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In the hallway, after talking to Oliver.


I looked out the window and looked at the loud thunderbolts, and I was worried.


‘Our Young Master will stay up all night—’


He has the trauma of a thunderous or stormy day like this.


There have been past episodes related to this in the original story.


It broke the house window when his mother was away, and he suffered from a severe cold because he couldn’t clean it up properly.


‘At that time, Edric almost died—’


Since then, Edric has been afraid of rainy days, especially on such thunderous days.


Then he can’t be left alone.


I turned and headed back to the Young Master’s room.


After a while, I arrived in front of the door through which I had entered and encountered servant Hyung, who had changed and gone inside.


Then I saw the Young Master buried in the blanket after a long time.


Is he crouching or trembling—The blanket was shaking slightly.


I took a longer step than usual towards the bed and supported the sinking neck.


“Young Master, I’m here.”


 Srrk. The blanket covering him went down, and he revealed a frightened face.


The Young Master blinked a couple of times and asked me as if it was hard to believe that I was even here after seeing me.




“Yes, it is me.”


“… It’s shift time. What brings you here?”


With a friendly face, the Young Master asked. As I expected, his voice was trembling thinly.


I crossed my arms with a teary face, grabbed my shoulder, and approached him.


“I, I’m so scared because it’s thundering right now. Can I sleep with the Young Master tonight?”




He looked at me blankly, with a face more shocked than before.


Is there something you’re scared of? No, it’s weirder than that— he seemed suspicious.


“…There are many other people in your room.”


“It’s a different bed. I need someone to hug me tight when I’m scared. That will calm me down.”


Before the Young Master could say anything, I quickly added.


“But I can’t hug them and sleep. It’s dirty. Young Master knows, right? The third-generation Hyung with athlete’s foot is on the bed next to me.”


At that point, the Young Master immediately agreed.


But he hesitated for a moment as he didn’t want to sleep with me. His cheeks are red, and he can’t even make eye contact—.


But I came all the way here, so I can’t back down.


“Can’t we just sleep holding hands?”




“Just hands. Please?” 




“Young Master, you believe me right? Yes?” 


‘That’s just Lobel’; It was only after several clingy times that he nodded slowly.


However, his gaze was still down diagonally.


It didn’t seem easy, but I pretended not to know. He’ll be in more trouble and difficulty if I leave it alone.


Fortunately, the Young Master agrees today. 


“Then… Just for today.” 




As soon as I got permission, I quickly went up to bed.


The Young Master looked at me awkwardly and moved to the side using his arm steps.


Soon after, I lay face to face and reached out to the Young Master. Then he slowly placed his wriggling hand on my hand.




I held it tight and laughed.


His head was still facing the window. So I couldn’t see the expression.


However, the trembling had stopped entirely.


Also, my condition has improved. It feels like good blood is flowing through my body. I wasn’t aiming for this today, though.


Ah…Wait. Then should I shout ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman’ in winter then?


If we make a snowman, wouldn’t we be able to hold hands one more time as an excuse?


‘No, it snows only in the north where Manellano is. We can’t do it here—’


As I fell into regret, I suddenly heard the Young Master’s voice.




I don’t know when, but the Young Master is lying down and staring at me.


However, unlike a while ago, there was no sign of fear or shame.


Instead, he clasped my hands and asked in a subdued voice.


“You don’t want to go to Manellano and build a snowman, do you?”


…Did I say it out loud again?




That night, Oliver couldn’t sleep.


The more he thought about it, the more strange it was.


Who and why was this newspaper from four years ago given to him?


In the past, some people sometimes asked him if he knew anything about the incident, but that is a thing of the past.


It felt like a bug crawling all over the body.


But he endured it.


‘I’m leaving soon, so there’s no need to scratch it.’


But after that, weirder things happened.


Every day, there was a piece of paper stuck in the gap in the door.


[I know what you did in the Lezandar House. If you don’t want to be known, go out on all your feet.]


He felt like he was out of breath.


He gritted his teeth while looking at the letter containing the same content today.


‘…Damn it.’


In case anyone else in the hallway might see it, he quickly shoved the paper into his arms. He entered the room, took out the crumpled letter again, and opened it.


The handwriting was quite different from that Young Master, whom he had been tired of seeing until a while ago, and it was clear that he had received an education as high as himself.


Who could it be?


‘What the hell did you want to do this— And how do you know what I did?’


He wondered if the Duchess was trying to keep him silent, but he concluded it wasn’t.


Except for things related to Young Master, he is a great man who pursues perfection externally, so he will not leave a stigma in Denkart.


Even the next day, when the doubts deepened, there was a letter.


Oliver had to find sleeping pills and tranquillizers, which he barely gave up a year ago.


It was the same the next day.


Now it seems that all the servants who make eye contact are suspicious of him.


‘Who is that among them—?’


He gasped, feeling as if his throat was going to be strangled.


Why the hell? How did he find out about that day? He left no evidence—.


No matter how much he looked, he couldn’t find an answer.


Most of the motives for the crime are said to be a grudge, but there were only people he saw it for the first time.


Confusion mental and physical weakness is getting worse, and the threat of unknowns has gotten stronger. Now all the medicines in the medicine box have run out.


There was no more ingenuity to hold out.




Oliver suddenly disappeared from the mansion. With just one letter of apology left.


The wind engulfed the Young Master in all kinds of false rumours.


Among the successors of Denkart, there was no case where the Young Master’s tutor had escaped in this way.


He even threw things in the past, so there was talk that the Young Master had everything to do with it.


There were also strange rumors among them, such as the poor attitude in class or clenching his hand at his teacher.


They tolerated no exceptions except for the teacher’s retirement due to a chronic illness or an unfortunate accident.


“…Are you okay?”


Rimson Hyung heard the news and called me to the backyard separately.


“Hyung, why don’t you comfort the Young Master yourself? Young Master would like it even if he  pretended not to.”


“That’s… You… It’s because I’m more worried about you than the Young Master.”


For me, the person who did this, I laughed awkwardly because it was too much concern.


In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about the bottom line as if there was a vague passage about Oliver Tudor in the original story.


After shaking my head, I went to the butler. Is there anything I can find about Oliver Tudor?


[Despite the commotion, he was a great teacher of two Young Master of Lezandar]




Yeah… Lezandar…….


Why couldn’t I think of the important family right away?


I went straight to the servant in charge of keeping the imperial newspaper.


He had come and said hello the other day, and he gladly asked me to read the newspaper.


He was glad that even the Madam didn’t come to this storage room. This is because she always reads new newspapers every morning.


He said bitterly that the last person to read the newspaper was the deceased Duke of Denkart.


Anyway, thanks to that, memories and records were merged. It also opened the following events in an instant.


“More than that… Didn’t the Young Master say that it didn’t matter? You’re the only one… Don’t worry….” 


I can’t even say that I actually threatened him and sent him out. Tsk.


I comforted Hyung because I felt guilty for him continuing to worry.


“If it’s me, don’t worry.”


“…Whoa. No matter how one and only successor is,they can’t ignore tradition….”


“I’ll take care of that, too.”


Hyung didn’t seem to believe me.


He sighed and tapped my shoulder.


“From now on…It will be harder. I guess you could go down to the countryside with the Young Master and start farming….”


The Hyung, whose eyes were red, said something strange, so I ignored it.


Hyung called me from behind, but I didn’t stop.


The Young Master will be waiting for me.


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