This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 3 - You're Late

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


“Are you looking for this?”


The owner of the voice that suddenly appeared.

He was definitely one of the gang following Johnson.

But the problem was the pocket he’s holding.


‘That’s my mother’s relic.’


The moment he spotted the leather bag that contained the thing he was looking for, Ian’s eyes instantly changed.


“Give it back to me.”


A harsh voice rang out.

The opponent was startled by the voice and took a step back.

However, Ian picked up the stick next to him just in case.


“I’ll say it again. Give it to me.”


The man inwardly hated the quietly shining golden eyes.

The golden eyes, which were rare to be found even on the continent, were menacing as if he was face-to-face with a wild beast.


“Don’t do this, Kid. I didn’t come here to fight.”


The man threw the pocket at Ian’s feet.


“Look. The supervisor was kind enough to return it.”




Ian searched his pocket without paying attention to him. But his eyes quickly turned cold.


“Where is the thing inside?”


He had no choice but to ask.

The pocket was empty.

The item was not only a necessary tool in the future, but also the only thing left by his mother before she passed away.

Ian lifted the stick and pointed it at him.


“You’d better not lie if you still want to walk on your own two feet in the future.”


It was half a threat, half a truth.

Although he still had a child’s body, there was a technique to overpower a fully grown adult.

At the very least, it wasn’t difficult to deal with such a weak-looking guy like Johnson’s lackey. 

And whether the threat worked or not, he raised both hands.


“I told you. I have no intention of fighting. I’m just here to convey the supervisor’s words.”




“Yes. Supervisor Johnson told me to come out to the plaza if you want to get your belongings back.”


As expected, the culprit was Supervisor Johnson.

But he had been miserably beaten by Ian earlier.


‘You’re calling me after being beaten like that? That’s also a plaza with a lot of villagers.’


This was a trap.

However, Ian looked rather content.


‘I roughly know what you’re trying to do.


At most, it would be just running into the Lord.

The guard captain along with the soldiers would back him up and all Ian had to do was hit him.


Ian called the man with a cold look.


“Okay. Guide me.”


Ian hid something behind his back.


Johnson, a supervisor who had touched his mother’s relic throughout the past and the present. He could never forgive him.




At the same time.

Johnson was busy sucking up to the Lord.


“Hehe. My Lord, do you like the stuff?”


“Yeah. It’s pretty good. I won’t forget your sincerity, Supervisor.”


The Lord touched the necklace brought by the supervisor with pleasure.


“Take the soldiers you asked for from there.”


“I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, Sir.”


“This is nothing between us. Hahaha.”


Johnson also laughed at the Lord’s laughter. But inside, he was cursing.


‘Damn it. I could have fun at the bar all month long with that.’


The thing Johnson stole was a well-hidden item he barely found, claiming that it was a keepsake of a serf who had nothing to his name. 


He couldn’t believe he had to use such an expensive item only to rent soldiers.

It was too wasteful to bribe a village chief-like man like the Lord.

However, this was essential for the sake of keeping his face as the supervisor.

The Lord asked while stroking the necklace.


“I trust my supervisor and lend him soldiers. What are you going to use them for?”


“I’m trying to fix a serf.”


The Lord wrinkled his face.


“You borrow my soldiers for just one serf? How am I supposed to think of this?”


Faced with that gaze, Johnson whispered to the Lord with a serious face.


“Oh no, don’t say that, my Lord. I don’t know what kind of trick he did, but he became a different person overnight. I’m sure he picked up a stick and swung it around to people because he is craving for blood.”


The Lord was tempted to hear that a little boy managed to knock down a grown-up man.


“He must have been helped by a witch who lived in the forest. It is clear that he intends to ruin the Lord’s precious Harvest Festival. He needs to be taken care of for the safety of this territory and for mending the scattered discipline.”


“I heard he’s still a kid, but you can’t defeat him? Your skills have been recognized in the swordsmanship contest.”


“Of course, that’s true. I couldn’t use any force at all because he might be using dangerous black magic.”


“Black magic…”


Johnson whispered to the Lord so that others could not hear.


“Isn’t the neighboring empire troubled by black magic? Then, the Lord’s soldiers have to knock him down…”


He only said that much.

However, the Lord raised the corners of his mouth insidiously.


“I might get a reward from the capital.”


Johnson also laughed.

Of course, that didn’t mean that he was just rambling.


‘Obviously, Ian had changed overnight. The witch story may not be a joke.’


He was so weak and feeble that he had often been subjected to the resentment of other serfs.

However, he showed a cold and self-righteous look only overnight.


He didn’t know if it was because of a fight between serfs or because of the theft of his mother’s belongings.


‘It must be black magic that I’ve only heard of. Otherwise, there’s no way I’ll be intimidated by Ian.’


And the Lord, who noticed Johnson’s plan, fiddled with the necklace. In fact, lending soldiers was not a problem.

It was a lord’s right to punish rude serfs.

In addition, if things go well, additional income would be guaranteed.

Sure enough.


“There are slave traders in our castle now.”




The Lord gave an evil smile.


“Is it true that his looks are good?”


“Of course. I’m sure the Lord will be satisfied.”


“They will have to be satisfied. If not···”


“There’s no way it could happen.”


Johnson hit his chest as if he was confident, and the Lord slapped his knee and laughed.


“Okay. Then take as many as you want.”


“Thank you, Sir!”


The Lord burst into laughter while looking at the necklace.


“I really like young kids.”




“They say breaking children’s bones is so much fun.”


The two men exchanged meaningful laughter with each other.

But Johnson didn’t see it.


‘I’ll have to dispose of him soon.’ 


The cold gaze of the Lord.


A supervisor who manages young serfs but cannot manage them properly should never survive.




‘As expected, you borrowed the soldiers of the Lord.’


Upon arriving at the destination, Ian was looking around with his tongue clicked.

The plaza was already full of villagers and soldiers at the call of the Lord.

Moreover, soldiers were guarding each entrance with spears, perhaps to prevent anyone from running away.

But that wasn’t what was important to Ian.


‘I didn’t know the Lord would show up.’


Ian frowned slightly.

This was because the man next to Supervisor Johnson was the Lord.


‘He is definitely not a good lord.’


The Lord secretly sold the serfs to slave traders and got some money from that. He also pretended to be good-natured to lure pretty women to make them work as servants.


Nevertheless, he was able to continue living as the Lord because this place was a rural area in the outskirts beyond the capital’s reaches.


Anyway, it was obvious that such a guy was next to the supervisor. As evidence, Supervisor Johnson shouted triumphantly.


“This is your grave today, Ian! How dare you tarnish the Lord’s honor by talking back to your supervisor!”


Ian burst into laughter.


“Never mind. Where are my mother’s belongings?”


There was no need to wait for Johnson’s answer.

This was because the necklace was shining in the Lord’s hands.


‘You have already handed it over to the Lord? Well, that must be why the soldiers have been waiting.’


It was unexpected that the Lord also came out, but it didn’t matter.

Ian was relieved that the relic was still within reach.

In the past, the nobles who had it belonged to the faction of the Third Prince who persistently confronted him.


‘Considering that I owe the Duke to find it and that became my greatest weakness.’


Thanks to this, the Third Prince lost his cherished vassals.

However, in this life, he was going to correct everything from the beginning.


First of all, Ian, who didn’t want to make a big deal of it, said calmly, “Please give it back to me. It’s my mother’s only keepsake.”


But he didn’t kneel.


No matter his identity as a serf now, he was originally a member of the royal family.


‘If I didn’t know it, would I have spent my entire life as a serf?’ 

As long as he knew his own identity, he wouldn’t bow down to anyone.


Then Johnson shouted.


“What kind of slander is this? Kneel right now!”


Ian only looked at him coldly.

The Lord looked at Ian as if it was amusing.


“Is he the serf you mentioned?”


“That’s correct, My Lord.”


“His eyes are too clear for a guy who uses black magic.”


“That, that. Let’s attack him first. Then you’ll know right away. It’s absolutely not swordsmanship that a serf can use.”


The Lord stroked his chin.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t use black magic.


‘He’s so beautiful. The slave traders surely will be satisfied.’


In addition, it was an unordinary red hair.

He could undoubtedly get a high price.

The guard captain immediately moved, perhaps reading the Lord’s gaze.


“Everyone, hit him!”


Soldiers rushed toward Ian. It was different from when he fought Johnson.


Unlike Johnson, who was bare-handed, they were holding spears tipped with dangerous blades.


At that sight, Ian clicked his tongue.


‘I didn’t think they’d do this against a child.’


However, if he stayed like this, he would only suffer.

Ian quickly lifted the stick. Then he began to parry the soldiers rushing in.


Johnson screamed excitedly at the sight.


“Look at that! Don’t you think I’m right? How can a serf use such swordsmanship?”


“We shall see.”


Ian fought quite well.

Of course, he was a young child, so he tended to avoid attacks rather than attack, but his skill of only targeting vital points was unusual.


The guard captain was so embarrassed that he shouted.


“What are you doing, huh? It’s just one little kid. The Lord is watching! Do it properly!”


But then he realized it.

That Ian’s swordsmanship skills were not at the level that could be bested by soldiers from rural territories. In fact, even the guard captain himself might be beaten by him.


‘But if I step up and get humiliated…’


The Lord would never forgive him.


And while the guard captain was lost in his own thoughts, Supervisor Johnson was getting angry and pulled out a knife.


“What are you all doing? Can’t you see the Lord is angry? Stab him in the stomach! Just stab him!”


“But then he could really die.”


“It’s okay. Do it right now!”




But it was then.






As he was getting too agitated, the necklace was twisted slightly as the Lord unknowingly held it too tightly. 

Then the hidden space inside the necklace was revealed.

After confirming it, the Lord’s eyes widened.




It was because of the sentence revealed inside the necklace.

A mere serf should never have this.

The Lord almost dropped the necklace as he shouted in embarrassment.


“No, wait, no way! How come? Why is it—?”


Everyone was surprised at the loud rambling and turned to see the Lord. Even the soldiers stopped attacking and looked at the Lord.

But it was just at that moment.






Ian, who took the opportunity to reach the front of the Lord, snatched the necklace from the Lord. 

The guard captain next to him shouted in surprise.


“My Lord!”


Ian smiled, safely putting his necklace in his pocket.


“It’s well received.”


Ian, who had achieved his goal, immediately fell back.

He was going to leave this place right away without a second glance anymore.

Then Johnson’s eyes, who was watching the scene, turned upside down.


“How dare that little kid get into the Lord’s things!”


Johnson rushed to Ian with a knife.

The Lord cried out in embarrassment at his action.


“Stop, stop! Johnson!”


But Johnson didn’t stop.

Rather, he grabbed a serf nearby and shoved him to Ian.




Ian, who was pushed down by the serf, quickly raised himself up.

However, Johnson was cowardly planning to stab Ian along with the serf.


“Both of you, die!”


No matter how skilled Ian was, he couldn’t avoid it quickly.

But Ian, who had safely pushed away the serf that fell on top of him, miscalculated.

He tried to grab the weapon right away, but Johnson was faster.


‘Damn, this is really dangerous!’


Johnson’s knife was right in front of his eyes!

But now there was no escort to protect him at any time.

But it was just at that moment.




Something flew up into the sky. 




It was Johnson’s arm. 

At the same time, someone’s voice resounded.


“If anyone moves one step further from there, I’ll cut off both arms.”


A sharp voice. 

However, it contained enough power that was difficult to disobey. 

But Ian could definitely tell that he was the one who came to pick him up.  

With Johnson’s scream, Ian relieved his tension with joy. 


“You’re late.”


His true feelings leaked out unintentionally.


The Duke’s Knight, Galon.


Because he had arrived.


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