all the fires have been put out, and now we are recovering from the damaged Fabian Main Street.”


The ministers reported the situation so far to the Emperor. After hearing the whole situation, the Emperor touched his chin and opened his mouth.


“Broaden the evacuation site and make sure there is no shortage of supplies.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“Also, catch the arsonist as soon as possible.”


“I accept your orders.”


After bowing deeply, the ministers quickly disappeared. Left alone, the Emperor slowly moved his steps and headed towards the terrace. As he opened both doors wide and stepped onto the balcony, he could see the Empire with a faint smell of smoke at a glance.


The Empire, which was engulfed with red flames like lave a few hours ago, was now dyed blue with the dawn that came. The black smoke, which had been thick and foggy, was also disappearing with the night. The desperate scram has already calmed down, and peace has come.


Everyone expected it would take several days to put out the flames even if the maximum manpower was mobilized. That accident was like a disaster. The flames were not easily extinguished even after the Emperor stepped up to help.


The estimated number of casualties alone exceeded 2,000 people, and the damage alone was estimated at more than 4 billion shillings. But in just a few hours, all the flames were put out. Only about 10 people were injured, and the amount of damage was less than 100 million shillings.


The situation was resolved in just a few hours. It was something that could have happened. But there was a person who made that miracle happen.


“Cersinia…” the voice as heavy as a stone was carried by the wind.


The Emperor remembered Cersinia. She was the partner of his nephew, Alexdemikan, at the Empress Dowager’s banquet. She is the woman the Grand Duke wanted to be with for the rest of his life and asked the Emperor to bless his future.


The woman he didn’t like had extraordinary power?


The Emperor’s eyebrows rose in a slant.


“God’s revelation.”


Now, among the people of the Empire, they praised her as the God revelation and supported her.




The Emperor looked at the quiet Empire and said that. Then a man appeared in front of the Emperor from where he appeared.


“Your Majesty, have you called?”


Theion knelt down on one knee toward the Emperor and expressed his reverence.


“Cersinia. Bring that woman to me.”


The power that made miracles. The strange and mysterious power that everyone praises as God’s revelation. The Emperor had to see her power with his own eyes. 

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