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Cersinia’s watery voice trembled like ripples. Ben’s usual behavior was not well understood. Even after witnessing ‘she’ in person…


“I’m glad you’re back. Really.”


He slowly raised his bent knee and looked at Cersinia. Cersinia’s face was captured without distortion in his eyes like the night sky.


“Aren’t you going to ask about it?”


“If it’s something you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to do it. I don’t want to ask you a difficult question.”


He took off his thick coat and put it on Cersinia’s shoulder. The touch of fastening his coat was meticulous in case even a small wind went in.


“It will be hard to understand…”


“Do you know what I’m afraid of?”


He carefully removed each red and long hair attached to her face from the fluttering wind. When Cersinia closed her eyes as if dead, he had to think ten thousand things.


What if she doesn’t open her eyes forever like this, and what if she’s not the one she knows again when she opens her eyes?


However, there was only one cause of fear that ate him in the meantime. He’s afraid that she will leave him again, saying what he feared happened… The image of her, who refused him firmly at the harvest festival, suddenly came to his mind and made him suffer.


On such a day, she seemed to be able to easily leave him at any time. They promised the future and pledged to be together for the rest of their lives, but it did not bring him complete relief. Perhaps it’s because of the anxiety that has sprung up since the day she confessed about her other-self.


At first, Ben secretly felt anxious and thought it was ridiculous. Even though they’re in the same body, but they have different personalities. It’s something he thought couldn’t happen. However, it became a reality and appeared in front of his eyes. That person faced him as if she was trying to make fun of him. It was ‘she’ in her body.


“My fear is not being with you.”


He held her delicate hand with a ring in it.


“Nothing else scares me.”


It was true that he swore to never let her go again. Even if she tries to run away again, he will never let her go.




Cersinia stared at him silently. His dark purple eyes were constantly shaking throughout the whole time he spoke, as if he had only one fear.


“Even if you run away from me, I’ll catch you.”




“If there’s anything I can help, I will help you. So please don’t even think about leaving.”


“Isn’t it scary? What else the other me will do…”


‘She’ didn’t even care when she used that power, knowing that people had flocked to the warehouse to put out the fire. It didn’t matter what ‘she’ was. Even she herself is afraid of ‘she,’ who is full of desires to destroy without emotion or mercy, but is Ben really okay with that?


“It doesn’t change that you’re Cersinia.”


His crude hands wrapped around Cersinia’s cheek.


“No one can be you. You’re the only Cersinia.”


As if Cersinia’s worries were useless, a transparent smile formed around his mouth.


“Don’t be afraid. I will always be by your side.”


Reading her fears, he expressed blind faith.




Cersinia choked up with warm eyes like spring sunshine. Indeed, he remains unchanged from beginning to end. As always, he likes and trusts her unconditionally.


“That’s cool! I’ve never seen a witch before.”


That was what he said when he saw her using her power.


Everyone was terrified of knowing her power and accused her of being a witch, but Ben was different. Unbiased gaze. Transparent eyes that always look straight at themselves. That has been her salvation throughout her life as Cersinia.


She leaned her forehead against his shoulder as she felt the warmth that touched her cheek.


“Thank you.”


Ben said he was afraid of her not by his side, but rather, it was her who couldn’t live without him. Cersinia probably already knew about it. She knew that Ben would always believe in her.


Cersinia closed her eyes for a moment in his arms, warmly embracing her. She vowed that she would no longer foolishly let go of his hands anymore.


‘I will never be swayed by ‘she’ or anything else.’


Now, regardless of the original story, she will have to live her own life. She needs to make sure to get absolute happiness.


Cersinia clenched her hand, which had absorbed the heat. The temperature in her hand was burning hotter than ever.


* * *


“Is Verne okay?”


“Yes, there is no trauma, and she is in good health. However, she cried so much that she collapsed from exhaustion.”


“I see. Did someone get seriously injured? Gasp, the warehouse collapsed…”


“None. There’s nothing that Cersinia needs to be concerned about.”


“That’s a relief.”


Cersinia left the collapsed warehouse and walked hand in hand with Ben toward the mansion.


“Your feet must be cold. I will take off your shoes.”


Ben’s feet are red and frozen because he’s barefoot as Cersinia is wearing his shoes. Cersinia tried to take off his shoes quickly, but she had no choice but to stop at his touch.


“I’m okay. Please wear it.”


His stubbornness was always one step ahead of her, so Cersinia thought it would be best to go inside quickly, so she hurried her steps. But he was taking his steps leisurely that he was as slow as a turtle.


“Let’s hurry up and go in. You’re going to catch a cold.”


“It’s very nice to be walking with only the two of us while everyone is asleep.”


Cersinia stopped the hand that was dragging him. It was because the smile on his face with the brilliant moonlight was dazzling as if it was not reality.


“It seems like only the two of us are left in the world.”


His eyes, as deep as the sea, captured her.


Ben valued this moment. He doesn’t want to forget every moment of walking with Cersinia after she regained consciousness.


Only the two of them existed in the quiet, dark garden. It was so quiet that they could hear each other’s breath, beating heart, and the blowing wind. As they looked at each other, it felt really like they were left alone in this world, as Ben said.


“It feels like we’re being together forever.”


Ben was speaking calmly, but his ears were ripe red. His hand that stroked her hand was warm. Cersinia, who was staring at him, felt her heart pounding faster. His emotions reached her as it was. His sincerity towards her was as high as the sky and as wide as the sea. It was to the point where she didn’t want to get out of this situation.


Ben’s refreshing scent melted in the blowing wind. It was a scent that made her heart race every time she smelled it. In an instant, her crimson eyes staring at him were full of greed. The urge wanted to take over the feeling that only Ben could make her feel like that surge. She wanted to have all of him.


“…It’s cold.”


Cersinia lowered her head to hide her cheeks, which were burning at her thoughts and gently grabbed his hand.


“Are you cold?”




“I’m sorry. I’ll take you to your room.”


Ben’s steps became faster. Now, his steps were leading Cersinia. He became like a shield that protects her from the wind in case she catches a cold.


Cersinia pursed her lips as she walked along, looking at his back. With the clever excuse of being cold, she made his steps move. She knows that he put her terribly first, so she took advantage of that.


‘Because I wanted to have all of him right now. Even as small as a grain of sand is no exception.’


As she walked silently along with his steps, we arrived in front of the door.  The two entered the room. The heavy door slammed shut with a heavy sound. Only the two existed in the enclosed space. The only thing that lit the room was dim stand lightning and moonlight shining through the window.


“I need to warm up.”


He made Cersinia sit on the bed and brought warm tea to the teacup prepared on the table.


“Drink it, and you will feel warmer.”


With a delicate touch, the teacup was held tightly in her hand. Cersinia took the teacup to her mouth for the kindness he had bestowed upon her. When a sip of warm tea spread smoothly through her body, it melted her frozen body.


Ben knelt down on his knees and made eye contact with Cersinia, who was sitting on the bed.


“I will be by your side until you fall asleep.”


His large hand ran her long, flowing hair behind her ear. Cersinia gently put down the teacup that had warmed her hands before she knew it. It was because of her greed that she wanted to live her own life without repeating the original story.


She looked down at her greed. Dark purple eyes facing her even in the darkroom didn’t lose their presence.




Cersinia clasped his cheek. His body was so cold that a chill blew in her warm hands. Ben is the one who needs a cup of tea, but he still takes care of Cersinia before himself. His foolishness made her realize his love for her once again.


Cersinia opened her lips, erasing the hesitation that had been wandering through her head the whole way back to her room.


“I wish I could see you first when I open my eyes.”




Surprised as if he had never expected it, Ben’s eyes widened.


“Will you stay with me?”

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