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Chirp. Chirp.


Awakened by the sound of birds, I sat up.


It smelled like morning, perhaps because the sun had already risen.


As my dreamy mind started clearing up, I was startled.


This wasn’t my bedroom.


I hurriedly looked around.


A familiar desk.


Familiar wallpaper.


And tapestry embroidered with a crow with four wings that symbolized Astra.


‘It’s Grandfather’s office…!’


Why am I here?


As I sat there motionlessly thinking, yesterday’s matter came to my mind.


I fell asleep because I was tired of crying.


…And I even did it in Grandfather’s arms.


‘Seems like Grandfather must have brought me here.’


I contemplated and looked around.


I was the only one in the office.


It seemed like Grandfather had gone somewhere else.


Nevertheless, wasn’t it a relief?


As I was getting up from the sofa, I could see a round drool mark at the place where I just was.


It looked like I drooled while sleeping on my stomach.


I hurriedly rubbed the drool mark to remove it.


Meanwhile, I heard the sound of a door opening.


“Have you woken up?”




“Were you uncomfortable sleeping in this place?”


It was okay when I was sleeping. The problem was that I was uncomfortable right now.


I spoke with a gloomy face.


“I- I wike my bed.” [I- I like my bed.]


That’s why, even if I fall asleep after crying because of the penalty, next time, take me to my room…


“I was going to take you to your room, but you were uncomfortable even though I only touched you a little.”


I must have fretted whenever he tried to move me.


‘I’m screwed. I’m doomed!’


I tried not to be annoying, but I became the most annoying anyways.


I asked Conrad with a scared face.


“How about Gwandfather?” [How about Grandfather?]


“He is in the dining room. He told me to wake up Young Miss and bring you there.”




“You must be really hungry because you haven’t even eaten dinner, right?”


That’s a relief.


If Grandfather thought I was annoying, he wouldn’t have called me to the dining room.


My expression became bright because the situation was alright.


I held Conrad’s hand and headed to the dining room.


Grandfather was eating with Viscount Debussy.


“Hewwo.” [Hello.]




“Good morning, Young Miss.”


“Yesh!” [Yes!]


I smiled broadly and sat next to Grandfather.


The employees flinched and Viscount Debussy’s eyes opened wide.


Come to think of it, there were no grandchildren that sat next to Grandfather.


When Grandfather sat in the seat of honor, everyone sat at the far end.


I glanced at Grandfather just in case he was uncomfortable being with me.


Grandfather didn’t say anything.


‘That’s all that matters.’


When I sat down, the food came out.


Today’s breakfast was French toast. It was cut into small pieces for children to eat.


I picked up the fork excitedly.


I was going to take a bite, but…




I could see that the food on Grandfather’s plate had hardly decreased.


His menu was a big steak.


It looked very delicious with a glossy outside and juicy cuts on the cut cross-section.


Does he not have any appetite?


But… the salad with side garnish was all empty.


‘Aah, so it’s uncomfortable to eat.’


Is it because his teeth or jaw hurts?


When I was following Conrad, I think I also saw Grandfather touch the part of his jaw under his ears.


‘And he can’t even show that he’s in pain. So, Grandfather’s suffering.’


Even if it wasn’t like that, if the situation becomes complicated, the hyenas would immediately flash their eyes if Grandfather showed any sign of pain. Saying that the Duke was old, so it was time to pursue a new path for the future.


I contemplated for a while.


Then, I stabbed the toast with a fork, and held it out to Grandfather.








I heard the sound of people holding their breath everywhere.


The eyes of the servants who were attending became so big that they looked like they were about to pop out. Conrad and Viscount Debussy also looked surprised.


Grandfather paused and looked at me.


“What is it?”


“It ish dewicious.” [It is delicious.]




If Grandfather was healthy, I would also be out of danger.


Going with my instincts, it seemed like he’d only eaten grass for days.


And with his meticulous personality, there was no way that Grandfather would ask them to change the menu because it would make people notice his condition.


The surroundings became quiet, as if I was treading on thin ice.


While no one even dared to breathe, Viscount Debussy cleared his throat.


“Isn’t it the Young Miss’ sincerity?”




“If not, should I eat it? Would you give it to me, Young Miss?”


“Forget it.”


Grandfather took the toast that I gave and ate it.


Judging from his expression, as expected, chewing the soft French toast wouldn’t be uncomfortable for him at all.


I held out the toast one more time.


“Once more.”




“Yam yam.”




Grandfather took the toast and ate it one more time.


Viscount Debussy laughed like crazy, just like yesterday.






‘I feel bloated because I ate while caring for Grandfather.’


Grandfather enjoyed the toast I gave him.


Wasn’t it because two pieces were just enough?


Viscount Debussy was hit by Grandfather after he laughed throughout the meal.


I grabbed Conrad’s hand and cutely left the kitchen.


Conrad asked kindly.


“What are you going to play today?”


“I’m going to go tcho the wibrary.” [I’m going to go to the library.]


“But there’s no picture books. How about the greenhouse?”


“I wike the wibrary.” [I like the library.]


Since there’s something I have to do.


I laughed cunningly in my head.


‘It’s Grandfather’s birthday soon.’


The 15th day of next month was Grandfather’s birthday.


A big banquet would be held, but for the direct descendants, it was a very important event.


Since it was an opportunity to win Grandfather’s favor with a gift.


Of course, I wasn’t capable of offering sacred objects or legendary treasures like the other direct descendants.


After all, I’m a 3-year-old with no money at all.


‘But, I do have the information I saw in [IPTVG].’


I let go of Conrad’s hand and said.


“Bwye!” [Bye!]


“Yes, Young Miss. Have a good day.”


I waved my hand to Conrad and headed straight to the library.


The library was far from the dining room.


I had to go through the second gate, but since a monster was guarding the front of it, I froze.


It was a beast-shaped monster, with hard and pointed fur that were like needles.


It seemed like even if it only beat me once with its front feet, which were so big, I would go straight to heaven.


I just stuck to the wall and crept.


The moment I was about to pass through the gate.




Surprised, I froze once again just like that.


I was scared of the monster the most.


In [IPTVG], the main character, Dahlia, almost died once because of him.


It was because Erylotte, who was aiming for the path that Dahlia was passing by, released him.


If the relative Older Brothers that she loved didn’t come running, Dahlia might have died.


‘And in the end, it bit off her shoulder.’


You don’t know just how cruel the description was.




“Doggie, I’ll passh by a wittle bit….” [Doggie, I’ll pass by a little bit….]






I quickly went back the way where I came from.


That damn guy’s dog.


‘But I have to go to the library…’


In order to make a ‘Physical Regression Pills’ as a gift for Grandfather, I must gather the materials.


Physical Regression Pills.


Just like the awesome name that was attached to it, ‘Physical Regression’, was the very same medicine in the dreams of every elder.


Since it had a tremendous effect on painful teeth.


‘There were no dentures in this world, so when one got old, one would surely suffer from their teeth.’


So if one was an old person, their eyes would definitely be drawn to it.


Of course, Grandfather would like it, too.


After all, just a while ago, didn’t Grandfather have trouble eating properly because his teeth hurt?


‘The raw material needed for the Physical Regression Pills was green lavender.’


Of course, it was a difficult plant to obtain.


But, I knew that there were some around here.


Because Dahlia accidentally found it in the castle.


Although it would be thanks to the main character’s buff, it was a good thing for me.


‘I was thinking of going to the library and looking for the conditions, but…’


If I find a place where the conditions meet in the castle, there would be green lavender.


Sniff. I groaned and looked at the monster.


Should I close my eyes and run?


Since it’s scary, should I go with an adult?


If it was Conrad or the maids, they would definitely come with me.


It was the moment I was contemplating when–


“What’s this?”


A hateful voice came from behind.


A girl with folded arms and a woman who appeared to be a  senior employee were walking together.


A large pendant hung on the woman’s neck.


‘It was the symbol of Nus (nanny of a noble child).’


The girl frowned as she asked.


“Who are you, for you to hang around the second gate where only direct descendants can enter?”


I quickly got the feeling of who the kid was.


Because she was exactly the same kid at the description of the novel.


Golden hair with twirls curling up.


Green eyes.


Freckles on her cheeks.




She was my cousin.


Liantyn frowned.


“Can’t you hear me?”


“Young Miss, I think she is a person who can enter the second gate.”




Liantyn frowned at her nanny’s words.


Soon, her lips went up crooked.




Liantyn, who came with her arms folded, raised her chin arrogantly.


“You’re the dirty-blood, right?”


“I’m noth dirty.” [I’m not dirty.]


“I heard you were acting cute to get something to eat. Just like a beggar.”




“That’s dirty.”




“Don’t lower our family’s class, and know your place—”


Talking as if giving a big lesson, the kid paused.


It was because footsteps sounded from behind the corner.


“Oh, Young Misses.”


It was Viscount Debussy.


Liantyn’s expression changed at once.


“Viscount Debussy~”


She called the Viscount in a cute way, and smiled brightly.


It was different from the way she talked to me.


Viscount Debussy was Grandfather’s closest person.


By being his most trusted vassal, sometimes he was even given higher authority than the direct descendants.


So, even if Liantyn was a direct descendant, she would want to look good in front of Viscount Debussy.


And with a heart hoping that something good about her would be said to Grandfather’s ears.


“It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Viscount.”


“Yes. Have you been well during that time?”


“No. Because training is so hard…”


Liantyn pouted her lips.


“But, what is the occasion in the castle? After the outside training finished, you must be on a break now.”


“It’s Grandfather’s birthday soon. So I’m going to prepare a present.”


“I see.”


Nodding, Viscount Debussy looked at me.


“You left this.”


Then he put a pretty stone in my hand.


It was the stone I picked up in the garden yesterday.


“Thank you.”


When I spoke, Debussy smiled softly.


“You’re welcome. Rather than that, what brings the Young Miss here?”


“I’m going tchoo go to the wibrary.” [I’m going to go to the library.]


“Oh my! So it was like that~ Then, should we go together?”


It was Liantyn’s words.


The face that was used to mock and laugh about dirty blood was now like that of an angel.


Liantyn, who said so, looked at Viscount Debussy.


“Erylotte has been at the 12th Tower for a long time. Since she doesn’t know the castle well, I’m going to help her.”


“It’s good to see that the cousins’ relationships are on good terms. However, Young Miss Erylotte has something to do, so she should get going.”


“…That kid has something to do?”


“It’s time for her to read the ancient language.”


Come to think of it, yesterday, I was greeted by the indirect lineages, and today, I was eating while looking at Grandfather, so the time to read had passed.


I said, “Yesh.” Then I went to Viscount Debussy.


“Do you want to be hugged?”


“I will walk alone.”


“How brave.”


When Viscount Debussy smiled, Liantyn said.


“Can I join you as well? I want to see Grandfather.”


“By all means.”


“Whoa.” While saying that, Liantyn stuck next to Viscount Debussy’s side.






“The monshter subjugation opewation from the west began.” [The monster subjugation operation from the west began.]


“Yes, Young Miss. Let’s stop here for today.”




I put the history book I was reading on the table.


“Oh my!”


Liantyn picked up the history book with a surprised look.  Then after looking here and there, she put it down very slightly.


“Erylotte, this Ancient History Book is the original version.”




“It’s a book of great historical value, so treat it preciously.”


But I didn’t put it down that hard?


It was just normal.


Liantyn continued to babble.


“In fact, these relics should belong to the Imperial Palace. So just by having this historical book, you surely can know the power of Astra.”


“Do you already know that kind of thing?”


When Debussy laughed, “Haha”, Liantyn became excited and said.


“I heard Great-Grandfather personally handed this book over to Grandfather?”




As soon as that talk came out, I hurriedly looked at Grandfather.


He was expressionless like always, but the look in his eyes sank.


It was true that that book was given to Grandfather by the late Duke.


To be exact, among those many possessions, he only gave Grandfather this one thing.


History books were only relics in name, because at that time, not even a single line could be interpreted.


What this meant was,


‘An insect that only carried the Astra surname.’


—It was that.


So, giving a book wasn’t different from a heartless way of saying to always remember your position.


Everyone laughed mockingly at Grandfather for that.


Until Grandfather slaughtered all his siblings, and ascended to the position of Duke.


Since then, people have never brought it up in front of Grandfather.


Viscount Debussy also looked at Grandfather’s mood.


However, Liantyn chatted without any sense.


“Seeing that Grandfather received these things, even when he was young, he was great…”


“It’s a butterfly!”


I quickly changed the subject.


Then I jumped off the chair and went to catch a butterfly that came in by the window.


Sneakily walking, I put my hands together to the side where the butterfly was.


‘Caught it.’


As I played alone every day on the 12th Tower, I was a player who caught things with wings.


I approached Grandfather and said,


“I’ll gib ith to you.” [I’ll give it to you.]




As if it was nice the topic had changed, Viscount Debussy added a few words.


“Even in butterflies, there are plenty of meanings. Butterfly with white wings ‘Peace’, butterfly with blue wings ‘Miracle’….”




“Yellow wings means ‘Attained Glory ’.”


I released the butterfly to Grandfather’s hand.


A butterfly passed by Grandfather’s fingertips and flew up.


It had yellow wings.


“Yeah, in the end, it was attained, right?”




When I answered brightly, Grandfather laughed.


Liantyn bit her lips tightly and glared at me.


The kid, who had been breathing hard for a long time without the adults knowing, opened her mouth.


“Uhmm, Grandfather.”




“I am preparing your birthday present.”


Instead of Grandfather who didn’t reply, Viscount Debussy replied.


“It is a commendable thing. Other people are also working hard to prepare the birthday presents.”




“How about repaying the person who gives the best gift? It will be nice entertainment for the banquet.”


Grandfather was silent for a moment and glanced at me.


Then he soon nodded.


“It surely wouldn’t be bad.”


Liantyn looked very happy.


“Yes—! I will work hard!”


That kid said that she would go and prepare her present, and left the room after greeting Grandfather.


I also came out of the room with Viscount Debussy.


‘But I also have to prepare a present…’


It was too scary to go to the second gate where the library was located.


I said to the Viscount cautiously.


“I wike booksh.” [I like books.]


“Should I bring you a picture book?”


Viscount Debussy really liked me, perhaps thankful for me changing the subject.


“I want to shee an iwwustrated pwant book.” [I want to see an illustrated plant book.]


“An illustrated plant book? It will still be hard for you though.”


“There aww a lot of pwetty picturesh.” [There are a lot of pretty pictures.]


“Well… I’ll ask someone to find one for you.”


How exciting!


I was scared of monsters, so I wondered how to get there. However—


‘Just how in the world did Erylotte in [IPTVG] release that scary monster?’


One would have to get closer to it to release it.


What was worse, after releasing it, there was no pattern to who it would attack.


‘Anyway, I have to focus on finding green lavender.’


The servant that was sent by Viscount Debussy brought a lot of books.


I piled up books in my room and locked myself up for days.


But it was weird.


‘Just what in the world happened?’


I searched everything from the illustrated plant books to the books that recorded legendary plants.


However, there was no mention of green lavender anywhere.


As if such a thing didn’t exist.

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