A Fairy Tales For The Villains Vol. 1 Chapter 30 - Dark Rainbow(2)

Author: Gina

A colorful rainbow hangs over the clear sky where the spring rain has stopped. On such an ordinary spring day, Estelle was buried next to her parents’ grave. The official cause of death was pneumonia, but in reality, it was murder.

After leaving Estelle, I was half out of my mind for a while. Perhaps it was because I wanted to deny reality; I was losing my mind, suffering from visions and hallucinations.

There was a time when Venya found me wandering around in the middle of the night humming a lullaby. It was only later that I found out, but it is said that at that time, Venya and Lettis were scared to death, thinking that I might have gone insane trying to follow Estelle. No matter how hard I tried to deny it, I had to accept it.  

The fact that Estelle was no longer physically present; the fact that I would never see my breast sister, my lovely Miss, again. The fact is that those who contributed to her death will pay no price. 

It was the emperor’s royal command. If it became known to the public that the Serpente family’s siblings and their young nanny had been imprisoned together for nearly two years, there would have been a huge uproar. And such a choice was made in light of potential crimes to occur and spread. As well as the harm to the Serpente family’s standing. In the long run, it was undeniable that if the truth were known, it would not be good for us either. Since the imperial family was the one who brought us back to our original position, we owed quite a lot of debt to them.

Whatever the case, Lettis and Venya obediently agreed and agreed to make it look as if they had just returned from studying abroad. Those who had aided in what happened to their nephews and niece simply had to back down and return to the countryside as if nothing had occurred.

The only ones who knew the truth, aside from us, would be the Emperor, the Crown Prince, and the Serpente relatives—the main actors in such an incident—and the commander of the Python Knights, who came to find us that day.

It goes without saying that the standbys who were impersonating us in Pzeya were already executed. They were people who were supposed to die, but it was ridiculous.

Near the end of spring, when the warm, blue sky was ripening and the season of enthusiasm and celebrations was gradually approaching, I boarded a ship leaving the Empire.

I was going to Vibratto. Just as I confessed one day while lying side by side on a dirty and scruffy library floor, I was going to school for the first time in my life. An international academy that anyone with money can go to regardless of their status, sponsored by the Python Foundation.

“In the end, one of us is going to study abroad. It’s ironic that you’re the only one going.” 

Lettis became Duke without any countermeasures at the age of seventeen, and he was so crazy with work that only Venya came to see me off.

His silver-gray hair, which had grown haphazardly, was now neatly organized, and his overgrown body was wrapped in new, well-sized clothes. The memories of the bell tower were now unbelievable, and his current appearance was that of a perfect, noble young man.

“How do you feel?”

“…Honestly, I don’t know. Just shaky. I wonder if I should do this.”

“You said it was your wish, remember? Just enjoy to your heart’s content the fact that your wish came true. Don’t think about bad things.”

He had a low, soft voice. Light blue eyes like the cold winter sky, scanned my hair and face, as well as my newly tailored velvet dress and satin shoes. It felt as if he was trying to capture my current appearance in his mind.

“The same goes for you. Don’t think of bad thoughts. Eat a lot of delicious food and study hard. I have no intention of serving a Young Master who isn’t smarter than me.”

He smiled at my mischievous reply. It was a naughty, bright smile, just like when he was a kid.

“Ah, yes. I’ll have to work hard to not become an ugly nobleman who asks the intelligent-abroad-graduated-elite to deal with this and that. Although I think Hyung will become like that.”

“Letty oppa didn’t seem to have any time to sleep. What if he does from overwork while I’m away?”

“If he does, it’ll be fine by me. I’ll take over the title.”

The sea breeze blew over our hair while facing each other. It was time to get on the boat, but my feet didn’t part easily. Passengers passing by threw at us, who were just staring at each other endlessly, the strangest glances.


I gave strength to both hands holding the suitcase and opened my mouth hesitantly. I thought the tears had already dried up, but somehow my voice came out trembling as if I was just one step away from bursting into tears.

“Can we meet again, right…?” 

It was a stupid question, even to my ears. To such a silly question, Venya responded with just a smile. A rough gloved hand caressed my disheveled bangs lightly.

“This is for the best. It’s too dangerous for you here, and neither Hyung nor I have the ability to protect anyone yet… We’re just breaking up for a while until then. To grant your wish.”

A commoner girl who guards a deadly Serpente family secret. Whether it was the imperial family’s side or the side of the collateral family, the reasons to get rid of me were plentiful. And Lettis and Venya were still young. They were young and had lost almost two years of precious time in vain. Much less, there were no reliable adults to trust or depend on. Now, we were similar in not being able to trust anyone, and it wouldn’t be easy for us to completely settle down in an aristocratic society overflowing with all kinds of evil disguised as goodwill.

Nevertheless, I was able to leave because I knew that they would survive, that they would grow meticulous and stronger than anyone else, and that they would become adults as cunning and skillful as vipers. 

The powerful sound of a boat horn rang through the quacking songs of seagulls. I really had to go now.

“I’ll write to you. Take care.”

“Watch out for seasickness.”

With that, it was over. 

After hesitating, I turned, gripping my luggage, and rushed up the stairs leading to the top of the boat. As it was a very large passenger ship, the crowd was huge. It reminded me of a movie I’ve seen in my previous life. 

‘It was that Titanic that…’

My room was first class. A zone reserved strictly for the nobility. Previously, when we all went to Vibratto together thanks to Estelle, I stayed in a third-class room with my mother. Should I say I have leveled up?

“Welcome aboard to Lake Viento, my Lady. I’ll carry your luggage.” 

“Thank you.”

After passing my luggage to a crewman with an amiable appearance, I looked around the port for the last time before heading to the first-class room. Venya was still standing there, looking up my way.

Finally, I smiled broadly and waved my hand. He also waved his hand.

That was the last appearance we saw of each other until seven years later.



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