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Edric hid tightly in the blanket.


He just couldn’t look at Lobel. 


In the meantime, it’s not enough for him to show such a poor attitude in class, to make even his teacher run away—.


He knew nothing about the history of this Denkart, but he knew that there was no case like him.


It was because the butler, who had always kept a smiling face, looked at Oliver with pity on the day he left.


He could hear the servants gossiping about the Duke’s reputation outside the open window.


He didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘loss’, but he could easily guess that it had a negative meaning with their voices.


‘Lovel to me… He must have been disappointed.’


It is not difficult to think of the face on which he smiles.


But he couldn’t imagine the boy’s face laughing at him like any other person.


He bit his torn lips again after biting for a long time. It didn’t even hurt anymore. This is because his heart is much stinging.




He often remembered Manellano and Lobel together. It seems that such an owner is more suitable for a servant like Lobel.


Not the owner who an ignorant, unable to walk, and unable to smile like himself.


He didn’t want to send the Lobel somewhere, but he thought he should.


This is because there was the last thing Manelano said to him.


[If you’re thinking of Lobel’s future, I think you should let him go.]


Edric rubbed his red eyes and said forcefully.


“…I hate it.” 


“What do you hate so much?” 




Edric didn’t even know he had spoken out his selfish mind. And the fact Lobel hear it.


When he was surprised, he heard a small laugh out of the blanket.


A strange thing followed that laughter.


He had just been afraid that Lobel would laugh at him, but now he felt so good.


Still, he couldn’t see Lobel in person. 


“Young Master. I didn’t eat anything to see you. Will you show me your face?”


At those words, Edric’s expression turned serious.


Lobel, who usually eats more than anyone else, and is obsessed with his blemishes, skips his meal.


He said anxiously while still not going out.


“…Why don’t you eat? You must eat.”


“How can I eat it when the Young Master doesn’t eat it? We’re always one heart.”


Lobel’s skipped meals are worrisome, but his comments made him feel better.


Lobel describes Edric as “falling into a complicated and delicate self-angument.”


“Shall we eat? I want to eat that pizza, how about it?”


“…Are you okay?”


“About what?”


It was a simple counter-question to the point where serious Edric lost his strength.


Edric sighed and asked him.


“Oliver disappeared, so I can’t be a successor forever—”


He barely swallowed the backwords.


Whether Lobel is acquainted with him or trusts him, he is the employee who signed the contract.


Of course, he will either become someone else’s servant or leave this place if he is not confident, unlike those who have been the servant of Denkart from generation to generation.


Just imagining it made the blood all over his body cool.


But, suddenly, with a happy voice, Lobel said.


“Honestly, I think it went well. How dare he evaluate our Young Master on the subject of Olive?”




“Oh, that Oliver brat. I used to call it Olive. The name is similar to Olive. But he wasn’t enough to teach our Young Master. Because of it I became disgusted with even olives. Because of him, I couldn’t eat olives until yesterday.”


Lobel muttered incredulously that he could eat pizza again, which he hadn’t eaten in a while.


He asked the kitchen maid to put a lot of olive toppings and eat them together with the Young Master.


Everyone said he was wrong, but Lobel didn’t.


When Edric, who was a little relieved, lowered the blanket very slightly, he could see Lobel.


When did he get up on the bed again? Lobel was smiling broadly next to him, revealing his neat teeth.


He soon took a handkerchief out of his arms and put it right in front of Edric’s nose.


“Okay now, hng. Nose, hng.” 


“…I don’t want to. It’s dirty.” 


“What do you mean dirty, Young Master? You’re not dirty at all. You are always cleaner and prettier than me. When my mother sees me and the Young Master, don’t you think she will say that you are much prettier?”




At that, Edric blinked his red eyes wide.


Come to think of it; he had never heard of Lobel’s family. Even though Lobel knows everything about his family.


He perked up his ears the entire time he wiped his face, just in case he told another story.


He was curious.


Would his mother resemble Lobel? Who inherited the fine silver hair?


Would his mother have big eyes full of emotions on thin double eyelids, a small but smooth nose, and a big mouth—.


However, Lobel did not answer his curiosity.


He grabbed his stomach and made noises while pretending to be hungry.


“P, please save Lobel… Mom… Your handsome son is starving to death… The Young Master doesn’t even show any….” 


“…Do it.” 




As if when he had grabbed his stomach and crouched down, Lobel jumped up and pulled the rope.


Then he ran to the door and said something to the other servants.


While staring blankly at Lobel’s back, who was making gestures while moving his hands hard, Edric rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.


And he smiled like a fool with his head down.


‘…Nothing happened.’


The delusions that had been bothering him vanished in an instant as if washed away.


This is because no matter what happens later, nothing happens right now.


Lobel is by his side; he smiles and eats together.


As usual. 


Edric was deeply relieved at that fact.


“Young Master, please be patient. I’ll get you a good teacher.”


“They said no to that. It’s against tradition—”


As he spoke hesitantly, Edric felt a strange sense of déjà vu.


‘Now that I think about it, Lobel said he would kick out the teacher before… No way. Lobel didn’t do it this time, right?’


Looking suspiciously, he saw Lobel’s face as he chewed on pizza. He seems to be deep in thought.


Even if it was true that Lobel had kicked Oliver out, Edric didn’t blame him.


Because Lobel was the first person who made him sick enough to make a decision other than to act violently and make his dream come true.


Lobel put the last slice of pizza in his mouth and swallowed it well, gulping it.


“I asked the butler, and there’s only one way.”


This time, it’s a lie.


If there were such a thing, the butler wouldn’t have made the expression as if the sky was collapsing in the morning.


Edrick, who had lost his appetite again, stretched out his arms as if the pizza in his hand was a stone.


Then Lobel naturally supported it with one hand and said.


“There is only one person in this family. A person who has the same educational qualifications as a tutor.”




“I’ll tell you when you eat this.”


Lobel smiled meaningfully and slowly lifted his hand and placed it to the corner of his mouth to eat.


Edric ate it while frowning with a grumpy face.


It wasn’t until a few days later that Edric found out.


Who was the person Lobel was talking about.




Arif simply finished a few reports to the Duchess.


“He’s leaning writing from Lobel… I see.”


She can’t believe the Duke’s son learns to write from his servant.


Even in the story that other nobles would be surprised to hear, she only smiled softly and moderately.


The dignified attitude is no different from usual, but the atmosphere has changed faintly.


Looking around the garden, she looked better than ever.


She did.


It was unexpected for her to see Oliver disappear from her mansion without notice. But there was nothing better than this.


There was talk of just how eccentric the successor would be if the teacher, who had taught many aristocrats self-discipline, escaped at night.


Now she didn’t have to step up and make anything.


She stared at the soil of the well-groomed garden by the gardener. It’s soft and shiny.


However, in the future, the place where Edric will live will be a barren area where it will be difficult to push a wheelchair or use crutches. It was a shabby residence suitable for the subject.


However, she tried to clean up her finish.


“Find Oliver and find out what happened.”


After revealing the reason, it was an instruction that included the meaning of silence.


Arif, who immediately recognized the truth, gave a short reply.


“Yes I understand.”


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