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Cersinia got away from Fleur and smiled. If there is hell, may people who have died because of their sins be trampled over and over again and never escape from the fire of hell the rest of the time. Wish they would never be free from the pain for the rest of their life.


There was no more thoughtless mercy from Cersinia. They must reap what they sow. That way, the rest won’t feel unfair. Later, the knights grabbed Fleur from Ben’s grip and completely captured her entire body so she couldn’t move.


“Uaargh! You witch!”


With a face possessed by a demon, Fleur raged to the end. Limapheus quickly settled the situation. Kailos and Fleur were taken away by the knights as criminals.


“Are you okay?”


Ben carefully examined the condition of Cersinia. There was a lot of worry in his eyes that she might have suffered even a small wound.


“Of course.”


Cersinia shrugged as if there was no problem at all. Before Fleur could reach her, Ben stretched out his arm first. It was a very fast movement, like an eagle snatching its prey. Of course, if Ben didn’t stop her, Cersinia would use her power.


The two looked at the back of the sinners. It suited them to be dragged harshly.


“Are you all right, Lady Cersinia?


When the commotion was over, the nobles sneakily approached Cersinia and Ben.


“They’re really scary people. How could they do that…”


“They almost frame you for a terrible thing.”


“How can you do such a thing in human clothing?”


They each had different thoughts and cared for Cersinia as if they were concerned.


Cersinia didn’t respond. She just wanted to go home and rest if it wasn’t for the Emperor’s order. It had been a few days since she focused on this case, and the thought that everything had been resolved gave her a feeling of relief from all the tension in her body.


“Are you tired?”


Recognizing her weariness, Ben asked quietly.


“I’m a little tired.”


“Then let’s go back.”


Ben held her hand without hesitation.


“No. I have to go see the Emperor.”


Cersinia shook her head. She was grateful for his words, and of course, she wanted to go home right away, but she had to wait because the Emperor called for her.


The nobles surrounded the two and talked to them, but the two acted as if they were the only ones in the world. The nobles left one by one due to the attitude of the two who didn’t care about them.


“I feel empty.”


Cersinia mumbled, leaning briefly on his arm. She caught the criminals, but she was tired. No, it was right to say that she felt empty because the criminals were a mass of delusions of self-pity. At best, no idiot like them set the Empire on fire in the original story.


She stared blankly at the banquet hall. The banquet hall was busy. The servants rushed in and cleaned up the cluttered banquet hall instantly as if nothing had happened from the beginning.


“Your Majesty the Emperor is coming in!”


Finally, the sound announcing the Emperor’s arrival was heard. All nobles bowed their heads towards him, the highest position in the Empire.


The thumping footsteps soon stopped. The hall, which had been noisy until now, was so quiet that they could even hear each other’s breathing, and the appearance of the Emperor added an overwhelming atmosphere.


The Emperor looked down from a high place. Then his eyes captured the most striking red hair among them. The woman who is praised as God’s salvation by people with extraordinary power.


It was obvious that there would be a lot of resistance if he cut her off. So it was better to let her live and serve him. Rather than watching the political power split, making Cersinia into one of his own and using her power was a good strategy. It would also solidify the Grand Duke’s force. Undoubtedly, it would be a great help when the Crown Prince later ascended to the throne.


“Thank you all for coming.”


As the Emperor talked, the nobles bowed even more deeply.


“The criminals of the arson were caught earlier. Their sins will never be taken lightly, and they will be strictly governed by the imperial law to set an example, so this will not happen again.”


A warning as heavy as a mountain weighed them down. It also meant that the Emperor would never let the Duke go, and he would set an example by giving such a terrible punishment that this case would not happen again. They gulped dry saliva and shrugged their bodies to avoid offending the Emperor as much as possible. At this time, everyone must have felt that if they get caught wrong, they won’t even have a painless ending.


“The reason why I brought everyone together today is to make an announcement.”


At the word announcement, people were curious. It must be an important announcement, as the Emperor called all the nobles.


“This place is to honor Lady Cersinia.”


Obviously, the Emperor spoke in an accent that was no different than usual. Still, his voice reached the far end of the banquet hall. As the thick voice reached far away to the ears of all the nobles, a small murmur broke out in the banquet hall.


“Everyone, raise your head.”


At the Emperor’s order, they raised their heads one by one and looked at the high podium. It was the same for Cersinia and Ben. The two looked up at the Emperor.


Cersinia was bewildered by the unexpected words from the Emperor. On the last time she met the Emperor, the Emperor still lashed out at her with piercing eyes.


“I will decide later on what you have done today.”


Her last conversation with the Emperor was still vivid in her ears. She couldn’t care less whether the decision was positive or negative. But she couldn’t believe the announcement was to hold a banquet in her name.


The Emperor went on to recite one after another about the achievements made by Cersinia. However, in Cersinia’s ears, bewildered by the situation, it was only heard as a murmur.


“Come forward, Lady Cersinia,” the Emperor said.


The nobles made way for Cersinia to go up to the podium. The road to the stairs leading to the Emperor was cleared without any obstacles. Cersinia slowly turned her head to look at the Emperor. She couldn’t tell what kind of expression he made because he was too far away, but he was definitely looking at her.




She let out a short deep breath and moved her steps. She didn’t forget to tell Ben, who held her hand out of anxiety, that she would be back soon. Light tension penetrated her whole body, but she tried to remain calm. She straightened her waist and walked on the paved road. Her action as she climbed the stairs, clutching the hem of her dress with two hands, was unstoppable.


All the nobles saw her walking up the stairs. It didn’t feel like anyone was going to face the Emperor. The appearance of sparks flying on every floor where Cersinia’s footsteps brushed was as if the incarnation of fire was going to face the Emperor. It was unclear whether it was because of the image imprinted on her from the rumors, or if it was truly who she was.


“I see Your Majesty the sun of the Empire.”


Climbing the stairs slowly, Cersinia finally bowed her head toward the Emperor, who was finally in front of her.


“Do you know why I called you forward?”


“I’m sorry, I don’t know.”


When asked by the Emperor out of the blue, Cersinia answered frankly. In response, the Emperor gave a faint smile only he knew and glanced at the servant waiting next to him. The servant quickly placed in front of the Emperor a low chair with a red velvet cushion embroidered with imperial designs. Soon, another servant held out a cushion with a long silver sword shining under the chandelier to the Emperor.




“It’s the guardian sword of the Empire.”


The nobles who recognized the identity of the sword were greatly surprised. 


“Lady Cersinia, kneel before the Empire.”


Cersinia knelt on a red cushion placed in front of the Emperor in an absolutely irresistible command. The Emperor held the guarding sword in his hand. Then he spoke in a louder and more magnificent voice than ever before.


“Lady Cersinia, with your extraordinary power, you have made a remarkable contribution to bringing peace to the Empire, and thus I granted you the title Countess Gabieta.”


The guardian sword, held in the Emperor’s hand, was directed over Cersinia’s shoulder. Everyone was surprised by it, but no one could open their mouths due to the heavy and solemn atmosphere.


Cersinia was also surprised. But she bowed to the Emperor and felt the weight of the sword, slowly and sublimely, alternating on her shoulders. At that moment, unknown emotions swirled within her heart. It was a whirlwind of sadness beyond resentment, injustice, and frustration.


Everything she’s been through is tangled up into one. The situation where she was driven as a witch and persecution that she had received countless times in the past three years. Those had already been dug deep into her chest and settled as scars that would not disappear, but this pure guardian sword has become her shield so as not to get hurt anymore.


Countess Cersinia Gabieta humbly accepted the will of the Empire. 

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