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“Yeah. Don’t be discouraged even if you go… Just make sure you stay close to the Young Master.”


Hearing the obvious, they nodded their heads.


But Weasel Hyung, who had been listening with his arms crossed the whole time, snorted.


“Why are you guys making such a fuss? After all, the Young Master should only enjoy it until he gets married. Well, does he even need to drag until the wedding? When he gets engaged, it’s over.”


Weasel Hyung’s words, which seemed to hurt, brought everyone to their senses.


Even Rimson Hyung slapped his head in the back, saying, ‘Take care of yourself, bastard.’


“Ouch! What did I say wrong?! Everyone knows! You’ll follow there and see what’s good!”




The Hyungs looked at each other, and finally, they looked at me.


“That…Lobel. Of course, it’s because the Young Master is a noble… Engaged and getting married… Lobel, you know that, right?” 


“Why are you using a tone that you don’t normally use? It’s gross.”


“Anyway, don’t be so heartbroken. When you’re young… You meet a lot of people and break up. Before my grandfather met my grandmother—”


I thought as I listened to Rimson Hyung’s strange words.


Well, I know who will be engaged to Young Master Edric and his marriage partner. So, it’s an engagement, and whoever he marries shouldn’t surprise me.


But— these innocent Hyungs will be surprised to find out later, right?


“And… and the child… You know that’s the duty of nobles, right?”


My silence somehow made their eyes more cautious.


Whoo, how naive—.


As protection against future shocks, I began to speak up.


“Of course. Young Master is a nobleman, so he can be engaged.”


“Y, yeah, I’m glad you understand.”


“But, Hyungs.” 


I said softly to the Hyungs, who were sweeping their chests.


“You know what? The Young Master can get engaged, but he can also break off his engagement.”




“Getting married and going to have kids, but— Is there a law that tells you to have a baby yourself? It was fine to adopt.”


“…A, a, adoption?” 




Everyone was like people who heard stories that shouldn’t exist in the world.


I mean, why? In the original story, the Crown Prince adopted a child.


“Yes. Adoption. Besides, there are many good people on the collateral line, right? There may be no need for adoption.” 


The character and environment of the Young Master have already changed significantly compared to the original so that he can use other methods.


When I explained kindly with such a possibility in mind, Rimson Hyung was terrified.


“…Y, y, you! C, crazy punk! Are you already making plans for your children!!!!—”


My shocked Hyungs looked at me in amazement.


I smiled at such innocent Hyungs.


“I’m talking about the Young Master. What are you talking about? The plans for his children were not made by me but by the Young Master himself.”




Emily liked children long before she became Denkart’s hostess.


Looking at the innocent children made her feel good.


She felt suffocated when she went to a social gathering full of deception and hypocrisy, but she thought she could breathe easily when she saw the children.


So, in addition to the family’s regular volunteer schedule, she took time to volunteer at the orphanage.


[Hey, Emily. Please stop it. ]


Her mother was very worried about Emily.


[Pick your accessories to attend the party]


[Mother, children are prettier than accessories. Doesn’t everyone look like an angel? ]


[You’re so— You love other people’s children this much, but how can you think they’re adorable?]


But God is indifferent.


Emily, who loved children more than anyone else, turned out to be unable to have children. She had no way out, no matter what the people who came from the palace tried to do anything.


Since then, Emily has been unable to attend the orphanage. And she’s getting further away from the children.


However, as time passed, she met Edric Denkart.


‘…I hate it.’


Emily had a strong hatred for the child when she first saw him.


She can’t believe it when she sees a dull green-eyed child that resembles that woman and her husband breathing in front of her.


She hated him so much that she wanted to get rid of him right away.


The terrible feeling of falling on the dirt floor still bothers her to this day.


‘Really… you’re taking him to the capital?’


Emily looked at the group of servants loading the carriage.


The child’s belongings will be there too.


She couldn’t believe her eyes.


A husband who doesn’t even look at a normal person, who strictly follows the rules during his parents’ funeral—. Why had he been so kind to the child?


She even heard a strange delusion that he had tried to take him from the beginning.


Emily clasped the hem of her fine dress with her hand.


But Emily was a more experienced Lady, more than anyone else, who could control all those emotions. That’s why Alexis Denkart chose her. 


Emily knew it from the first day she met him. Because his eyes were cold, as if they were measuring the value of an object. 


‘It’s useful,’ it seems to have come to such a conclusion. Even those eyes were fluttering like a fool.


“Thank you for your work. Make sure you take care of it.”


She said, barely opening her lips.


Her subdued voice broke through, but the delighted butler didn’t notice.




She was about to leave when the butler called her.


“What’s the matter?”


“The Young Master told us that Edric’s doctor would be the capital’s doctor. Also, he said that he would provide all the necessary items for the Young Master in the capital.”


Emily had a hard time maintaining her smile because it sounded as if her husband had predicted everything in her mind.


Furthermore, it seemed like a warning to her, who planned to harass Edric even after he had moved.


“Master said that Madam has worked hard all this time, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.”


The butler may have made up the latter as a show of politeness.


Knowing that Emily didn’t lose her smile.


“Still, please don’t forget to tell me if you have something to collect.”


She said. She couldn’t even recall how she got back into her bedroom after what had happened.


As Emily walked away, squeezing her last strength, she eventually fell onto the bed as if she had collapsed. 


Her trembling hand touched her neck.


“Ugh… Ughh..” 


She was suffocated as if someone had strangled her with a rope.


She turned her head after a long panting. It was on the side where she could hear something burning up.


It was a fireplace.


Emily, who had raised her body, stood in front of the fireplace.


Her eyes could not fall from the blazing fire.




I was worried that the Madam and the Young Master might have a conflict, but that never happened.


And, as always, she greeted the Young Master with a gentle smile.


“Have a safe trip, Edric.”


But I didn’t feel completely good.


As in the novel, that woman will try to hold the Young Master’s ankle until the end.


While the Young Master climbed the carriage with Rimson Hyung’s support, I stood in front of the front door to say goodbye.


“Lobel, even if you go to the capital, you will be able to serve the master well. Cheer up.”


“Yes, there’s no need to be discouraged.”


Lastly, all the Hyung said something to cheer me up.


The more I listened, the more my eyes narrowed.


Yeah, they were good Hyungs, even if they were a bit slow-witted—.


One Hyung approached me and whispered in a soft voice that time.


“Remember that you have priority even if the Young Master finds someone else—. Isn’t it common for a man’s first affection to follow him to the grave?”


‘The first affection—?’


Well— if you look at it, that’s true because I am the first servant who made friendship with the Young Master.


But when I see their insidious expressions, it feels weird—.


Standing in front of the carriage, Rimson Hyung waved his rough hand for me to come as I tilted my head.


In particular, the Young Master’s expression at first glance through the carriage window was hardened.


Oh, it seems that the carriage is uncomfortable, even if they have made some preparations. I’ll have to double-check the seats.


Impatient at that thought, I waved my arms broadly to the rest of them and said my final goodbyes.


“Don’t Worry! Stay healthy and well!


My eyes met with the knight waiting behind the carriage on a horse as I went forward.


He was Arif Hyung, who would become the official escort of the Young Master in the future. When his eyes met, he gave me a brief silence.


Of course, I was worried about him, but I got inside the carriage with a calm attitude.


‘There is the Duke right now, and there is no reason to cause any problems.’


Still— I’ll have to wait and see.


Somehow, my steps became heavy.

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  1. Honestly I kinda feel bad for the duchess, she WAS cheated on by her husband, but at the same time it’s ridiculous to take it out on an innocent child 💀