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Am I crazy? 


In this life, and the next life, and the next life again… I’ll never, never, never work as a servant again! This is the last time! 


That’s how I rejected Manellano’s offer with earnest sincerity. 


I’m just going to live comfortably with Robert Orabeoni and the family business!


However, there will be nothing more shameful than Manellano, who doesn’t know the situation.


As expected, when I finished my words, his face turned red with displeasure. 


But is it because he’s a cousin? His appearance was surprisingly similar to Edric’s.


Although the sharp jaw and thick brows were different, the dark and fierce eyes and noble coolness were the same.


‘Well, to be honest, he is a wolf cub, while the Young Master’s side is more like a kitten…’


“…What did you say?” 


…Oh my. I must have talked to myself again without realizing it.


I had no choice but to give a short review at his sharp eyes asking me to explain in an understandable way.


“You resemble the Young Master.” 




It’s a compliment in its own way, but Manellano hardened his expression as if he had heard the most unpleasant story in the world.


Still, if he sees our Young Master in person, he would have a completely different opinion. 


‘Well, it won’t happen within a year, but—’


In fact, I recently planned to thoroughly manage the Young Master’s relationship with a man.


Until the Crown Prince and the Young Master meet, I plan to keep the other sub-male lead from even coming close.


This is because, just looking at Manellano, who is overly obsessed with me, the Young Master’s servant, makes me think that the main characters of this world are insane.


‘I’m already sad because I’m sick, but should I suffer from such a people?’ 


However, this guy, one of those sub-male leads, is making it very difficult.


As if he couldn’t believe the rejection, I was dizzy because of the man who stood still as if he couldn’t believe it.


…Ah, I want to escape, really. When will I return? I need to see the Young Master right away.’

The time when my health worsens is coming soon.


Recently, because of this guy, I felt that my condition was getting worse because I had been away from the Young Master for a while.


‘Should I have just turned it down nicely?—But I shouldn’t give room to these guys.’


It is not wise to stimulate more even if it is a waste of time.


I waited patiently for this guy to accept reality, but the floor shook.




But then I heard a familiar voice.




…Why is this Hyung coming out there? What about the Young Master? 


I doubted my eyes when I saw Rimson Hyung running from the other side of the corridor.


Maybe it was because he had a younger brother the same age, but I could see that the Young Master didn’t feel burdened by Rimson Hyung, so I set my mind—.


Rimson Hyung, who was caught between Manellano and me, bowed his head to him and said,


It was a very polite attitude like a servant. 


“Young Master. The Young Duke ordered me to ask if you could spare some time.” 


Hyung, are you crazy? 


I opened my eyes and looked at Hyung, but he never looked at me.


No, how come you did this when I didn’t want him to meet the Young Master in the first place!


However, Manellano’s face brightened up as if he had never been annoyed. 


“…Aha. The Young Duke, who looks like me just invited me.” 




I’m doomed.


Imitating other people’s words showed that Manellano had a plan to do something.


I slipped my leg and stepped on Rimson’s shoe nose.




But Hyung endured it firmly. 


The two hit each other closely as if they had planned it in advance.


“Now the Young Duke is waiting in the drawing-room on the second floor. He says to come whenever it’s convenient for you.” 


“Then I will go. Let’s go, Rovel.”


—Does anyone know what I’ve been doing so far?




I wondered whether this was a dream as I passed the corridor, entered the mansion, and climbed the stairs.


Or did Rimson Hyung go crazy with a series of broken hearts?


But even when I pinched my wrist, it hurt vividly, and my stomach was slowly getting hungry. This is not just a dream.


And I found the Young Master in the drawing-room where I entered for the first time.


It was more formal than usual, and it did entertain my eyes for a while, but— that wasn’t the case—. 


‘Young master—how could you make my hardships into vain?’


I rudely walked inside before anyone else, looking back at Manellano behind me.


He was still relaxed. He kept a pretentious expression with a soft smile on his face. 


Still, I’m about to go crazy since I saw the Young Master, who is so beautiful that my eyes are whirling. 


Slowly, I could see the other boys also entering the hallway.


I became more impatient.


‘—I have to get the Young Master out somehow!’


With a firm determination, I walked as if I were running to the Young Master.


I was thinking of convincing him to send him back to the room for a while to be immersed in his unique sweet scent.


But he was faster. 




—Is this his first time to call my name properly? 


I was so surprised by that fact that I couldn’t even say a word, and then I remembered my purpose again.


But this time again, the Young Master didn’t give me a chance.


“Stay still.”


The Young Master, who swallowed a gulp and dry saliva, looked like a man who made the greatest decision of his life.


For what reason—no. What is he trying to say? I was also nervous and clenched my fist.


The Young Master then said something in a low voice that only I could hear it.


“When you return, I will slap you in the face as you wish. So stay calm.”


“What are you all doing? Why don’t you sit down?” 


After roughly telling the other boys, I quickly stood behind the Young Master.


Then I placed my hand on my heart as I watched the boys take their seats one by one—.


My heart was already pounding even though I was only imagining getting hit.


Sometimes I moved the Young Master to the bath, put him in a wheelchair, or held hands under the pretext of using crutches, but this was the first time I had a chance like this.


—I can’t believe Manellano help me! It was a moment when I thought of the philosophy that even dog shit can also be used for medicine. 


I couldn’t hold back my excitement and smile, then bowed my head toward his back.


“Young Master.” 




I spoke close to the Young Master’s ear. 


Then, the Young Master scratched his ear with his hand as if it was tickling.


His face turned a little red.


I’m sure I’ll be as red as him, or even more than that.


“Young Master, I’ll count it later. You have to make it strong enough to satisfy me. Don’t use a pillow like before. Okay?”


“…I got it.” 


“You know I can’t be satisfied with just one time, right?”


“I know!!! As soon as we go up, I’ll do as much as you want! No pillows!! Only with bare hands!!!”


When asked with more obsession than Manellano, the Young Master couldn’t stand it and shouted.


I know that feeling more deeply than anyone else, so I laughed with relief and sorry.


And then I raise my head again—.



Everyone came out and looked at the Young Master with astonished eyes.


In particular, Manellano had an unimaginable look on his face.


‘Kids, I know he’s pretty.’ 


I think the boys are overwhelmed by the Young Master’s beauty. 


They only glanced at the Young Master and couldn’t say a word.


Some blushed, and the others stared blankly at him in disbelief. 


Rather, the Young Master opened the door to the conversation first.


“I heard that you kept looking for me.”




Everyone hesitated and couldn’t answer.


‘They kept trying to bite him like a hyena, but they’re like that when I put it in front of them.’


Pathetic things. 


Manellano was the one who calmly emptied the teacup.


“May God’s blessing be with you. My name is Manellano Stell.”


There was not a single flaw in the manners and smiles of the nobles who put their hand on his left shoulder to greet him. 


“It is worthwhile to have crossed the distant northern snowfields to come here. The opportunity to see the noble one is given—”


He was a smooth talker, yet his cheeky eyes never changed.


He looked carefully at the Young Master and me with his eyes as if searching for prey.


It’s insignificant to know that he’s a man who uses old phrases like ‘How much is it?’—.


In conclusion, I only watched.


After Manellano, there was no particular problem with the other boys who took turns introducing themselves.

What concerned me was that it was so bland that I felt out of breath.


Time flew by as I got close to the Young Master and smelled his body scent.


“It was a very meaningful and glorious time, Young Duke.”


Manellano shook hands with the Young Master in the wheelchair.


No matter where he went, his blank face was once again confident and relaxed.


Still, I couldn’t hide my concerns.


‘Can I leave it as it is— Manellano, isn’t he doing this because he has evil intentions?’


Meanwhile, the Young Master looked up at him and stretched out his arm.


Contrary to concerns, the handshake between the two was light. Rather, it was even rough.


As soon as they shook hands, both of them put their hands down at the same time.


‘—But why are they both like that?’


Well, anyway, I waited patiently, so it was my turn to get what I want.


I raised one hand, covered my mouth, and whispered to the Young Master.


“Young Master, let’s go to the room. Hurry up.”


I tried to endure it as much as possible, but there was a feeling of urging.


Edric also frowned as if he felt it. At the same time, his mouth was relaxed again.


As expected, this place seems uncomfortable.


However, it seems that my words were heard by others. 


Manellano reacted, perhaps because he had a bright ear like a natural warrior.


As we were about to head out, he stopped. He looked at me with a hardened face. 


It was even more serious than when I turned down the offer earlier.


‘—No way, do you still want to hold me as an excuse to give directions?’


He’s a weirdo, but I don’t know why he’s doing that. He was succeeded in bothering me rather than the Young Master, and he even met the Young Master now.


I didn’t want to waste my time for nothing, so I urged the Young Master with my eyes.


He nodded as if he understood my intention properly. Somehow, I could see a little bit of satisfaction. 


‘He’s calmer today.’


Still, I hope he’s not being calm when he slaps me on the cheek.


The harder he hit, the better the effect seems to be.


‘I look forward to it.’ 


I hummed and pushed the Young Master’s wheelchair out.


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  1. “When you return, I will slap you in the face as you wish. So stay calm.”

    “I know!!! As soon as we go up, I’ll do as much as you want! No pillows!! Only with bare hands!!!”