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‘Ah, those punk really—’ 


I entered the room after carefully checking the hallway where the well-dressed boys had disappeared.


It was much easier because Arif Hyung just came in time. I entered the room after seeing them off.


However, I am concerned about Arif Hyung, who is hovering near the Young Master in the name of escort these days.


Nevertheless, based on this, I believe he will be our ally at least while there are some bad guys.


‘What’s wrong with them coming to a room that the owner didn’t even invite them? In addition, the owner is sick.’ 


I closed the door while swearing inside, and I immediately made eye contact with the Young Master leaning against the bedhead.


Oh, what brings you out of your blanket?


But he has a serious face.


Well, there’s no way that it’s comfortable that a guest has arrived out of the blue. It would have been more burdensome for the nobles and boys like him.


“They have had a good time. They walked around in moderation, accept everything and go back.”


I spoke softly as I approached the bed, but the Young Master’s confused expression only grew worse.


Unexpectedly, there was no sign of relief.


“Did you really send it? Then you—.”


I waited for what he was going to say.


But he didn’t say what he was thinking. He was just staring at me with a dull expression at the end of his words.


I opened the window to let some fresh air in.


In fact, I usually don’t like the Young Master’s breath to go outside, so I only open it when there are other people.


‘Cute. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, he has a surprisingly innocent side.’


It was definitely different from the hyenas punk I just saw.


As I sat on the chair next to the Young Master’s bed, I recalled the memories of a while ago.


Manellano Stell, who was still standing in the center, was the most notable of the boys. Manellano, as it was, exudes a typical predator atmosphere. The wolf-like gray hair and bright yellow eyes were impressive.


Should I call it a controlled tyrant?


But he’s still a kid. Contrary to how he looked, his mind was immature, so it was not good to meet the Young Master.


He treats the Young Master like a toy and harasses him, and after that, he develops a liking for the slender side that is beyond his taste and is obsessed with it.


‘He’s the extreme and worst opponent for our weak Young Master.’


“…Why are you sighing?” 


The Young Master paused before asking an insinuating question.


He seemed to have instinctively sensed danger. Because the roughest sub-male lead in the original is that punk.


I was going to tell him the truth, but I pointed my forehead and pretended to be in trouble for no reason.


“Oh, what should I do? Now, while they’re here, they’re going to try to bully our Young Master.”


But the Young Master was calm as if he had already expected it. Rather, he kept looking at me as if he was curious about something else.


I was a little curious, but I was running out of time, so I told the truth.


“Don’t worry if they come in the future; I’ll take care of sending them back without encountering you. Uhm. And tonight’s dinner—”


I said, remembering what the butler had told me to ‘must attend’.

“Let’s just not attend.”



It was an event hosted by Denkart, so it was natural to welcome guests. And it was what the hostess of this mansion and the prospective successor, Edric, should do.


But there is nothing good about going there.


What’s the point of the kid who can’t eat a single piece of bread in the room going there? Why would he have to come back with an upset stomach?


“If the butler comes later, please pretend to be sick. You can just stay under the blanket as usual. It’d be better if you could give me a slap or two on the cheek as an example.”


“…I really don’t have to go?”


“Why? Is it because you don’t trust me?”


“Trust or not is not a problem.”


I spoke more quietly than usual to calm the Young Master.


“The direction the Duchess wants is that the Young Master doesn’t even show his nose. That way, people will complain behind your back, saying that the successor refuses to do his duty.”




“Don’t worry. No matter how important the guest is, they can’t force the Duke’s son to do it.”


But— He didn’t seem relieved at all.


Why— Is there any problem? 


No, I know everything.


“You don’t have to pay too much attention to other nobles. This Empire will belong to the Young Master anyway.”


I flinched as I tried to comfort him. I haven’t met the Crown Prince yet, but I’ve said everything.


But the Young Master seemed calm because I said nonsense so much. No wonder I’m getting hurt—.


I glanced at the crutches at the bedside and said.


“Anyway, I will figure it out. You only need to survive a day or two. Don’t worry, I can be useful when Young Master needs it, like this friend.”




“But I won’t ask you to stay with me or cherish me like this friend. Of course, if you do, I’ll go up right away—that’s what I’m saying. Please don’t stare at me.”


The Young Master lied down again without answering.


However, he didn’t cover himself with a blanket or show his back. So I could appreciate his face from the front.


Ack, it’s so dazzling. 


It’s the first time I’ve seen it like this during the day, but perhaps it’s because of the overwhelming sunlight, which makes the beauty shine even brighter.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that if they had seen him earlier, some would have been upset, and some would have been tempted. 


I was so worried that I had no choice but to say another word.


“Young Master, you have to be careful because all men are wolves.”


Then I answered with a smile when he asked ‘What are you then?’


“No way. I’m the servant of the Young Master before I’m a man.”




There was a loud noise at the door.


When we turned our heads at the same time, we saw Rimson, who dropped the medicine bottle on the silver tray.


He said strange things like, ‘I can’t believe you’re abandoning a man’s pride now—!’


But strangely enough, the Young Master was just watching the scene. Now, he doesn’t hit anyone other than myself to go out or throw things.


‘—Anyway, is this a positive change? Did my flower work widely?’


I smiled happily.


I never thought a big problem would follow.






There was no word that expressed Manellano’s feelings as much as that word now.


That’s right.


After that day, he felt a deep sense of humiliation.


He unintentionally learned the true meaning of a word he knew only in the dictionary meaning.


Rovel, it was because of that damn servant.


“What do I do about this? It’s meditation time for Young Master.”


“Oh no, you’re a little late. Young Master is still eating.”


“Yes? Is he done now? It is difficult to tell the time because he takes the medicine as soon as he eats it and fell asleep.”


—The situation was generally repeated like this.


As a result, the other noble son got tired one by one and went away.


But even though Manellano had learned humiliation, he was still unaware of defeat.


The more the servant did it, the more the fire ignited rather than giving up. He even asked his parents to postpone his return schedule.


Manellano showed his fangs today, looking at the servant standing in front of the door like a doorkeeper.


The Stell family’s servant recognized his unpleasant feeling right away and knelt down in front of his terrifying face.


However, the servant did not give in. He was definitely smiling, but Manellano could see clearly.


It was a face that saying, ‘Hey, I’m good too, you’re good too—’


“I am very sorry, Young Master Manellano.”


“What again this time?”


“Right now, our Young Master says he wants to be alone.”


Manellano, who was about to ask, ‘When the hell is that punk coming out’, bit his mouth.


Rather than the servant, he was more concerned about Arif, who escorted him like a shadow behind him. 


Those are the eyes he often sees from knights of hostile families.


‘…They’re clearly watching.’


If he did something, he wouldn’t let it go.


He couldn’t force him anymore, so Manellano had to turn around.


However, other than displeasure, other questions arose.


‘…How did he know my name?’


It was from that moment that the accident took off unexpectedly.


The voice of a sincere apology, ‘I’m sorry, Young Master Manellano,’ remained clearly in his memory.


Yeah, if he thinks about it, the servant has known his name since he visited with the other noble sons.


He soon made a reasonable guess.


‘—He memorized it in advance.’


The outstanding servants of the noble families used to learn all the great nobles through their portraits.


It was quite surprising that the first time he saw him, who had no appearance other than that he was pretty enough to be mistaken for a woman, was like that.


‘He was also bold in front of me.’


He also overheard Sir Arif being called ‘Hyung’ one day.


To make friends with the Black Chain Knights on a mere topic from start to finish—.


‘Then, is that also an illegitimate child of some noble family? Even though it was too vulgar for that kind of thing.’


He was curious about the damn servant all the time.

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