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In the dark space, the sound of kicks hitting him resounded strongly. There was only one flickering light bulb in the basement.




When the order was issued the man, kicking Ben in the stomach without mercy, stopped.




Ben, who was lying down with his body rolled up, barely breathed. Viscount Montene looked down at Ben as if he was a disgusting bug and pushed him away with his feet.




When he kicked his stomach again, Ben complained of pain and curled up even more since it was hard for him to breathe properly due to the pain.


“Just tell me what you saw.”


Ben, who’s hands and feet were tied so that he could not rebel, breathed lightly. However, his eyes looked at the Viscount with pure rage and contempt.


“Tsk, you shouldn’t be stubborn. I’ll see it with my own eyes anyway.”


Viscount Montene took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the front of his boots. The boots only touched Ben for a short while but it was as if they touched mud.


“ I won’t touch your face since it’s valuable.”


Viscount Montene dropped the used handkerchief. He tried getting information about Cersinia’s powers through Ben since he lived with her for a week, but Ben didn’t utter a word. If he doesn’t find out what’s her power then he won’t be able to prepare and respond appropriately.


He vented his anger on the slave even if he’s supposed to be sent to Count Enitio tomorrow morning. But he didn’t like the fact that he was keeping his mouth shut. How dare a lowly slave not answer him. 


“What’s the use of being silent? She just left you for the money.”


Ben didn’t mind getting cut because it was the pain that allowed him to stay awake.


“…Don’t touch her.” Even though he was in pain, his voice was quite firm and fierce. It seemed as if Ben could kill him if the Viscount ignored his word, but his hands and feet were tied. He gave such a warning while not being able to touch a single hair of his own. That made Viscount Montene laugh.


“Hahaha, what can you do in this state?”


Viscount’s eyes, which had stopped laughing, were instantly covered with greed and lust.


“Your reaction makes me want to taste her even more.”


The way Viscount licked his lips made him look like a vicious snake and that sent chills down Ben’s back. He was starting to get anxious, so he tried moving his body with all the energy he had left. But from the Viscount’s point of view, he looked like a wriggling worm.


“Sir. We have found out where she lives.” One of the subordinates who followed Cersinia reported as he came to the underground stairs.


Viscount Montene laughed at the situation, it looked like everything was going according to his plans after all.


“Guide me.”


“No! No, don’t touch her!”


As the Viscount tried to move, Ben hurriedly wriggled his body. It was painful every time he moved. But he didn’t have time to care about the pain. He absolutely had to stop him from touching even one of Cersinia’s hair.


Viscount Montene looked down at Ben who had touched his boots. The atmosphere was different from when he was being sold out. Seeing him like that was surely interesting, he looked like a wild cat. Ben took the opportunity to bite Viscount’s ankle as hard as he could.




“Oh my, I didn’t want to touch your face.”


Ben crashed into the corner with a sound that tore the air. Viscount Montene frowned as he saw the scratches on Ben’s face. He didn’t want to touch his face. But his foot went out first because he was deeply annoyed. Anyway, it’s already happened, so he needs to explain it well to Count Enitio.


A slave is originally an anger reliever, so no one will ask why there’s a small flaw on this one. Viscount Montene looked at the foolish Ben and shook his head. 


“Stand by the docks.”


At the Viscount’s instructions, his subordinate nodded and bowed. Viscount Montene climbed the basement without hiding his smile.


“I’m going to kill you! Don’t touch her!”


There was a desperate and enraged scream behind him, but he left the currency exchange without hesitation. Ben’s blood rushed because of his worries about Cersinia. He didn’t care whether the blood ran through his throat or not. He bit his lip hard in anger. He bit so hard that blood burst out of his mouth, and an iron-like taste lingered in his mouth. Ben trembled at his helplessness.


“Please Cersinia…”


Ben knew that Cersinia could use magic, but he didn’t know exactly what kind power she had. He was worried about whether Cersinia would be able to save herself. Tears flowed down to his cheeks. The feeling of extreme helplessness turned into a sense of defeat.


Knowing she was in danger, he hated the fact that he couldn’t tell her, and he hated that he wasn’t able to help her.


‘Please don’t let anything happen to her. I hope you’re safe, Cersinia.’ Ben prayed and struggled to release himself from the rope.


* * *


As the chirping of birds subsided over the small window and the golden sunset, darkness fell. It was about to rain, so inside the cabin was damp. During the day, the sun was bright, but lightning struck, drawing a flash of light as if the sky knew how she felt.


Cersinia was lying in bed. She has been in that posture for several hours. She may appear to be resting peacefully to anyone who sees her, but her heart is actually exhausted. Laying like a corpse while breathing, she wiped her dry face with two hands.


“I’m really going crazy.”


Cersinia jumped up. As she stood still, the thought about Ben didn’t leave her mind, making it more painful.


“Let’s move. It’ll be better if I move my body.”


Wouldn’t her heart fill a little if she ate something? She headed straight to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, she saw a pot above the brazier. It was a pot with leftover soup that she had with Ben until this morning. Cersinia’s footsteps stopped.  Memories of the first day flashed before her eyes as she stared at the pot. Ben’s eyes twinkled as he watched her lighting the brazier.




Surprised by the voice coming behind her back, Cersinia turned around. But no one called her name.


‘Now you are  hallucinating.’


Even when she thought about it herself, she thought she was crazy. Cersinia shook her head vigorously to clear her mind. Rather, the daily lives they spent together unfolded in front of her like a slideshow. When they were eating together, hanging laundry together in the yard, the face he made when he received a name and liked it, and when he was surprised and reddened when their hands touched. All scenes were covered in a warm color. So warm that she felt the warmth all over her body.


“Cersinia was the first person to give me a name and call me…”


A voice echoed through her ears. The image of Ben dripping tears, knowing that he had no place in here, and that bitterly smiling face brushed past Cersinia’s eyes. One side of her heart was pounding and throbbing.




Then the warm memories disappeared, and an empty house greeted her. A heavy lump landed on her chest. Now she clearly realized that she was really alone. Cersinia bit her lips strongly. Her tendons bulged out over her clenched fists. Her stubborn heart had long since been shattered. Her slightly trembling pupils slowly opened and closed, already stained with guilt.


Cersinia quickly turned around and headed to her room. She needs to bring back Ben. Whether she will be decapitated to death or an iron arrow pierced through her body later, she’ll have to bring Ben and see him for now.


Ben was the one who gave warmth to her, who was alone after possessing Cersinia’s body. He was the only guest in this cabin that no one was looking for and the only friend who stayed by her side.


She didn’t want to regret it for the rest of her life. Rather than reminiscing about memories alone like a fool, the two of them should be together. She knows better than anyone how desperate it is to be alone… She knew she would be alone until the end. She knew what life was like when you die alone. The story hasn’t even started yet, but she was already afraid and tried to run away. It was a stupid choice.


“Damn it.” Cursing came out of her mouth at her own stupidity.


Ben, a slave, couldn’t have been comfortable as he was being sold to the Count. She thought so to put her mind at ease.


‘I feel sorry, so I don’t know how to face Ben…’


Cersinia’s steps have accelerated. It was a pity that she hadn’t had time to be immersed in the sense of wonder. Even if she apologizes now with her heart, he won’t recognize it. So, she has to apologize when she meets him.


As Cersinia entered her room, she picked up a bag of money and the robe that had been lying around. Once she had made up her mind, there was no hesitation in her actions.


She will return the money. Since she spent all her fortune in gamble, she will not have any money left, but since her limbs are intact, she will be able to earn it somehow. She got up and left the room. The Viscount said he’s going to the capital tomorrow morning, so it won’t be too late now.


Cersinia was worried that Ben’s face might have been scratched again. In a rush, she grabbed the doorknob roughly enough  for it to fall off.


“Hey, where did you want to go?” An uninvited guest greeted her.


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