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‘What, how did this person come here?’


The uninvited guest was Viscount Montene. Behind him, Cersinia spotted 4 men. Two of them were covered with black robes. One was the exchanger staff, and the last was holding a long sword.


‘So, they followed me until here.’


Cersinia glanced at the crowd with narrowed eyes.


“You should relax. How can you treat a guest like this?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Hahaha, you’re in a hurry, but we have a lot of time. So, let’s go inside and talk.”


“Where are you coming in?!”


She pushed the Viscount, who was about to enter her house, powerfully. The Viscount, who smiled insidiously, quickly hardened his expression. But it was only for a short moment. He smiled again, twisting one corner of his mouth as if it were fun. 


“Aren’t you going to find that slave?”


“Where is Ben?!”


“If you want to know, treat me like a guest then. Without me, you won’t be able to meet him.”


Viscount Montene shamelessly pushed her slightly and entered the house. His face turned bitter as he looked through the old cabin where darkness had fallen without a single light. He thought this place was like an ordinary house, but this place wasn’t even worth being called a house.  He looked around the house in a leisurely manner as if he had come to the housewarming party. 


“I’ll give the money back, so give back Ben to me.”


Viscount Montene turned around and stared at Cersinia, who was holding out the bag of money. It was easier to get the money back than he had originally thought. He quickly beckoned his subordinates. After understanding the order, his people stood in front of the door after taking the bag of money.


“Why do you care so much about that slave?”


Viscount  Montene laughed at the ridiculous situation. For him, it was funny how both of them thought about each other so much, whether it was because of their feelings or not. What made it funnier was that they still thought about the other instead of themselves in this type of situation. Upon seeing Cersinia’s distorted face, Viscount laughed.


“…Say it again.”


The fierce growling sound sank heavily in the cabin. Cersinia’s red eyes flashed in the dark as heat released from her body. When he noticed it, Viscount Montene smirked and tried to speak but when he finally felt the heat, his smirk dropped. He never thought his action would result in this.

Viscount Montene looked back at Cersinia, startled by the sudden change of air. In the dark, Cersinia’s eyes were glowing red as if they were light bulbs. She was showing her aura more clearly than ever. Viscount Montene stepped back at the chilling sight. 


“Is that all you have to say, Viscount?” Her face was stoic, but her voice was as sharp as the tip of an arrow.


Red smoke began to rise in the darkness with the sound of the blade standing up. Viscount Montene opened his mouth, unable to hide his astonished expression. The red smoke glowed like a haze from Cersinia’s body. It dyed the cabin red. As it filled the cabin, the cabin looked like it was on fire. 


Viscount Montene swallowed dryly. Now he realized that he had brought up the wrong words. The heat that filled the cabin made him feel stuffy. He pulled the collar tightening his neck with his hand, then stretched his neck to relieve any discomfort, but it was in vain. He felt like water in his body kept evaporating. 


“Haa, Huu…” 


Viscount Montene raised his face with a deep breath and nodded to his subordinates. First of all, he had to evacuate his money safely. He can’t lose his money again. One of his subordinates understood his order and quickly fled out of the cabin as if he had waited for so long. A strong sense of relief appeared on that subordinate’s face. Viscount Montene, who confirmed that the money bag was safe, opened his mouth.


“Catch her!” 


He didn’t know exactly what Cersinia’s power was, but he couldn’t just leave like this. Through the open door, the assassin, hired by Viscount Montene, rushed towards Cersinia with his long sword. The rest of his subordinates also tried to enter the cabin while catching their breath in the hot heat.




The door was closed just from one glance from Cersinia. The assassin, who was rushing towards her, stopped at the sound of the closed door. The heat filled the cabin. As if the outside air was completely shut off, the temperature rose in an instant.


Gasp… What are you doing!  come in right now!” Viscount Montene shouted while having a hard time breathing. 


Sweat was wetting his collar. No matter how powerful she is, she will not be able to deal with five men alone. She is just a woman with a slender body. That was what Viscount Montene thought. However, the closed-door didn’t open, and a scream came from behind the door. It was the scream of his subordinate. Viscount Motene’s face turned blue. 


‘What is she? How the hell could she close the door with just a glance. More importantly, why are those stupid men yelling instead of opening the door! What the hell is going on outside?”


Viscount Montene trembled slightly from fear. She had more power than he thought. He even came with the assassin, but it was him who was getting crushed by her. 


“Huu, should I kill her?” Even the assassin was having a hard time breathing. However, with his physical strength, he was able to maintain a good posture. 


After pondering briefly, Viscount Montene ordered him, “Kill her!”


The original plan was to capture Cersinia, force her to get drunk, then get rid of her. However, at this rate, it seems impossible. First of all, Viscount Montene decided that it would be better to get rid of her quickly before he got into trouble. When the permission fell from him, the assassin rushed to Cersinia with his sword and a short shout. 


* * * 


A few minutes ago, two of Viscount Montene’s subordinates and Lewis stood up outside of the cabin. They were surprised to see the door closed suddenly, and they had to do what Viscount Montene ordered. One of them grabbed the door handle to open the door. 




As one of the subordinates grabbed the door handle, he screamed and fell to the ground. The money bag in his hand flew far away as he shuddered from the heat. His hand was burned. He rolled on the floor because the heat penetrated into his bones. 


“Argh! My hand!”


Looking at his blistering hand, he groaned in pain. It was stinging and sore as if he was pouring disinfectant into a serious wound. His hands were painful, it felt as if he was holding iron that had been heated by fire. Lewis, who was watching the whole situation, was shaking like a person who had just seen a ghost. The unusual power of the woman he felt at the money exchanger was real. And there was nothing he could do. 


“What is this…”


Fear fell over the face of the second subordinate, who saw his colleague fall out with burns on his hands. He stood still and didn’t dare to hold the handle. 


“What are you doing! Come in right now!”


Even with Viscount Montene’s order form inside the cabin, the second subordinate hesitated. He was afraid something, like what happened to his colleague, would happen to him. In the end, he kicked the door with all his might. However, the door didn’t move, and the sole of his shoe that touched the door was melting. 




The second subordinate quickly tried to leave as if he saw a ghost. 


“What is this?”


His shoe didn’t come off because the sole of the shoe melted and stuck to the door. ‘How can a wooden door be like this?’  It was a strange phenomenon with enough heat to melt things like metals, but there was no fire. He was using all his strength to remove his tight shoes. But it was useless. As time passed, the sole of the shoe was gradually melting down with the smell of burning rubber. The shape of the shoe gradually disappeared due to the heat. Perhaps it was like trying to eat them.




The second subordinate quickly tried to withdraw from it. He didn’t want to get burned like his colleague. Giving up his shoes and becoming barefoot, he looked at his shoes attached to the door. He kept muttering that this was impossible as if he had seen a monster. 


 “That woman is a w-witch, no, a monster…”


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  1. Call her a monster when disgusting pig sht like you and your boss exist? Lol…🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬