This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 33 - Crossroads

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


“I will prove it.”


Ian’s words put silence inside the ceremony hall.

It was a silent commotion. 

The nobles looked at each other in amusement, and the royals seemed to be perplexed as well.

But the king’s eyes squinted in interest. For the first time since entering the ceremony hall, his eyes were directed at Ian.

It was unknown what he was thinking at the same time.


“Bring out that thing.”




Six attendants moved at the king’s order. It was to bring something.

The ceremony hall turned a little noisy.

Each of them was holding a square box.

Ian flinched at the six boxes. 


‘Don’t tell me that’s…’


Ian had only heard of it, but this was the first time he had seen it in person.

Because what’s inside was… 


“These are treasures handed down to the royal family.”


These were items temporarily lent for the trial.

The chamberlain slowly opened the boxes one by one.


“This bracelet will strengthen your body like a rock.”


[Petrified Skin Bracelet] had brown jewels studded in it.

This could only last for three minutes, but it was useful to break through the traps within the trial.

In addition to that, there were [Small Subspace Ring] that could keep food or general items and [Windwalk Boots] that allowed him to run in the air. 

Lastly, [Magic Nullification Shield] and [Protective Earrings].

They were magic tools that looked great just at a glance.

But most of all, the most surprising thing was the last item.


“This robe is a magic tool that erases the wearer’s figure and presence.”


The so-called [Invisibility Cloak] was a very thin robe that swayed in the wind. 

And it shrouded the wearer so well that even the monster gatekeeper in the trial would not notice.

The chamberlain smiled at the surprised Ian.


“Your Highness might need some help, so His Majesty has prepared a gift in advance.”


“Gift? How about other brothers and sisters?”


“Others have received it as well, but the items are a little different. Unlike the others, Seventh Prince, you have no one who can save you.”


Ian flinched.

A king who prepared a gift for the trial.

He pondered about King Eloin again.


‘Of course, it’s not something he will just give away.’


As Ian approached the items while looking at the king, the chamberlain interjected.


“Before that, Your Highness the Seventh Prince, there’s something you should know.”


“What’s it?”


“You are only allowed to bring one magic tool into the treasury. If you choose one, you cannot bring any other magic tools.”




Ian’s face hardened at that moment.


‘I can only take one of these?’


Of course, Ian knew the correct answer to what to choose from among them.

In the past, he couldn’t enter the trial called <Treasury>, but he had done a lot of research.


‘In the trial of treasury, there is a monster gatekeeper. The invisibility cloak is essential to get things while avoiding its eyes.’


In fact, many royal family members had prepared an invisibility cloak. Then, they used it to pass the trial by secretly bringing things away from the eyes of the monster.

The chamberlain smiled at Ian.


“What would you like to do, Your Highness the Seventh Prince? His Majesty awaits your choice.”


Ian fell into deep thought.


‘I have to choose the invisibility cloak here.’


Ian recalled the treasury in the trial.

There were two paths in it.


[Tomb of Swords]




In the Tomb of Swords lay the famous and precious swords collected by Kaistein of all time.

In Pandemonium, all weapons and accessories other than swords, as well as invaluable relics that existed in the world, were slumbering.


‘The trial I will face beyond the two paths will be different.’


But one thing was the same.

That a monster that even a knight could not easily deal with was guarding the treasure.

Ian heard that the troops, along with the Three Great Knights of the Continent, locked monsters they had subjugated in the treasury. 


‘In fact, even a prince, who was appointed as an official knight hundreds of years ago, was killed by the monster.’


They were among the few monsters that even the <Oath> did not work.

Naturally, Ian had to choose the invisibility cloak to survive such a monster. Just by meeting its eyes, he would become food right away.



‘Even the invisibility cloak isn’t perfect. You can only fool the monster’s eyes with the cloak for five minutes.’


Would he be able to bring out what he wanted within that time?


‘No, it’s unreasonable.’


Ian had an object he was aiming for in the treasury. However, five minutes was not enough to get to where the item was.


‘Well, assuming that the thing is really there.’


He could bring some other passable thing, but that wouldn’t do. 

Only with that thing could it help deal with the Duke and other successors. 

Ian swallowed his saliva and looked at the king.

The king seemed interested in what Ian would choose. 

After agonizing for a long time, Ian eventually made a decision.


“Then, I will go with this.”


Ian picked up an item. 

At that moment, the king’s brow furrowed strangely.




The royal family was staring at Ian in shock.

It was from when the six boxes were brought before Ian.


“Hey. Am I seeing this right?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“How dare you get our father’s attention…”


The people in the royal seat crumpled their brows. 

King Eloin never took the initiative first for his children.

The children who had received his attention thus far could be counted on one hand.

But the youngest member, Ian, not only got the king’s attention but also a gift?

Of course, they had received those items as well. 


“But the invisibility cloak…”


Of the six items, that was the problem.

The invisibility cloak was a treasure among treasures that even the royal family had to spend a great deal of money on.

In fact, the invisibility cloak was the correct answer to clear the trial.


“I can’t believe Father gave him the precious things that we had a hard time getting on our own.”


“No one else received it except for Third Brother.”


A few cold eyes glanced at the Third Prince.

However, Louis, the Third Prince, shrugged his shoulders.


“Well, yeah. I passed thanks to His Majesty’s grace, but he, the youngest, doesn’t have the money to get that, right? You all have a reliable maternal family. It’s fair.”


“Thanks to you, my strong maternal family was almost broke. Meanwhile my brother didn’t spend a penny and got an invisibility cloak.”


At the words of the princess, the Third Prince only stared at her.

He couldn’t say it, but the truth was that the choice that day was something the Third Prince regretted every day.


‘You should never choose the invisibility cloak. Ever since that day, the way Father looked at me changed.’


That was true.

Until then, King Eloin had great expectations of him. But after the Third Prince Louis accepted the king’s gift and passed the trial.


‘It’s cold. It’s as if looking at a stranger’s eyes.’


That’s what happened.

Therefore, the Third Prince hoped that Ian would not choose the invisibility cloak.


‘It’s a test in itself. You can’t be fooled.’


However, the other royal family only laughed and looked at Ian.


“If he knows the value of the invisibility cloak, he will choose that for sure, but I wonder if he knows that.”


“Well, you can’t bring out good things in the first place unless you use the invisibility cloak.”


The treasury of the trial was full of treasures collected by all Kaisteins of the past.

The value of the royal family wasn’t evaluated with the items brought from it for no reason. 

In other words, the game might change depending on the item Ian brought from there. 

In fact, the Third Prince started winning the hearts of the royal knights thanks to the sword he obtained there.

The ‘answer’ brought from it was a vital juncture to be regarded highly by the king. 


“What do you think he will bring out?”


“Well, wouldn’t it be lucky to just come out with anything?”


There were various items brought out by the royal family of the past. But most of them were swords. 

Sword was the spirit of Kaistein, the significance of their existence, and they were the descendants of the ruler of the sword.

And the king’s evaluation was quite important as he made the final choice.


“That must be the answer Father wants. The best defense is offense.”


“I do not know. So far, we have gone to the Tomb of Swords, but it seems that Father was not very satisfied.”


“That’s your misunderstanding. Father once praised my sword.”


“Really? Isn’t what Father expects is the sword of the First King?”


Of course, there were many good things aside from swords.

The objects that the previous successors of Kaistein obtained there all left a mark in history.

However, since they were Kaistein, the choices they could make were limited.


“No matter what he brings, there is an invisibility cloak, so at least he can bring something useful…”


But it was then.


“Then, I will go with this.”


Everyone held their breath on the object Ian chose.

The royal family doubted their eyes.

They had no choice but to do so.


“Did he just throw away the invisibility cloak?”


What Ian chose was the [Small Subspace Ring].

At the same time, the royal family couldn’t stifle their laughter.

The nobles said pitifully.


“I guess he doesn’t know the function of the invisibility cloak.”


“Even if it’s called a subspace ring, it can’t hold everything…”


What Ian chose was a ring that could hold things. However, it could only contain ordinary items and not magic tools. In the early days, it was a rule that was created because some royal family members thought of putting magic tools in it.


“Now I understand. He doesn’t know anything.”


“At the very least, it can hold potions, herbs, and bread.”


And right then. 

When Ian had finished choosing, the king picked up his sword.


“Open the door to the trial!”


Light erupted from the sword at the king’s cry.

One of the swords of the royal family he wielded, the [Sword of Dawn].

It was the key to unlocking the trial of treasury.

And finally, a huge beam of light poured into the center of the ceremony hall.




At the same time, a huge iron gate appeared from the light. 

The nobles swallowed saliva at the sight.


“What will that prince bring from there?”


“Well. Isn’t it going to be a great sword, after all? If he is a man, it must be a great sword, right?”


“But the prince is small. So maybe a rapier or dagger?”


“What are you talking about! The best defense is offense, but wouldn’t a high-end magic tool or elixir be better for a small person like the Seventh Prince?”


And while everyone was busy clamoring.

Ian entrusted all of his magic tools to the chamberlain. Then he took the ring and approached the iron gate. 


‘I’m finally entering this place.’


To tell the truth, it was one of the regrets he left behind in his previous life.

Those who did not go through this place were no better than stallions that could only pass down their pedigree.

Still, it was a place Ian never had a chance to go into. So, he used to imagine it every time.


‘The image of myself entering this place.’


Ian inserted the <Seal of Trials> into the small hole in the gate.





The seal slowly rotated and the huge iron gate began to unlock.

At that moment, the chamberlain spoke to Ian as he was waiting for the gate to open.


“Your Highness, why don’t you accept the royal seal now?”


It was a piece of advice.

The trial ahead would not be easy for the young Ian to go through. Therefore, even until now, he advised him to think about his own life first before honor.

But Ian ignored him.

It was because he knew. The moment he accepted the royal seal, he would fail the king’s test.


‘I will receive the protection of the royal family for the rest of my life, but at the same time I will never ascend to the throne.’


A royal family in name only. He would get a separate palace and live a boring life he could not escape from.

Hence, Ian told him.


“Remember well. I am Ian Kaistein. It is the name of the person who will carry the name of Kaistein now and in the future.”


Finally, the iron gate opened.

Ian walked inside without a second thought. As soon as he entered, the space in question came into view. 


That was the crossroads between [Tomb of Swords] and [Pandemonium].


‘I have to choose the right path here.’


Of course, it was not guaranteed if the item he chose would be the answer.

But this might very well be the first and last chance the king would ever give him. 

If he failed, that would be the end. 

He would never get another chance from the king again.


‘But that won’t happen.’


Ian headed toward one path without hesitation.

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