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Finally, the first step towards the role of a proper servant began.


I got up and moved more diligently than ever.


After taking a bath in the bluish dawn of the surroundings, I always went to the servant’s room.


And unlike the fear that the Young Master might get hurt, he was calm.


I neatly finished the bread and milk that I had prepared in advance the day before and emptied all the medicine bottles. Of course, I take care of my own too.


I cleaned the surroundings and put the medicine bottle in my pocket. I’ll have to look at the situation later and lick the bottle cap.


The Young Master looked at me in a familiar way.


…It’s rather strange that he seems to understand it, right?


“About Duke… I’ll just say what you told me yesterday, right?”


When I came back from cleaning up, the Young Master asked me in an enthusiastic manner. He seemed to be more focused than when he was using crutches.


However, because the term ‘father’ was unfamiliar to him, he blurred the end of his words.


I understood.


He can’t believe it when a man named Father, whom he meets for the first time in his life, treats him like a family member.


It would have been difficult for him to remember him even if the butler had shown him the portrait the other day, and of course, he had no affection.


Until now, the Duke had only handled the necessary procedures on paper and never ask for his son’s well-being through anyone. He didn’t even wonder.


It was the worst relationship of all.


“Yes, please do it.” 


I answered, enduring the bitterness.


Whoo, the Young Master took a deep breath and said. 


“I will take the successor class. So teach me… Lobel? Why do you look like that?”


…The Young Master had no idea what had gone wrong.


I tried to emphasize the importance of respect to him but soon changed my mind.


‘I’d rather do this during practice. First, let’s memorize it.’


Unlike me, who has a lot of experience with people, the Young Master didn’t talk much and didn’t have a proper conversation experience.


It might be better to change it while practicing like a role play.


In the first place, the chaos in the capital was also in mind so that if he encountered the Duke in the mansion, the Young Master would be timid and wouldn’t be able to say anything.


As I was silent, the Young Master asked with an anxious expression.


“…What did I do wrong?”


“It’s all right. You can do more.”




Having gained courage, the Young Master practiced hard again.


After repeating this several times, someone knocked and entered the room.


I recognized him at a glance.


‘The man who was in the same carriage as the Duke yesterday.’


His neat appearance, calm atmosphere, and brilliant eyes made him like the Duke’s style.


In short, it means that he looks like he’s doing a great job.


It looks like he’s the Duke’s trusted aide—.


“Greetings. I’m Denian Ronfeller, Duke Denkart’s assistant.”


As expected from me.


“I came here on the order of the Duke.”


There was the butler behind the polite greeting. His face was very haggard.


There’s no way the butler didn’t know about the commotion yesterday. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep all night because of the butler’s temper.


I looked sorry at the butler, but the aide’s eyes touched mine— Ah.


‘By the way, this person saw my clumsy performance yesterday. Should I pretend to be frivolous again like yesterday?’


Hesitating, he turned to the Young Master again.


‘There’s no way you can care about a servant like me. By the way, I think he’s going to inform him that it’s his turn to go see the Duke soon—’


Just thinking about the inhumanely beautiful and cool man made me nervous.


His presence was overwhelming, even though I had only seen him for a moment that night.


He was the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met in my life.


To borrow the expression of my parents, it would be ‘A person who should be avoided by closing the store first, no matter how much they pay if you think they will come as a customer.’


But it’s impossible.


From now on, we have to go to the capital townhouse or something and open the gate to live.


‘So if they meet well this time—’


But in the next moment, the words of the aide were completely unexpected to me.


“He told you to go out.” 






As if surprised by the unexpected situation, the Young Master turned his head to look at me.


“I have an order from the Duke to get you out of the mansion right away.” 




Denian Ronfeller, the Duke of Denkart’s aide, was uncomfortable from the morning as if a stone had been laid on his mind.


Apart from the touching reunion of the father and son that he imagined, it was because of the Master’s harsh treatment towards his son.


‘As soon as the sun rises, you kick your son out the door—’


To make matters worse, the situation outside the mansion was not good.


There was no room to step onto the huge carriage that the Duke had brought.


It’s too much for a boy with bad legs to walk around. Obviously, wheelchairs will also be difficult to move properly.


The Young Master was worried, despite the huge importance or value of the goods housed within.


Others were also worried about it, but the Duke was calm. There was not even the slightest bit of affection for his son in his indifferent eyes and upright posture.


It wasn’t even for his son that he summoned the butler and questioned him in the morning; it was about his young servant.


[Explain what kind of brat that servant is.] 


Denian clearly remembered the young servant who was with the Young Master.


If he couldn’t remember, he would have had to remove the title of the Duke of Denkart’s aide.


In such a situation, how could he forget the dirty guy who said it was his master’s fault?


But the butler spoke with a very serious tone.


[This is a child named Lobel, who is from West Lerka and is hired this time. Lobel treats the Young Master with the utmost sincerity than anyone else.]


Thanks to that child, the Young Master has improved a lot, and although there are some shortcomings, there is no other servant who is more sincere to the Young Master than Lobel—.


Because he couldn’t see it, the aide thought that the butler had aged more.


He can’t believe he’s so soft-hearted that he’s making up words to protect the servant.


[Madam acknowledged his loyalty—]


[Enough. Get out.]


The Master, who seemed to be guessing by himself, ordered him with a bored face.


And then he orders him.


[ When the day is bright, let them both out. ]




The aide stood next to a black carriage that was lined up outside the front door.


He was a strong adult guy who had to bend his head back to view the ceiling of the large carriage.


The carriages were all engraved with the same pattern. The pattern in which two X-shaped swords are wrapped in chains is admired by the imperial people.


When anyone looked at it, their eyes lit up or they spit out an exclamation. His sons were surprised at first when they saw the carriage.


They’re going to like it, right?’


The aide glanced at the two boys in anticipation.


But they look indifferent. 


In particular, Edric didn’t even pay attention to the carriage and only looked at the servant.


‘The Young Master is also very naive.’


Even after being in such a situation the day before, he seemed to rely on the servant because they were the same age.


‘…I can’t trust that servant, but there’s nothing I can do.’


In his mind, he wanted other servants to accompany him, but he couldn’t add it because the person directly involved was like that.


The Master had no specific order to punish the servant. The butler was about to beg him more, so it would have been useless to step forward.


Above all, it was difficult for him to fulfill only the orders of his master.


“Young Master. Between the carriage, the Duke is—” 


He caught his breath as his words and sighs were about to come out.


Aside from sending the Young Master out, the next order was even more amazing.


“…I was told to tell the Young Master to look for a carriage containing the stone slabs that the Young Master had thrown away yesterday, as well as the three different types of stone slabs you had placed along the road.”


He had been through a lot while serving him, but it was the Duke’s order that shocked him the most.


“In other words, the four stone slabs here… He ordered you to find it yourself.”


It’s easy to say, and they all look the same.


No matter how experienced an archaeologist is, it is difficult to find them all in a day.


It was difficult to take out such a huge amount.


The next word is more important, but his throat is choked.


“If you don’t—”


He couldn’t convey the Duke’s intentions, saying, “It’s an expel.”


So he said in a difficult way.


“…He said that it would be difficult to use the last name of Denkart again.”


The aide was concerned about his reaction.


He lived as a commoner, and since he enjoyed the luxurious and luxurious life of aristocrats, he wouldn’t want to give up.


If the Young Master was horrified or shouted as he did yesterday, he would try to calm him down.


But the Young Master had an indifferent face.




The aide was astonished inwardly to see a completely different look from the way he spits harsh abusive language at the Duke yesterday.


Moreover, instead of arguing or asking his aide, he stared intently at the servant waiting behind him.


It was familiar as if he had seen it somewhere.


So— When the children look at his wife, or, more precisely, when he waits for advice from her, who is the most intelligent woman in the empire, before an important decision—.


It was the cheerful voice of the servant who broke through the heavy silence.


“Then you’re saying that if the Young Master finds the stone slabs, he can go right back in?”


It sounded similar to the frivolous voice from yesterday, yet different.


Before he could properly grasp the question, he first sensed the strangeness.


‘…Why are you smiling?’ 


The corner of the servant’s lips curled up slightly, and his eyes were overflowing with confidence.


Strangely enough, the servant swept his chin and looked around.


It was like a carriage, where only an adult could barely pass, and the narrow gap between the front and back of the carriage, or the appearance of a carriage that looked the same.


The servant, who had been watching the carriage with sharp eyes, returned to his gentle face. 


It was the face of a young child.


“But, aide. Why did the Duke bring all these things to the mansion?”


His bright face was full of pure curiosity.


So the aide, who was trying to answer him unconsciously, bit his mouth. He almost made a mistake.


He almost revealed the top-secret mission he received from the imperial family, no matter how young a child he is.


Lobel bowed his head as if reflecting on his sudden, hardened atmosphere.


“I was rude…I’m sorry.”


“It’s all right.


The aide, who answered neatly, told the Young Master to be careful not to break the stone slabs.


Meanwhile, Lobel whispered to the Young Master.


Then the Young Master was startled and shook his head.


“No way!”


“It’ll only take a moment. It’s better to finish it quickly than to stay here and go in and rest together.”


“That’s true, but—”


—Why are these kids so calm? Why are they holding hands?? Was the Young Master that kind of person?


The aide stared blankly, while the servant sat in front of the Young Master.


He was waiting as if to carry him on his back.


After hesitating for a moment, the Young Master finally got up and grabbed the handle of the wheelchair as if he had made up his mind.




How did he get such strength from such a skinny body?


The servant skillfully carried the Young Master. The Young Master’s legs, as thin as his arms, hung over them.


But he saw something stranger than the strange sight.


Edric’s expression was clearly distorted as he buried his head in the servant’s shoulder.


But the corners of his lips kept rising.


‘…Why is the Young Master smiling again?’


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