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“Thank you for your support, Your Highness.”


“Don’t be mistaken. I’m not supporting her because she’s your lover. It’s because I’ve seen her ability.”


“I know. Still, she said it was helpful and liked it very much.”


Ben sincerely thanked Limapheus.


It cost her more than she thought to build a school, and the maintenance cost was also high when the school started to operate. Ben naturally tried to help financially, but Cersinia stubbornly refused. It was her wish to do it by herself.


Ben respected her wish. He now quietly stood by her side and supported her. Because he could give her help whenever she wanted. And then, Limapheus heard the news that she was building a school and decided to support her.


“I won’t take it.”


Cersinia shook her head firmly upon hearing that.




“I don’t want to get help from others. No matter how much he wants to help me.”


She drew a clear line.


“Cersinia, you still don’t understand.”


“What do you mean?”


“Your Highness is not someone who helps someone easily. Just because you’re my lover doesn’t mean he wants to help you.”


Ben knew that Limapheus wasn’t trying to help her because of him. Cersinia’s idea was a good idea. That was why Limapheus wanted to support her. By supporting her, Limapheus wanted to know more about her. Especially what kind of future she wanted to reach.


“Your Highness will support you. And the support of His Highness is solely yours.”


Ben smiled and took Cerisnia’s hand while she was dazed.


“So take his support. It will be more helpful to what you want to do.”


It will be a shield that no one can get in her way.




Enlightened, Cersinia smiled brightly after him.


“I hope the Countess would know how I feel. If possible, it would be nice to repay me by becoming my advisor.”


Limapheus said so and laughed out loud.


School. Cersinia realized that the young people’s illiteracy rate was high, so she established a school. It was indeed an unconventional move. Education was the exclusive property of the nobles and was a right only allowed to them.


In the first place, there was no opportunity for commoners to learn. It was natural that they had never been educated because they had to earn their own living from an early age. However, Countess Gabieta wanted to share the learning opportunity that only the nobles could enjoy. What she did also meant that children could receive compulsory education for free.


Building a school was a time-consuming method to resolve the immediate illiteracy problem. Still, it was the most effective and sustainable method.


Cersinia showed what she was trying to do not just by words but in action. As expected, she was a talented person. It was regrettable that Limapheus couldn’t get her as his tactician.


“So when are you going there?”


“I will get down to her soon.”


It’s going to be hard to meet you for a while.”


Bitterness spread on Limapheus’s face in regret. There were only one or two things he wanted to discuss, but he couldn’t call a person who went down to take care of their own estate.


That wasn’t the only thing he regretted. Limapheus erased his disappointment and took the teacup in front of him. His gaze turned forward, and he saw Alex maintaining an upright posture without any distractions.


Come to think of it, he heard something. He thought Alex was okay, so he put down the teacup and opened his mouth.


“By the way, are you all right?”


“What do you mean?”


“Your marriage has been delayed.”


It was the news he had heard a while ago. He had already heard about him proposing, but their marriage was delayed.


“That’s all right. It’s our decision.”


Ben replied calmly, but there was a faint smile around his mouth. As if it doesn’t really matter. Moreover, his earlobes were burning red.


Their wedding was postponed. It was Ben who brought up the idea of delaying it. Because he didn’t want to burden Cersinia as she was busy doing what she wanted to do.


Of course, Ben proposed to her because he loved her, but it also originated from his anxiety. Because marriage was definitely a way to hold Cersinia. But now he knew. Their relationship was more dazzling than any jewel and stronger than any rock. Knowing enough that they trusted and loved each other, he could wait forever.




Limapheus was dumbfounded. It was because his close friend, who was like a stone, was shyly blushing at the word ‘our.’


“Ho. You like the Countess that much? To the point where it can’t be hidden in front of me.”


When Limapheus asked the question with a grin on his face, Ben raised his gaze. He didn’t answer, but the answer could be seen in his eyes.


Are you calling that a question?


“If you ask, it was a question.”


Realizing that Alex thought it was a pointless question, Limapheus swept his hair in embarrassment. Because he knew what Cersinia was like to Alex. The image of Alex, who saw her dying and jumped into the fire to save her, was still vivid in his mind.


“If you don’t survive, it’s all useless…”


As he recalled the terrible day, Limapheus frowned and muttered. Everything will be useless when you die. You couldn’t blame yourself or regret that you couldn’t save your loved one. You couldn’t even remember or apologize to them because it’s all over if you die.


“If something happens to you like that, you will understand.”


Ben, who was watching the sunset through the window, knew what Limapheus’s words meant and answered.




“There’s no point in being left alone.”


“…I still don’t understand you.”


“Is that so?”


Ben nodded and smiled faintly. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t understand. Ben didn’t do it for someone’s understanding. At that moment, he just thought that he had to save her. He couldn’t live in the world without her.


“When will you go down?”


“I’ll go as soon as I’m done.”


“Okay. Have a safe trip. Say my greetings to the Countess.”


“Yes, I’m leaving, Your Highness.”


Ben got up from his seat and walked out of the office with courtesy.


Limapheus, who was left alone, took care of the rest. By the time the sun had set, and complete darkness had settled outside, he got up from his seat. Coming out into the hallway, he asked his aide who was waiting.


“Where is Verne now?”


“Lady just had dinner in her room.”


“I’m going to her room.”


The moment Limapheus is about to move his steps toward Verne.


“Your Highness!”


A clear voice came from behind. When Limapheus turned his head in surprise, Verne walked with a prettier smile than the blooming cosmos.


“Is your work done? I want to go back with Your Highness.”


Verne stood in front of him with a shy smile. Limapheus stared silently at his lover and wife in front of his eyes.


“Your Highness?”


He still doesn’t understand Alex. His thought that if you don’t survive, it’s useless has not changed. And yet.


“I think I know a little bit.”


Limapheus raised his hand and touched Verne’s soft cheeks. In a world without seeing this smile, there’s no point in living just like what Alex said.


“It’s not cold, so let’s go for a walk.”




Limapheus and Verne walked hand in hand together.


* * *


“Will I be able to do well…”


“It’s okay, you tried.”


Cersinia comforted May, who was trembling with anxiety. May took care of the children, teaching them how to write.


When Cersinia told May that she would build a school, May said she wanted to learn how to write. It was the first time May, who knew how to write and read only very simple words and names, showed enthusiasm.


After that day, May devoted herself to her studies. Cersinia prepared what she had to learn and reviewed it day by day. May worked so hard that she could read and write on the papers within a few months.


In addition, May wanted to share what she had learned. Cersinia knew very well why May was like that. It was because of herself.


“Everyone needs to know. What a great job Cersinia is doing.”


Cersinia said that May didn’t have to do that, but May forced herself, saying she really wanted to do it.


“I have to pay for the food I’ve eaten so far. I’m a person who knows how to repay a favor!”


She said so and laughed.


“It’s okay if you don’t do well. You did your best.”


“Haha… Yes, I did my best. Hehe.”


Cersinia patted May on her shoulder. She knew how hard May tried, so she believed May would do well.


“My Lord, the time is up. People are waiting.’’


Joanna checked her pocket watch and reported it to Cersinia.


“Wait, Archen.”


“Yes, Countess.”


Archen came near at her call. Archen was staying at Glory at Ben’s order to help Cersinia.


“When did Ben say he will come?”


“The letter said he was leaving two days ago, so Your Excellency will probably arrive soon.”


Cersinia looked over there with an anxious face. Ben had not yet been seen. She wanted him to be the first person to show the opening of the school, but for some reason, his arrival was delayed.




“Wait, wait a minute…”


Despite Joanna’s urging, Cersinia couldn’t take her step.


‘Maybe there’s an accident? He can’t be late for this.’


‘Didn’t you even promise to be with me at this moment?’


It was then.




Biting her lips in anxiety, a loud shout could be heard in her ear. It was the sound in front of the school that was about to open.

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