This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 125 - In One’s Heart

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax



King Eloin’s gaze sharpened.

He quietly gestured to his side.

Then the chamberlain bowed his head.


“We shall excuse ourselves now, Your Majesty.”


Now, all that’s left was King Eloin and Ian. Just the two of them.

For a moment, silence engulfed the audience hall.

But what came out of the king’s mouth was not an interrogation.


“I have the Seven Virtues? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“Do you really not know what I’m saying?”


Ian pretended to look around.

It was as if he was asking why the king was being mindful of others’ eyes and ears if he wasn’t hiding anything. 

However, King Eloin remained composed.


“If you, who are known as the successor of Patience, were to say such a thing, wouldn’t they truly believe I possess such an ability? I dislike the idea of needlessly burdening myself with an ability I never have to begin with.”


“An ability you never have?”




Rather, the king let out a provocative smile as if challenging Ian to prove his words. 

Confidence was written all over his face. 

Then, instead of saying anything, Ian invoked Patience.




However, the hammer did not show up. There was no reaction.

Ian looked at the king, furrowing his brow.

King Eloin’s expression did not change as if he had expected it.

No, he didn’t even react at all.


“Is that all you have to ask? If you have no further questions, you may leave.”


The king was calm as if he had known Ian’s trick all along.

He seemed confident that the Seven Virtues in him would not be discovered.

Yet, Ian smiled.

Ian opened his mouth as if he had been waiting for such a calm reaction from the king.


“Do you know, Your Majesty? The Seven Virtues are drawn to each other.”




“It is called an instinctive attraction.”


“But there was no reaction at all—?”


Right at that moment.

The king gasped sharply, momentarily surprised.

Because, before he knew it, a soft light had wrapped around his body.

To be precise, the light was spreading from his heart.




He had been restraining his power all along.

Since when did it react like this?

However, this was a phenomenon Ian had already experienced.


‘It was like that when I got Patience.’


Patience had found Faith first.

It reacted to Patience before the enemy as if it felt greater joy at meeting a colleague after a long time.

The same was true even if Ian suppressed the power of Faith.


‘That’s probably because Patience is the vanguard of the Seven Virtues.’


The frontline striker who charged toward the enemy first before anyone else.

Therefore, Patience would have needed the power to recognize allies and enemies.

That was a power that Faith did not have.

It was the same this time, too.




The power of the Seven Virtues in King Eloin was responding to Patience.

If it had been Faith, it wouldn’t have worked. Even when Ian first met the king, he was unable to bring out the Seven Virtues.

This was something only Patience could do.

It was the power of Patience that even King Eloin, who had hidden the power of the Seven Virtues for a long time, did not know about.

Realizing this, the corner of the king’s mouth rose into an intrigued smile, but he spoke in a harsh tone as if inwardly displeased.


“This displeases me, but it can’t be helped if the power of Patience has that trait. So, did you know that when you used that ability?”


“No. Actually, I knew it before that.”




Ian smiled upon seeing the king’s expression.


“Patience is a beacon that illuminates the darkness. However, I didn’t see any darkness within you, Your Majesty. Even there ought to be some traces of darkness in you as long as you’re a human.”




Ian’s golden eyes narrowed sharply. 

No matter how great a king might be, there had to be darkness in the corner of his heart. 

Especially since King Eloin had been scheming behind Ian’s back.


‘The king should have more darkness than the cunning Duke Garcia.’


But there was no darkness visible to Ian’s eyes.

Then, there was only one explanation for this.


‘I cannot see his darkness because it is a fellow Seven Virtues.’


No, rather than being unable to see it, he could not see through the darkness in the king’s heart because it was one of the Seven Virtues.

Although Patience was strong against its enemy, it was surprisingly weak against its kind.

But that’s why Ian could tell for sure.


‘King Eloin certainly has the power of one of the Seven Virtues.’


Ian wanted to know about that power anyway.

So, Ian boldly asked.


“Then, I guess Your Majesty’s curiosity has been satisfied. Now, could you tell me about the Seven Virtues Your Majesty has?”




The king realized that he could no longer hide it.

But instead, he said with a decisive smile.


“The information about the Seven Virtues is passed down only to the king of the time and his successor. You are not qualified yet.”




Ian was momentarily stunned. 

He thought the king was being petulant, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 

Could it be that the power of the Seven Virtues had some kind of connection with the succession war?

Smiling, King Eloin continued his words.


“I won’t deny the power you gained from Bahara. However, that’s not all there is to the power of the Seven Virtues. And if you want to know about the power passed down to the king of Kaistein…”


He would have no other way but to become king.

Ian could clearly tell from his eyes.

Ian also couldn’t ask any more questions after seeing those eyes.


‘I guess the king doesn’t have any intention of giving me a proper answer.’


If so, there was only one way left. 

To get the right qualifications and follow as he should. 

But then.


“However, this won’t be enough of a reward. Just once, I will give you the opportunity to ask one right question.”


Ian looked at the king as if seeing a formidable figure.

Actually, Ian had a mountain of questions he wanted to ask.

What kind of Seven Virtues did he possess?

Why did the king reveal Ian’s existence and send him to Duke Garcia?

Why did the king make Garcia his guardian?

Why did he kill him right before ascending the throne?

But he only got one chance.

So, he had to ask a question that would cut straight to the heart of the matter.


‘I can’t ask about the Seven Virtues anyway. But that’s for me to find out.’


So, this was what Ian chose.


“Then allow me to ask, Your Majesty.”


“Ask away.”


The king seemed to have an idea of what question Ian would ask.



“Who does Your Majesty consider to be your successor?”




King Eloin’s eyebrows rose for the first time. 

He never expected Ian to ask such a question. 

But Ian was serious.


“I hope you give a sincere answer. I wish to know Your Majesty’s intentions.”


Until now, King Eloin had always been impartial when it came to his successor.

The same was true in Ian’s past life.

Although he showed some favoritism toward the Second Prince, it was only because he was the son-in-law of Duke Lavaltor, whom the king was close with.

However, he was eventually eliminated in the succession war and died.

The Third Prince also showed a great talent for martial arts to the point the king bestowed him the Royal Knight Order, yet he was not selected as the successor until the end.

Ian’s gaze chilled.


‘Maybe that had something to do with why I died at the last moment.’


That was why Ian asked this question.

Ian wasn’t sure he could ask this if it wasn’t now.

King Eloin pondered for a moment.


“Is this the reward you hoped for?”


“That’s right. That’s what I want to hear more than anything else.”


“Well, it’s not a difficult question.”




Instead, it was Ian who was flustered.

King Eloin, who had never expressed his feelings before, opened his mouth this easily?

The king readily gave his answer.


“Very well. I’ll tell you.”


Ian gulped.

But the answer that came out of the king’s mouth was beyond what he expected.


“Ever since I became king, I thought the only child who would succeed me was the First Prince. I still think that way.”


Ian frowned slightly.

The First Prince was a man who was overwhelming in every field.

No one in Kaistein could deny that he would become king.

Everyone acknowledged him, including the ministers who arbitrarily put their own interests first.


“However, the First Prince…”


“He’s already dead. But among my descendants, no one surpassed that child.”




“Isn’t that why the succession war was held?”


At that moment, Ian’s face hardened.

It was inevitable.


‘No way.’


In fact, Ian did not receive a decent answer from Duke Garcia.

But what if the king couldn’t forget the dead First Prince?

What if Ian didn’t stand out as the final candidate for the throne?

It suddenly occurred to Ian that Duke Garcia might have killed him at the order of the king.

But it was then.


“At least until you appear. I think you could surpass him.”




Ian’s head jerked up at one sentence from the king.

He heard something he wasn’t expecting at all.

At the same time, Ian, who believed the king was behind this, frowned.


‘Given the timing, it’s hard to think it was an order from the king.’


Because the king had died before Ian could become the final victor.

Soon, the king spoke.


“Of course, it won’t be easy. Especially since the Fifth Prince is not someone to be taken lightly.”


This was a world where one couldn’t let down one’s guard until one ascended the throne.

In particular, the game changed when the Fifth Prince, who was not supposed to be in the kingdom, entered the country.

In fact, the king broke into a smile as he read the report of his successors brought by his vassal.

His eyes were filled with a strange sense of anticipation.






Haverion, who returned to the treatment center, could not help but scrunch his forehead.

He was free, yet not completely free. This was because a guard knight was keeping an eye on his every move.


‘I can’t do my activities like this.’


He tried to use this opportunity to pressure Kaistein into making the faith of the Holy Empire the state religion.

It was vital for the grand plan.

But this was not over yet.


“Would you mind delivering this letter?”


Upon seeing the letter, the guard knight rejected it with a stern expression.


“I’m sorry, but… you are currently under surveillance. No outside contact is allowed.”


Even if he was a cardinal, he was put under strict surveillance because he was guilty.

They couldn’t allow him to have any outside contact when they didn’t know what he might be up to.

But Haverion smiled.


“It’s not to the outside.”




“This is a reply to the letters from my brothers and sister before I enter the palace. I may be lacking as a younger brother, but shouldn’t I at least respond to their message?”


The guard knight hesitated for a moment.


“Surely… there won’t be a problem if it’s a letter sent to Their Highnesses.”


The knight also checked the contents of the letter just to be sure.

But it was all clear.

The content was all about his affirmation of the request to see them for a while.

The guard knight called the soldier next to him.

This was a reply to the heirs to the throne.

He didn’t know what might happen if he sent regular soldiers, so he decided to go himself.


“I’ll be back soon. Do not lower the surveillance.”


“Do not worry. I will keep watch on him with my eyes wide open.”


But the knight didn’t see as he turned around.




The pendant on the soldier’s chest.

It was unmistakably the symbol of faith with the emblem of the Holy Empire.

The soldier immediately closed the door and left as if to do his surveillance duties.

As if all of this had been planned from the beginning.

With that, everyone had left, and not long after, a patient in a fresh robe entered.


“Your Eminence.”


Haverion quickly turned his head at the familiar voice, but his eyes soon changed.


“What happened! What happened to your arm!”


“I am sorry.”


He was a heresy inquisitor who acted under Haverion’s orders.

But somehow, he only had one arm.

The heresy inquisitor immediately reported.


“Someone was following me.”




“I was the only one who barely managed to escape after baiting the others.”


Haverion’s eyes turned chilly.

It wasn’t because the inquisitor made his colleagues bait.


“The enemy was skillful enough to make you, who are among the highest rank in the Holy Empire, lose your arm even with your skills?”


“I have no excuse. However, he seems to be a subordinate of the Seventh Prince.”


“What did you say?”




Haverion’s expression hardened.

The inquisitor hastily held out his hand.


“But I made sure to bring the item that was at the appointment place.”


Haverion immediately took the important letter from the inquisitor.

It was none other than a secret letter left by Ceres, the eldest son of the Garcia family.


“So the information is valid.”


It was important information related to Ian.

Having confirmed this, Haverion burned the letter, his expression calm.


“Can you still move?”


“Of course, Your Eminence.”


To him, armed with strong faith, the cardinal’s orders were like God’s command.


“But what do you want me to do…?”


Then Haverion flashed his usual smile.


“I will turn the victory ceremony, which will determine the successor, into a bloodbath.”


“Then, don’t tell me…”


A special skill that only the Holy Empire had. No, it was an ability that only Haverion could use.


“I’m the only one who can become the king of Kaistein.”


Haverion’s lips curled up after wrapping up his business.

It was time to drench Kaistein’s capital with blood and emerge as a saint.

A vicious glint flickered deep in his eyes.






Ian’s countenance remained glum even after the audience with the king.

It was because he heard more things than he expected.

Then, someone approached from his side.


“Seems like things didn’t go so well for you, huh?”


“Sir Nathan!”


Nathan walked up to Ian with a bright smile.

Ian asked in a hushed voice.


“What about the thing I asked you to do?”


“Well, well, who am I again? I did it perfectly this time, too.”


Nathan handed over a letter.

But something unusual was on it.


“What is this blood on the letter?”


“Oh, it’s not my blood. Those bastards were very stubborn. Anyway, speaking of those priests, that’s how I got some blood on me.”


Nathan lowered his voice.


“There was a secret safe house where they were heading. I found those guys there and dealt with them first.”


And Nathan found a letter.

He planned on just stealing the item, but that would be no fun.

Thus, Nathan swiftly created a fake letter with similar content and left it there.


“Isn’t it cool? Now they’re probably following the wrong info. Inflexible guys like Galon and Fiosen can’t do this!”


Clearly, the content of the letter Nathan brought was different from the one those guys took.

What they took was:


[Bahara’s Seven Virtues was taken away. Currently moving to the secret safe house. Unable to contact for the time being. All missions accomplished.]


That’s what it said.


“The original is this.”


[Confirmation of the Seven Virtues on the Seventh Prince (Faith). Be careful, as it has the power to destroy the fragments of the Seven Sins. Bahara’s Seven Virtues was also taken away by him (presumed Patience). Currently moving to the secret safe house (third). Contact will be made through the communication tool left behind. Failure to accomplish the mission (will surely carry it out).]


In addition, Nathan also brought a communication tool.

This would have given them a better idea of their scheme.

Ian smiled.


“Well done, Sir Nathan.”


Now, all that was left was to give them a punch to the gut.

Of course, there was still work to do before that.


“I have a bad feeling about this. We must monitor the Fifth Prince more thoroughly.”


Ian would never let down his guard.

And he would not suffer another miserable death as he did in his previous life.

Ian’s eyes shone with determination.

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