This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 134 - Prove If You Are Not Guilty

Author: CleiZz



Ian got off the bed.

Then Galon quickly followed him.


“Where are you going, Your Highness?”


“It wouldn’t be a proper stage if the main character was absent. I need to be present in the audience hall as well,”




Galon looked genuinely perplexed.

At that time, the chamberlain intervened.


“Are you sure Your Highness wishes to go? Everyone believes the prince is still unconscious.” 


Ian understood the implications of his presence being known. 

It would disrupt the one-sided suffering that Haverion and the temple were experiencing.


“They won’t remain idle.”


Moreover, it could potentially lead to conflict with the Holy Empire once the saintess arrived.


The chamberlain, with a serious expression, sought confirmation.

“Do you still intend to go, Your Highness?”


“It must be tough for you in a situation like this, right?” 


“Phew. Thankfully, yes. Your Highness understands my predicament.”


The chamberlain sighed in relief, but Ian smirked like a mischievous boy.


“Patients should act like patients. Don’t worry, I have my own plans,” Ian assured, his tone filled with confidence.


“Pardon?” the chamberlain questioned, taken aback by Ian’s unexpected response.


“From now on, bring the things I asked you to prepare. I’ll leave as soon as I’m ready.”




The chamberlain was taken aback by Ian’s instructions.

He hurriedly asked Galon next to him for help.


“Sir… Sir Galon! Please stop the prince!”


“If the prince orders it, then so be it.”




The chamberlain was truly at a loss for words at Galon’s answer.


‘Does this man have no sense of reason?’


If his lord went down the wrong path, he should think about stopping him.

However, the chamberlain realized that he could no longer refuse Ian’s instructions. 

With a sigh, he relented, saying, “I will carry out your orders.”


As the chamberlain left to gather the requested items, the Blood Lion Knights, who had noticed Ian’s presence from the servant’s movements, entered the room.


“Where are you going now?”


They were the Blood Lion Knights who guarded the door.

And the chamberlain was furious as they questioned Ian, and tensions rose as they were under orders to protect Ian. 


“What are you doing now? Even though you are His Majesty’s knights, you are blocking the prince’s path!”


“This is His Majesty’s decree. The prince must remain here.”


Their orders were to ensure Ian’s safety, and they were determined to follow them.

Galon raised his eyebrows at that sight.


“No one can persecute His Highness Ian before me.”


Galon also grabbed the hilt of his sword.

The faces of the Blood Lion Knights hardened as they felt the aura emanating from Galon, renowned as one of the Three Great Knights.


“Sir Galon, are you going to disobey His Majesty’s orders?”


“Sir, wouldn’t it be better for His Highness to be in a safe place?” One of the knights reiterated, attempting to persuade Galon to reconsider.


But Galon remained resolute.


“Do not decide for yourselves where my lord will be. I am Prince Ian’s sword. If you wish to stop the prince, you will have to defeat me first,” Galon declared, his stance unwavering.


Tension filled the air as the knights and Galon prepared to draw their weapons at any time. Just then, Ian stepped forward and clapped his hands, capturing everyone’s attention.




“Everyone, please step back.”




Galon complied, the knights remained unmoved. 


“We only obey His Majesty’s orders.”


“Even if the Seventh Prince is king of Bahara, you can’t make us step down.”


They stood like stone statues and put pressure on Ian with their sharp eyes.

Galon furrowed his brow, but Ian, seemingly expecting this, chuckled lightly. 


“Your mission is to protect me. Am I right?”


“That’s right.”


“However, there was no order for you to leave this place and escort you to the audience hall.”


The knights smirked in triumph. 

Despite the impressive title of the Seventh Prince, their gaze conveyed an unwavering gaze, as if daring him to defy the king’s orders and surpass their own loyalty.

However, Ian spoke coldly.


“Is that so? Then, from now on, your mission has changed.”


“What do you mean?”


“If you don’t like it,” Ian began, and with a gesture, Galon and Fiosen drew their swords.


“What’s the meaning of this?!”


The knights flinched for a moment.


Ian did not wait for the knights to speak. 


Instead, he pulled out a dagger from his arms and brought it to his own neck.


“If I get hurt like this, it means your mission to protect me has failed.”




“Can you really protect me?”




“I asked if you can protect me.”




The knights gulped with difficulty. 

Ian smiled at their reaction.


“There is only one thing you can do. Safely escort me back to this place.”




“You can refuse my order. Just break through with force if you want.”


The knights had no other choice. 

Although they possessed considerable strength, facing two formidable opponents would inevitably lead to bloodshed. 

They reluctantly nodded, as if acknowledging their helplessness.


“I’ll be right back.”


It was better to return quickly than to cause unnecessary trouble. 


“Promise me that Your Highness will come back here as soon as your business in the audience hall is over.”


But Ian swiftly rejected their request.


“Hmm? We’ll see about that when the time comes. The king may issue other orders, you know.” 




“If you understand, don’t say anything and just follow me.”


The Blood Lion Knights and the chamberlain could only stand there dumbfounded at Ian’s dismissive attitude. 

Regardless, Ian, with an indifferent expression, spoke to the chamberlain who stood behind. 


“What are you doing?”


“Ah, y-yes! I’m sorry!”


Ian leisurely left the room.

The place he was heading to was the audience hall, where all the ministers gathered.

It was the place where Haverion’s trial was taking place.






Haverion was able to get out of prison for the first time in a long time.

However, his body was wrapped in chains and shackles, making it difficult to move.

That wasn’t all.


“What are you doing? Get the criminal on his knees at once!”




He was forced to his knees in front of people.

As if that wasn’t enough, two knights came to his side and held out their spear blades in front of his neck.

However, Haverion had a surprisingly calm expression.


‘The Holy Empire is not an opponent that even the Kingdom of Kaistein can carelessly deal with.’


He was still a cardinal, much less had he yet abandoned his claim to the throne.

And above all, there was no evidence.


‘Unless I say out loud that I am the culprit, they can’t do anything.’


They said the youngest was unconscious anyway.

In order to heal him, he had no choice but to get his own help.

Of course, he wouldn’t kneel. After all, Ian wasn’t the only one making a promise.


‘King Eloin.’


As he glanced at King Eloin, who sat on the throne with a cold and indifferent gaze.


‘That look in his eyes…’


He remembered that look from when he was driven out of Kaistein—the same cold, indifferent gaze that King Eloin always had, except when it came to the First Prince.


So, Haverion raised his eyebrows.


‘Do you think I will bow down to the youngest bastard who made me like this, let alone the king?’


He recalled the hidden message in the black bread that was served that morning: 


[Saintess’s departure]


[Plan to firmly investigate Kaistein’s actions]


He knew he had to hold out until the saintess arrived. 

If he could buy enough time, it would be his victory.

Then, a voice broke the silence, addressing Haverion directly.


“Sinner Haverion, listen! Not only have you stained the sacred victory ceremony with blood, but you have also tried to kill Ian Kaistein, your brother and a pillar of this nation. Do you admit this?”


“I don’t admit it.”


The crowd in the trial murmured in response to Haverion’s unexpected denial.


“That.. that…”


“Did you see such a wicked man?”


People pointed fingers at him, but Haverion remained undaunted.


“Is there any evidence that I did that?”


“The heresy inquisitors found at the scene and most of the patients treated by you were berserkers…”


“That is only circumstantial evidence. Speak clearly, Your Honor. I asked if there was any evidence.”




Haverion got up while still being restrained.

Then, with a cold expression, he said.


“Is there evidence of my sin as a cardinal of the Holy Empire? If not, the Holy Empire will not hand over this matter easily.”


“You are truly…”


Then the judge couldn’t help but be flustered.

The royal knights who were restraining him also flinched.

But right at that moment.


“I’m sorry, but what if there’s evidence?”




A voice echoed from the presiding judge.

That voice belonged to none other than Fionia Lavaltor.


“She is…”


Haverion, looking at her, narrowed his eyes in confusion. 

She was an unexpected person, not in the scope of his plans. 

Regardless, she lifted a stack of documents from her pocket.


“This is evidence of the investigation of Cardinal Haverion from the treatment center. This is a record of the changes that occurred in those who were treated by him.”


“Wh… what?”


“This is what Prince Ian ordered before he fell. And my brother Fiosen entrusted it to me.”


Haverion noticeably paled at the appearance of the documents. 

The judge also confirmed the evidence.


“Did you see such a wicked man? Is this document truly true?”


“That’s right, Your Honor. I swear in the name of His Majesty, Lavaltor, and the Seventh Prince that everything is true.”


The atmosphere naturally changed rapidly. 

However, Haverion quickly regained his composure.


“Could it be that the Seventh Prince was investigating the cardinal of the Holy Empire? This is a clear abuse of power!”


No matter how much Haverion had erred, conducting unauthorized investigations of envoys from other countries could be used as a pretext for war. 

However, Fionia smiled.


“I’m sorry, but it wasn’t the cardinal they followed.”




“What His Highness and my brother were pursuing was not an investigation of Cardinal Haverion but the lives of the Kaistein people. Please do not misunderstand Prince Ian’s intention to help them in any way possible.”


In short, he was caught while they investigated the treatment of the people.

From the beginning, they had no intention of investigating Haverion.


“What the… Such an absurd excuse!”


When Haverion shouted, Fionia asked in a cold voice.


“Then, let the Cardinal speak this time. For what reason did the cardinal of the Holy Empire commit terrorism in the heart of a country?”




At that moment, Haverion was speechless. 

As if she had been waiting, she turned to the judge. 


“Cardinal Haverion tried to kill my husband-to-be. Therefore, I demand a trial by combat.”




A trial by combat was a ritual where two people fought over the truth. 

The winner’s word was considered the truth in this simple and barbaric trial. 

At the same time, in the case of murder, it was also a form of revenge that could be taken by a family member. 

And the words of the winner were added to the verdict. 

Haverion naturally couldn’t hide his shock.


“Crazy! What does that mean? Trial by combat!”


“As Your Honor and everyone here know, I have already obtained permission from His Majesty for the price of blood. This is a legitimate demand.”




“You’re not going to reject me because you’re scared, are you?”


Fionia was a woman.

Haverion might have lived the life of a priest as a cardinal, but it would not be difficult for him to triumph over a woman.

But she was a Lavaltor.


‘There must be a trick. No matter how much I learned in royal studies and swordsmanship, I will not be able to defeat that woman.’


His instincts were whispering to him that it was dangerous. 

This had to be avoided at all costs. 

So, he smiled without showing his true feelings.


“I refuse.”


“Are you afraid that you might lose?”


“Because I don’t fight with women.”




Fionia raised an eyebrow at Haverion’s reply.

She looked genuinely angry. 

But Haverion continued as if nothing was wrong.


“Why would I even risk getting hurt? Is there anyone else in Kaistein who can save the youngest prince if I fall?”


Haverion and Fionia engaged in a silent battle of wills. One side knew the saintess was coming, the other knew Ian was still unconscious. 

But no one could say it out loud.

Haverion smiled.


‘In the end, you guys will have no choice but to leave me alone.’


As he predicted, the judges couldn’t help but look grave. 

The priests of Kaistein had visited Ian, but he was still in a coma. 

In such a situation, the cardinal of the Holy Empire might be the only opportunity to awaken the Seventh Prince.


“The presiding judge will acknowledge Cardinal Haverion’s innocence in exchange for healing Prince Ian…”


The judge opened his mouth with a somber expression. 

No matter how certain he was of Cardinal Haverion’s guilt, there was nothing he could do about it.

But it was then.




The door to the audience hall opened with a loud bang.


“Who dares make such a fuss!”




It was natural for there to be an uproar.

But the audience hall was instantly silenced.


“I’m sorry… I’m late.”


That was because the one who arrived was the Seventh Prince Ian, who was said to have collapsed.


“Prince Ian! You must not move!”


“Please, spare your words!”


Ian hadn’t even properly dressed. He was covered in blood-stained bandages, standing unsteadily. 

People couldn’t help but wonder how he managed to open the door with such a determined expression on his face. 

But Ian didn’t stop.


“Your Honor.”


“Yes. Please speak, Your Highness.”


The judge bowed his head politely when Ian adresssed him.

He seemed to be oppressed by Ian’s solemn appearance.


“If you’re trying to change the verdict because of me, don’t do it.”


“Y-Your Highness. Your current condition…”


Pushing away those supporting his body, Ian began to stand by himself.


“Kaistein does not bow to any injustice. If it’s because of me, it shouldn’t be like that.”




“Deliver the verdict. With pride as Kaistein.”


Ian glared at the judge, his determination to not have the verdict overturned evident. 

The judge accepted his gaze.


“I, as the presiding judge, will not declare Haverion innocent. Furthermore, he will accept Fionia Lavaltor’s challenge.”




“If you are not guilty, prove it yourself.”


Haverion could not help but pale in front of the angry Fionia. 

And no one in the audience hall sympathized with him. 

Only cold hostility was directed toward him.


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