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“Ack! Aack!”


Marquess Tollisso’s Blessing was called [Vision].


It meant that even when he was older, he would be a weak old man who would only maintain 2.3 points of his vision.


He had never lifted anything heavier than a pen.


Of course, not a single hair had ever been pulled out of his head.


On the other hand, Erylotte was a very brave child.


She had never lost to those who were much taller than herself.


The child’s specialty was pulling the opponent’s hair with her cute hands.




Together with the sound of his now sparse hair leaving his head forever, a sword blade was cast towards Marquess Tollisso.


Only then did Erylotte let go of the Marquess’ hair.


The Duke spoke to the deathly pale Marquess Tollisso.


“We have got a lot to talk about.”


Marquess Tollisso’s face turned ghastly pale at the Duke of Astra’s words.


“You shouldn’t think about going easily.”


“D-Duke Astra… T-this–”


Duke Astra hugged Erylotte.


Marquess Tollisso’s desperate scream followed the Duke’s back walking against the night.






At dawn.


Marquess Tollisso and the spies were taken to the Duke’s Castle and subjected to severe torture.


The torture was handled by Viscount Debussy.


He came into the Duke’s office after organizing what the Marquess Tollisso and the spies had confessed.


“They tried to win over Conrad.”


Conrad was very surprised and asked back.


“Are you talking about me?”


“It seems like they were trying to win you over, knowing that you need the Blue Flower Bulb for your younger sibling.”


“That kind of…”


Conrad’s eyes shook greatly.


Viscount Debussy asked Conrad, who was flustered.


“Fortunately, you obtained the Blue Flower Bulb first.”


“I didn’t obtain it.”


“If not?”


“The Young Miss gave it to me.”




Grandfather and Viscount Debussy looked at me.


I laughed, pretending that I didn’t know.


When the Duke distributed the Blue Flower Bulb, he didn’t specify that it must be consumed by the person it was given to.


So, she couldn’t be blamed for giving it to others.


Rather, it was a huge contribution, since it prevented the departure of a talent only by using the bulb.


“Is it because she’s quick witted? He did say that she was also the first one to feel that the Duke was in danger.”


“Yes. She said, ‘Bad guys will bother Grandfather.’”


Viscount Debussy bursted into exclamations as he looked at me.


“But, just how did she know?”


“As I had mentioned, she said that she accidentally overheard the suspicious words that the spies had said.”


Of course, it was an absolute lie.


The result was drawn based on the contents and circumstances of the novel, but who would believe it if a three-year-old said so?


That’s why I phrased it like this,



“The gwards are going to bother Gwandfather!” [The guards are going to bother Grandfather!]




“The gwards said they would send Grandfather to the afterwife on the day Gwandfather became weak. They said it secwetly. I heard it!” [The guards said they would send Grandfather to the afterlife on the day Grandfather became weak. They said it secretly. I heard it!]


“What did you say?”



Hearing the story from Conrad, Viscount Debussy nodded his head.


“Since she’s a child, it seemed like she must have talked about it easily because she thought you didn’t know anything.”


“Yes. She had been around the Duke lately, so it is possible for her to hear the guard’s words.”


I was relieved that Viscount Debussy and Conrad were convinced.


Seeing that Grandfather didn’t say much, he didn’t seem to be very suspicious.


‘Anyway, my wrist keeps hurting.’


Maybe it was because the tension was gone that I let my guard down, but the pain got worse.


It seemed that it was injured when I grabbed the bad guy’s hair earlier.


I kept touching my wrist.


Then I made eye contact with Grandfather.






Grandfather clicked his tongue and pulled my wrist.


‘Why, why…?’


What are you going to do with my wrist?!


I was so nervous that I became stiff.


But all he actually did was look at my wrist.


“It’s sprained. What did you think you were going to accomplish by stepping in there with only that one palm of yours?”


“I habb to pwotect Gwandfwather.” [I have to protect Grandfather.]


That way, the other direct descendants can’t target me. 


Grandfather glanced at me, and cleared his throat.


“What do you mean your small body is going to protect me?”




“It’s small– Well, it’s small like this. When I was your age, I could already knock out a bear.”


About that, it’s because Grandfather has the [Shed Blood] Blessing.


Grandfather applied the ointment on me, then he cleared his throat again.


“Go to the room and get treatment.”


It was a pleasant sentence.


Even if he didn’t say that, even though I was very tired, it turned out well.


“Yesh!” [Yes!]


I answered and left the room with a bounce in my step.






The conclusion of the sudden attack was a territory war.


The armed Astra soldiers attacked the Tollisso March.


Astra was a family well-known for its military power.


Tollisso’s soldiers were no match for them, and the Tollisso Castle fell within a week.


They said Grandfather dragged Marquess Tollisso to the Tollisso March which had become a sea of flames.


And in there, both of his wrists and ankles…


‘It was so terrifying that no one would dare say that he wasn’t a villain.’


How could an old man whose family was ruined and even disabled live?


It was a result even worse than death.






Holding a spoon full of pudding, my face twisted in ecstasy.




The texture, the scent, the caramel concentration.


There was nothing lacking.


The best thing was that I could finally eat this delicious pudding without any worries.


I laughed as I put the pudding in my mouth.


‘Since I’m going to be busy again soon, I have to fully enjoy it.’


The reason why I could relax now was because the Duke’s Castle was busy with the post-processing of the territory war.


The Tollisso March was integrated into the Astra Duchy.


So, the Duchy was in a state where everyone was talking about who would rule over the land.


All the uncles and even aunts were busy taking action so that they could become the owner of the new land.


‘Thanks to that, it was good for me.’


Since the Duke’s Castle became noisy, the direct descendants’ class was postponed!


I pushed the finished pudding and jumped off the chair.


While I was humming, I went to the place where the picture books were gathered.


As I tried to open a book, I could feel a gaze behind my back.


As I turned my head, the maids were looking at me softly.


“Didn’t you read that book yesterday?”


“You also read it the day before yesterday, right?”


“Three days ago, too.”


The maids groaned, “Hmmmmm.”


“Turns out, there’s nothing for the Young Miss to play with in the Duke’s Castle.”


“Have you asked the general affairs office for toys?”


“They said it would take at least 2 weeks to review them and bring them here.”


After Grandfather was attacked, the security of the Duke’s Castle was strengthened to a frightening level.


Afraid that there would be things like curses on the goods by any chance, the goods had to go through a long review.


Because of that, I read one book that I’ve already read, and read it again, and read it again and again.


‘Even so, I think it’s fun?’


Is it because of the mental regression that came with a young child’s body? I liked the things that kids did.


I was focusing on the picture book again, but the maids approached me.


“Shall we call your friend from the 12th Tower?”


“Yes. Since they’re indirect descendants, they’ll be able to get permission to enter even in the current situation.”


I spoke lightly because I was concentrating on the picture book.


“I don’t habb any fwendsh.” [I don’t have any friends.]


“Didn’t you grow up together?”


“But, they didn’t pway wif me.” [But, they didn’t play with me.]


“Yes? How come?”


“Bwecause their famiwy doesn’t wike me.” [Because their family doesn’t like me.]


The children who didn’t know anything sometimes approached me.


However, every time that happened, their nannies would hug the children away from me as if they were frightened.


“If you play with the Main Castle’s nuisance, you will receive the same treatment.”


—While saying that.


There were often cases where their parents contacted and scolded them if they were caught playing with me.


So the kids didn’t play with me. I also didn’t approach them because I didn’t want them to be scolded because of me.


After answering casually, I turned to the next page.


‘Ah, it’s the picture that I like.’


I really liked this illustration of a mother fish coming to find the baby fish.


I was looking at the painting with sparkling eyes, and before I knew it my surroundings turned quiet.


I turned my head because the atmosphere seemed to be strange, and the maids’ expressions were odd.




When I saw the maids who quickly began to cry, I flinched.


‘My goodness.’


I looked pitiful.


‘I became used to saying it as if it was nothing, because it was a familiar thing to me.’


This supporting role’s penalty.


Because I wasn’t the main character, if I didn’t concentrate, my mind would revert to that of a childs.


So I miss the hearts of adults.


‘Oh my. But these Older Sisters are tender-hearted.’


Unlike the image I had of them employees of the Duke Astra’s Castle, they were good older sisters.


Maybe that’s why, even though I couldn’t succeed.


‘Well, he must have attached them to me because they were the unsuccessful employees.’


Nurses (Nanny of noble children. High ranking among employees.) are attached to other precious direct descendants.


I raised both of my arms lightly and said hurriedly.


“I’m not swad at all. It’s fun to pway awone!” [I’m not sad at all. It’s fun to play alone!]


I said it enthusiastically, but they only became even more tearful.


“Young Miss…”


“Now no one will not play with the Young Miss anymore.”


“Of course! Now that you’ve manifested your Blessing. And, you also now live in a castle.”


Hilda hugged me tightly.


Greta also stroked the back of my hand.


“Adults are bad. What does a kid know about her that she can’t play? Of course, it’s about the fact that she simply can’t play.”


“I know right.”


Hilda and Greta’s eyes sparkled.






“—She said so.”


Conrad delivered what he heard from the employee to the Duke.


The children of the 12th Tower didn’t play with Erylotte.


It seemed to be because of the adults’ pressure.


The maids told the story to Conrad.


And Conrad immediately delivered the story to the Duke.


The Duke of Astra opened his mouth, still concentrating on his paperwork.




Conrad’s face became darker.


‘I thought the Duke’s eyes on the Young Miss have changed recently.’


She had awakened her Blessing and helped the family.


She was even the greatest contributor to the resolution of the sudden attack.


Even caring about her wounds with that cold personality, Conrad thought he knew that his grandchild was cute.


‘Well, since he’s a person who has lived his entire life without knowing affection for people.’


There was no way he’d step up for his granddaughter.


Conrad became sullen, and Viscount Debussy, who was with him, smiled.


“You’re delivering the story that you heard. Rather than that, here is the torture result of the spies. Conrad, deliver it.”




The Duke received the handed over documents and looked through the documents. Then, he glanced at Conrad.


“Is this all?”


“Yes. They said that he was promised a title and money by Marquess Tollisso and moved on.”


“How about Tollisso?”


“It was said that he held a grudge from losing the granary area.”


The Duke laughed out loud.


“The excuse is insincere.”




“Do you really think that the mastermind of this case is Tollisso?”




Astra treated information particularly.


Even though Tollisso was a member of the Elder Noble Meetings, he would never be able to find out the Duke’s guard list.


Even an empty-headed person would think that it was worthy to change hands to Tollisso among the guards.


Conrad, who was squinting, flinched.


“Are you saying there’s an enemy inside? Just who…!”


“It must be one of my children.”


A person who had enough power to move Tollisso.


Moreover, the Duke’s enemy would always have the same blood as him.




Conrad was just a bait.


A bait to keep them from being caught that the information was actually being given from the inside.


The Duke burst into laughter.


“I guess I’ve been too merciful during all this time.”




“Seeing that the pigs have become greedy and unsatisfied with the food I have given them.”


The Duke’s eyes sparkled with bloodthirst.


Conrad swallowed his saliva to moisten his dry mouth.


“What shall we do?”


“Of course, I need to tighten my hold properly. Let’s prove the loyalty of those at the indirect descendants’ side first.”


“If it’s loyalty…”


“Tell them to greet. To Erylotte.”




“Lie flat and do it properly.”




The Duke raised his body.


“Tell those of the 2nd generation (the Duke’s children) to dissolve the soldiers.”


The Duke, who said so, stepped out of the room.


Conrad looked at the Duke’s back with a dumbfounded expression.


He was ordered to prove the indirect descendants’ loyalty, but why did he order them to greet Young Miss Erylotte?


And even adding lying flat as if they’re apologizing.


Conrad tilted his head.


And Viscount Debussy…


“Pfft… Ha!”


He was giggling while grabbing his stomach out of nowhere.


The Duke, who was just leaving the hallway, threw a vase from the decorative table.


Viscount Debussy stealthily avoided the vase and followed the Duke.


“You must have had a hard time thinking of an excuse.”


“Shut up.”


In the dark hallway, the sound of Viscount Debussy’s laughing to death echoed.






I looked at the couple kneeling flat on the floor with a puzzled look.


Their faces turned pale.


‘What’s wrong with these people suddenly?’


This morning, people suddenly began to line up in my room.


Everyone had familiar faces.


They were the adults who came to pick up their children every break in the 12th Tower.


In other words, it meant that they were the parents of the indirect descendants.


“I-I’m Rondontas, greeting the Young Miss.”


“Uhm… What I said in the past, it wasn’t because I ignored you…”


Why is he so scared?


When he saw me at the 12th Tower, it was different from the mocking look he had.


I peeked out of the room.


It wasn’t just parents of the 12th Tower children.


Everyone else was shivering.


I soon nodded at the thought of what would happen.




You must have been scared because it became known that I had awakened my Blessing!


I even saved Grandfather.


The maids glared at the adults from behind me with a goblin-like expression.


“Now, it’s time for the next turn. Please go.”


“Wait! Give me just one more minute. I haven’t solved the misunderstanding yet!”


Thus, the couple in this turn was dragged out by the servants.


And then, the next turn.


The next turn again.


It took as long as two hours to receive greetings from the adults of the indirect lineage.


I was tired, but the maids were smiling all the time.


“Young Miss, there is another good thing.”




The maid looked at each other and giggled, and gave something to me.


It was a stalk of a pretty Freesia.


“Whoaa, pwetty!” [Whoaa, pretty!]


“Right? Sir Conrad brought it. He said he saw a pretty freesia resembling the Young Miss on the way and plucked it.”


“I wike fwowers.” [I like flowers.]


“It smells good. Do you want to smell it?”


“Yesh.” [Yes.]


I answered and received the freesia.


Sniff. Sniff.


When I smelled it, the maids were like, “Kyaa! So cute!” and made a fuss.


“A lot of happy things happened today. Receiving flowers, and also receiving greetings.”


“I wike it.” [I like it.]


“Right? You were very happy with the greetings, right? The flowers are very pretty, too.”


Even if I didn’t experience any greetings, I would be happy with just the flowers.


‘This is proof that Conrad owes a favor to me.’


With me receiving greetings by the indirect lineages today, the direct lineages would soon pay attention to me.


My value rose due to various things, but it wasn’t enough compared to the other direct descendants.


‘If it’s Conrad, he should’ve helped me, right?’


I giggled, and said to the maids.


“You know. I want to shay thwank you.” [You know. I want to say thank you.]


I should ask about the Duke’s Castle’s schedule when I greet Conrad in the future.


The maids chuckled.


“Yes. He should be in the castle.”


“I wanth shoo go!” [I want to go!]


I left the room, holding the hands of the maid.


When I went downstairs, Conrad was just coming out of Grandfather’s office.


Next to him, there was Viscount Debussy and Grandfather as well.


The maids hurriedly greeted the Duke. Then Viscount Debussy asked.


“What brings you here, Young Miss?”


“It’s because she said she wanted to give some greetings.”


“Aaah. Today’s matter.”


Viscount Debussy smiled and looked at Grandfather.


“She wants to thank you.”


Grandfather cleared his throat, “Hm.”


“It’s nothing. Never mind such things, it’s annoying.”


“Please don’t be like that. Isn’t it a show of the Young Miss’ sincerity?”


Grandfather cleared his throat again, “Khem! Ahem!” and the Viscount turned his gaze towards me.


“Yes, Young Miss. Please do your greetings.”


The maids, Viscount Debussy, Conrad, and even Grandfather, all paid attention to me.


I laughed, “Hehe.” and I took a step closer.

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