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Audrey doesn’t stop 3.


Audrey scolded Hans, who stretched out like it was his own room.


“What? Why aren’t you leaving?”


“…You’re so hasty. Today was the day of giving out books.”


“Oh, right.”


Hans shook his head and searched his luggage.


‘I’m not a germ or anything… This bad acorn.’ (Hans)


If we were in the same room, would I also be sick?


Or would smell like a gutter?


It would be nice if we could chat and play while we were there.


It was devastating to see the face that openly rebuked me everytime.


Hans mumbled the words he couldn’t get out of his mouth to himself.


He then took a hefty brown leather book from his pocket.


‘I could almost smell the money because the ledger was so thick this month.’ (Audrey)


Audrey accepted the ledger with a smile.


“Well, let’s see. What would have been the best this month?”


The relationship between the two was a little unique.


We’ve known each other for 15 years, and the first ten of those years were full of fights, but in the last five years, we’ve become business partners and co-own a magical tool shop called ‘Rokt.’


It all started six years ago, when Hans found out her secret.




That day was no different from usual.


Audrey, who’s now 14 years of age, has a lot of secrets, and Hans, who’s 17 years old, enjoyed pulling pranks.


Among his pranks, the most common was to open the lady’s door without showing any presence.


“Acorn, what are you doing?” (Hans)




However, on that day, he couldn’t tease Audrey as usual.


The room was a mess as if a bomb had exploded, Audrey was crying like an abandoned cub, and the blue particles were wandering around the room.


Looking at her terrified yellow-green eyes, Hans instinctively realized.


That this was a secret that must be kept even to her grave.


At that moment, she could feel the presence behind the door.


“Lady, the snacks…”






Hans slammed the door shut and stopped the entrance from opening. For some reason, he feels compelled to keep this scene a secret from the rest of the world.


Knock, knockㅡ


“Lady? Young master?”




With his white pale hand, he grasped the doorknob so tightly that it couldn’t be opened from the outside.


Hans managed to squeeze out his voice.


“…It’s okay. I’ll call you if I need you. Take a rest.” (Hans)


“Yes, Young master.”


The hand didn’t let go of the doorknob until the footsteps moved away.


Meanwhile, Audrey was still standing in despair, not knowing what to do.


Bang! Bang!


The light particles emitted from her small body continued to spread and hit and explode everywhere.


Following the collision, objects in the room were shattered, torn, and turned upside down.


As the situation escalated, Audrey’s face became horribly distorted.


Hans, on the other hand, held towards the doorknob despite being showered by flying projectiles.


Until the weird light storm passes.


‘Mana rush.’


It was the first word he had ever heard.


If you don’t regularly discharge the mana that fluctuates in your body, it would explode unexpectedly.


Audrey revealed to Hans all of the secrets she had kept from her family.


The magical powers appeared at the age of ten, and she didn’t want to enter the tower of wizards, so she had purposefully concealed it.


“…I won’t blame you if you report it.” (Audrey)


“What?” (Hans)


Stupid acorn.’ Of course, she looked confident that I would report it.


Hans closed his gaping mouth with a distorted face.


Because he also didn’t want Audrey to be sent to the tower.


‘I don’t know why. When we first met, we quarreled every day, but that didn’t mean I wanted her to disappear from my sight.’ (Hans)


Besides, I’m not sure how I would have been able to mend it on my own if my magical ability had gone crazy like this…


It felt as if one half of my chest was aching for some reason.


The first wizard appeared around 100 years ago.


Since then, the Empire has used special laws to compel mana holders to visit the tower.


There were also rumors that they would get imprisoned in the Imperial Palace dungeon if they refused or hid.


However, Hans came up with a decision according to Audrey’s words that she did not want to go to the tower.


‘I’m willing to be an accomplice…’ (Hans)


“What do you mean report? Did you steal something? Why are you staring at my face?” (Hans)




“I haven’t lost anything.” (Hans)




“What kind of mess happened to this room? Because it’s embarrassing, I couldn’t even ask someone else to clean it.” (Hans)




“What are you doing? Hurry up and pick up the broom. It’s your room, right?” (Hans)


As a result, Hans became Audrey’s most trusted friend.


The two put their heads together and started studying. Materials about magical power were monopolized by Wizards Tower, so they had to gather books from other countries.


Hans gathered all kinds of information through his maternal grandfather.


And he received some very big outcomes as a result of his efforts.


The wizards were also divided into different categories, and Audrey was a wizard belonging to the ‘Various.’


Although the sequence wasn’t clear, rather than attack, defense, or healing, it was the most practical ability.


Audrey could use magic in everyday life like it was breathing, and she could make magic tools by processing magic stones.


“I’ll ask my grandfather for the magic stones.” (Hans)


“…Thank you.”


Hans was relieved.


Acorn had figured out how to appease him. Wasn’t he a great man who couldn’t kill a single ant?


If she was an ‘attack‘ type, it would have been awkward.


‘I would have passed out in less than ten minutes if I went out hunting unsuitably.’ (Hans)


As time goes by in the next year.


Audrey’s fifteenth birthday has come.


“What? Are we done yet? Why are you covering my eyes?” (Audrey)


“You’re almost there.” (Hans)


Hans, who had arrived early in the morning, blindfolded her and brought her somewhere.


What I saw as soon as he put down his large hand covering my eyes was a magic tool shop named ‘Rokt.’


“Happy birthday, Acorn.”


Hans self-made the barge for a friend who was still underage.


At the same time, Audrey was given the position of a chief researcher.


“In the future, you’ll be the chief researcher. This shop would be incredibly well-known, therefore you must start building it right now. You, of course.” (Hans)


“…You mean to treat people like slaves?” (Audrey)


“Uh. Now you’re a slave. Until you repay my maternal grandfather’s investment, I’m going to treat you like a dog.” (Hans)


“Then it’s not a birthday present!” (Audrey)


“Hey! I’ve given you the position of a chief researcher. What else do you want? That’s a gift, you idiot! You don’t even know the honor?” (Hans)


The two still quarreled, but Audrey understood her friend’s feelings.


Hans built up the store to keep her safe from the mana explosion.


His prediction was exactly right.


Magical power was naturally discharged in the process of making magic tools, and the mana runaway disappeared.


People, on the other hand, didn’t scold Hans for offering a store for his friend’s birthday present.


“Well then, it’s my friend’s birthday, so of course I should give the store as a gift.” (Hans)


“Hoho! That’s how kids grow up.”


“We’ve been together since we were kids, it feels nice.” (Audrey)


“Do you have anything else in mind, Audrey? Would you like to acquire the building next door?” (Hans)


“You guys are playing with the cow so hard.”


Hans scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, who had risen above Audrey’s crown for a long time.


It was because he was too mature to listen to her words.


After that, Rokt, which started like a joke, has been the capital’s only magic tool shop.


Every time a brilliant idea improved the lives of the people of the Empire, it spread like a fad among the aristocrats.


It was a remarkable accomplishment in such a short period of time.




Hans began reporting while standing next to Audrey, who was looking at the ledger.


“The reaction to the most recent new product, the fragrance magic stone, has also been positive, and overall sales are increasing. Even local nobles are in high demand.” (Hans)


“Hehe… It’ll be on the rise for a long time.” (Audrey)


“Should we release new products this quarter?” (Hans)


“I’m going to make a communication device.” (Audrey)


“Communication device?” (Hans)


Hans blinked and was puzzled.


In the Empire, the carrier pigeon has already established itself as a means of communication.


The price was low due to the large supply, and the infrastructure was well established.


In this situation, you’re going to make a new means of communication?


Audrey, on the other hand, expressed her thoughts with a serious expression.


“You. Do you know how many letters we get in a day?” (Audrey)


“I don’t know.” (Hans)


“More than a hundred. But… Seventy of them are letters from my brother.” (Audrey)


“Oh.” (Hans)


“He asked me to send him a portrait and for a reply. It drives me crazy.” (Audrey)


Arnold was Audrey’s only brother.


He entered the tower at the age of 17 after his magical abilities appeared.


Audrey’s power had taken a long time to appear.


The wizard’s tower changed Arnold’s attitude as soon as he entered the tower.


Visitors, going out, and staying out were restricted, and only letters were allowed.


The period lasted till he produced a significant achievement inside the tower.


Nobody knew whether it would be 10 or 20 years.


They are only allowed to return home once a year.


Arnold, who had been studying within the tower for ten years and was desperate to see people, eventually ended up writing 100 letters a day.


70 of those letters was meant for Audrey


It was priceless to recall the letter that started with “Dear Audrey.”


‘How could he have so much to say?’


He even felt a sense of joy that defied human beings.


Still, Audrey, unable to pretend not to know, read the letter thoroughly.


She also sent three lengthy responses to him.


Arnold, on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied with the sloppy letters.


Audrey answered, ‘I think some of the letters may have been lost on the way here.’


…My pretty little sister. Are you really busy? More than your brother?


….Audrey. Why couldn’t you contact me? Was something wrong?


…Sleeping already?


…Oh, you’re sleeping.


…Good night.


….Please reply when you see the letter in the morning.


…I love you, my sister.


The noise of the pigeons poking the windows all the time.


“I just couldn’t take it any longer!”


Audrey made a promise then.


I’ll have to make a communication device for the next new product.




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