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No, but this is the Young Master’s room if he asks me about it—.


For a moment, I didn’t know what to say because I was embarrassed. Then I changed my facial expression and fixed the problem.


“I…It’s hard for me to judge with my poor knowledge, but… Uhm, as the butler said, the structure and furniture all look the same, and the height of the bed is right.”


Stretching out my hands next to the bed, I pretended to measure the height of the bed quickly. 


Then, in the distance, Rimson Hyung said with his eyes. Try hard, try—.


But since it was the first day, I had to show our Young Master’s authority in front of people.


So I continued in a more polite and exaggerated tone than usual.


“The Young Master always ordered me to arrange furniture like this. In conclusion, I think it is very, very, very good for the Young Master to use in many ways!”


“Haha. So you’re Lobel-gun. You have a good eye as the Young Master’s exclusive servant.” (-gun means an honorific for an unmarried younger man.)


The young butler smiled with great satisfaction.


But looking at me with sharp eyes—I think he has a good sense.


The butler, who gave a few more compliments that made my ears itchy, quickly introduced someone.


“Now, this is Wayne Norton, your new servant.”


The Young Master raised his eyebrows when the butler introduced the skinny boy.


I noticed his dissatisfied expression, saying,  ‘What’s that? I already have enough with Lobel.’


Like the servant that the crazy Duke had by his side, the butler was skilled in his attitude. 


“Of course, haha. Even Lobel-gun is not enough to serve the Young Master! Since it’s a new place, wouldn’t it be easier for him to accompany Lobel-gun? Wayne-gun will be in charge of providing the necessary information for Lobel-gun in the future.”


‘It’s more comfortable for Lobel-gun,’ ‘It’s easy for Lobel-gun’—.


The Young Master’s expression slowly softened as if it had never been hardened before when he said this.


At first, the Young Master asked, “Is that so?” then said, “I see,” With his charming face, he nodded his head again.


But the dark brown eyes towards me—even though it’s only for a second, it’s a sign of a threatening atmosphere.


—Somehow, I feel that there is a high probability that I will get involved in troublesome things.




“Ah, yes.” 


I came to my senses late at the Young Master’s call.


Everyone left before we knew it, and only the two of us were left in the room. Or, to be more specific, a servant named Wayne is waiting outside the closed door.


The Young Master was looking at me anxiously as if I had other thoughts in my silence. He looked like he was paying attention.


At first, I didn’t know—but it seemed like a habit that had been ingrained in the Young Master’s body for a long time.


I hid my bitter feelings and just jumped out of the sofa.


And I walked around the spacious room and touched my chin for no reason. Then, the Young Master’s nervous gaze followed.


So I give compliments.


“Uhm. But, Young Master. Everything is good here—” 


“…Why? Is there anything you don’t like?” 


There’s no way. 


I held back my laughter and slowly approached the nervous Young Master.


“I don’t like it because it’s too wide. I like the narrow one much better. That way, we can stick together like this.”


“…Why are you saying something weird again?”


As soon as he was done talking, I looked over at the Young Master, who was sitting on the bed.


But I saw it all. The corner of our Young Master’s mouth is raised.


I tried not to laugh and habitually tried to hold the Young Master’s hand, but he hid his arm behind his back. 




When I’m curiously looking, the Young Master said, drawing his eyebrows together.


“…I’m in trouble now. My hands are dirty.”


“Then, shall we begin by washing with water?”


“No, Crimson will do that later. Right now, it’s just—” 


The Young Master, who had blurred his words, glanced at the bed.


Aha, so that’s what you want.


After exchanging strange eyes, we immediately lay face to face on the bed. It was almost at the same time.


Then, we opened our eyes wide at the same speed, and I burst into laughter.


“Wow. This bed is very soft. Right?”




As expected, we thought of the same thing.


The Young Master also slightly pressed the bed with a curious face.


I followed him, pressing down on the bed, and said.


“We won’t even make a sound if we have a pillow fight in this bed.”


“…A pillow fight?” 


“Yes. They’re just fighting over the pillow in the same bed. Whoever falls first or surrenders loses.” 


In fact, Robert Oraboni and I have had so many pillow fights that I am sick of them.


I explained diligently to the Young Master, who had never heard of that word before, what it meant.


Then the Young Master asked with a sharp voice.


“With who?” 




“Who did you play that game with?”


As if he had never pressed the bed, the Young Master looked around the room with his eyes. 


However, it was after he had completely lost his expression because of his concentration.


“Ah–that’s. It’s my childhood friend. It’s not the friend I met in Denkart. Haha! You won’t know even if I tell you. It’s not a name to know.” 


—I couldn’t bring out Robert’s name right away, so I made a fuss.


But the more it happened, the colder the master’s expression became— that’s weird. It’s summer, so why are you sweating? 


I looked at the Young Master and smiled awkwardly, but the wind blew through every open window.


Unlike in the Denkart Territory, it had a deep blue scent.


It smelled good, but the wind made the Young master’s hair fall down his face.


“Ah, you can’t hide your pretty face!” 


I quickly reached out my hand and put a few strands behind his ear out of a sense of duty.


The Young Master just lowered his eyes slightly like a doll. Fortunately, he didn’t pull his head or show a distasteful look.


On the contrary, it seemed that he had subtly loosened the stiff lips.


“It’s nice that the light comes in here and the wind blows through it well. Some leaves are coming in from the front window—”


I just lifted my head and looked out the window, and the wind blew once more.


But this time, my hair was completely messy.




Now, the hair is long again. I think I need to get close to the gardeners and ask them to cut it.


“Anyway, Young Master, don’t you like this place?”




“Ey, you like it, right?” 


“…Ung. I like it.” 


Slowly acknowledging, the Young Master reached out and grabbed my sleeve.


The soft sunlight fell on the back of the hand, where blue tendons were sprouting like new sprouts.




Alexis is back again as Denkart’s perfect head family.


Denian looked at the Master’s back with curious eyes.


He still hasn’t put down the papers, so he must have something else in mind.


‘I’m sure he will make the Young Master do something different again.’


As much as Alexis views all humans as tools, if the uses of those tools are outstanding, he treats them appropriately.


He even brought in talented people from enemy forces, made them his subordinates, and gave them great treatment.


Then, what will he do, and how will he treat his son, the Young Master, who has a lot of potential?


Aide Benjamin, who was standing next to Denian, kept his face as cold as it appeared. 


When Denian got there, he told him what happened, but it sounded like drunken nonsense. 


Even if he was the servant of the Master’s son, it was hard to believe that he brought a servant who tried to push his Master to the limit.


Alexis, who had turned his back on the two aides’ different gazes, turned around.


Denian asked him carefully, putting down the document and glasses on his desk.


“When can I bring the Young Master?” 


Benjamin was also curious about this.


Even though he had only seen it from afar, the meeting between the cruel Duke and his son was also interesting to him.


However, the Duke didn’t meet the expectations of both aides.


“Leave him alone.” 






“Leave them both alone.”


When the Duke was done talking, he took out a new document folder and examined it. 


He seemed like someone who didn’t want to waste even a moment of his time.




At that time, bets began among the servants of the Denkart family.


It was a bet on when Lobel would be kicked out.


“I’ll go with next spring.” 


“No. Still, if the Young Master holds on to him, won’t he stay? Well, in that sense, I’ll wait until next winter.”


Each of the servants took out a silver coin, expecting one from each.


In general, the atmosphere was that they could hold the position until next year. 


Silver coins piled up one after another on the table in the Servant Hall.


The amount soon became significant.


Then Wayne, who had been sitting in a chair all the time, stood up from his seat.


“A month.”


Wayne shrugged confidently at the startled gaze of the servants.


“This will be mine anyway, so I’ll take it first.” (t/n: Lmao, you wish.) 


He put the silver coins in the bag he had brought with him and left.


In a way, even though he was rude, the servants could not say anything.


Wayne Norton.


This is because he is the oldest son of a family of servants who has earned the Duke of Denkart’s trust one at a time since the last generation.


Everyone believed that Wayne would soon be the butler of this place or a new mansion.


So, it was a very natural future to take a part in this Denkart in the future.


Until that fox-like servant comes in—. It was definitely like that.


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