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“Huh? What?”


Finally, Cersinia, who had escaped from her thoughts, stared at him. His face was beet red, and he was picking his breath, just like a person with a fever.


“Are you sick?”


Cersinia quickly put his hand on Ben’s forehead. Then Ben shook his head. At the same time, his closed mouth made a sound, she couldn’t decipher whether it was a moan or a groan.


“That’s not it…”


“Huh? Then why…”


Cersinia lowered her gaze and blurred her words. Because she felt something on her thigh.


‘What is this?’


After looking into it for a while, then looking up again, she saw Ben covering his eyes with his arms, and his ears reddened.


“Ah, I’m sorry!”


Cersinia quickly lifted her face up when she found out what it was. In an instant, her ears turned red too.


“I’m sorry.”


Ben was covering his face with both hands. He couldn’t see her because of the dizzying stimulus. If he made eye contact with her, it seemed that the sensation would come back again.


“No, that’s…”


Cersinia couldn’t keep up her words.


‘What should I say in this situation?’


Should she say that she understands, or she knows everything? But those responses felt really weird. She now fully understood why Ben was acting like this. In the morning, male hormones are more active. But it would be strange if she said that she knew about it. And since comforting him doesn’t suit this situation so she kept quiet.






An awkward silence flowed between the two. Ben sat quietly on his knees trying to hide it. Cersinia felt that something was seriously wrong. It wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t pulled her, but he was definitely the one who did it… It was as if Ben had become a sinner.


“I’m sorry,” a suppressed voice was heard from Ben.


When Cersinia saw his ears and his bright red face, memories of the past came to her min and overlapped the present. On the day she cut his bushy bangs, his face turned red, saying his heart was beating fast. Even on the first day, they ate meat together, the scene where he was running away in surprise by the touch of their hands. After fragments of the past scrambled through her head, when she looked back at reality, the man gave the same subtle feelings as back then. The person who was crouching down in front of her right now with his big, solid body.


Thump. Thump.


Cersinia’s heart pounded loudly. Her body tingled as if she had soaked her whole body with hot water. This feeling was unfamiliar but still somehow familiar to her. Cersinia’s eyes shook briefly.


‘No. It won’t be.’


She hastily went towards the door. She thought that it would be weird if they were together in this room.


“…I’ll be out first.”


Cersinia left the room as if running away to avoid feelings that she knew but did not want to admit, or even acknowledge. The feelings were very similar to how she felt when she left the cabin three years ago and stayed with Ben. Even then, she couldn’t accurately describe the feeling. It was the same as today. There was a distant feeling of loneliness behind the sweet and exciting emotions as if her heart was immersed in sugar-sweet water. The trauma of the day she was left alone remained in her like the remnant of a storm. She didn’t want to feel empty again.


“Haa…” left alone, Ben sighed.


No matter how hard he tried, he didn’t know how to cool down his hot body. Perhaps it will take quite some time for him to calm down. Sitting on the floor, Ben leaned against the bed. He was barely holding onto his reason as if holding on a heavyweight with one string. If they had been together in this room a little longer, he might have lost control.


‘How flustered Cersinia must have been…’


Ben ruffled his head roughly. How long has it been since he vowed to approach her little by little? He threw his head back. His eyes, filled by his self-loathing, were shaking greatly. He wanted her so much that even her small breath or light glance made him feel greedy for her. The more he touched her, the deeper he craved, like a thirst that cannot be satisfied.


“I’m going crazy.”


His heart had grown out of control, and he didn’t know how he could control himself. Ben took a deep breath to calm his burning thirst but it was in vain.


* * *


The hot morning ended and the time to eat came fast but became awkward with the appearance of one person.


“My name is Archen. I’m the one who was taking care of Your Excellency.”


Cersinia remembered the face of a man who introduced himself as Archen. He was the one who untied the ropes tied to her hands in the square. He couldn’t take a closer look before because she wasn’t in a good mood, but now he saw that she had red hair and was a little shorter than Ben. Archen, who appears to be in his mid-30s, remained unshakeable like a person who had trained for a long time. Anyone can tell that he’s good at fighting. That was the first impression Cersinia had when she saw Archen.


“My name is Cersinia.”


Cersinia reached out her hand to Archen. Archen straightened his bent back and looked blankly at her hand. Then, he immediately knelt down on one knee in front of her.


“Ah, It is an honor to meet you, Lady Cersinia.”


Cersinia was bewildered at the sight of Archen, who was suddenly kneeling. But what made her even more bewildered was the next move by Archen.




She couldn’t say anything and became frozen as Archen kissed the back of her hand.


‘I was reaching out my hand to shake his hands…’


She didn’t expect this to happen. Undoubtedly, she lived with commoners after she possessed Cersinia’s body. As a result, she didn’t really know the greeting methods of those who have titles.


“What are you doing?”


A threatening voice was heard in the calm atmosphere. Archen quickly let go of the back of her hand and looked at his master, whose gaze could cut him in half.




He tried to answer what was obvious. However, upon receiving Ben’s stare, Archen kept his mouth shut, not wanting to die today. Archen didn’t do anything wrong, since the basic greeting to young ladies is a short kiss on the back of their hand. However, what made him sweat so much was his master, who was currently glaring at him.  Cersinia was just trying to dismiss it as a way of greeting people in this world. Because Ben also kissed the back of her hand in the square.


“Cersinia, you have to wash your hands before eating.”


Ben told Cersinia while staring fiercely at Archen.


“Huh? Ah, that’s right.”


Accepting his words, Cersinia headed to the bathroom to wash her hands. Ben ruffled his hair, suppressing the rising jealousy. He didn’t want Archen’s lips, or anyone else’s, to touch the back of her hand. In his mind, he wanted to wipe Archen’s kiss with his lips, but he stopped himself because he knew Cersinia would be burdened.


“Your Excellency…”


Archen was restless and looked at Ben. When Ben didn’t answer, May was watching the two with interest.


“If you haven’t eaten, let’s eat together.”


Cersinia, who came out of the bathroom, spoke to Archen, who was standing stiffly like a sinner. Archen immediately looked at his master’s face. Because he needed his master’s permission.


“Yes, let’s do that.”


Ben reluctantly agreed with a disheartened face.


* * *


No conversation was exchanged between the four of them while they ate together. It was just the sound of rain knocking on the window and the creaking sound of dishes and plates colliding with each other, filling the room. In the awkward and unfamiliar atmosphere, May wanted to run away. She didn’t know if the bread went into her mouth or her nose. She couldn’t even tell if the vegetable soup that boiled in the morning was seasoned well or not.


“Isn’t it salty?”


May opened her mouth first because she felt like the suffocating air might kill her if it continued like this.


“Nope, it’s good.”


“It’s not.”


“It’s delicious. Thank you for the hospitality.”


Cersinia, Ben, and Archen answered one by one as if they had been waiting for someone to speak out first. However, despite the opening of the conversation, silence soon came again. May took a deep breath and looked at the three.


Cersinia and Ben never made eye contact throughout the meal. She wondered what happened to Cersinia, who came out of her room, fanning herself as if it felt hot, and Ben, who came out after a while. They didn’t say anything about what happened earlier. Then, thanks to Archen’s greeting, the atmosphere became awkward once more. May shoved the leftover food into her mouth without thinking of starting any further conversation. She only wanted to finish her meal quickly. 


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  1. Just an fyi thing since I see it a lot in translations. You only use “Your Excellency” when the person speaking is speaking directly *to* the Excellency. If they are talking *about* the Excellency it is always His or Her Excellency. A=Archen, B=Ben, C=Cersinia. A addressing B = Your, A speaking to C about B = His. If that makes sense.