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Note: This part is the Duchess’s point of view. 


She just had a good conversation with the young servant the day before. She didn’t expect him to return so soon.


Plus, he brought with him such troubling requests.


“Going out—”


The Duchess swallowed her annoyance and muttered the words as if she was contemplating the request.  Edrick was sick and him going outside would only bring her humiliation and disgrace. 


However, this ignorant servant couldn’t even see that. 


“Yes, the Young Master wants to go out! Can we get ready as soon as possible?”


“Rovel.” When the butler reprimanded from the side, Rovel bit his lips and stopped immediately.


She clicked her tongue inwardly. Even though she wasn’t there herself, She could easily figure out what had happened.


‘I have something important to tell Madam directly!’ Rovel must have persuaded the butler by saying something like this. In the end, it was also the butler’s fault for being so easily convinced by such words.


Recognizing his fault, he bowed politely. 


“I apologize, Madam.”


“You don’t have to apologize. I’m the one who asked him to tell me anything he needs. By the way, Rovel. Where did Edrick say he wanted to go?” 


“No. That’s— He didn’t tell me anything about it. But it seems to me that he wants to return to his hometown. I’m sure the Young Master misses his hometown as much as I do!”


She sighed. She was only asking just in case. But to call such a hovel the hometown of the Duke’s son…. She wasn’t the only one who felt that way. 


The butler’s mouth, which had been praising the new servant, was pressed into a thin line. It was clear that he would be severely reprimanded when the boy left the room. 


If possible, that butler should be punished harshly enough to make the child cry. 


But contrary to her anger, she spoke softly. 


“Sadly, it’s difficult right now. Nemes is a remote and very dangerous place. If Edrick’s condition improves, I’ll consider it.”


But then, Rovel suddenly raised his head. 


“If the Black Chain Knights escorted the Young Master, wouldn’t he be safe to go there?”


(End of Duchess’ point of view) 




The pride of Denkart and the eternal guardian of the Empire, the Black Chain Knights. They conquered countless battlefields during the past hundred years of war and greatly elevated Denkart’s status. 


In the original novel, the Duchess somehow tried to ruin the relationship between Edrick and the knights. This was because if the successor loses their trust, the position of the successor itself would be seriously shaken. 


However, it was not yet like that in these early stages. So I, who needed things to fast-forward, gently sprinkled savory hints. 


It was roughly like this. 


  1. The Young Master needs the Black Chain Knights to accompany him.


  1. There, she can set a trap that will make the knights lose their trust in Edrick. (It’s easy, isn’t it?) 


Desperate to get rid of Edrick, the Duchess took the bait. It was a natural procedure to send for the Knights by saying things like ‘I can’t stop your way to find memories with your birth mother’


Like that, everything went smoothly. 


‘Phew—It’s finally done.’


Putting the last of the loads onto the wagon, I rubbed my stiff shoulders. Well, even though it was tiring, I don’t think all that hard work was for nothing. 


This is the best way to make Edrick change his mind. 


He needs to adapt and recover as quickly as possible so that my recovery can also be accelerated.


‘It’s a win-win for everyone —’


At that moment, Rimson, who was also a companion, approached me. 


“Hey, what’s all this? Why did you pack so much just for just a few days’ trip?” 


“Of course because it’s all useful,” I replied with a bright smile.


If I’m going to face the trap prepared by the Madam, these are just the basics. Thinking about it, I gulped inwardly. 


“This…this…. You look half-faced. Who knows that you’re working so hard? Just do things in moderation. To the best of your ability.” (Half face here meaning: look very haggard from sickness or pain) 


“Yes. Yes.”


“Are you answering half-heartedly again?”


Rimson’s eyebrows twitched. Suddenly, he swung his fist and thank goodness I quickly avoided it. 


Wow, really. Is this Hyung a bear in disguise? What’s with those hands? I almost lost my life. 


Having failed to hit me on the forehead, he looked at me with a displeased expression. 


“I can’t help but bring it up now since it’s the only time I can bring it up, but when you come back, just throw away your dreamy ideas. It’s still uncertain whether or not the Young Master will return them. And it might not last forever.”


Saying so, Rimson Hyung stared at the Duchess who was observing the knights from afar. 


Surprisingly, he was warning me about her—. Even though when I look at him he looks like he has no sense, but it’s not true. 


“After I looked into it, I heard that there is a position open for a servant in another wing of the building. I have asked about it in advance, so go there.” 


If I denied it outright, he would only continue nagging at me, so I just laughed it off.


Then he said as if he had come to his senses. 


“Would the Young Master be grateful for this matter? Rather, it only makes you a laughing stock.”


“I know, I know.” 


“It’s good to just be amusing. But If you keep flirting next to the Young Master like that, you won’t be able to live out your days in peace.”


Rimson Hyung glanced sideways at the Duchess again with a serious face. 


It seems that it is true that a mercenary has a lot more developed senses. He’s the only one here who is wary of Madam.


And someone who worries about me like his own brother. 


“Hyung. I’ll die if I’m not next to Young Master.”


I can’t reveal everything, but I also wanted to tell him a little about myself. 


I smiled embarrassedly, rubbing my cheek with my fingertips.  


“Well, maybe, I won’t last a year. I got that kind of disease.” 


—But I guess I shouldn’t have brought it up. 


How surprised was he to get tears in his eyes with such an intense and red face? 




When I arrived at Edrick’s room, the atmosphere was quite heavy.


The servants, who should have finished preparing to go out by now, were standing around the bed, looking nervous. The Young Master in the center was the most furious I’d ever seen him.


His expression was as cold as a blade that the Young Master had sharpened after spending three days and three nights.


Well, at least the air is still fresh. 


As I took a light step, his glare became even more fierce.


I understand now.


Because when he said he wanted to ‘go out’ he didn’t mean going out with the knights like this. However, if he really didn’t like it, he wouldn’t go and would be sulking again. 


‘Should I be discouraged?’


As expected, he didn’t say no even though he looked like he hated it. 


He just glowered at me so fiercely that it made my cheeks sting. He then instructed Rimson who was standing behind me. 


“Bring it.”




When Rimson Hyung brought a wheelchair, I quickly blocked him. 


Due to the large difference in size, I can not completely tower over him, but my intention was made clear. 


Naturally, the Young Master’s scowl became more fierce. 


“Not you.” 


“Yeah, Rovel. Get out of the way.”


Rimson Hyung gently pulled at the hem of my shirt and whispered. He wanted me to get out of the way and stop causing trouble. 


But I just stood there and simply said, “Young Master. To tell you the truth, this servant washes his hair once every three days.” 


“No! I washed my hair today!!!” 


Rimson Hyung shouted in a very determined voice. The Young Master frowned and looked at the other servant on the left. 


It was obvious he didn’t know who to pick.


So I took some initiative. 


“Not with that servant either. That servant has an athlete’s foot from generation to generation.” 


By the way, Edrick liked to be very clean. 


Even in the face of suffering, even with those legs, he would wash every day. No matter the weather.


However, Young Master took turns looking at the Hyungs and me with deeply conflicted eyes as if he really detested me holding him. 


Alright, now it’s time to hit the final wedge.


“Third generation.” 


He surely wouldn’t be able to stand this?


“He only wears shoes with good ventilation.” 


The Young Master eventually admitted defeat and bit his lips angrily. It was up to me to get him to the wheelchair now. 


I was very excited. On the slate, it was written that the effect would be doubled with body contact. 


Just sharing one space is so good, how much better it would be—.


But the moment the Young Master grabbed my arms to stand up, I was frozen in place. 




I could feel the blood rushing in my veins. It was thick, sweet, and joyful as if made from melted red candy.


The Young Master angrily prodded me to move quickly when I stopped without notice. 


I frowned at my two streams of nosebleeds.


“I—I’m sorry. I have severe low blood pressure.”


Phew, fortunately, it stopped quickly.


I wiped my nose with a handkerchief as if nothing had happened and helped him onto the wheelchair.


‘Good. That was natural—’


During the process, my hands were trembling slightly, but it wasn’t a big deal. 


Because he was much lighter than I expected. Even for a woman, it’s easy enough. 


‘I don’t know if it’s because of my mood, but since I’m with Edrick, I feel like my strength has doubled than usual—’ 


However, the servants were worried as if the glasses were barely hanging at the end of the table. Everyone was worried about me. Besides Edrick, my relationship with other servants was also good.


As we went out to the front door with ease, I saw the Madam. She was giving a formal greeting to the knights and doctors. 


She approached when she saw us.


The villain, who had ordered someone to replace all of Edrick’s painkillers with plain water this morning, was smiling like a spring sun. 


In the original novel, she did it every time Edrick went out. This time was no different. 


“Edrick, have a safe trip.”


I was worried that he would get angry and do something wrong, but the Young Master didn’t say anything.


‘—You’re surprisingly amicable?’ 


That seemed a bit odd. 


After that, we entered the carriage without difficulty, and I felt moved. In fact, one of my bucket lists, when I was lying sick in bed, was to travel. This was the first trip since the two deaths.


Since we’re traveling, wouldn’t it be better to enjoy it? 


When will I ever get to ride a carriage like this again in my life? 


Edrick, on the other hand, had no reaction.


He also lived as a commoner and would never have ridden such a luxurious carriage, but there was no expression of wonder. 


‘You look really angry—’


I took a look around and spoke to him.


“Young Master, I have something to tell you.”




He still didn’t look at me. 


“I was actually bought by the Duchess.” 


So I forcefully grabbed his attention.


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