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I heard meaningful self-talk in my ears. Then, as I was thinking about it, I listened to a warm topic one after another.


“Young Master, the preparations for this reading seem to be going well. The outdoor seats were also great.”


“I’m glad you can see it. I hope it will be a meaningful event.”


“Of course, you must have decided what to read it. What kind of poem did you prepare?”


In fact, the Young Master asked me to choose a poem.


I asked the aides because it was a very important matter, but he didn’t try to stop me with my intentions. 


Eventually, I nodded and looked through the book. I needed some time because I was also unfamiliar with poetry. 


Therefore, despite having a headache, I decided to go with the poem titled “The Poem of Paradise in the Southeast.”


It was a poem written by an unknown poet, who was supposed to be a commoner, while traveling in Denkart and was rarely known to both commoners and nobles.


There are many founders of popular poetry in the capital, thousand-year-old poets, and other famous people, but I thought there was nothing more suitable for the Young Master than this one.


This is because they praised the nature of Denkart, the life and laughter of the people in the territory, and not the expensive mansions and statues. 


I thought it would be better for the Young Master to see only the beauty as it is without considering anything valuable. 


Perhaps the Young Master felt the same way, but he nodded at my suggestion.


“I decided to choose the poem of paradise in the southeast.” 


He had a surprised expression on his face as he hadn’t expected that he would let him know.


I was a little surprised because I felt the same way.


‘Then, will the Young Master explain why and how we chose this poem—’


Manellano said with a relaxed smile.


“It’s an excellent choice. There is no one who doesn’t know the The Poem of Paradise in the Southeast, and the history is revealed—”


“I’m starting to learn history now, but I don’t know anything about it.”


The Young Master didn’t listen to Manellano’s long boasting of knowledge.


The Young Master, who had just cut off his word, raised his head upright.


I could only see the top of his head, but I could even read his firm expression.


“Because Lobel said he liked it.”




“So I decided to chose this.”


It sounded as if that was the only reason he chose this poem, so even if I was in a good mood, I was worried about the face of the Young Master.


However, contrary to the expectation that he would laugh again this time, Manellano only frowned for a moment.


Then he skillfully tried to change the subject.


“There are many other things in the capital trend. Especially—”


But at that moment, the Young Master, who was listening in silence, suddenly acted strangely.






Manelano and I were surprised to see the Young Master.


Because he suddenly put his thumb in his mouth, dipped it in saliva, and pressed it hard on the back of my hand.


The Young Master spoke in a very proud, perhaps boastful tone.


“Look. I also know the trend of the capital very well.”




Lobel couldn’t sleep that night and wander endlessly through the great garden.


He worried about the reading session stage, where the wheelchair made it hard to move around.


The speed of Crimson, who watched from the terrace until he disappeared, became quite uneasy.


So, he tried to persuade Edrick.


“…You want me to walk by myself at this reading?”


He had just come out to the training ground at dawn to deceive the sharp Lobel.


Edric, who was wielding wooden support on the wall in one hand and a wooden sword in the other, raised his eyes.


Even just the look of resistance was enough to make Crimson flinch.


Compared to before, the recovery was so great that he doubted his eyes, but Edric was hardly satisfied.


Every time Crimson tried to persuade him, he flatly refused. It’s because he wants to show his perfect walking in front of Lobel.


Of course, Crimson, who longed for the toughness and straightforwardness of a man, understands how he feels, but—. This time, he thought it would be better just to walk.


But there was no talk. (T/n: Talk (말재간) here means the talent or skill of speaking smoothly.)


Crimson glanced at Arif while thinking about how to convince the stubborn Young Master.


Arif, who was silent on one side, lowered his eyes and said. 


“If it’s widely known that the Young Master is recovering quickly, this is a good opportunity—. The attitude of the vassals who are currently suspicious will change, and your position as heirs will improve.”


“That’s it. That’s what I wanted to say.”


There were words that were difficult to understand in the middle, but Crimson nodded his head several times.


Even with Crimson, Edric was puzzled by Arif’s unexpectedly active reaction.


But he soon started to sneer.


It wasn’t something the person who wanted to learn should say, and it was thought to be a fake smile.


However, Edric didn’t express his feelings and just glanced at him blankly. Then Arif quietly approached and took up his wooden sword.


Because he was learning both mercenary and knight swordsmanship at the same time, he always needed both men in the training ground.


Today is a day for training with swords in close combat.


Arif carefully checked Edric’s posture, the strength of his hands, and even the angle of the sword.


“When you’re close to an opponent and want to take them down, you need to raise your sword a little higher.”


Crimson, who was watching it, thought the knight was suspicious but still very useful.


More than that, persuasion came first.


Crimson, who was working hard on his brain, came up with a brilliant idea.


‘Oh, why didn’t I think of that?’


Crimson shouted hurriedly with a bright face.


“Young Master. Lobel, this is because of Lobel!’


“What’s wrong with Lobel?”


Edric stopped and turned around as if he had never swung a sword in the air before.


He looked worried that something might have happened to Lobel. 


“If you walk this time, Lobel will be very happy.”


“…Will Lobel like it very much?”




The confident answer slightly changed Edric’s face.


Don’t want to miss this chance, said Crimson, waving his bear-like hand in the air.


“Of course, I like it too. The damn kids are saying that the Young Master can’t walk and put it as an excuse that you’re not a man. They’re saying that you can’t even act as a successor.”


But Edric didn’t listen to any of it.


After he lowered his sword, he simply said, ‘Lobel likes it. ‘ and focused his attention on the words.


Of course, he always imagined that he would be very surprised and congratulate him when he saw him walking or using his sword nicely.


Is it enough to use the words ‘very’ and ‘fantastic’? Really??


Crimson said in a soft voice when he saw the Young Master deep in thought.


“Lobel will like it more than anyone. The master is the pride of the servant.”


“…Explain so I can understand.”


“Isn’t it a fact that everyone with ears knows that he is the one who takes care of the Young Master? So I’m sure he’ll be honored if you show us a great performance at the reading session.”


Crimson made a circle shape by attaching the thumb and index finger. It means money.


—This time, Edric was tempted. The Duke has a cold heart, but it is well known that he gives his subordinates a lot of credit for their great achievements.


He wanted to know what it was like to be noticed for his work because of himself, in front of other servants, and to think about the love he would want more than anything else.


Edric immediately put down his sword.




The sword he kept swinging around like he was crazy fell to the ground.


“There is no sword training for the time being.”


After that, Edric continued to walk around the training ground until dawn.


He washed his sweaty body, laid down on the bed, and the door then opened.


‘It’s Lobel.’


He heard the familiar breathing and footsteps. 


As he closed his eyes tightly, he heard the hum of Lobel.


It was hard for Edric. He tried to pretend to sleep as usual, but it was difficult.


When he thought about Lobel, who would be happy at the reading session, the corners of his mouth kept going up.




The reading session began in the most splendid atmosphere.


The grand garden, filled with the beauty of the night, has already been filled with a large crowd of nobles, and the great Duke, who is hard to see his face, was also with the Young Master.


The Young Master greeted them calmly without feeling intimidated.


“I’m Edric Denkart.”


He could hear the aristocrats talking softly.


“You resembled the Duke of Denkart when he was young.”


He had the same kind of rare beauty and a blunt look on his face.


Perhaps because he wore a white suit that stood out at night, he looked especially similar to each other. 


And like everyone else, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.


I knew and expected the Young Master’s beauty, but today he was much brighter than I expected.


He was like an angel; his well-groomed hair, darker eyes, and white suit smelled of the capital city’s popular perfume.


I was captivated by the strange feeling of looking at him, who brought perfection to this perfect landscape, like a garden in heaven.


‘…It’s a scene that wasn’t in the original.’


It’s like a new feeling. 


My eyes soon crept down to my legs.


Most of all, the fact that I was standing here far away was almost a miracle.


Originally, around this time, I was always in bed.


‘Falling down is common, and I often throw out food—  nosebleeds— and so on.’ 


However, I ate a lot this morning, more than usual, and I am still standing like this.


It was like a dream.


And as much as I stand on two legs like this, the sight of the Young Master smiling faintly at me from afar was like a dream.


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