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A gust of wind blew so hard that it was enough to scatter hair along with the sound of sharp wind blowing. The heat clung to her palm like a magnet, absorbed inside and disappeared.




Surprised, Cersinia lowered her hand. She slowly blinked and looked down at her palm in a situation she still couldn’t understand. Her palms, which absorbed all the heat, had only a slightly higher temperature than usual, but there was no pain or wound. As always, they had been white and beautiful hands. However, as if the absorbed heat had pooled in her heart, it was boiling hotter than usual.


“What is this…”


Her brain was awakened by an exasperated voice.


‘What the hell happened just now?’


 The fire turns into heat and is absorbed into her body. Cersinia stretched out her trembling hands lightly to accurately grasp the situation and reached out again in front of the fire. Again, with the sound of wind blowing, the fire circled around like a tornado, heated up, and sucked into her hand.


‘It wasn’t an illusion.’


When she slowly clenched her fist to cover her palm, the fire tornado scattered through the air and disappeared. The fire that had turned into heat and was sucked into the palm of her hand was burning hot again as, but nothing had happened.


“Is it possible?”


Cersinia looked around her hands and touched every inch of her body. There were no wounds or burns. Initially, she knew that her body could absorb and release heat. However, it was the first time she knew that she could absorb the burning flames by turning them into the heat and absorbing it.


“But why am I so used to it…”


The problem was that she was familiar with this feeling. She had never sucked flames, but as if she had done it before, the way she did it was skillful. In the first place, Cersinia didn’t know about it because the original Cersinia always brought the fire and heat, but she never collected it back.


“Did I experience it in the cabin?”


Cersinia looked back on that time three years ago. It was the only thing that came to her mind when thinking about getting out from the flames.




A faint breath came from a close place. It was the sound of Verne’s breath as if she still had consciousness.


Cersinia quickly broke away from the thought. She didn’t have time to think about this power in detail. Perhaps it was God’s revelation to save Verne that she knew this power now.


Cersinia took two steps back. She stretched out her hand towards the flames with her legs firmly fixed as if determined. When she showed her palm, the great flames swirled loudly. The flames whirled like a blade of wind pounding outside the window on a winter day. Hundreds of small sparks fall like firecrackers spinning in a tornado.


Cersinia lifted her head and looked at the whirlwind that had formed. All the flames that soared to the ceiling had become a tornado. The large tornado, spinning in a spiral as if dancing in place, was ten times larger than her body.


It wasn’t long before a dark shadow cast over her face. She swallowed dry saliva in an unavoidable tension. She couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to absorb all of these flames. After absorbing all the flames the size of a house, her body might become ashes. But this was her only way, and she had to do it.


There was no coincidence in everything. Whatever happens, there is a connection about it, and the decision she has made so far will have consequences. So there must be a reason why she saved Verne right now and found out that she could absorb the flames.


Cersinia gave more strength to her outstretched hands. Her fear, which had raised a small peak in her heart, had withered without being able to bloom properly. The soaring tornado flames soon rushed into her hands. The devilish flames quickly became a red heat and were sucked into the palm of her hand.




At the moment, when too much came at once, her leg was pushed back. Cersinia took off her fixed foot and moved forward. The heat rushing like a storm, making it difficult to take a step forward, caused her hair to flutter in all directions.


The tornado flames had already shrunk in half. As the heat entered her body, her heart became hotter, and her stomach felt nauseous. A long ringing sound rang in her ears. It was hard, but the flames were just around the corner, so she tilted even more and walked forward. Blue tendons stood out over the back of the stretched hand.


And a few seconds later.


The flames, like mountains, which were so solid and unlikely to collapse, disappeared out of nowhere. Within just 10 seconds, the flames became heat and absorbed into her hands.


“Haa, haa…”


Cersinia breathed heavily with her upper body bent. It was difficult to breathe normally because the area near her heart was hot. Perhaps because she absorbed a lot of heat, her mind spun and made her dizzy. Cold sweat formed on the forehead and fell below the chin.


As she endured the urge to vomit, she raised her head, holding out her mind that kept blurring. In a hazy view due to smoke, Verne was seen lying near the place where the flames had disappeared.




Cersinia ran as she called Verne with her cracked voice. Black ash covered Verne’s body, so she couldn’t tell if she had any wounds.


“Verne, let’s get out.”


Verne struggled to lift his eyelids in the voice heard close up.


“L-Lady… Cersinia…”


Cersinia stood in the black smoke.




A cry burst out of Verne’s mouth. With a sense of relief, transparent tears poured out over the black cheeks of guilt.


“I-I’m sor


Verne couldn’t convey her words because of the blocking smoke.


“It’s okay.”


Cersinia carried Verne, who was stretched like wet cotton.




Cersinia’s back was wet. She knew that it was from Verne’s tears, not her sweat. Verne buried her face in Cersinia’s back and wept, completely letting go of her consciousness.


“Hurry up and bring the water!”


The outside of the warehouse was cluttered. She could hear the sound of water and soil being sprayed here and there. She moved her legs with Verne on her back. She couldn’t go out through the door where she came in. By now, people would have been scattered in front of the warehouse, and she couldn’t be caught walking leisurely with flames opening for her way.


Cersinia barely managed to hold on to her consciousness that kept fading out and walked back where the flames had not yet spread.


‘Little bit more…’


Her vision was blurred by the constant heat from head to toe, and her blood kept boiling hotter. Cersinia shook her head to get herself together. Her warm crimson eyes turned red like blood and repeatedly came back.




In a short time, her legs, which had lost strength, collapsed. As she exhaled, she fell down while carrying Verne on her back. It felt like someone was forcibly making her lose consciousness when it was just around the corner.


‘Is this the end?’


‘When I already come all the way here?’


Cersinia frowned.


‘This is so unfair…’


She struggled several times to get back up, but she didn’t even have the strength to stand up. She felt a warm sensation on her toes. The flames seemed to be spreading to where she was. She had to go out now before the flames spread further. But now, she no longer had the strength to absorb the fire. Once again, she struggled, but all her strength was scattered with the smoke that came.


She couldn’t use her power. Her faint consciousness kept gnawing away. When she was letting go of her consciousness that was moving away with desperation,




A voice pierced her ears.


“Cersinia! Are you inside!”




It was a desperate and urgent voice. He seemed to have returned from going out.


It was a desperate and urgent voice.


He seemed to have returned from going out.




“Don’t do that, Your Excellency! That’s reckless! Lady Cersinia might not be inside!”


Loud noises were coming and going from outside. In the end, Archen shouted hard.


“That’s why I will go in and check it out!”


Soon after, Ben’s voice was heard again.


‘Go in…? Where? Here?’


In a hazy mind, Cersinia thought.


“Your Excellency, it’s too dangerous!”


“I-I will try to put out the fire!”


Various voices rang, and it was noisy. Someone was holding Ben’s leg, and Ben kept shouting to let go of it.


“From now on, if anyone interferes, I’ll cut you down!”


Cersinia’s eyes, which had been closed for a moment, opened up straight. Now Ben was about to enter this pit of fire.


‘No way. Never.’


If Ben, who doesn’t have any power, enters this place, he will be burned.


Cersinia gathered her strength and stood up. There was no way to know where such strength came from. But she had to go out first before Ben entered into these flames.


Cersinia carried Verne on her shaky legs and ran towards the warehouse wall. In an instant, her eyes turned redder than the fire. 


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