The Tyrant’s Leash Is Held By A Maid Chapter 11 - Liana Siodo Knew Her Place Too Well(10)

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“It was fun, right?”

“Mng. I didn’t know I’d like it that much.”

“So, come here more often from now on. How long has it been since you last visited?”

Liana giggled at Deborah’s complaint and nodded her head. Deborah groaned in disbelief at the nod.

“Your problem is that you think too much. Can’t you just come here comfortably without much thought?”

“…Thanks, Deborah.”

Liana lowered her eyes, feeling grateful and a pang of slight guilt at the same time. Trying to rationalize her own lies, she looked at Phoebe. Unlike the carriages of the nobility, the carriage of the Carter Inn heading to her quarters was not comfortable. But even in that rumbling wagon, the child remained asleep. In her arms, the child held the large rabbit doll she had received as a gift. Liana gently stroked Phoebe’s cheek as she exhaled evenly with her knees bent. Encouraged by the soft touch, she spoke determinedly to Deborah.

“I’ll be there on the next holiday.”


“Mng. Considering it, I think I was thinking too much. I will go often now.”

At those words, Deborah’s face brightened in an instant. She asked several times as if trying to clarify. 

“Really? Are you really coming on the next holiday? You want me to tell my mom and dad as soon as I get home?”

“I’ll definitely go, so you can tell Auntie.”


Liana let out a laugh as Deborah openly expressed her joy. It was such a reaction that it made her feel sorry for not going sooner, afraid that she would be a burden. Liana smiled and mentally made a list of things she would buy when she went to the Carter Inn next month. It was fortunate that there was still some money left in the month’s budget, thanks to the lack of food expenses. Next time I go, I’ll buy the pickled meat that the aunt likes, and some cookies that the uncle likes, too, and…

‘What should I give to Matthew?’

She looked at the velvet ribbon on the doll. She didn’t know exactly but figured it was quite expensive. While Liana was contemplating what to give him, the wagon arrived at Baldwin’s residence.

Without waking Phoebe, she left the carriage with the child on her back. Her bunny doll, which the child was holding dearly, was held in one of Liana’s hands.

“Go safe, Liana. Phoebe too.”

“Yes, Mister. Thank you for taking me home.”

“Well, it was nice to see you today. Rest well!”

Simon smiled kindly and grabbed the reins again. Deborah, who would be on vacation until the day after, excitedly waved through the carriage window. The Carter Inn’s wagon moved away, kicking the dust.

“Uhnng… Aunt?”

Awakened by the cold wind and the sound of horse hooves, Phoebe rubbed her face on her aunt’s back, acting like a baby.

“Are you awake?”


“Sleep more. I’ll carry you on my back.”

Phoebe groaned and hugged Liana’s neck tightly. The child who was about to fall asleep again struggled to open her eyes.

“Aunt… you know.”

“Yes. What?”

“Give me an ear.”

Ear? Although Liana was puzzled by her niece’s sudden words, she meekly put her ear to her. Phoebe, who had made a small funnel with her hands, whispered softly as if no one to listen.

“Aunt. You know that everything I said at Grandma’s house wasn’t the truth, right?”


“I like my auntie the best in the world.”

Really– The corners of Liana’s mouth twitched at Phoebe’s whispering as if telling a serious secret. Even with the attack filled with strawberry cake and dolls, it seemed like blood ties couldn’t be beaten easily.

“Auntie also likes Phoebe the best in the world,” Liana whispered as she patted Phoebe’s little butt. It was a pity that she couldn’t kiss her because she was piggyback. 

At those words, Phoebe’s worries that her aunt might be sulking melted away like cotton candy drowning in her water.

‘I’m glad you believed me.’ Only then did the child, who relaxed her heart, go back to sleep on her aunt’s warm back.


*      *      *


“His Highness the second prince is coming?”

“That’s right! That’s what I’m saying!”

Liana’s eyes widened as she changed into her dirty morning maid outfit. Annie, who delivered the news brought by the errand boy, went through all sorts of fuss and searched through Liana’s wardrobe.

“So hurry up and change into the cleanest clothes! And fix your hair again!”

“This is the cleanest one. I did the laundry yesterday.”

“Then let’s get some makeover.”

“He’s coming to see Miss Natasha, so why should I…”

“You are her personal maid. Don’t you know that your hands and feet are also subject to Miss’ evaluation?”

At Annie’s words, Liana shrugged and finished tying the stiff apron ribbon.

“I know. But that doesn’t mean you should bluff.”

The evaluation was limited to a neat appearance and clean dressing. Any further evaluation was over-the-top. But even though she knew that Annie had a disappointed face.

“Still, you never know.”


“And again, you don’t! Liana, you’re pretty and she’s a high-ranking person…”

“What are you talking about, Annie?” Liana smiled lightly and rebuked her friend. “If anything like that ever happened, it would be a mishap.”

It was scary just thinking about it. Liana shrugged as imagining alone was terrifying, and then pinned her hair again.

“I don’t even have anything better anyway. Let’s go.”

In response to her resolute answer, Annie did not speak further and held her words. After leaving her room, Liana went up to the third floor of the main building.

Deborah was stamping her feet at the sudden news and hurriedly approached.

“Deborah, Annie, and I will take care of the drawing-room. Hurry up and go back.”

“Please take care of it!”

Deborah was worried that she might be scolded while wearing her morning clothes and hurried downstairs. Liana, who sent her friend away, carefully cleaned the drawing-room connected to the Lady’s room with Annie. She, who was cleaning the fireplace instead of Liana wearing a white apron, couldn’t stand it and started chatting.

“I mean, His Highness the Prince. Is he really in love with Miss Natasha? He never visited the mansion in person.”

“Is that so?”

Liana tilted her head as she pulled out a lace tablecloth.

“He has never been here before?”

“Nah~ it’s the first time he has come here in person. He usually calls her to the Imperial Palace. I think he’s really into her!”

Despite Annie’s rebuttal, there was no doubt on Liana’s face. Recalling Prince Illyd’s eyes and actions at the Palace, he was greatly interested in Miss Natasha. But…

‘If he really fell for the Miss, shouldn’t he have worn the right clothes I recommend?’ That day, he wore clothes that fit his own taste instead of the clothes that she had said Miss Natasha liked. Liana arranged the tablecloths, recalling her Imperial Court visit.

“I thought so at first too, but I think we will have to keep an eye on it.”


“We’re talking about the second prince.” Liana continued speaking while arranging the white lace tablecloths without a single wrinkle. “I’m not certain yet. Because he’s someone I can’t be sure of.”

She could tell from a brief observation. The second prince was not a person to give up his own tastes to suit the tastes of others. Just like nobles with high pride would do. Those that are too full of themselves to love others.

“Even if he fell for Miss Natasha, it might not be as much as we think.”

“Probably that may be…”

Annie was excited for a moment then nodded with a sullen face.

“I thought it would be nice to see Lady Angelica having a stomach ache after a long time.”

“We should be able to see it.”

Liana smiled lightly, and then she rose holding the vase.

“I’m going to the gardener. I think I should get a new centerpiece.”

In the hallway from Natasha’s room to the garden, portraits of the countess were hung. Liana’s steps as she walked down the solemn hallway grew a little faster. There was still plenty of time left for her, but she was a little tight for the long run as if she had to complete a perfect job. This was all the more so for Liana, who had to help the maid’s cleaning work and even take charge of the lady’s general arrangement.

‘I think Milady should wear pearl earrings today…’

Lost in thought pondering ornaments, she hurried and, at that moment, a woman she didn’t want to meet today appeared in Liana’s sight.

Angelica Baldwin.

As soon as Liana encountered the first lady, she hurriedly bowed her head. After hearing the news that the second prince was visiting Count’s second lady, Angelica’s temper must have worsened. Liana, with her head bowed as far as she could, gaited like a mouse passing in front of a sleeping cat.


But she could not prevent an already planned disaster.

“All the water has spilled out.”

Angelica stood gently in front of Liana, who had fallen on her knees.

“The carpet is all wet. I don’t know if you’ll be able to go anywhere until His Highness arrives?”

Angelica had caused all this to happen just by tripping Liana, and casually stepped on the white hand on the floor. Liana endured the insult without a single scream and kept her head bowed.

“Actually, you’re a personal maid, so you don’t have to do anything like this.”


“Only maids who work overtime have hard times arranging flowers. Well, I wonder if you even care about that.”

Angelica hurt her pride by stepping on Liana’s hand with her high heels. The strange, silent maid’s attitude was even more annoying.

“What’s wrong? You talked back quite well in the past. Have you even lost your confidence?”


“Or did you quickly grasp the subject?”

But even at that baiting, Liana did not react like a dead bug.

“…I apologize.”

The words that came out long after were nothing but an apology.

Not amusing. Angelica took her feet off with a face as if she had lost interest in her. The visible red mark on the maid’s hand was a small pleasure.

“Just go ahead.”

Anyway, she couldn’t touch Natasha’s maid today. There shouldn’t be any handprints on the face guiding the prince. As Angelica gave permission, the maid scrambled up. The maid, who greeted with a nod with her head still bowed, took the vase and backed away.

She was bluffing that it was nothing.

Angelica watched her back. Natasha and her maid were annoying, but she was able to let it slide.

Because she would take the ransom of her half-sister anyway, who would become more expensive due to the meeting with the second prince.

‘Everything will go my way.’

Indeed. With a smile on her face, Angelica started walking toward her room with a smug face.



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