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So, he went to the Duchess, whom he usually only exchanged greetings with, and made a request for the first time.


“May I ask Rovel to guide me through this mansion?”


“That child is Edric’s exclusive servant.”


He doesn’t know how hard he tried to persuade the Duchess who refused with a troubled face.


Instead, she told him to ask Edric, not her.


But he doesn’t know if it was delivered well, but the next day the servant came.


Manellano had the most favorable smile he could show.


“You said you’re Rovel, right? Let’s greet each other formally. Call me Manel.” 


There was no way the servants could turn away from the precious nickname.


Like a northern boy, he has a tall height, cool appearance, and great manners.


Everyone, regardless of gender or age, envied Manellano and tried to share more words.


Except for Imperial Palace, there was no place where he was not the main character.






—This time again, the idea seems to be completely wrong.


The arrogant servant spat out insincere short answers, showing that he was annoyed to death. It was different from being formal in front of the door.


It was different from being formal in front of the door.


His back, which guided him throughout the mansion, was stiff, and he would only speak when absolutely necessary.


‘What a jerk.’ 


His strong desire to win was driven by this fact.


“Rovel. What’s your hobby?”


As they reached the fountain, Manellano asked.


It was a universal cornerstone to build a friendship.


However, an unexpected answer was heard again this time.


“An ancient language interpretation.” 


Whether he answered unconsciously, the back of the servant suddenly flinched.


At that moment, Manellano recognized that he had stepped on his unknown tail. Then he should grab it properly and bite the neck.


He asked indifferently, hiding his cruel intentions.


“Ancient language interpretation? Are you going to do it?”


“—No. I like to listen to the Young Master’s interpretation of ancient words. It’s nice to hear the Young Master’s voice.”


Manellano viciously drew the corner of his lips back at those words.


The Young Master who doesn’t even know how to write but can speak the ancient language? It was something that even a fool wouldn’t believe.


Isn’t he only bluffing for the sake of his Master?


‘Is there anything he can do in bed? He’ll just go to sleep.’


However, the servant suddenly spoke as if he had read the mind.


“It’s not a lie. He sometimes teaches me ancient words. Thanks to it, I learned a lot.”


“—Aha? Really?”


Manellano’s smile widened.


Finally, he came up with a plan to play a trick on this servant.


He beckoned the servants who followed him around. Then he ordered that one of the ancient stone tablets he had placed on the carriage be brought to him.


But when he tried to hand over an ancient stone tablet, Rovel asked for a glove.

Manellano was surprised again because the attitude was serious.


‘—You know how to be different.’


Although it was simply a textbook for a class made by the academy as an example, the ancient language stone tablet was difficult to handle. It was sensitive to human body temperature, so he had to wear gloves.


The servant supported the center of the stone tablet with his left hand, and with one hand he gently scanned the edge of the stone to complete the full-scale preparations.


“Can I sit down and read it?”


“As you please.”


As expected, Rovel settled very comfortably in the fountain.


Manellano barely laughed at his irritation. At this time, he was about to say, ‘Sit next to me,’ but he didn’t say anything.


Rovel didn’t even look at him. It was really the first time he had such a treat.


However, the curiosity created by Rovel’s attitude outweighed the displeasure.


Rovel looked down at the stone tablet, his eyes wide open and his mouth open.


“Let’s see. The core of the ancient spirit buried under the World Tree in Ronto’s heart was around a thousand years ago—”


At the sight, the twins of the Levern family, who had just been looking at the garden, approached in amazement.




As Manellano covered his mouth with his index finger, they quietly focused on Rovel’s voice.


He didn’t know that, but the servant’s voice was quite clear and pure. Maybe it was just because he said something he didn’t want to hear, but the voice itself was nice to hear.


He even came up with the idea that students’ academic performance would rise much more efficiently if the servant reads instead of the professor’s murky voice.


He was concentrating without realizing it, but it was over without knowing it.




Manellano smiled in vain.


Rovel’s interpretation was perfectly consistent with what he did, and some sections—.


Yes, he hates to admit it, but he even used a much more sophisticated and luxurious vocabulary than himself.


The twins of the Levern family who attend the same academy are also dull, but they have ears so they can understand them.


Their eyes widened.


Isn’t it even the best difficulty they gave up in the middle?


“H, how do you—”


“I just did it.”




Among the shocked boys, Rovel spoke in a calm tone.


“I’m the Young Master Edric’s exclusive servant, and this is the basics.”




‘Ah— I should’ve held it in—’


I wrapped my hair on the way back to the Young Master’s bedroom.


I was annoyed by their disrespect for Edric, so I gave them a shot, but it seemed to have gone too far.


Did I become childish as I was with the kids?


Especially when I spit out the last words and smiled, Manellano’s expression as he looked at me continued to bother me.


It wasn’t an angry face— but the blank expression on his face made me uncomfortable.


‘But looking back, it’s his fault. Why did he suddenly summon me—.’


Anyway, the water already spilled. 


There was only one thing I could do.


“Young Master. In the future, if someone gives you a stone or slate, be sure to touch it with your bare hands. No, you can just throw it and break it.”


As soon as I returned to the Young Master’s bedroom, I repeatedly asked for help.


It is fortunate that the Young Master’s lineage and the ability to interpret stone are mixed.


‘If you touch it with bare hands, it will all be interpreted.’


Wearing gloves is the standard, but the Young Master’s lineage is different from ordinary people, so he has to penetrate the power of stone directly with his bare hands.


It’s better to give him a punch than to be ridiculed more by those people who ignore him for not even knowing how to write.


But the Young Master asked me as if he was still anxious about Manellano who still stay here.


“—Why didn’t those nobles go back?”


“I don’t know about that either. But they won’t stay long. If they don’t go back even after the academy vacation is over, they will be expelled.”


“—You said that before, too. But they didn’t go back.”


“That’s true— but due to the atmosphere I think I’ll just have to guide them until tomorrow and finish it.”




The Young Master’s expression was distorted.


Strangely, he glanced at me and soon turned his head the other way.


So, it was like an expression that he didn’t want to see it.


‘—What is this? You haven’t been like this for a while, so why are you doing this?’


I was scratching my cheek and found the crutches that had been moved, unlike yesterday.


I think he got some fresh air today. But why is he so upset?


“—So. What they want is to talk to me.”


It was more of an insult than a conversation, but I nodded.


There is no need to hurt the person involved by telling them that.


But then, the Young Master looked at me again and said,


“Then bring them to me.”




Edric felt very strange from the morning.


‘—Why isn’t he here?’


There was no familiar servant like one of the furniture in this bedroom.


Is he sleeping somewhere? 


He looked through the bed several times, but it was still hard to find a trace.


His face gradually darkened.


On Flower Day, he suddenly remembered that the servant had just sent away the boys of a prestigious aristocratic family.


He didn’t know what was going on because the door was closed at the moment, but if it was out of his sight, that alone was dangerous.


If he’s going to be imprisoned and punished like before—.


‘Or maybe you will be punished even more.’


Edric bit his lips without knowing what he was thinking.


Then, as time passed, a knock was heard.


He raised his head at the sound of the door opening.




Contrary to expectations, however, Crimson and other servants were seen by the door. No matter how much he looked behind them, he couldn’t see Rovel.


The servants remained silent to Edric, who was looking at the hallways. When throwing things habit disappeared after going out before, they too seemed to be calmer than before.


But that didn’t matter to Edric at all.


He pushed the serving tea and asked Crimson, who was approaching.


“What about Rovel?” 


At those words, Crimson looked surprised as if he had never expected such a question.


“That— I will be the one who serves Young Master today.” 


Edric’s anxiety was increased by the answer.


Although he was reluctant to speak, Crimson was not one to avert his eyes in this way.


“So. Where’s Rovel?”


“That’s, Maranello or something— He was in charge of escorting another noble Young Master to the mansion. Hmmm. You slept last night, so he couldn’t tell you—”


He couldn’t even hear the backstory.


It took a moment for him to breathe a sigh of relief because he was glad he didn’t get punished, and Edric become serious again.


Their purpose has always been him. However, because they can’t see him, they’re using their anger to harass his servants.


Then he didn’t know what bad things would happen.


Edric, who had been bullied by boys in the slum in the past, could easily imagine what would happen.


Seeing Edric’s ever-changing expression, Crimson said as if to calm him down.


“Young Master, you don’t have to worry. Would he be an ordinary man? He can’t be fooled easily—”


“Why did they take him without my permission?”


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