The Tyrant’s Leash Is Held By A Maid Chapter 2 - Liana Siodo Knew Her Place Too Well(1)

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Part One  Liana Siodo Knew Her Place Too Well


The dazzling chandelier glistened like the midsummer sea. Standing underneath the bright light, the nobles, each clothed in luxurious outfits, looked down at each other.


‘They truly resemble peacocks…’


Liana, who was admiring their lavish looks, shook her head at the insulting thoughts that had passed her mind unconsciously. Deborah, who was seated next to her in the maid’s waiting room, smiled.


“Isn’t it really fancy?”


“Aha. I didn’t know it would be like this.” Liana nodded quietly in response to her friend’s remarks.


“The balls held in the Imperial Palace are unmistakably different…”


“I thought my eyes would turn backward the first time I came here.”


“Have you ever attended a ball at the Imperial Palace before?”


“Of course. Lady Natasha is well-known in society.”


Liana straightened her back at Deborah’s words and peered around at the young Lady.


One side of the maids’ waiting lounge at the Imperial Palace’s banquet hall was made of glass, allowing a servant to leave whenever their master beckoned.


‘Ah, I have found her.’


Even in the midst of the banquet hall’s bustle, Liana was able to find the young Lady. She had no alternative but to do so, because Lady Natasha, who was served by Liana and Deborah, had a breathtaking appearance and drew attention wherever she went.


Natasha Baldwin, Count Baldwin’s second daughter, was a stunning beauty with blood-colored hair and dark green eyes. Every time she smiled a little, her scarlet hair swayed gorgeously under the chandelier.


Today, she wore an off-shoulder gown that accentuated her stunning shoulder line. Natasha’s curvaceous figure was highlighted even more by the tight taffeta dress in the same dark green hue as her eyes.


‘As predicted, it looks great on her. I’m pleased I suggested that dress.’


Liana nodded, her gaze drawn to the Lady’s seductive smile. She was the one who suggested the dress with a mermaid style that was tight and stretched out from mid-thigh. Natasha’s gown was an outstanding option in a banquet hall full of frills and lace.


While a Lady’s beauty was the most essential thing… Shouldn’t it be true that her garment contributed to attracting attention?


Liana’s light purple eyes, which had been gazing through the glass with pride in her heart, unexpectedly came to a halt.


Natasha’s deep green eyes met hers. She gave the maid a small grin and leaned in close to the man next to her, whispering something.


‘Did I do something wrong?’


The man turned his back in front of Liana’s worried gaze, and perhaps because she was anxious,The man’s turning motion seemed to be especially sluggish.


After a long delay, the man’s face came into view, and Liana’s pupils quivered slightly. It was as if all of the windows in the hall had opened at once. It seemed as though a blast of wind had swept in from somewhere.


“His Highness the Second Prince.”


Liana, froze in surprise, barely regained her senses when Deborah poked her in the side.


“The Prince?”


“Yep. From a distance, he looks scary, yet handsome, don’t you think?”




Liana had no option but to fully agree with her friend’s remarks. Deborah was correct; he was a frighteningly handsome man.


The Prince, with his platinum blond hair, shone as brightly as the midday sun. His look was as enticing as if the God of love had bestowed a blessed kiss on him. Even the uncomfortable white formal attire suited him beautifully.


‘Since he’s the Prince, it’s obvious that it was custom-made, yet…’


Liana gazed at him while putting her hand on her chest, which had gone crazy. She never saw herself as the kind of person who would fall for a face like his, yet her gaze was drawn to him.


‘What’s wrong with me?’


Deborah murmured to herself from the side as Liana hit her chest for no apparent reason.


“Doesn’t it seem that they’re getting along?”


Liana raised her gaze a bit when she heard her and glanced at the man and woman who were chatting.


“Ngh, you’re right.”


Deborah was right. His Highness Illyd’s sparkling platinum blonde hair and Lady Natasha’s stunningly red-like-wine hair complemented each other well. It looked as though the brightest peacocks had found their mate.


Liana let out an involuntary sigh of admiration for the beauty of the Empire’s second Prince, which she had only heard about in words. He was very good-looking. She’d heard he was attractive, but she had no idea he would be this handsome.


While she was staring at him, Prince Illyd, who had been listening to Natasha’s words, raised his thick eyelashes. and their eyes met. Liana was smitten by those eyes, which resembled sapphire-colored glass beads meticulously crafted by an artisan. The heart, which had halted for a split second as she beheld his blue gaze, started to beat at a faster pace than before. 


Deborah froze next to her and spoke hurriedly.


“Why, why is His Highness Illyd looking over here?”


Liana couldn’t answer the question since her mind was entirely focused on him. The sapphire-like eyes that greeted Liana’s instantly folded into a half-moon shape. She, who faced His Highness’ smile impolitely, quickly lowered her head.


‘I don’t think he smiled at me. He didn’t, of course. He has no reason to do such a thing…’


Deborah’s voice, much more agitated than she was, reached Liana’s ears as she struggled to restore her composure.


“Li, Liana. His Highness the Prince… seems to have fallen in love with me…!”


Liana, who had been lowering her gaze, lifted her head in response to the unexpected comment.


The Prince, on the other hand, was no longer gazing in that way. He was holding a wine glass in his hand and smiling beautifully at Natasha.


* * * * 


Deborah’s play unfolded at the banquet hall’s entrance, where the wagons of the noble households were queuing.


“My apologies… are you Deborah? The maid Lady Natasha brought?”


“Do you think it would be that fast?”


“Men and women in love tend to lose track of speed.”




She beat her chest, as if frustrated, while Liana chuckled thoughtfully.


“I’m speaking the truth! He averted his head shyly after that, but he glanced at me and smiled!”


Deborah, speaking softly, quickly began to paint the heart of the Prince, who moved despite the Imperial Family’s objections.


“We’re going to say goodbye after a short time. But the heart of His Highness towards me…”


“Deborah, you should write a novel. I believe you will be an excellent writer.”


“But is it true though? Is it a foreshadowing of what may occur in the future?”


Liana broke out laughing at her solemn friend once again. Deborah, who had shouted that it would happen one day, soon followed her and laughed as well.


“Should I actually write a novel?”


In fact, they both knew each other well. Her imagination was nothing more than a fantasy novel.


Illyd Orpheus Kadogan. As his last name suggests, was part of the Imperial Family in the Kadogan Empire. He was the current Emperor’s second son and a direct descendent in line to the throne.


But what about Liana and Deborah? They were not wealthy commoners, let alone had a title. They may have been able to make contact if they had a lot of money, but they were only maid 1 and maid 2 working in the County.


The brief eye contact must have been an accident. Even the nobility treated the maids as if they were invisible, and the Imperial Family was no exception.


“But it’s still too much for a maid and a Prince to be together. Shouldn’t it at least be a Viscount’s daughter?”


“Is that so? Then I’ll switch it to a rural Viscount’s young Lady and test it out.”


Liana, who had been listening intently to Deborah’s unwritten novel, opened her mouth as if recalling something.


“By the way, His Highness Illyd, is he interested in Lady Natasha?”


“I think so. She is Lady Natasha.”


Deborah replied, remembering the image of a young Lady as beautiful as a blooming rose.


“Even I thought I would fall for her today. I’m sure His Highness felt the same way.”


Her face became serious as soon as she finished speaking. Liana recognized Deborah’s concern immediately. The person who was interested in Lady Natasha was none other than the second Prince.


Illyd Orpheus Kadogan. The second Prince was well-known for more than just his blessed beauty.


In reality, he was a womanizer. His Highness Illyd didn’t spare his looks. Rather, he spread it like a wealthy man who generously spent his money. So his appearance and position were surrounded by women and consumed with pleasure with the active participation of the owner.


Three months long, two weeks short. That was His Highness’ nickname, and it referred to the period of his love affair and the expression of his love. Even in a culture where the concept of free love was widely accepted, wasn’t that a bit much? One would believe so, yet the noble Ladies who devoted their hearts and bodies to his smile were overflowing.


The Empire was experiencing an unprecedented golden era. Amid exuberant abundance, the Ladies fell in love with him like moths to a flame, despite the obvious end. Had it been any other young lady, they could have considered her just another victim who would end up crying because of His Highness, but…


“I’m concerned…”




Things were different if the young Lady in the Prince’s clutches was the Lady they served. Deborah and Liana looked at the entrance with different eyes than before. Gone were the days when they watched the sorrowful faces of other Ladies as if they were looking at a grieving Lady across the river. Now their own roof was about to tear down.


Even if Lady Natasha was no ordinary person, who was Illyd? He was, after all, the Imperial playboy. The Empire’s libertine, both adored and despised by everyone.


If she fell for his tricks, Lady Natasha could spend the night in tears. Three months long, two weeks, if short.


“However, isn’t it possible that the Prince is truly in love?”


“Quit dreaming. Don’t you know His Highness Illyd?”


Liana’s face darkened at Deborah’s reply. However, there was no room to refute her words.


The second Prince was a man who was born in the golden age of the Empire and received abundant love and attention throughout his life. For him, who knew no lack, love was only an object of entertainment. It seemed very unlikely that he would fall in love with Lady Natasha all of a sudden.


Deborah, too, was infatuated with the Prince’s face for a brief moment before returning to her senses, making a troubled expression.


“I can only hope Lady Natasha isn’t honest as well. There isn’t any other option.”


“Still… Oh, they’re coming.”


Liana and Deborah hurriedly bowed their heads to the approaching figure.

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