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Three months have passed since Cersinia was granted a title. Fleur was caught, and she met Lewis. Cersinia asked him the question she had always wanted to ask.


“Three years ago and even now, why did you help me?”


“I was just doing it for the safety of the person I serve.”


Lewis left those words and got arrested. She offered to help him get out of there, but Lewis refused. That moment she saw the sincerity come from Lewis. The sincerity towards Fleur.


‘Did Fleur really not know?’


That there is a chance that everything can change with the presence of just one person. It was Fleur’s fault that she couldn’t see anything blinded by revenge and hatred, so Cersinia didn’t sympathize with her.


A lot has changed in three months. One of them was that all the criminals were punished with a guillotine. Fleur, who was being led to the guillotine, struggled to the end and fled, and at that moment, she was hit by arrows shot by dozens of knights. In addition to that, her neck was cut off by Limapheus’s hand.


Cersinia knew very well about Fleur’s death. Because it was the death that Cersinia suffered in the original novel. In the end, the villainess’s ending remained the same; only the person changed. Another change is the arrival of spring after a bitter winter.


“Will this be okay?”


May muttered as she looked at the fruit syrup candies on the stand.


“It’s what the Crown Princess wants.”


Cersinia chose candy for each type of fruit and paid for it.


Fabian Street came to life again. The capital, which had been burned down by flames, was quickly restored and regained its former appearance.


“Still… the gift for the wedding of the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess is candy.”


May poked her lips out in dissatisfaction. Cersinia smiled softly and looked at the Imperial palace that stood far away. When asked Verne for her wedding gift, she replied that she only wanted one thing.


“The fruit syrup candy we shared on Fabian Street back then. I want to eat that.”


“The Crown Princess is too easygoing.”


At May’s words, Cersinia chuckled and moved her steps.


“Let’s go together, Countess!”


May immediately chased Cersinia.


Spring has come after winter. And the wedding of the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess will be held tomorrow. Cersinia still doesn’t understand what that meant.


‘It’s’ finally over.’


The end of the original story was the wedding of Limapheus and Verne. Her efforts to avoid death, like in the original story, were not in vain. Three years, no, now that four years have passed, and Cersinia still survived. She has changed her fate.


“Do you miss the Grand Duke that much?”


May, who had followed Cersinia with fast steps, asked with a sly smile. Cersinia smiled softly at May’s question and looked at the man standing before her. The man waiting for her to return in front of the carriage.


“Yes, I can’t be away from him even for a second.”


May opened her mouth in surprise at Cersinia’s unexpected answer. On the other hand, Cersinia smiled cheerfully at May’s reaction and headed to Ben, who was waiting for her.


“Did you buy the candy?”


Ben, who noticed her approaching, smiled brighter than a spring flower.




Cersinia pulled out the strawberry syrup candy between the wrappers she was holding.


It was the same type of candy when she went out with Verne, May, and Roena. She bought it, recalling the memories with Ben during the harvest festival. At that time, she bought it to share it with Ben, but she couldn’t do that because of the flames.


That’s why she will deliver it properly to him this time. Ben’s arm, which received the candy, still wearing the crimson bracelet.


“It reminds me of the harvest festival.”


“Would you like to go with me this year?”


“Of course.”


With a warm smile that penetrates her heart, Ben wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her.




At that moment, a girl who was running away fell in front of them. When Cersinia tried to reach out her hand to the girl, the girl was frightened. 


“You witch!”


The boy chasing her threw a stone at the fallen girl.


Cersinia’s eyebrows twitched. She tried to grab the boy and say a word but was speechless by the woman who followed him.


“You! You can’t say things like that!”


The girl’s mother gave the boy a good scolding.


“I told you not to use that word! Go ahead and apologize!”


The boy, severely scolded, looked as if he would burst into tears at any moment.


“Hey! Can’t you apologize?”


The mother of the girl didn’t let it slide.


“I-I’m sorry… Huwaah!”


Eventually, the boy apologized and burst out crying. The girl’s mother raised the fallen girl and carefully shook the dirt off her clothes.


“Are you okay?”




Cersinia stared blankly at the scene.


Another thing has changed. It was when the Emperor granted her the title of countess. After all the nobles have returned and she is alone with the Emperor, Cersinia’s eyes widen at his unexpected words.


“Countess Cersinia Gabieta, if you have a wish, please tell me.”


To grant the title alone was a huge achievement, but to grant her wish too. Cersinia couldn’t say anything right away. Suddenly, she had no wish to be granted by the Emperor. But it’s not something that happens easily.


“If you have a wish that I can grant, I will grant it, so don’t hesitate to tell me.”


A wish that the Emperor could grant. Suddenly, something popped into her mind.


“Then, please announce that witch no longer exists in the Empire.”


The Emperor had a puzzled look on his face as he couldn’t understand the meaning of her words.


“So that no one can use the word witch anymore.”




The words, which followed her, sometimes became the tip of the spear, and other times became sharp arrowheads and stabbed her painfully. Those who called her as a witch always tried to drag her down to the ground. They hide behind the majority, revealing their ugly true feelings. Then, on the day they were found out, they denied it, saying it was not their fault. Their excuses were all the same. Because the world made it that way, they blamed somebody, saying nothing was wrong with that, and they just followed what others did.


Cersinia was curious at this point. Who is the real witch?


“I will grant it.”


The Emperor gladly gave the answer.


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


From that day on, the word witch disappeared from the Empire. When it was amended so the word ‘witch’ couldn’t be used by law, it became a word that no one could freely speak.


“Let’s go back.”


Cersinia got into the carriage with her people. As time goes on, the witch will disappear without a trace. She wanted to believe so.


* * *


With everyone’s blessing, Limapheus married Verne. When Cersinia and May delivered the present, Verne cried so much that she had to keep her fine makeup from smudging.


“They are a perfect match.”


Cersinia murmured softly.


Limapheus and Verne were waving to the people of the Empire gathered below. A shout loud enough to ring the capital blessed the two of them. The sight touched Cersinia’s heart. It made her happy to be able to survive and watch the wedding ceremony next to her loved one.




Seeing tears in her eyes, Ben pulled out his handkerchief in bewilderment. He made a discontented sound and wiped the corners of Cersinia’s eyes with a friendly touch.  


“I don’t know who you’re crying for.”




Cersinia’s tears welled up at the strange question.


“If it’s because of the Crown Prince…”


“No way.”


Seeing his blazing eyes, Cersinia answered quickly.


“Because they look so happy.”


And just like them, she’s happy too.


“I will make you happier.”


Cersinia burst into laughter as Ben’s expression became firm as if he had the determination to make that happen.


“Even at this moment, I’m already happy.”


“Cersinia. Do you remember when I said there was a place I wanted to go with you?”


Ben told her there was a place he wanted to go to if they caught the criminals. In the meantime, she completely forgot about it because she was busy with her duty as the countess. Even their wedding was postponed because she had so much work to do as a countess.


“Yes, I remember.”


“Would you like to go with me today?”


Cersinia nodded without hesitation.


* * *


“Wow, there was a place like this?”


Cersinia, who had reached the lakeside, exclaimed at sight in front of her. The scenery of the lakeside without anyone there was so beautiful.


“I always wanted to come here with you.”


Ben remembered being alone here. How frustrated he was in this place where he wanted to come with her even after being rejected by her. However, coming together like this made him feel emotional and touched.




Cersinia murmured as she looked at the lake.


The sun was shining like gold dust was sprinkled over the lake. Flower and green trees bloomed among the piles of stones, signaling the beginning of spring. It was not only the beginning of spring but also peace. Peace finally had come to her too.


“Thank you. It’s so pretty.”


An indescribable joy formed on her lips. She was so happy that Ben was the one who brought peace to her.


“My Cersinia.”


Ben held her hand with a fresh smile that shone more than the sun. The hand that always saved him. His breath permeated the back of her hand. It was a deep kiss with respect and affection.




He smiled at her call. He loved the name she had given entirely for himself.


“Yes, Cersinia.”


He left his regret behind and lifted his head.


The back of Cersinia’s hand still had his hot breath. Cersinia smiled and put herself in his arms. Then she smiled without a single worry. 


The original story is finished. The beginning and the end of Cersinia. She knew that Cersinia, which exists in her body, was not completely gone. ‘She’ just fell into deep hibernation. But she still has to live and work hard as she is now. Because Ben will always be by her side.


“Thank you for always being with me from the beginning.”


Now it was time to write down the story of Cersinia Gabieta. And as always, Ben will be with her in the story. 


The end.

Author's Thoughts

This chapter is the ending of the main story. There are 10 chapters left of the side story that will be released in the future. Thank you for reading this novel and I hope you enjoy the story!

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