This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 127 - The Hunter And The Hunted

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


‘How on earth did it come to this?’


The Fifth Prince Haverion felt momentarily suffocated at what he saw.

Clearly, he was supposed to be under surveillance, yet he had just stepped into the square.

This was possible because he put in a special request through the royal knight last night.


“Even so, it’s a day for my brothers to be congratulated by everyone. Even if I can’t be the first to congratulate them as their brother, do I have to be in this remote place?”


“I will go ask His Majesty Eloin.”


The king naturally gave his permission. 

Of course, it was under a condition.


“You can’t meet or talk to other people.”


But it still didn’t matter.


‘I can see my youngest brother’s distorted expression.’


This victory ceremony was a significant event for Kaistein, as the successor to the throne would be nominated on this occasion.

Haverion had a big plan cooked up for this event.


‘The youngest, who made great contributions to the Northern Expedition, will stand alone at the frontmost.’


The place that received the most light.

When Ian appeared alone amid everyone’s blessings, an incident happened.

And at that time, he had to bear the people’s wrath and curses alone.

Once the ceremony turned into mayhem, he would carry out the next plan.

But now, the scene before his eyes.


“Long live Prince Ian!”


“Long live the First Princess!”


The Fifth Prince couldn’t hide his shock when an unexpected presence appeared.

And to top it all off, the man right behind the two.


“The greatest sword on the continent!”


“The continent’s strongest knight! Long live Duke Lavaltor!”


Even Duke Lavaltor, with his characteristic stern expression, was there. 

Haverion sensed that something was wrong at once.


‘This can’t be happening. I’m sure the youngest should be the only one in that position.’


The First Princess and Duke Lavaltor were supposed to be in different positions. And his plan was originally based on the assumption that Ian would be alone.


‘It will be quite difficult to execute the plan with those two there.’


Even more so, Lavaltor?

What kind of person was that continent-level power?

However, the biggest issue now was the First Princess.

Not only was she an outstanding successor, but she was also a woman he held dearest.

What if that beautiful face got scarred because of him?


‘She won’t forgive me this time either.’


But the plan had already begun.

Haverion’s face couldn’t help but harden.


‘I need to stop the plan now. No, at least I need to take the First Princess to a safe place.’


He had to abduct the First Princess. 

Thinking so, Haverion urgently tried to call the inquisitor. 

However, the royal knights beside him wouldn’t allow it.


“What are you doing? Please do not leave your seat.”


“I have an urgent need to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.”


“Have you forgotten? His Majesty did not allow you to go anywhere but here. If you are going to return, we shall prepare right away.”






Haverion gritted his teeth in anger, but he didn’t refute a word. 

He would be sent back to the treatment center otherwise if he did. 

It seemed that the king had given them some prior instructions.


Haverion, glowering at them as if it was unfair, checked the time.


‘Right. It’s still okay.’


Duke Lavaltor and the royal knights would soon fall unconscious anyway.

There would be no disruption to the plan.

However, if there was anything to worry about.


‘Ian Kaistein…’


He didn’t have a good feeling about this, but it couldn’t be helped.

Still glaring at them, he grabbed something from his pocket.






‘His expression is truly priceless.’


Entrance ceremony.

Ian, looking at Haverion, inwardly smiled.

If his prediction was correct, Haverion would do it here.

Ian didn’t know specifically how he would do it, but he was certain Haverion planned it according to his schedule.


‘In that case, all I have to do is make it deviate from that schedule.’


That was why Ian purposely made his entrance with this unusual lineup.

Of course, when he uttered this idea, the expressions on the knights’ faces were worth seeing.

And at this moment.

Ian, who deliberately entered with the First Princess and Duke Lavaltor, chuckled.

He couldn’t hold himself back from not doing so.


“Sister, please relax your face. Aren’t the people mesmerized by your appearance?”


“Well said.”


Ian looked at the people cheering around him.

They were delighted to see the First Princess.


“It’s really the First Princess in the flesh!”


“First Princess! You’re so cool!”


She looked different from her usual neat and organized self, as she had prepared herself properly for the victory ceremony. 

Her explosive beauty was on full display, taking the breath of every person she passed. Regardless of whether they were male or female, everyone was enchanted by her appearance. 

Well, that was to be expected.


The Three Flowers.  

She was one of the three most stunning beauties in Kaistein.


‘The other one was the young lady of Lavaltor.’


As a lady from one of the ducal families in Kaistein, she would be even more famous among the people. 

Anyway, when the First Princess showed off her beauty, the citizens couldn’t take their eyes off her.


“You could enjoy it a little more.”


Then the First Princess turned to Ian with a questioning look.


“You underestimate me too much.”


It was as she said.


“My god, is that really the Seventh Prince from back then?”


“He’s as gorgeous as the First Princess.”


“This is not good. I might fall into forbidden love.”


“Pull yourself together! Don’t cross that line!”


Ian, riding Blue Emperor, was totally catching everyone’s eye.

In fact, Ian was already so naturally good-looking even during his days as a serf that he garnered envy from other serfs. 

However, after proper diet control, training, and grooming himself, his hidden beauty surfaced, making everyone, regardless of gender or age, unable to take their eyes off him.


“You are the one getting more attention than me.”


“Is that so?”


Ian in white ceremonial attire, with a cape fluttering behind his back, on Blue Emperor.

The First Princess in black ceremonial attire atop a red horse.


The two people were in perfect contrast, amplifying each other’s charm.

However, the First Princess seemed uncomfortable with this situation.


“Are you sure it’s okay for me to be here?”


But Ian answered calmly.


“Didn’t you also contribute enough during the Northern Expedition? You worked harder than anyone else.”


However, the First Princess only chuckled, refusing to naively believe that.

That was natural.

It was all because of Ian’s unexpected visit the night before the victory ceremony. 

He visited her alone, without even an escort knight.

And then, with a calm voice, he said.


“Let’s go together.”


“What did you say? Could you say it again?”


“I am saying that you come in next to me at the victory ceremony.”


“Are you serious?”


“Why not? It’s not like you didn’t make any merit.”


She couldn’t believe it at first.

It was the most significant and proudest position in the victory ceremony.

There was nobody foolish enough to give up the spot that would be the center of everyone’s attention.

But even then, Ian remained chill.


“If you don’t like it, then forget it.”


“N, no. I just need some time to think.”


“Do you still need to mull over it? Whatever intentions I had, it will be no loss to you, right?”




It was definitely not wrong.

Of course, it wasn’t without a cost.


“I have some conditions instead.”


“Of course. What do you want?”


“This time, these are the things you can give me. Don’t worry too much.”




What Ian wanted was something the First Princess had.

The First Princess raised an eyebrow.


‘I don’t know how he knew I had it.’


The First Princess felt that this position was more important than the item.

Thus, she readily struck a deal with Ian.

The main character would be Ian anyway.


‘Right. Whatever you think, I’ll use everything available.’


Everything for the sake of her to take the throne.

So, she smiled brighter than ever.




“The First Princess looked at me!”


“No, it’s me! Get out of my way!”


However, at that moment, Ian unexpectedly flashed a subtle smile as she was gaining popularity among the people.


“Don’t get too close to the people. You never know what might happen, right?”


“You worry too much. With so many knights and soldiers around, what could possibly happen?”


She sneered.


‘Does he really think I’m a fool who can’t even guess his intentions?’


Ian’s target was the alliance with the successors who would gather after the victory ceremony. He was clearly afraid of that.


‘This is just another scheme to win me over.’


It was probably to make himself look good in front of her and get her on his side, as she had the most powerful influence and the most nobles under her faction. 

If she were on Ian’s side, it would be easier to keep others in check.

The item Ian wanted from her was simply a tool to make justification.

However, she didn’t understand one thing.


‘The additional conditions he set were bizarre.’


Ian placed some conditions other than the item.

There were two in total.

And when the First Princess heard the conditions, she burst into laughter.


“What kind of condition is that? You can’t be seriously planning on starting a rebellion in the middle of the royal castle, are you?”


“Why would I? After all, I am the most likely candidate for the throne. I have no reason to do something foolish like that.”


Of course, it was no big deal to agree to the additional conditions he put forward.



‘You may have succeeded in conquering the North and became the king of Bahara, but in reality, you are more dangerous than anyone else.’


It wasn’t for nothing that she readily relinquished her position as the supreme commander and formed an alliance with the southern nobles after the Northern Expedition.

Unless one of the other successors was after her life, joining hands with the youngest was out of the question.

Still, she was grateful.


‘It is never easy to share the honor meant to be yours only.’


It was something she could never have imagined.

And it was then.


“The hero of the victory ceremony, the Seventh Prince, and the First Princess, who assisted him, please dismount from your horses and ascend the platform!”


It was their turn to express their ambitions and sentiments of victory. 

Ian and the First Princess dismounted from their horses in response to the call from the platform.

Now, they only needed to come forward and announce victory to the king, and the ceremony would be over. 

And this moment would mark their names in the history of Kaistein.


“Shall we, Sister?”


“Yes. Let’s go.”


The chamberlain shouted as if he had been waiting for Ian to come up.


“Now, the man who led the greatest achievement in the Northern Expedition, the Seventh Prince Ian, will speak!”


It was time for Ian, who had led the greatest achievement, to express his sentiments in front of the citizens. 

The eyes of tens of thousands of people were all on Ian.

In a calm voice, Ian began his speech.


“This Northern Expedition is not just a victory for me, but for all of us. It’s an honor…”


Ian spoke in a steady, unhurried voice.

And at the very moment the speech was coming to an end.




“Aaaah! Somebody help me!”


“What’s with this madman—aaargh!”


Suddenly, screams started to erupt all around.

It wasn’t just the screams.


Bang! BOOM!


The capital was on fire with a huge explosion.

The heart of Kaistein, considered the safest place, was under a terror attack. 

Such a disgraceful incident was happening during the most glorious victory ceremony. 

But at that moment, a single man moved. 

An unfamiliar attendant who brought chaos. 

He shrieked and began attacking those around him. 

It seemed like his purpose was to ruin the victory ceremony.




To make matters worse, the man was holding a hidden weapon.




The First Princess’s body froze in the face of the mysterious man’s sudden attack.

But not Ian.

He rushed forward as if he had been anticipating it.




He deliberately wrapped his arms around the First Princess as if to protect her.

And right at that moment.




A dagger stabbed Ian’s front.




The First Princess screamed in terror.

The dagger was deeply lodged in his abdomen. 

But Ian, without removing the dagger, drew his sword and slashed the assailant.




The assailant’s chest was slashed, and he instantly tumbled to the ground. 

The surrounding knights did not just stand still.


“Protect the princess and the prince!”


“Eliminate the assassin!”


Not wasting a second, the knights’ swords penetrated the assailant’s body.


Shunk! Shunk! Shunkk!


Still, the man did not fall.




Rather, his eyes glowed red, and he swung his dagger at the royal knights.

Regardless of how skilled the knights were, it was not easy to deal with a madman who had disregarded death.

It was then.




A sword sliced through the air.

In an instant, the man’s head fell to the ground and rolled.




The owner of the sword was Ian.

When the assailant didn’t collapse after being stabbed, he cut the man in half. 

Of course, due to his grave wound, Ian fell to his knees again.

Seeing this, the First Princess turned pale and rushed toward him.


“Youngest! Are you okay?”


Could he have known this in advance and thus made that condition?


“Wear formal clothes, but put on armor underneath. Also, don’t fall from my side. If you stick to this, I will give you the position next to me.”


The First Princess’s eyes immediately flashed, and she unsheathed her sword.

Then, as she was about to call for Duke Lavaltor, who was with her.




Ian grabbed her hand, smiling with difficulty as if he was in pain.


“This… He got me.”


“Now is not the time to say that! Get the treatment first!”


“I’m fine. By the way, do you know, Sister?”


“What is it?”


“The crime of pointing a sword at the body of a royal and shedding his blood. How grave and terrifying that crime is.”


For a moment, the First Princess could not say anything.

She didn’t understand why he was suddenly saying this.


‘His eyes are cold.’


She could see in Ian’s eyes his determination to never forgive those who attacked him. 

Well, she felt the same way.


“What are the royal knights and soldiers doing?! Kaistein’s people are under attack! Take up your swords!”


She was genuinely furious to the bone. 

She also felt a sense of guilt that Ian sacrificed himself to protect her. 

But at that moment.




Ian, who was lying down pretending to be in pain, smiled without anyone noticing.


‘Now, you’re in big trouble, my brother. From now on, you’ll have to deal with the person you don’t want to deal with the most.’


Just like the First Princess, he also wore armor underneath, so the injury was not as severe as it seemed. 

Everything was the revenge for the Fifth Prince who tried to shed blood on his glorious day.


‘The price of my blood shall not be taken lightly.’


His eyes gleamed with chilling bloodlust.

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  2. Pfft haha, the fifth prince will be eliminated Finally, I don’t know how he has holy power and also has a worse heart. He’s so malicious ,Oh and also Thank you very much for the translation❤️☺️✨