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It was the face of a faithful knight without a doubt.


When there was silence for a while, the Duchess first followed the garden’s path. It was a relaxing and light walk.


Arif, who was looking at her back, tried to call her and then close his mouth tightly.




He caught the words he couldn’t spit out in his throat like a big thorn.


‘Young Master hung a piece of paper with the name of him and Lobel on it, and I saw the Young Master taking a step forward—’


Closing his eyes, he slowly shook his head after speaking to himself several times.


‘No, these are the children who will be kicked out anyway….’


It was the first time in this mansion that there was a small picture frame about the size of a span, and it wouldn’t change much if he moved just one step.


‘Even if the Duchess finds out, it will be irritating… I think it’s okay to cover this much.’


Disobeying the master’s orders is against chivalry and is clearly wrong.


However, he has already done cowardly things against the weak who can’t even walk and damaged chivalry. Wouldn’t it be okay to use this level of hypocrisy—?


After a long thought, Arif left the garden. The complexion was as gloomy as before.


He saw a boy eating bread next to a swan-shaped topiary as he approached the entrance.


His cheeks puffed up quickly as he chewed the bread in the brown paper bag.


Come to think of it, his eyes were big, and he looked like a squirrel. But when he smiles, he looks like a fox.


Feeling a presence, Lobel’s purple eyes immediately turned to Arif.


Soon his eyes were curved into a beautiful half-moon.


“Arif Hyung.” 


Lobel approached with a bag of half leftover bread and tied it up.


Then he quickly handed him the new paper bag he had in his other hand.


“Here you go. It’s well-baked today.”


He unconsciously received a bag of bread.


But rather than the bread that might have been inside, he wondered why Lobel was here at this time.


He was going to ask why, but Lobel was quick.


He took a step ahead.


“Let’s go.”




The destinations of the two were the same anyway.


He could have asked the purpose on the way, so Arif moved at his pace.


At the same time, he looked at the boy’s side, just under his shoulder.


The bread crumbs around the mouth have not been removed yet. He had a fragile face to come to watch.


Even before asking what was going on, Lobel said.


“I came because I wanted to see Hyung’s handsome face. You know, I’m very interested in Hyung, and Hyung is also interested in me.”




Arif thought— this boy named Lobel was more difficult to deal with than the Duchess.


Because he had no idea how to react.


He thought it was difficult, but Lobel, who was walking side by side, turned his head and squinted one eye. There was not even a single concern about his master on his face.


Yeah. Despite the Young Master’s news, Lobel was more consistent than anyone else.


Arif was a little relieved by this fact. He was worried because he knew about the close relationship between the two boys.


Even though it is ridiculous hypocrisy to harm his master.


“But Hyung looks more handsome today.”


“…Thank you for the compliment.”


“It’s true. What do you mean? Thanks to Hyung’s handsome face, I’m always thankful these days.”


Arif thought it was strange because it was a really pleasant face.


But soon, Arif felt someone’s presence and raised his head.


It was the energy that only knights who had trained their senses for a long time could sense.


It was on the second-floor terrace.


From there, he could see the Young Master looking down at him without any expression.


No one else knows, but Arif could accurately read the truth hidden in his eyes.


He was staring at him almost as if he was about to kill him.




Arif bowed to the Young Master in trouble, but the Young Master didn’t even look at him anymore.


He turned in his eyes the direction he was, but he was looking at only one object.


Eventually, Arif spoke up.


“…I have a place to stop by.”




Lobel, who was walking and only looking straight ahead, turned his head and asked.


Arif, who is not good at lying, answered slowly.


“…To the training ground.” 


There was no afternoon training on a sunny day like today.


However, he was forced to lie to face the opposite direction to Lobel.


While looking at Arif curiously, the smiling Lobel stretched out and said.


“Okay. I should go to work first.”


It sounded like he was doing nothing.


In fact, recently, Lobel often dozed off while teaching Edric how to write.


This is because Lobel’s role was to tell him a few things and review whether he wrote it properly. When Edric wrote, his eyes gradually closed while looking at him.


While waiting in front of the door, he opened the door slightly without hesitation.


Through that gap, he peeked at the two boys.


He saw Edric supporting Lobel’s forehead, who had almost banged his head on the desk while dozing off.


The Young Master, who is right-handed, barely moved the fountain pen with his left hand. His hand was on the paper, but his eyes didn’t fall from the servant.


It was then that Arif saw the Young Master smile for the first time. It was a soft and small smile like a sprout that just sprouted in spring.


The image was clearly engraved on it, so he couldn’t tell the Duchess what happened today.


“Anyway, Arif Hyung. You’ve worked hard.” 


Arif smiled bitterly as he turned his back to Lobel, waving his clenched fist in encouragement.


He thought he should give this bread to another colleague because he would have an upset stomach if he ate it.




From the moment I entered the room, the Young Master had an uncomfortable face for some reason.


‘…Was today’s menu bad? Or did Rimson Hyung say something else funny while I was away?’


I sat next to him and wondered, but the Young Master looked at me complicatedly, made a gloomy face, and soon sighed and glanced at the seat next to the bed.


It was permission to come up.


I don’t know when there are other people, but sometimes when there are only the two of us, the Young Master gave me a seat next to him.


It was from the day after I was trembling about the fear of thunder and lightning.


I quickly climbed onto the bed like a hyena running towards its prey.


Then, the Young Master looked at me. It was a uniquely gorgeous yet melancholy face.


He hesitated and asked me.


“Lobel. About the teacher, was it you?”


“You wish it were me, right?”


‘That’s true, but…’ he closed his lips. He seems to confirm this.


It was, however, a story that he couldn’t create in the first place.


No matter how much Edric trusts me, I can’t be a full-time teacher.


I smiled softly and gently touched Edric’s hand. Embarrassed, he tried to pull his hand away and let it go.


Compared to the Young Master, who always has cold hands and feet, I am like a boiling stove all year round.


That’s why the Young Master seems to think it’s okay for me to hold hands.


‘These days, he is paying more attention to his health…’


It’s a really good change.


‘If it was the original, I would have been suffering from the Madam all the time by now—.’


It was a bittersweet thought, but I quickly erased it from my mind.


As much as possible, I tried not to recall what happened in the past and the contents of the original story.


Because right now, I want to be faithful to the present with the Young Master.


“I heard it from the butler. I… I think I’m going somewhere else soon.”


The Young Master couldn’t make eye contact with me, and he couldn’t let go of my hand.


He bit his lip several times and swallowed his dry saliva before asking me.


“Still… Will you follow me?”


“Why do you ask something obvious?”




“If there is no Young Master, there will be no me either.” 


It’s true.


I didn’t know what would happen next, such as unknown possessed and regression.


If I fall apart from the Young Master and die, will there be a return next time?


Well, I was skeptical about the possibility.




“Why am I so sad now?”


When I said that it was sad that he didn’t believe me, the Young Master’s cheeks turned red.


He nodded slowly and muttered.


“…I trust you.” 


“Yes. Don’t trust anyone other than me.”


It’s true.


Arif Hyung has also been protecting us recently, but— I don’t know when he’ll change his mind again.


Ah, but Rimson Hyung is a little different.


Then I said, imagining a sullen face with chubby brown hair.


“You can half trust Rimson Hyung.”


“…Is that servant special to you?”


But the eyes, which had been curved beautifully a while ago, suddenly narrowed.


‘…Didn’t you get along well with Rimson Hyung?’


It was a little strange, but soon I realized what he meant.


I’m the first one to make friends with the Young Master, so it would be sad to say that I get along better with other people.


I nodded seriously. 


“Of course. It’s special.” 




“But for me, Young Master is the most special. It’s incomparable.”


After a brief pause, the Young Master said, ‘What…?’ He muttered something faintly and turned his head.


But I can see everything—the one where the corners of his mouth keep going up.


Cute, so cute. 


I held back my ticklish laughter, so I asked him while coughing in vain.


“Shall we go out for a bit tomorrow?”


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