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“B, but are you okay?” 


In the middle of the night, Wayne, who was heading to the annex, stopped.


It was because the servant’s words, full of anxiety, caught his ankle.


It’s a weak person who usually worries about things that aren’t important. He gave him a pitiful look and a short answer.


“There’s no problem.”


Even though he had locked up Lobel, he didn’t get angry or resist.


It was obvious.


No matter how much the Young Master trusts the servant, he must fully receive the handover here.


Strangely, he even felt sorry for other punks and said he had anxiety.


“I’ve heard it before…I heard that the Young Master and Lobel have a pleasant relationship….” 


“That’s right… Every night together….” 


“From the estate… There’s also a witness….” 


The servants were unable to speak, and their faces were blushing.


Wayne showed extreme displeasure with a frown on his face.


“Who spread that rumor?”


He doesn’t know who spread it, but it was a really ridiculous rumor.


As a servant for a great aristocratic family, he had seen many nobles and their lovers, but this atmosphere was different.


Robel’s existence is a fact that he can see, even though it’s a pain in the eyes.


Even though the Young Master and Lobel are close for a master and servant relationship, they don’t cross any lines.


Also, they were both younger than him, and neither of them was old enough to cross that line.


As he snorted inwardly, a boy hesitated and said.


“Still…They said they had a witness….” 




“Yes! In my cousin’s letter, he says that Lobel is very good at winning a man’s heart, and I’m sure he’ll snatch another gold piece until the Young Master gets engaged—”


“Are you talking about that weasel-like cousin?”




The silence was soon a sign of confirmation.


Wayne let out a heavy sigh while putting one hand over his face.




His face, which was visible between his long fingers, was full of deep contempt.


A servant who can’t work to the point where it’s disgusting and only talks.


He comes from a family of servants, and like that punk, rumors have spread that he can’t work.


Wayne said with a fake smile, trying to hide how upset he was.


“Everyone, be careful. From now on, you have to take good care of the Young Master.”


Apart from Lobel, they had to serve their masters well.


He put aside the sounds he had heard from his ancestors and carefully checked to make sure everything was going well with the preparations for the reading.


Then everyone nodded, except for one person whose cousin looked like a weasel. As expected, it was also an incompetent bloodline.


The servant muttered after Wayne finished talking and started walking ahead.


“It’s not true…I thought it was real for a while….” 


Ignoring it, he headed to the butler’s room, but this time a different story struck his nerves.


“…Are you saying that Lobel-gun received a gift from Manellano-nim?”



The next day, Wayne spoke to me.


“Lobel. I have a question.”


It was rare, but I expected it.


This is because a person who didn’t open his mouth except for being sarcastic once or twice during working hours kept looking at me as if he had something to say.


What the hell is he doing? 


I was curious the whole time, but I didn’t bother to ask.


He who is thirsty is the first to dig a well.


“You seemed to have a close relationship with Stell Young Master. You received a gift as well.”


It looks like what happened yesterday made him a little upset.


He might think I’m the only servant of the Young Master who is sincere, even though he and I work for the same Young Master.


So what should I do—? 


“Of course. We’re very close.” 


After thinking for a while, I decided to sell half the fact.


“If you ask why, it was because the relationship between the Young Master and Manel-nim is very deep.”


Since that’s what actually happened, I’ll sell Manellano’s name a little. 


“As a result, Manel-nim naturally became interested in me as the Young Master’s servant.”


As if their friendship were equally my own, I proudly proclaimed. It was a nice bonus to have a proud smile.


He looked at me with disgust.


That’s right. For generations, a family of servants would have taught the oldest son to be the most careful about this.


The first attitude a servant should get rid of is the arrogance of treating the master like one’s own.


Still, he kept asking questions with a stern look on his face, as if he hadn’t forgotten why he was there.


“Are you saying that the two of them are that close?”


“Yes, they’ve been good friends since Flower Day. Because of how special their friendship is, Manel-nim even stayed in the mansion.”


Well, he probably already knows this.


Until now, he would have known everything about the Young Master except for the possibility of becoming a successor.


As if my prediction was correct, a look of confusion crept over his face.


Others didn’t know they were friends because they talked in the drawing-room, but they did know he stayed longer than expected.


So—I need to bring up Manellano a little more. It had to be known that the Young Master got along with the Young Master of a family with so much power.


Among the servants, the current Young Master is just an ugly duckling who is not recognized by the Duke.


“So Manel-nim gave the Young Master a gift for the reading session.”




“Actually, when it was decided to come to the capital, I delivered the news to Manel-nim in a letter first, and he praised me for doing well. The same goes for the other Young Masters.”


I said the names I could remember at first glance with a very proud face.


So, don’t look down on our Young Master!


Take good care of him in the future as well!! Please try to make him look good!!—I smiled broadly. 


If it’s possible, I’d like the butler to hear this. That way, the butler will be conscious of the other nobles and prepare more specially. 


With that thought in mind, I ended up becoming a smooth-talker. 


And on that day, the butler stayed up all night to look over the ornaments and other things for the reading session.




In the wonderfully landscaped garden, I walk along the white stone pathway. 


The preparation went well, but— I felt very uncomfortable.


‘Even though it looks pretty here, it must be difficult for the Young Master to walk around.’


Wheelchairs and crutches are inconvenient anytime and place, but they will be even more so here. 


Then other nobles would think so, and it could be seen on their faces. 


This may seem like an opportunity on its own, but I was afraid the Young Master would be frightened in front of others for no reason at all. 


Still, I looked around for anything to help. It was to figure out the best route for the Young Master.


But then, someone called me.




Manellano was coming toward me. He had one hand in his pocket, and the other was raised as if to say hello. It looked as impressive as his own mansion.


Even now, he might have left the academy early, and it was the same outfit. Still, it wasn’t as messy as it used to be.


He smiled with his eyes as he got closer.


“Haha. Our Lobel must have been busy. It’s hard to see your face.”


—Was he talking about me not coming to take his bribe?


Anyway, he seemed sarcastic that I didn’t come to his mansion.


I had nothing to say, though. Anyway, I had to give a sincere response.


“I apologize.” 


When I apologized immediately, he waved his hand lightly as if it had happened.


Then he said with a meaningful smile.


“But what about that expression? You thought I wouldn’t come?”


“Is it possible? I had no doubt that you would make the reading session more interesting.”


So why did he bother to come back here now? 


Even though he knew that he placed his arm on my shoulder again. 


“Because we will see each other more often?” 


—It’s heavy.


I tried to move to the side, but he was holding me so tightly that I couldn’t.


This is done on purpose to annoy me. Unfortunately, he still has a really bad personality.


Well, I wasted time thinking that it would be better than him meeting the Young Master. 


Manellano also loosened his arms. Maybe he noticed that I was only half telling him what I wanted. However, that didn’t mean he completely took off the arm wrapped around my shoulder. 


He asked, pointing to the garden, with one arm over my shoulder.


“That fountain. I think I saw it in Denkart. Right?”


“Yes. The structure here is modeled after the mansion of the estate. The internal structure is almost the same.”




As if something came to mind, Manellano raised his head gently.


…Is he looking at the roof now? 


I looked at him curiously, and soon he said with a cheeky smile.


“Shall we go up now?”


As expected, the main topic was the Young Master.


Since there was a Young Master in the room, he told me to go up and check it out.


Surprisingly, the Young Master was already in the drawing-room, waiting for him.


It seems like he has already heard the news.


‘I received the gift well, you worked hard on your way here, how is the preparation going for the reading?’ and more. 


There must have been a lot to say, but they just sat there and looked at each other—I felt more uncomfortable and nervous.


I was conscious of my dry throat and fiddled with it when Manellano asked.


“Lobel. Would you like some water?”


As he was talking, he handed me the glass of water he had already drunk.


Manellano put down his glass of water when I gave him a short smile to say no. Then, only one corner of his mouth went up.


“I wonder how long you are going to refuse—”


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