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Tilly, Denkart’s maid, was very anxious for the past week. 


This is because the boy who works only for the new Young Master is much more naive and stubborn than she thought.


People had thought that he might be rude because the Young Master trusted him, but this proved them wrong.


So, most of the people in the mansion, including the butler, were relieved, but Tilly looked like she was going to die of frustration.


‘Stupid—You didn’t tell the Young Master, and you were foolish enough to be bullied every time—!”


So she wanted to help, at least a little.


She was in charge of cleaning, which mostly involved going to remote places, so whenever Lobel got trapped, she helped him out.


But there was a limit to that, too.


Besides, sometimes when she went to the mansion, she saw Lobel, and he was being bullied every time.


Wayne’s gang would sometimes pat Lobel on the shoulder on purpose or spill sewage on his shoes and act like it was an accident.


She didn’t even want to think about what they’d do when she couldn’t see.


But Lobel just smiled calmly, even though Tilly was worried.


“It’s okay. I just have to learn well for the time being.”


As he said, Lobel was faithful to his role no matter what.


“Wayne-gun. Where are you going? You have to tell me what is it.”


Every time she heard a ridiculous reason, he was trapped somewhere or being bullied, but he insisted on teaching in front of everyone.


She was confused when she heard Wayne’s group’s excuses, but she soon got into his hands and told him all kinds of things. 


When she first saw him, she thought he looked like a weak girl with short hair, but he was surprisingly strong-minded when he worked.


That’s not all.


Even when he was bullied and trapped in a warehouse, he checked old books and documents in the mansion and often asked Tilly about what was going on in the capital.


‘Phew… I really like everything… I wish I had the power to stop him from being bullied!’


Looking sadly, Lobel asked enthusiastically.


“So the capital aristocrats continue to hold poetry readings these days?”


Actually, it didn’t matter to Tilly.


But Lobel answered strongly, and his eyes shone brighter than ever.


“Ung. Neighboring nobles keep it open to greet their children.”


After that, Lobel asked various questions. There was nothing about himself. 


She stomped her feet as the strange war of nerves between the servants continued.


‘Those kids will bother him even more if I leave them alone….’


Tilly, who couldn’t stand it, asked the maids around her for help.


But the response was cold.


“I also had ears, so I heard it. I’m sorry. But, Tilly. What can we do with Wayne?” 


“Tilly, you always worry too much. Could it be that Wayne has to be more aggressive?…Well, okay. If the problem gets worse, I’ll try. But not now.” 


“Leave it. I’m sorry to hear that, but how can we afford to help others?”


Most people looked sad, but they didn’t really help.


Eventually, Tilly tried to persuade Lobel once again.


She thought she could stop Wayne and his group of bullies somehow.


But Lobel just keeps smiling.


“Tilly Nuna. Our Young Master is pretty, isn’t it?”


Every time she sees him, he doesn’t miss a day—. There was a compliment for the Young Master that she heard painfully every time.


“That’s true, but Lobel. Now, you need to think more about yourself than about the Young Master.”


“His nickname was Denkart’s angel. When he is fully grown, he will be admired by anyone, aristocrats or royalty. There’s no one who won’t fall in love with him already.”


Ah… They really can’t communicate…


Tilly rubbed her forehead.


When she first met Young Master, everyone said he looked like an extravagant living doll, but it didn’t matter much.


Tilly’s last solution came up with a servant named Crimson.


He doesn’t look very friendly, and she doesn’t want to talk with him because he blushes every time, but she thought it would be better to talk with him separately.


But then, Lobel said with a smile.


“I’m fine now. It’s such a blessing to stay healthy like this.”


It was as natural as breathing for many people, and Lobel called it a blessing.


Those words were not just lies; they were sincere.


“And it is said that the master is comfortable only when the servant is uncomfortable.”


It was a deep tone like an adult.


Where in the world is such a servant? Perhaps it is hard to see even in the Imperial City, where servants work all the time with noble.


Tilly was moved to tears by this, but Lobel just gave her a soft smile.


“More than that, Tilly Nuna. Can you help me?”


“Of course. What can I do for you?”


“It’s not difficult. But I also need other people’s help.”


She looked like she would help him all day by rolling up her sleeves.


She asked other people for help in the meantime, but they turned her down coldly.


She couldn’t hide her concern, but Lobel said it as if it was nothing.


“It’s not difficult.”


He pointed at his mouth and winked one eye as he said so.


“Just use this.”


* * * 


“…Poetry reading?”


“Yes. A poetry reading by the Young Master.”


Clinging like a koala on the Young Master’s back, I nodded as it was.


In the past few days, I spent a lot of time apart from my Young Master, so I would try to hold him like this whenever possible because I felt like I was losing energy.


Well, the fact that I’m a woman can’t be caught while I’m covered in bandages, a shirt, and even a vest. And in order not to be suspected of being a woman, this kind of rough skinship was also necessary.


But our Young Master doesn’t really sweat, and he’s soft. Well, as expected from our spirit.


Even when I rubbed my cheek against his back, the kind Young Master stayed calm.


But only Rimson Hyung, who was standing at the door watching us, made a terrible face. How can you be jealous? 


“I heard from Tilly Nuna, the maid over there, that there are some recent popular cultures here.”


“…Popular culture?”


The Young Master also read old books and historical materials with me, but he was interested because the contents weren’t there.


I tried hard to explain to him, who listened intently.


“Yeah. A poetry reading on a summer night is one of them.”


‘It is considered a very sophisticated and elegant culture for the nobles to recite classical poetry in a beautiful and romantically decorated garden!’


Tilly once said with a dreamy look on her face. As expected, she was a sentimentalist. 


But, the words are poetry readings.


In fact, it was also where a group of high-ranking nobles would get together, and the young children of the family would be taught or evaluated.


In other words, it was a necessary event for the Young Master who will become the successor of this Denkart in the future.


The Young Master understood, so he murmured and asked.


“Then, was it difficult to watch because you were preparing for a reading session?”


“Of course.” 




Somehow, deep suspicion was buried in the Young Master’s silence—. He has gotten sharper recently.


Anyway, there will already be rumors of a Young Master in this mansion and throughout the capital townhouse.


“The Young Master, who has an angelic face, an angelic voice, and an angelic heart— Wait a minute, Lobel. Are you really talking about me?”


“Yes. It’s true. Heaven knows it, earth knows it, and Lobel knows it.”


I said as I put my chin on his shoulder in bewilderment.


“Ten days later. The capital’s aristocracy will gather like swarms of bees to see our angelic Young Master on that day.”


“Ten days?”


Hearing that, the Young Master turned his back and looked at me with surprised eyes.


“So fast… Did the Duke tell you to host it then?”


“No. It’s been a while since I saw the Duke and his aides.”






At the same time, Rimson Hyung and the Young Master glanced at me in confusion.


So I explained.


“It was done on my own initiative.”


I gave them a shrug as if something was wrong with them since they were making more and more strange expressions.


“The Duke hasn’t told us what to do, has he?”


Last time, when we passed the second test, he even said that he could use the name Denkart.


I put saliva on my thumb and pressed it like a stamp on the back of the Young Master’s hand.


“Young Master, let’s make sure to get a face stamp with Denkart’s Young Master this time.”


Oh, I feel like my blood is clearer because I pressed it hard. Should I have pressed it more?


But the Young Master, who was belatedly surprised by my actions, tried to take his hand away.


Oh, I took it one more time because it was right in front of me.


“W, what are you doing!” 


If the Young Master had been a rabbit, his ears would have reached the ceiling because he seems so surprised.


The Young Master’s cheeks were red, but I answered him as if I didn’t know anything.


“It is the seal for the servant because the Young Master is my master. This is also trends.”


“…T, this is the trend?”


“Yes, the Master stamping the seal on the servant.”


He didn’t seem to believe it at all, so I opened my mouth lightly.


“Well, you know. It’s like William I branded slaves…No. It’s bad.  Anyway, it’s a more, much more positive feeling. It doesn’t hurt. It builds up intimacy.”


Behind me, Rimson Hyung said with an expression not to fool him. 


However, the Young Master, who blushed while hiding his hand in his arms, quickly took one hand out.


Then he put his thumb between his lips and put it on the back of my hand again.


“….This is how I should do it, right?”

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