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Cersinia hurried to the school. And the unexpected sight unfolded before her eyes. The large crowds in front of the school were all gathered in one place. They were all looking at the same place with anticipated faces.


“Wow. Oh my gosh…”


May, who arrived late, covered her mouth in admiration.


“It’s become a real school. It couldn’t be more perfect.”


Joanna was also very moved that her eyes twinkled beyond the monocle.


“Archen. Did you know…?”


Cersinia asked with a bewildered look.


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you because Your Excellency told me not to tell you in advance.”


Archen, who came to the side, bowed his head and answered politely.


Cersinia moved her legs slowly, looking at the same place as everyone else. The main gate, which had been drilled through the walls surrounding the school building, was filled as if it had ever been. It was a sculpture in the form of an arch, and a sign was the main entrance to the school. It wasn’t because of that people were surprised.


The main gate with the name ‘Glory’ written on it is the one where all the imperial cannot know. Because it was carved with the pattern of the Imperial Palace. The meaning was clear. An educational institute with the permission and support of the imperial family.


The school wasn’t a grand place. It was just a place where people could learn to read and write. However, that pattern meant that this place was recognized as an imperial institution, so no one could touch it carelessly.


Ben was at the center of it. Handing out the school supplies to the children.


“Ben…” Cersinia called his name.


He stands tall in the crowd. A lot of people gathered, so it was noisy, and there was no way Ben could hear it, but Ben raised his head.




His face, which saw her, drew a brighter smile than a brilliant glory. Ben immediately entrusted the rest of the work to others and came to Cersinia at once.


“Congratulations on the opening of the school.”


He held out a bouquet of flowers the size of his hand. She opened her lips with trembling eyes, alternating between the beautiful bouquet and Ben.


“When did you prepare all this?”


“It’s a gift from Your Majesty the Emperor.”


He humbled himself that he had done nothing. But Cersinia knew. This must have been the reason why Ben often went up to the capital. He would have met the emperor and explained many times about what Cersinia would do. To make the perfect moment of Cersinia.


“May endless glory always be before you.”


“Thank you.”


Cersinia swallowed up her tears and took the bouquet of flowers he had offered.


“It’s pretty.”


Looking at the flowers carefully, her face drew a more dazzling smile than a jewel. The person who supports her more than anyone else. Someone who will always support her. To have such a person by her side, and to know that person is the person she loved, made her supremely happy.


* * *


The opening of the school went smoothly. Most of the children went to school, and the soon-to-be-established evening class had already exceeded its capacity due to the application of adults who wanted to learn to read.


From the moment the school was built until it opened, Cersinia was so busy. She went back and forth for several months between the capital and the estate.


Seeing her being like that, Ben said one day, “Let’s postpone our wedding.” Knowing well her desire to do her job well, he was considerate of her. Thus, their marriage was postponed without any fixed date. Although she was sorry, she felt grateful for him bringing it up first.


Day by day, she spent her day with excitement. As the original story was over, there was nothing she could predict anymore, so her heart was pounding thinking about it. It was an overwhelming feeling she hadn’t felt in four years as she was busy surviving.


Now it felt like she was completely writing her story as Cersinia Gabieta, freed from ‘her.’ The choices she made on her own would affect her future. She hoped that the beginning of her story would be ‘this’ with the opening of the school.


Cersinia looked at the ‘this’ she wanted.


“It looks like autumn is coming soon,” said Ben, looking up at the dark night sky that had the same color as his hair.


“I know. It’s a little chilly too.”


At those words, another coat was placed over her shoulder, which had already been draped in her coat.


“If it’s cold, should we go inside?”


Ben took off his coat at great speed and put it on her. His eyes were full of worry.


“No, it’s okay. Let’s stay a little longer.”


She laughed low as she instantly looked at his coat wrapped around her body. His feelings for her always made her heart flutter.


The two drank the night air on the terrace. It was a night when the stars embroidered in the sky were especially visible today. This moment seemed peaceful and quiet, but it wasn’t like that. Because Cersinia was busy racking on her brain.


‘What on earth should I tell?’  


She was at a loss for words. She licked her red lips several times, but no sound came from there. It was harder than she thought to say it.


“Cersinia?” Ben called her.


Ben had already noticed that she was a little different from usual. Because his eyes, as always, only saw her.




But there was no return. Cersinia seemed to be immersed in thought, contemplating on something.


“What happened…”




Cersinia, immersed in her thoughts, stretched out her fingers with a surprised face. Ben’s gaze followed her fingertips.


“It’s a shooting star.”


A shooting star was falling like a single ray of sunlight in the night sky that was like a black canvas.


“We have to make a wish. Hurry.”


Cersinia tapped Ben’s arm and urged him. Then she quickly closed her eyes and made a wish.


Instead of making a wish, Ben glanced at her. He saw Cersinia holding her hands together, closing her eyes with a serious face.


‘What kind of wish would it be?’


‘What kind of wish is it to make her pray so earnestly?’


It would be nice if he could make that wish come true.


“Did you make your wish?”


Then, she opened her eyes and asked Ben.


“Yes, I did.”


Ben smiled lightly and nodded. He always wished only for one thing, and that wish




Doubtful eyes turned to him because Cersinia saw Ben’s face looking at her as soon as she opened her eyes after making a wish.


“Yes, I really did it.”


The answer returned to her was the same, overshadowing her doubt.


‘Now it is the time.’


Cersinia calmly rolled her words over and over in her mouth, then carefully opened her lips.


“Ben, did you know?”


“About what?”


“It is said that the wish after seeing a shooting star would come true only when you said it with your mouth.”


It was a lie. Everyone believed that wishes would always come true only when they kept to themselves their wishes. Nevertheless, Cersinia told such an obvious lie because she wanted to tell him her wish.




Ben’s face flared up when he heard her story. He quickly turned his head to hide his blushing face. He was too shy to express the wish he had always held in his heart. Because it was an unrefined desire.


“If it’s hard to say, you don’t have to say it.”


Cersinia saw his blushing ears and hurriedly added her words. She naturally thought that when Ben said his wish, she was going to tell him about her wish… But this was an unexpected development.


“Um… that…”


“My wish is one.”


His voice overlapped with her as she opened her mouth to say anything in embarrassment.


“I want to be your breath.”


To be able to stay by her side throughout her life. Then in the distant future, when she stopped breathing, he wanted to disappear just like her breath.






Ben answered and covered his burning face. He was always thinking about it all the time, but talking about this directly to her couldn’t be more embarrassing than he thought.


“Yes, I see.”


Cersinia nodded. Her face flushed red before she knew it. She could understand what his words meant without additional explanation.


‘Who said that the human heart cannot be seen or understood until they utter it in words?’


That wasn’t the case with Ben. Because he was always expressing his love for her with his whole body.


“Ben, my wish is…”


So, of course, her other beginning has to be him.


“I wished I could spend the rest of my life with you. As a Countess and as your wife.”




His head turned quickly toward Cersinia. His eyes were shaking roughly as if he had heard something unexpected.


It was the second marriage proposal. The first proposal was vaguely postponed because of her. So this time, she wanted to tell him. She wanted to start her whole life being with him, not alone.


“Will you make my wish come true?”


“Of course.” A hot, breathless answer came out of him.


It would be a lie if he said he didn’t want it. He thought it was okay if they could be together even if they weren’t tied by a husband-wife relationship. Still, in fact, he always wanted to be her man openly.  


At that moment, the two had no choice but to smile happily while facing each other.


* * *


Their wedding was so big and magnificent that it reminded people of a royal wedding. Numerous people attended the wedding ceremony held at the great temple, and it was crowded. Limapheus and Verne also attended the ceremony.


Cersnia, wearing a pure white, glamorous dress, was now standing at the starting point of the wedding aisle. Next to her was a man dressed in a white tuxedo.  Everyone was looking at the two, holding their breath. They probably thought there wouldn’t be a better pair than this one.




Before formally entering, Ben held out his hand towards Cersinia.




Her hands in white gloves lay on his hand.


That day, if she hadn’t reached out to him, his life wouldn’t have been here. His breath would have stopped if she hadn’t found him by the dock on the day of the heavy rain. The only reason he wanted to survive in this hellish place. His life, his breath, and his everything.


Ben kissed the back of her hand without hesitation. It was a kiss like an oath. He will protect this hand for the rest of his life. He will give her everything she wants.


I’ll protect this hand for the rest of my life. I’ll give her everything she wants in this hand.


“I love you, always.”


“I love you too.”


He smiled along with her smile, which was extremely happy.


Soon after, a voice was heard announcing the bride and groom’s position. The two walked slowly, hand in hand. They walked step by step on the wedding aisle that was full of flowers.


At the end and beginning of the wedding aisle, the two have passed, filled with only blessings. They had no doubt that the road they walked together would always be filled with happiness. Like fate, they found each other in the end, and there was nothing to fear when they were together. That was the beginning of their days.


The end.


Author's Thoughts

It's been about 1 year since I began to translate IRHMBHCBOWM, and now we come to the end of this novel. The journey to finish translating this novel was not easy as I struggled with many things. Still, it was all because of you who encouraged me to complete translating this novel that I finished it now. I want to thank all readers, especially when you leave comments about the novel as I like to read the your comments (even though I rarely reply). Please support the author and other translators by reading from the original site (not the aggregator). Once again, thank you for supporting this novel until the end. May we meet again in another series.
Sincerely, alyalia.

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