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…What the hell is that?


When Evo realized the boy was chasing him, he frowned and covered his head. 


He didn’t pull out a dagger to threaten him, but today’s outcome is still pretty good. 


9 jacket buttons, 2 cufflinks, 11 in total—.


The silver-haired boy who passed them all —he introduced his name as Lobel twelve times without being asked— followed him without any suspicion. 


In fact, when he first saw the expensive material and clean clothes, he thought it was a servant for an aristocratic family. 


It seems like the light would have made parents or siblings chase after him—in other words, no matter how he looks at it, he’s not from the back alleys here.


He must have only walked on a well-kept bridge, so walking on this sewer road would be uncomfortable.


So he said he would help, but if he was disgusted with this road, he decided to abandon him. 


However, it was strange. 


Instead, he cheered and shouted, “We’ll be walking alone here!”


It was a face that reminded him of a grave robber who told him that he had found jewelry buried in a tomb in the past.


Of course, it’s better than an insect-like face—however, while it strangely feels unpleasant, it’s also uncomfortable.


Of course, there are times when some people look at the rare hair color because they’re curious and have a good feeling—but until now, there has never been a special case.


‘…What do you mean by teacher?’


Anyway, it looks like that kid is strange. 


The intuition sharpened at the risk of life and death for a long time told him.


‘I need to get rid of this punk quickly.’


Evo walked faster than his usual relaxed stride. 


Then, at the same time, his stride speed increased.


He was as persistent as he looked. 


“Excuse me, teacher. With this relationship…May I ask your name?”




“My name is Lobel. Oh, I said it before, but I said it just in case you forgot. Silver hair and purple eyes, Lobel.”




It’s the first time in his life that he has seen a man talk so much without even being drunk. 


Evo unintentionally spat out when he got sick and tired of the nonsense.


“Looking at it, your behavior doesn’t look like a man. You, don’t you get misunderstood often?” 


Then, the sounds of footsteps from behind stopped.


Thinking strangely, he turned his head— instead, there was a brat who looked at him as if he were thrilled while clasping his hands tightly.


…What is that? 


Why he doesn’t feel bad?? 


Evo couldn’t understand.


This is because he has been purposely covering his eyes and forehead with his bangs to hide his appearance because he was often mistaken for a woman.


It was kind of complex.


Maybe he felt offended like him and couldn’t say anything, but Lobel seemed happy.


“Oh, oh, oh my!—” 




“This is it! You have a keen eye! You must be the grand head of merchant—me! I… I was stupid. What is so little! You covet that place!”


…Is that kid sick or what? Grand head of merchant??? Coveting??? 


Evo looks strangely at Lobel, who is fine and talking nonsense. 


He even pretended to slap his cheeks with both hands. 


Then he begged him not to forget him—it was more interesting than the circus where he had been hiding.


Anyway, Evo nodded his head to understand. That’s true. 


It’s the first time he met someone so intensely crazy, so he’ll never forget it, even for a short meeting. 


And to the man who kept babbling, Evo also gave his name.




Even though it wasn’t a very common name, it was often seen everywhere. 


He has met three or four more people with the same name in his life. 


But Robel opened his eyes wide as if he had heard about a place with gold and silver treasures and was delighted with a fuss.


“Thank you, Evo.” 




“By any chance, would it be okay if I call you Hyung-nim? Or, it’s fine with Oraboni too. I, I’m thirteen years old because I’m younger than I look, how old are you this year? Uh, I think… fifteen! I think you’re only two years older than me. Hahaha!”


‘…Isn’t he completely crazy?’


He was right about the age, but the more he heard it, the more he thought he was going crazy.


Evo tried to hide the disturbing corner of his face and teased his leg hard. 


Soon, they arrived in front of the ladder leading to the ground.


It’s finally over.


Unlike Evo, who had a lighter heart, Lobel became serious.


‘This… We already arrived.’


Evo glanced at him.


He wondered what the hell he was doing.


This is because the atmosphere was very different from when he was scared of being caught by people he had just met for the first time. 


If he’s someone who is being chased so much that they have to do that—it would be difficult to maintain such innocence.


He wondered whether he had had a prosperous life and whether his family had been ruined.


Meanwhile, with a sad expression on his face, Lobel spit out an exclamation of ‘Ah!’ and rubbed his hand on his pants.


Then he reached out to Evo.


“Come on, shake hands.”


Evo didn’t react and blinked his eyes wide. 




He had been cursed for smelling bad water or threatened with a dagger, but this was the first time he had been treated like this. 


Lobel smiled as he confusedly looked at him.


“We met like this, so let’s shake hands.”




“Come on.”


The warm hospitality and innocent smile, which is rare in this filthy area, caught his eye.


Even after what happened earlier— seeing how bright he was, he thought he was a very rare guy with a good personality.


Of course, Evo has long since become dirty, to the point where his personality is dirty in his own eyes, but—to be honest, he was more attracted to this side than his insidious tendencies.


‘…A handshake would be fine.’


Evo tried to stretch out his arm a little slowly, then quickly pulled it back again. 


Because he could feel the presence of several people behind him. 


“Hey, Evo. You’re lucky, huh.”


There was also a strong smell of drugs and cigarette smoke. 


Cough, cough.


Unlike Evo, who was more familiar with the smell of the ground, Lobel couldn’t stand the unpleasant smell and cough. 


Evo stood in front of Lobel.


Then, as if they had seen something funny, the men scattered around them, laughing and saying. 


“Do you have time to fool around like this here? You forgot the time to offering.”




In ‘Night in The Capital’, there are two main characters with the secret of their birth. 


The first one is our Young Master.


The second one is Evo Martin.


Although both of them had tragic childhoods, they grew up in very different environments.


The difference is that Young Master grew up without knowing the Duke at all, while Evo has been turning a blind eye to his father’s existence. 


Evo’s father was the owner of the large merchant Hornet, a guy with a wife and dozens of concubines.


Evo’s mother was one of those concubines who was assassinated early by other concubines who wanted to monopolize an enormous fortune.


In the end, Evo felt like his life was threatened, so he ran away at a young age and went to live in an orphanage.


‘This is the background of the sub-male lead Evo Martin that I remember—’


I was thinking about something and almost ran after Evo’s quick steps.


‘He got the scar on his nose from running away….’


No matter how unusual his hair color was, he couldn’t be identified just by looking at him, but a name came to mind when I saw his scar. 


I had no choice but to know. 


This is because Evo later became a great resourceful man known as the king of merchants and played a significant role in the work.


‘Well, in the future, didn’t the title of ‘teacher’ become a character worth noting?”


Maybe it’s because I’m from a merchant family, but I’ve been curious about Evo the most among the main characters here since I was a kid.


But despite how emotional the meeting was, there was no atmosphere for having a conversation at all.


He had an angry and unhappy expression on the men’s stories earlier. 


Then, he changed direction and suddenly started running on the sewer road. So I ran along and rolled my head.


‘I’m sure he’s not back to his father’s merchant yet…There must be a problem with the orphanage where he is staying.’


My prediction was correct.


We arrived at a shabby orphanage after climbing up the ladder from the sewer.


Evo, who had been looking around impatiently the whole time, stopped when we entered the old and worn-out entrance. 


“You said you’re Lobel right?” 


Even though it was on the outskirts of the Capital, I stopped walking and wondered if there was a place like this hidden in the Capital.


Although his shaggy bangs covered half of his face, I could tell he was nervous.


“Are you really not going to go back?” 


“You helped me, so you should get help this time. Don’t you think people are supposed to help and live?”


The beautiful eyes that appeared at first glance through the curly hair frowned.


I was startled inside.


I thought he was handsome even from a distance, but seeing it up close—it was a great look. 


Looking at the Young Master, the Duke, and Manelano, I was tired and proud of myself for being immune to handsome men, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 


‘…I think his eyes are bigger than mine?’


After being lost for a moment, I quickly added after getting rid of the thought completely.


“Just in case you don’t know. Maybe I can help. In my hometown, some say it is better to lift together, even when it is a blank sheet of paper.” (t/n: Means something like no matter what the job is, it is always easier when you work together.)


“Ha… It depends on the blank sheet paper.” 


Evo muttered as he chewed his lower lip.


But he didn’t stop me because he decided he didn’t have time to argue. 


In fact, there was another reason why I was so clingy.


‘Evo tends to pay back twice what he received. Whether it’s debt or grace.’


So I’ll take this opportunity to make a good first impression and get benefit for our merchant in the future.


In other words, I have a chance, so I will stand in line for a good line—! Because if I stop working anytime, I have to eat and live.


With that in mind, it was about time to see the warehouse. To get there, we had to walk through a hallway that was even messier than the outside.


Evo said as he glanced at the large wooden box.


“You’re waiting here.”


I can’t do that.


But contrary to my heart, I nodded obediently.


“Yes. I’ll just stay here.”


Then Evo looked at me suspiciously.


…As expected from the future great merchant. Isn’t he usually quick-witted? 


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