This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 133 - How To Use An Opportunity

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax



Due to the terror attack and imprisonment of the suddenly returning Fifth Prince Haverion, both the nobles and the people were in a state of disarray. 

Yet, one person was all smiles amid this situation.

That was the Fourth Prince, Servin.


“Finally, an opportunity has fallen into my lap!”


He clenched his hands.

It was only understandable he felt that way.

Ian, a strong contender, had fallen unconscious.

His sister and brother were facing their own problems.

He discussed the situation with Viscount Schvarier, a member of his faction.


“Any news about the Third Prince?”


“They say his whereabouts are currently unknown.”


To be precise, the Third Prince found something in the library, went out to look for it, and then disappeared.

He was literally missing.

Under normal circumstances, the royal family would have moved on a large scale.


“Everyone seems to handle this quietly because of the Seventh Prince’s incident. Only a few royal knights are conducting the search…”


“If it’s my big brother, that’s only natural.”




Patience was one of the Seven Virtues.

He wouldn’t deny that Ian’s power was bothering him.

Unlike his resourceful and powerful older sister, the Third Prince’s pride was his strength. He would need the power to beat Ian.


“Then, what about my sister?”


“She seems to have been preoccupied by the recent events.”


She was currently in charge of dealing with the aftermath of the terror attack, including rebuilding the royal capital and interrogating the heresy inquisitors and berserkers. 

However, her actions had raised dissatisfaction among some of the nobles of her faction.


“Nobles favor those who serve their interests.”


“Are there that many complaints?”


“It’s unavoidable. The First Princess, who usually does things for her own gain, is now looking after the lowly commoners.”


The problem was that the First Princess was in charge of running Ian’s supply station, perhaps out of her guilt.

She was wasting her energy on useless things at a time of great importance.

Servin raised the corners of his mouth.


“If I handle this well, I might even gain the support of the nobles from that faction.”


With everyone preoccupied, this was an opportune moment for him.


‘Originally, I was going to create something useful for the fight for the throne, but…’


Now was not the time to make something like that.

The top priority was to reach out to the Fifth Prince’s followers.


“Most of them are moderates. But you shouldn’t think of them as mere small- or medium-sized forces.”


“Your insight is accurate, Your Highness.”


Many moderate forces were not affiliated with Garcia, the Southern Nobles Union, or Marquis Adelas more than one expected.

Servin’s eyes glinted with ambition.


‘Furthermore, those who followed Haverion are deeply dissatisfied with the country’s vested interests.’


It went without saying.

Those born with divine power had to unconditionally be sent to the Holy Empire.

However, Haverion was one of the outstanding candidates who possessed excellent intelligence in addition to divine power.

In any other country, such a talent would have definitely been hidden.

Yet, Haverion and his faction were completely oppressed by Duke Garcia and others. 

Haverion had no choice but to be sent to the Holy Empire, becoming a hostage. 

Of course, his faction did support him as well.


‘But they won’t be able to refuse my offer. They will be left with no other alternative.’


Unlike his more powerful siblings, Servin acknowledged that his faction was weak. 

He believed that joining forces with him would bring greater, unexpected benefits to the nobles than aligning with his siblings.


‘If I can successfully rope them into my faction…’


A new power structure might emerge in Kaistein.

Servin knew very well that it would be difficult to become king on his own, but this changed the situation.


‘As a kingmaker, I can hold the board and shake it up.’


By combining his own forces with the established factions, Servin believed he could rapidly build a significant power base. 

In the past, this would have been unthinkable due to the strong support Haverion received from his faction. 

However, the circumstances had shifted.


‘Continuing to push the Fifth Prince is like holding onto a rotten rope.’


Instead, they could be associated with treason or conspiracy. 

The urgency of the situation likely prompted the Fifth Prince’s faction to desperately reach out to him. 

Naturally, this also brought a smile to Viscount Schvarier.


“I have already spoken to them. You only need to finalize the arrangement, Your Highness.”


“Well done, Viscount Schvarier.”


Viscount Schvarier had successfully contacted the Fifth Prince’s faction and persuaded a person of significant power within their ranks. 

Getting that individual on their side would likely lead to the collapse of the entire faction.


‘Thank you, my youngest brother. Thanks to you, I have received such a wonderful gift.’


Naturally, it wasn’t only the nobles from the Fifth Prince’s faction who had reached out to Servin.


“I also received a call from the temple. They asked me to let them meet you.”


This was to be expected. 

Ian was unconscious, the Third Prince was missing, and the First Princess was occupied with her duties. 

In such circumstances, the importance and influence of Servin, the Fourth Prince, were bound to increase.

The temple and the Holy Empire, which had no desire to be involved with Haverion, had reluctantly sought Servin’s help. 


‘Still, those arrogant temple bastards are desperate.’


It was no wonder that Servin’s lips rose as high as Viscount Schvarier’s smile.


‘Joining hands with the temple can also make up for my lack of power.’


Simply by saving their reputation and standing by his side, they could restore the temple’s prestige. 

It seemed like a favorable deal for both parties. 

However, Viscount Schvarier voiced his concern.


“But there’s one problem.”


“What is it?”


“The Third Prince…”


Viscount Schvarier hesitated for a moment before continuing.


“I had secretly sent people to search for him, but all contact has been lost.”


“All of them?” 


“It appears that something like a beast attacked them.”


There were no intact bodies left, only gruesome bloodstains, indicating they had been savagely chewed by a monster. 

Viscount Schvarier seemed worried that the Third Prince might have acquired some kind of power. 

However, Servin’s smile remained unshaken.


“It does not matter.”




The main strength of the Third Prince lay in his knights. 

Even if he were to return with some extraordinary power, it would already be too late.


‘By then, I will have already absorbed the Fifth Prince’s faction and the temple forces.’


The only problem was the First Princess.


“I’m sure she’s doing that now because she’s sorry for the youngest, but…”


The moment she came to her senses and took care of her faction nobles, the opportunity would burst like a bubble.

Servin understood that his sister needed to recruit as many nobles as possible before addressing the concerns of the faction nobles. 

With a determined light in his eyes, the Fourth Prince stopped in front of a mansion.


“Inform Count Julian that Prince Servin has arrived.”


The mansion Servin arrived at was Count Julian’s, a key figure in the Fifth Prince’s faction and the leader of the moderates. 

Servin’s smile widened as he saw the count hurriedly come out to greet him.

However, that smile quickly faded.


“Count, what did you say just now?”


“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can follow Your Highness.” 


Count Julian replied, sweating nervously under Servin’s intimidating eyes. 


“I have decided to follow the Seventh Prince.”


“What? I don’t think he’s even conscious right now.”


“But his messenger has come, saying that if I didn’t follow him… he would judge me as a follower of the Fifth Prince.”




At that moment, Servin’s eyes widened.


‘Could it be he was only pretending to be unconscious?’


It wasn’t certain.

But if Ian had been feigning his condition and observed everything…


‘Now is not the time for this. I have to hurry.’


Servin hurriedly left the count’s mansion.


“Quick! We must gather supporters before the youngest’s messenger arrives.”




From now on, it was a race against time.

It was clear that whoever could attract as many nobles as possible would have the upper hand in the future fight.

But how did this come to happen?




“I am sorry, I have already decided to follow the Seventh Prince…”


The other person also shook his head.

No, most of the people in the Fifth Prince’s faction and the moderates had already been taken over by the youngest.

Servin roared in frustration in the middle of the night.


“What the hell is he! Who dares to stand in my way!”


Just then, something fell on top of him.




That’s dirty water.

And at the same time, boos poured toward him.


“Quiet! Let us sleep!”


“Go sleep, why don’t you! Why are you making a ruckus in the middle of the night?!”


The stench of dirty water stung Servin’s nose. 

As his enraged knights attempted to confront those who had insulted him, a subordinate approached from afar with a pale expression.


“Your Highness! We have a big problem!”


Viscount Schvarier, who was next to Servin, responded in a cold voice.


“Can’t you see that the prince is busy right now? Deal with those—”


“That’s not important now. Young Lady Lavaltor is having an audience with His Majesty!”




Silence momentarily filled the air.

The fact that Young Lady Lavaltor was meeting His Majesty wasn’t an issue. 

But the following words left them frozen.


“Young Lady Lavaltor and the Seventh Prince are officially engaged!”


“Wh… what…?”


The engagement between the Seventh Prince and Young Lady Lavaltor, which had been mere speculation before, was now a reality. 

Two factions that were never meant to unite were about to become one. 

And that wasn’t all.


“Furthermore, Young Lady Lavaltor is seeking His Majesty’s approval to avenge her fiancé, the Seventh Prince. All nobles in the country are gathering at this very second.”




The gravity of the situation began to sink in. 

The Fifth Prince’s faction Servin had been trying to win over along with the attention of all the nobles were now at stake.

And what if Young Lady Lavaltor’s request for revenge was granted?


‘All opportunities for the Fourth Prince are dashed.’


Viscount Schvarier called out to Servin with a tense expression.


“Your Highness?”




However, Servin fainted—from the humiliation he experienced for the first time and the stench of dirty water.








Ian’s lips curled up into a smile.


“How amusing.”


Then Galon next to him approached with curiosity.


“What’s so amusing, Your Highness?”


“Ah, it seems like the Fourth Prince is very busy.”




Ian explained, referring to the news brought by the chamberlain that detailed the Fourth Prince’s movements.


“I thought he would quietly immerse himself in his research. He’s doing better than expected.” 


He was indeed the son of that Blood Lion.

Ian had initially underestimated the Fourth Prince, perceiving him as nothing more than a bookworm who only knew how to study. 

He never expected he would make a move in this critical situation.


‘Everyone is holding their breath for fear of being associated with the Fifth Prince.’


One wrong move, and they could have been implicated in treason alongside the Fifth Prince. 

However, the Fourth Prince had boldly drawn attention to himself, moving with confidence and presenting a just cause.


‘Certainly, his actions were risky.’


If Ian had moved even a second late, he might have lost the nobles he was trying to win over. 

But, of course, it didn’t happen.

The one moving in place of Ian now was Nathan the Swift.

Compared to the Fourth Prince, who moved with a carriage at night, Nathan ran over the buildings of the royal castle and contacted the nobles at a very high speed.

Additionally, he carried a sword representing Ian’s authority.


“This sword signifies that Sir Nathan possesses equal authority to me. So, if anyone refuses my offer, show the sword and pressure them in my name.”


Naturally, the speed at which Nathan won over the nobles was inevitably extraordinary. 

Galon nodded, recalling the situation.


“I think he was touched when you gave him your sword, Prince. For some reason, I see him working hard.”


“I very much doubt it. Sir Nathan’s ‘enthusiasm’ was driven by another cause.”


“What could that be…?”


Galon’s expression mirrored his confusion, visibly failing to comprehend it. 

Ian smiled brightly.


“I made a bet with him.”


“What kind of bet did you make…”


The bet was really simple.

Nathan took responsibility to thoroughly win over the moderates.

The problem lay in the stakes of the bet.


“If he fails to win over the moderates, he has agreed to marry my sister.”




Galon was speechless.

He found it difficult to believe that such an outrageous bet had been made. 

Then, he hesitated for a moment.


“But what happens if he succeeds?”


“Oh, in that case, I’ve decided not to bring up marriage for the time being. Especially about my sister.”




Galon suddenly felt sorry for Nathan.

Nathan had been teased incessantly and had unwittingly entered into a bet he couldn’t afford to lose. 

Sympathy lingered on Galon’s face, understanding the weight of the circumstances. 

But that wasn’t the most pressing matter now.


“The young lady is having an audience with His Majesty?”


“She asked for just revenge as your fiancée.”


Ian looked interested.

Even though he had made a deal with Young Lady Lavaltor, he had no idea she would be so bold.


‘Just revenge.’


If her request was acknowledged, Young Lady Lavaltor and Haverion would have to draw their swords and engage in battle.

Normally, he would have predicted Haverion to be the victor, as he was a man.


‘The young lady’s sword skills are not to be laughed at. It will be a landslide victory over Cardinal Haverion.’


He knew that if Young Lady Lavaltor were to be harmed in any way, Duke Lavaltor would not sit still. 

It wasn’t just the duke; the people of Kaistein would likely never forgive him either. 

For Haverion, it would be akin to falling into a hopeless trap. 

Thanks to this, the effect was clear.


“It is said that all ministers are gathering in the audience hall.”


Haverion made his move with the utmost urgency, even willing to kneel before the people if King Eloin desired it. 

However, Ian wouldn’t let Haverion have his way.




Galon let out a flustered exclamation.

It was because Ian suddenly got out of bed and prepared to leave.

Ian answered calmly.


“My wife-to-be is taking action. As her husband-to-be, I can’t just sit still. Also, this is an opportunity.”


“What are you planning to do?”


Ian responded to Galon’s bewildered expression with a smile.

He was planning to get this all dealt with before the saintess came.


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