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Duke Astra entered his study with quick steps.


As soon as he sat down, the executives who were chasing him opened their mouths.


“What kind of mysterious phenomenon is this? To think that a three-year-old can interpret the ancient language?!”


The people of Astra didn’t believe that the children could perform well on the test.


At the puzzled remark, another person opened his mouth.


“It’s also possible that the test had been leaked.”


“Did you say leaked?”


“In other words, she may have known what the question was beforehand and memorized the answer.”


The ancient language was still an alphabet that was difficult to interpret.


It was difficult to interpret because it’s structure was completely different from the existing languages and thus there were no examples to be used as reference.


Even the history books where the exam question was taken from had yet to be fully interpreted.


Another executive shook his head.


“The test questions were decided just before the immediate examination by the direct descendants.”


“That’s right. Above all, how could ‘Young Miss Erylotte’ bribe the examiner?”


Her mother was a commoner.


Her father was also the son who had the most horrible relationship with the Duke.


‘Which fool would leak the test questions for such a Young Miss?’


The executives were all convinced and groaned.


‘But… just how did she…?’


While everyone was murmuring to themselves, an executive said.


“Perhaps Young Miss Erylotte has awakened her abilities.”






Nobles in this world were born with special abilities.


Supreme intelligence. 


Superhuman strength.


The power to make plants grow fast and many more.


There was a wide variety of abilities a person could have. 


The abilities were called [Blessing], and it was to the extent that people thought that one had to be born with a Blessing to be a noble. 


‘But Young Miss Erylotte was incompetent, right?’


An executive asked.


“A Blessing is manifested before the fonticulus anterior (a soft spot in a baby’s head/skull) is closed.”


“Yes, it’s been a long time since her fonticulus anterior closed.”


Wasn’t it exactly because her fonticulus anterior closed without an ability that she was sent to the 12th Tower where the indirect descendants resided?


The Duke who had been lost in thought said, 


“Bring Erylotte.”


His voice was terrifyingly low.






Coming to Grandfather’s study, I stealthily looked around at the people.


It was packed with executives, scholars, and even vassals.


They showed me a book.


“Please read it.”




“Page 72, starting from the second line. Right here.”


I glanced at Grandfather and read the part the executives pointed at.


“The steeple has been compweted. It was the fwoot of hawd work.” [The steeple has been completed. It was the fruit of hard work.]


All the scholars gasped.


“S-She’s right.”


That old man was so surprised that his eyes looked like they were about to pop out.


He nodded at the executives and looked at the Duke.


“As expected, it seems that it is true that her [Blessing] has manifested.”


‘But that’s just because it’s the Korean Alphabet…?’


The ancient language being Korean because it was a novel written by a Korean wasn’t the strangest thing.


The strangest thing was what the people thought was within the expected range.


People in this world think that most ’unique situations’ were due to the Blessing.


The vassals’ faces were subtle.


A Blessing was like a family’s prized possession, but to say that being able to read the ancient language was an ability…?


It was exactly that kind of face.


The vassals started talking.


“Isn’t it a relief? At least she has received a Blessing….”


“Don’t we need to attach a priest to the Young Miss to watch over her ability development?”


“Yes. Just think of what we can get by developing her ability to read ancient language–”


While the vassals were talking, I continued reading the book.


At a certain point, I read the contents stammeringly.


“Buwied, dwagon bone, in da Myrten Pwain…” [Buried, dragon bones, in the Myrten Plain…]






In an instant, all of their eyes turned to me.


The vassal asked me with a stiff look.


“W-what did you say?”


“Myrten Pwain. Der’s a bwone. Wite hewe.” [Myrten Plain. There’s a bone. Right here.]


When I pointed to the words in the book, everybody’s mouths opened wide.


Dragon’s bone was a very precious resource.


Because it’s strength easily surpassed that of iron, all weapons made using dragon bones boasted extreme power.


However, the amount available was very small, so even if people gave a lot of money, no one in their right mind would sell it. 


It was like discovering a diamond mine.


“Map! Bring a map!”


The vassals hurriedly brought over the map. All of them gathered to check the location.


“During ancient times, this place was called the Myrten Plain.”


The vassals hurriedly handed over the map to Grandfather.


Looking at the map silently, Grandfather said.


“Check whether or not it is true.”


The executives rushed out.


I looked at Grandfather with a calm look.


‘It’s true.’


Since it was clearly written in this historical book.


‘Moreover, it’ll be discovered soon.’


It was going to be discovered a few months later during the construction of the temple.


I snickered in my mind.


‘It would be discovered sooner or later, but because I told them in advance, then the credit would be mine.’


Grandfather turned his gaze towards me. I could feel shivers roll down my spine from his narrowed eyes.


There was an intense sense of pressure that any ordinary child would be unable to bear. They would inevitably burst into tears at any moment.


I grabbed the hem of my skirt tightly and smiled awkwardly.


‘I know my place.’


As long as you feed me and don’t bother me, then I’ll be calm.


—It was that kind of appeal.


Grandfather’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly.






I got off the carriage feeling exhausted.


Thanks to the carriage ride from the castle, I felt comfortable, but I also felt like I went on a jet coaster ten times.


‘How could the look in a person’s eyes be so poisonous?’


Even the criminals in movies did not have such eyes.


Thinking so, I trudged into the 12th tower.


Perhaps because the sun was setting, the tower was silent.


However, word after word came out of the children’s bedrooms.


“The Main Castle is really cool. Every door is guarded by a monster!”


[So, you didn’t cry because you were scared?]


“I didn’t cry even a bit.”


[Yeah. Because our Dellon is brave.]


It was the sound of children talking with their parents.


“I don’t like carrots. I hate Nanny.”


“Oh my. Nanny’s heart is hurt. To think that the Young Miss that I love, hates me.”


“No! It was a lie…”


“Then, you’ll eat the carrot, right?”


“Heuung… But I don’t want to…”


It was the sound of acting spoiled to one’s nanny.


I stood blankly in the dark hallway, listening to the sound of friendly conversation from the bedrooms.




‘Having a child’s body is really uncomfortable.’


If I were an adult, I wouldn’t be jealous of this at all…


I had no mom and my dad was far away in the battlefield.


‘On top of that, I also have no Nanny.’


For the children here, their parents always gave them a nanny. It was natural for the nanny to be by their side because they were nobles even if they were of indirect lineage.


Until yesterday, as the Astra family’s invisible person, there was no one taking care of me.


That’s why I didn’t have a nanny.


‘Even though I’m not uncomfortable because I charmed the servants and teachers of the tower well…’


I rubbed my skirt with my palm, and soon raised my head.


‘I need to hurry up and take a bath.’


Warm water poured out here.


Unlike Yoo Hyemin’s rented room, there was also a bathtub.


If I soak in warm water, I’ll feel better quickly.


‘Seeing how fast my emotions turned for the worse. Will I be like this forever?’


I bravely walked down the hallway and envisioned my future.


Stock prices will soar if dragon bones are found in the Myrten Plain.


If it became like that, there would be tons of benefits.


I’ll have to make use of the benefits to secure my way of living in the future.


‘But saving money is still the best thing…’


It was when I approached the door that,




Someone grabbed my clothes with a snap.


I looked up, surprised, when I saw a familiar face.


“Skwinny…?” [Skinny…?]


It was the kid who wrote ten pages of reflection because I told the teachers about him harassing me.


The kid dragged me deep into the hallway.


“Do you know how much I suffered yesterday because of you?”


‘That’s because you harassed me.’


I was thinking like that, but Skinny frowned.


“To think that there was this kind of fool.”




“You– you cheated on the test today, right? That’s why you remained in the Main Castle and got scolded.”


While I was at the Main Castle, the people of this tower seemed to have formed their own speculations.


A three-year-old was able to read the ancient language.


It could only be explained by one thing. The three-year-old cheated.


Skinny gave a nasty smile.


“You’re already hated by the Duke, but now you even cheated. I guess you’ll be kicked out of the tower soon?”




“Because of this kind of fool, I was humiliated like that… Do you know who my father is?! He’s a vassal with jurisdiction!”




“Apologize to me. Kneel and ask for my forgiveness!”


I was hit and like that, I fell on my butt.




It hurt so much that tears inevitably fell down my cheeks.


Even while I was struggling with pain, Skinny kept shouting.


“Can you not hear me?!”


Skinny raised his hand at me.


I really don’t fight with kids.


I usually just report them to the adults and that would solve the matter.


It was comfortable, and above all, I handled it gently because they were children.


‘But of course dealing with violence was different.’


And it wasn’t just once he hit me, but several times too.


“Kneel immediately and be– Aack!”


I bit Skinny’s leg hard.


At the moment he bent down to pull me off.




I even grabbed his hair.


He pushed me—




Called me a Fool—




Threatened me, and mocked me!




When I shook his head up, down, left and right, he burst into tears.




He cried so hard that people started flocking in.


In an instant, our surroundings became crowded.


Soon after, the teachers came running.


The teachers who finally saw us after pushing through the crowd of people, looked at us with puzzled faces.






Skinny and I were taken to a room.


I sat still holding my skirt, but Skinny cried, wanting to leave the room.


Baron Moro, the general manager of the 12th Tower, rubbed his temples.


“What’s all this?”


“She, to me, huaaa, she bit me and hit me, a-and… Huaaaaaa!”


At Skinny’s words, Baron Moro glared at me.


I tried to convey the situation calmly.


“Skwinny fiwst—” [Skinny first—]




Baron Moro shouted sharply.


He suppressed me without even giving me a chance to speak.


“To think that you assaulted a colleague who you study with and yet you’re even making excuses?”


The way he looked at me was cold.


‘Even though I knew it would be like this, this is still too much.’


All the other teachers adored me, but Baron Moro wasn’t like that.


In the first place, it was because of that man that I thought of making the teachers take my side.


He was a terrible and bloody opportunist.


When I was a newborn,



“To think that out of all things I’m in charge of this idiot. I’d rather die than live in comfort.”



—There was a time when he burst into anger while saying that.


Of course, he said such things because he thought a child couldn’t understand. But–


Even when I grew up, his eyes always looked at me like he was looking at garbage. 


That’s why I thought that I had to make the other teachers take my side.


Since it’s hard to live peacefully if the general manager was like that.


“Moreover, you cheated on the test, right?”


‘So, you were actually angry because of that.’


He thinks that I’ve ruined his reputation by cheating on the test in the castle.


Baron Moro clicked his tongue.


“During lunchtime, stand while holding a bucket. It’s your punishment.”


The Baron then turned his gaze to Skinny.


It was a gaze that was practically dripping with honey.


“Please stop crying now. How hurt would your father be if he knew?”


“Yes, Baron…”


“I heard that you had a difficult time yesterday?”


“That’s also because of that Fool—!”


Skinny huff and puffed as he glared at me.


Baron Moro smiled softly.


“Don’t worry. There won’t be any record of it left.”




“Yes, I’ll tell your father not to worry, too.”


Baron Moro, who said so, called in a servant and made the servant bring a bucket full of water.


He then sent me out together with the bucket.


“Don’t even think of fooling around.”


Speaking firmly, he went inside the room again with Skinny.


There was a laugh from the room.


“Would you like some snacks?”




“Anyway, what kind of hobbies does your father have… Oh, horseback riding. I like it, too.”


I held the bucket while Skinny continued chatting with Baron Moro excitedly. 


‘Let’s hold it for now.’


In the Main Castle, for the first time, he became interested in me.


If I make a single mistake here, it would ruin my image in his eyes.


While I struggled for a long time, the kids who took classes together with me approached.


“Why is Baby here?”


The children who sat at the same table as me, called me, the youngest in the tower, Baby.


“I weceib punishmwent.” [I receive punishment.]




“Dat’s how the wowd is.” [That’s how the world is.]


“Aah, because that’s how the world is, you received punishment.”


The children nodded.


“Babwies go to their wooms. It’s cowd.” [Babies go to their rooms. It’s cold.]


Different from Skinny, these children were humble indirect descendants.


However, if he sees them together for no reason, that dirty Baron might punish them.


The children said, “Okiee,” then returned to their rooms.


I was punished for a long time.


10 minutes.


20 minutes.


30 minutes.


No matter how much time passed, the Baron didn’t come out.


‘Until when do I have to do this?’


As time passed, my hands started to hurt so much that it felt like my shoulders were about to fall off too.


As I groaned in pain, Baron Moro came out into the hallway.


“Oho. Don’t fool around.”


Then he slapped the bucket.




As I barely had any strength left, I stumbled under the weight of the bucket and collapsed.




As water spilled on the floor, I also became wet.


“It’s really no different from a rat.”


Baron Moro stared fiercely at me.


It was at that time,






I turned my head at the voice that was impossible to be heard out here. Baron Moro and Skinny also looked back in a hurry.


The silhouette swallowed by the shadows slowly walked out of the darkness.


The one who was looking at us together with a silver cane—


“Gwandfader….” [Grandfather…]


It was the Duke of Astra.


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There is one illustration inserted in this chapter (at the end, above this note), which I think you might don't want to miss hehe. So, if you didn't see the illustration, you may scroll a bit above again (since it might haven't loaded when you reached that part) or refresh (if it doesn't show even after you wait for a while). Thank you for reading~<3

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