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The streets of the prosperous new city were crowded with people. 


It seemed that it had driven all the people of the Empire here.


Edric stared out the window with curious eyes.


The towering buildings, the theatre in the distance, and the carriage path were astonishing as if from another world.


However, unlike him, who admired everything he saw, Lobel was determined.


Sitting on the other side, he looked hard out the window as if he were looking for something.


Rarely, he has a serious face without a smile.


Edric suddenly became curious about such Lobel.


‘Where was Rovell before he came to Denkart—?’


Some of Denkart’s servants come from the southeast as well as other parts of the empire.


In particular, it was a middle-aged man from the West who grew special plants in the glasshouse.


But when Edric walked out to the terrace to see Lobel leave for a meal, he saw the gardener and Lobel talking.


‘Where did he learn dialects and even ancient languages—?’


Only when Lobel waved one hand in front of him did his thoughts stop.


Lobel took his eyes off the window and looked at him for some time.


“Young Master? What are you thinking?”


“…It’s just… Nothing.” 


When he stuttered, Lobel tilted his head and soon smiled.


“You like it, right? It’s also  my first time here, so I like it.”


As he nodded his head slightly, Lobel pointed his index finger out the window and said.


“Did you see that? I heard from other Hyungs that there are many delicious restaurants in that alley over there. What do you want to eat? Oh, and there’s a street vendor—”


Edric looked at Lobel as he listened to those words and thought about it.


Lobel is a bright and clever boy who can easily drive out nobles his age.


So, of course, he would have learned both ancient and dialects well because it’s Lobel.


Since then, Lobel has acted like Lobel. 


Having already heard a lot from other servants, he moved well. After stopping nearby, he pointed to the horseman from place to place on the map.


When he looked out of the window from the inside, he circled some places in red on the map.


He was happy, but he had some doubts.


‘…Why is the cart following me?’


He glanced at the carts that had been following him all the time.


‘Come to think of it, a few familiar servants were also riding it in the morning—’


But he soon stopped thinking.


Edric looked at Lobel as he got into the carriage with eyes of infinite trust.


‘Lobel should have taken care of everything.’


In his life, no one has done anything for him like Lobel.


He found his crutches at the risk of punishment and was not shaken by the Duchess or other nobles.


Recently, even when he was anxious, Lobel promised to do his best as his servant until the end.


There was no regret or any other desire to remain here on his face when he said that.


‘Lobel is sincere to me.’


He scratched his cheek as if puzzled by those eyes but then smiled.


Because of Edric’s inability to walk, the two couldn’t climb the tower with the finest view, but they got down on a small hill and an area with few people and looked around.


Lobel bought sweet snacks or snacks that Edrick didn’t even know.


Edric looked sadly at Lobel’s back, who was moving away from him every time it happened.


‘Me too… If we go together….’


He sometimes talked about something like a wish on his birthday with his late mother.


When his leg is healed, let’s walk around the village all day to the point where his legs hurt.


He did it even though he knew it was a wish that couldn’t come true.


And since his mother’s death, Edric has vowed never to dream such a foolish dream.


When he looked up to Lobel, which was now overshadowed by a large building, he couldn’t help but remember such a foolish dream.


When his leg healed, he wanted to spend the entire day walking along this street with Lobel. To the point where his legs don’t hurt.


“Young Master, here.” 


Without taking it right away, Edric stared at the two glasses in his hands, the sweat running down his forehead and his lips breathing a little rough.


He didn’t want to take it, but Lobel pushed the glass further forward.


He had no choice but to receive it. Then his heart became so heavy that it hurt.


As he touched the cup with his head down, Lobel asked.


“Are you full?”




Edric lied to Lobel for the first time that day.




The night scenery shone beautifully outside the stopped carriage.


Edric stared blankly out the window.


‘I didn’t expect to stay this late….’


He thought that it must have been that the woman had given him the last act of generosity.


No, she may have been pretending to give. She was the woman who did something like that. 


But Lobel was different. He was always honest.


Edric stared at Lobel across from him with eyes full of trust.


He couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful scenery outside.


But suddenly, he frowned, and a sigh came out.


‘…Oh, it’s finally here.’


When Lobel knocked on the carriage window a couple of times, the carriage moved. Unlike in the daytime, even on a quiet street, the speed was too fast.


Lobel approached and sat next to him as the wind shook his body. Then he held his hand tightly and supported it.


“We’ll leave as soon as the carriage stops.”


Edric, who was about to ask where he was going, was startled.


Lobel was the one who didn’t care, even in front of Blivan. 


But there was a lot of tension in his face.


It was enough to make him nervous together.


“The Young Master can sit in a wheelchair and throw in the direction I am pointing. therefore— that slate.”




“Yes. Ancient language stone slabs.”


Edric nodded that he knew, although he didn’t know what it meant.


He judged the strange atmosphere of Lobel alone to be a special situation.


And finally, the carriage stopped, and Edric got off with Lobel’s help. 


“…What is this?”


On the wide road, he lined up ancient stone tablets larger than an adult’s upper body on the ground on the wide road.


It entirely blocks the carriage’s path.


‘Who put this here? …No, why is Lobel putting a big stone plate in my hand?’


It was even a stone plate bigger than the face. It was also quite heavy too. If the amount of food he ate were as small as before, it wouldn’t have been possible to lift it.


Looking at him curiously, Lobel covered the back of his hand, holding the slate with his own two hands.


It was strange.


Lobel’s hands were cold, unlike usual, and a cold sweat was on them.


“Young Master, do you trust me?”




“Then from now on, do what I tell you to do.”


He thought the ground was shaking for a second.


‘…What is this?’


Looking around, something black was approaching over the hill. It looked as if the whole night sky was moving.


He didn’t realize he was in the carriage line until he put strength in his eyes.


However, the most front row of coachmen was making crazy noise at them.


He was out of his mind. 


He couldn’t figure out what was going on right now, so he took turns looking at the carriage on the other side and Lobel.


But Lobel was calm.


He chinch a stone plate built like a domino.


“Young Master, hit the front slate with this.”




“Think of it like throwing a pillow at my face. And if you get hot later, get angry. It’s better if you swear.”


Edric thought it was strange, but he raised his arms as if something possessed him.


He didn’t even hear the swear words from the coachman telling him to get away and get rid of it.


Boom! Whoosh. 


The stone slabs Edric threw clashed and crashed noisily, filling the quiet night with commotion.


Following that, horse screams, squeaks, and sharp noises from the carriage’s sudden stop were mixed together, creating a mess.


As the dust grew thick, Lobel wrapped his face in his arms.


Soon later, when the dust cleared, the coachmen in the front row pierced blood vessels on their necks.


“How dare you block someone’s way! Get lost!”


Edric looked around with shaky eyes. He messed it up with big split slabs.


It was difficult to accept the fact that he had thrown that small stone plate and made it like this.


But then, the carriage door opened, and someone came out.


He was as tall as a carriage, and he was a blond man with an overwhelming atmosphere.


As soon as he came out, the coachman, who was talking so loud that his ears hurt, was terrified and bowed his head.


The blonde man came up to them, stroking his head with one hand.


Then he looked at the two boys, the remains of the slate that had been messed up on the ground and the relatively shabby wagon.



Edric held his breath without realizing it.


He didn’t seem like the same person.


Just one glance at him was as terrifying as if the blue blade was slashing his whole body.


And then, Edric doubted his eyes differently.


“W, whoaa! P, please save me!”




“I, I didn’t do that! I just did what the Young Master told me to do! It’s true! If you’re going to punish me, give it to the Young Master! A, and Young Masters said he wanted to play with toys that they read… it’s true! I didn’t do anything wrong!”


A frivolous cry in a strange tone rang out loudly.


Lobel took a few steps forward, fell flat on the floor, and prayed.


His back, who had always been proud, trembled shabbily.


He stared blankly at the sight of nothing realistic, and the man moved.


With strides as wide as a long leg, he strolled across the slab pieces.


The step stopped right in front of Lobel’s hand on the ground.


Then the man grabbed Lobel’s hair with one hand and lifted it. The large hands were so large and hard that the bones were terrified.


It shook Lobel’s head relentlessly as it hung.


“What are you doing! stop!!”


Edric shouted so loudly that his throat felt torn.


There has never been a time in his life that he was so angry, except when his mother died.


However, the mysterious man did not stop and look at Lobel and him. His eyes were indifferent, as if he was criticizing the value of things.


Eventually, angry at the tip of his head, Edric picked up the stone plate that fell on the floor and threw it in his face. 




However, he lightly grabbed the stone plate with the other hand while holding Lobel. No matter how many times he threw it, he was helpless.


He was going crazy because he was frustrated. Many swear words he heard in the slum spontaneously popped out of his mouth.


“You, you bad boy! Damn it! You punk! Lobel! Let go of Lobel! I told you to let go of Lobel! You trash!!!”




He threw Lobel on the floor like a package and walked towards him.


As the shadow grew longer, Edric’s body trembled with fear.


“I heard you have bad hand habits….”


A large, firm hand pulled Edric’s neck tightly.


Having met his thin bloody eyes head-on, he couldn’t breathe properly.


It was an overwhelming atmosphere even from afar, but seeing it from his nose, his neck numb.


Tell me where you learned the dog-like habit of swearing at your father, son.”


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